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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 16th, 2007 by dcblogs

Sad. Angry. Numb. Angry. Sad. Neurotic in Ashburn writes of her younger cousin who was killed earlier this month in an accident involving a school bus.

Guess what our baby has two of? Girl With Flat Hat.

Me and Cindy Sheehan Failed to Stop a Teen Girl Fight. And i am not lying for real. The scene outside of Busboys and Poets.

Late night creativity at Ben’s Chili Bowl, word dog photos. Lindsay Fincher.

Friday is Bike to Work Day. My commute is often the best part of my workday, writes Freewheeling Spirit.

Simply Kimmy, a vegetarian, offers up best picks for food and drink in DC. Including,   best smoothies: Mint’s “Green Cafe (Florida & 18 in Adams Morgan) uses all fresh natural ingredients that’s healthy too.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 15th, 2007 by dcblogs

Spies in DC? The writer at that’s what she said witnesses what can only be described as an act of espionage.

I am an ugly American, so begins an examination by City Mouse of all the paper and plastic that is wasted on a $6.99 lunch special.

“Girl-date,” explained, the definitive edition, by a serious job is no excuse.

In photographs, Smash wonders why she is single. Hilarious. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash

Artfully composed photo of the Dupont Circle metro entrance (north side). Elliott Teel.

Five Guys worship, with photos at Add More Wine.

Blogger Meetup Wednesday at Regional Food and Drink, 810 7th St., near Gallery Place Metro. 7 p.m. Very informal gathering and everyone is invited.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 14th, 2007 by dcblogs

Mother’s Day Tribute at Flyfishin’, and it begins: My Mother passed away last night, suddenly, though she had multiple health problems. (Nod to Tadcranky)

Wine bar, Wifi and late night, Circa, Dupont Circle’s new arrival gets a quick look at dcfud. A new group food blog, DC Fare, gives Circa’s food a mixed review. Pequenita writes: I’m not sold yet that meals are their thing. 

DCfabulous, a recent blog arrival, recommends the Oya sushi happy hour. It runs until 8 p.m. and sushi rolls are half-off,  this writer reports.

Another look at what’s left of DC’s affordable* housing market. Here’s Urban Trekker’s assessment of the sub-300K market. Last week, DC Home and Condo Prices had a report on the sub-$250K market.

Madam Mayo, a Pen writer, visited Washington DC’s School Without Walls to discuss her work on Mexican fiction and literary pose. The work spurs students to write about it on a humanities teacher’s blog.

Shopping recommendation: A DC-based firm,, for one-off pieces from up-and-coming talent, writes I Like Her Style!

CityBikesMike, an occasional dumping space for a guy who has a family, works in a bike shop and rides bikes in and around DC and Maryland.

For information about the photo above and a picture of the artists at work, see The Gold Poppy.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 11th, 2007 by dcblogs

The frustration of retrieving a package from a neighborhood U.S. Post Office is turned into a lively, fast-paced and entertaining post by the writer at Just Another Day in Chocolate City. It came recommended by Janet at DC Rush Hour who described it as an excellent assessment of the state of the Postal Service these days (which begs the question: why are they raising rates another two cents, but doing little to improve customer service and productivity?), as well as the attitude of folks who work with the public.

iPod headlines.  DCist: iPod Thefts on Metro Surge. Read Express: Keep an Eye on That iPod, Metro Says. Metro press release: Metro Transit Police fight iPod theft. And, Native Son: Teacher’s Neck Broken in Attack.  iPod thefts are one thing but how many laptops are stolen from Metro riders? The DCBlogs action news team sent an email Thursday to Metro’s public affairs office asking: Do you have similar data on laptop thefts? No response yet. Does Metro even read blogs like this next one …

A Metro bus driver hits on the OC Girl and gives her his number. She’s shocked by the driver’s action and plots her rejection. She also discovers that her experience may not be unique. When OC gets on the bus she observes an interaction between driver and female passenger and suspects that the driver is using his bus route as a dating service.

The South Capitol Street Bridge will be shut down this summer for construction. But people who can prove they use the bridge and agree to use public transport or ride share will be paid $50 a month. CommuterPageBlog has details and links and asks readers: Is it liberal social engineering and another case of a big government give-away?


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 10th, 2007 by dcblogs

Society wants to label everyone, writes Rude Cactus, who explains what he is about and why he is Unpigenholable.

Where should guys go in DC to get jeans? The DC Concierge has an answer, especially for men with money to spend.

A change of perspective about Metro at the Candy Sandwich: I have a secret: I love the Metro. (Nod to Eliza

Alarm over the possibility that the new dress might be see-through. Life of Red.

What makes Shaw, Shaw? In Shaw.

If Mayor Fenty’s administration plagiarized portions of a North Carolina’s community’s school improvement plan, as the Washington Post reports, then who can have confidence in it? The writer at A Portable Snack said the mayor should fire the person responsible and rewrite the plan so it addresses “the actual needs of the DC school system.”

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 9th, 2007 by dcblogs

DC Universe skewers Metro’s anemic and pointless passenger survey with his own version of it. A post recommended by Arjewtino who writes: I was cracking up reading this …

A Sunday afternoon walk in DC opens the door to another world for the Prince of Petworth after discovering a semi-pro soccer match. An excerpt: Spanish was spoken freely and there was also El Salvadorian delicacies available for purchase. … it was like entering another country and it was fantastic.

Getting hit-on at a stoplight. (editor’s note: hit-on, versus hit) Attention Span of a Fly.

Condo Sales: What’s under $250,000? An analysis of what’s left of the city’s entry level condo market. DC Home and Condo Prices

Women behaving badly with Post-It Notes. mayhem by miss m

Super Powers isn’t powerful enough to get a cab to stop.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 8th, 2007 by dcblogs

A message to the person who stole the trash cans: I hope, very soon, you accidentally place something very dear to you in one of them, writes From Harvard Street, Complaint Hub in DC

Overheard in the Gap (Pentagon City). T&A

Whatever happened to quiet in a library? The writer at My first year of law school, and hopefully beyond is trying to study for an exam and is being thwarted by loud cell phone using patrons. 

Graffiti as public art: The name of my blog, “Where Did The Art Go? is for a spray-painted question that emerged when a long-standing mural near 18th Street in Adams Morgan had been white-washed

Glowing review of the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant by Penn Quarterlife. (Via remaking le slum historique)

My Name in Lights for my Birthday! Ladii Bug gets her name in lights and dances for the camera.

DCist and its parent, Gothamist, are on the vanguard of this new online world, bringing readers entertaining, original and provocative content each day. DCist has become an indispensable online read for Metro readers and proof of its success is its ability to hire its editor, Sommer Mathis,  full-time. Professional bloggers are still rare and DCist’s example is an important proof point about the growing importance of blogging.  See: DCist Goes Pro.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 7th, 2007 by dcblogs

The Job That Was. The last day on the job for the writer at Looking2Live

Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Blue. tiaras optional

Isabella’s letter to the Eastern Market vendors. Seven year-old girl, Isabella, breaks open her piggy bank to make a donation to the Eastern Market charity effort. At Save Eastern Market.

The Home Improvement Ninja is seeking some audience participation to advise him on a tux purchase.

Spidey: The movie did not deliver. College Grad “Real” World

eharmony report: … I’ve actually found there are a whole lot more IT and computery types … The View from 16th Street

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 4th, 2007 by dcblogs

A woman, a stranger, walks by in tears. And in a searching post, The Lives of the SaintsCountersignature, wonders why. Reya recommended this post and writes: Here’s a beautiful description of a compassionate moment that came out of the nowhere.

Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page observes a couple cuddling at a bus stop, and writes: If they were baby animals, this would have been adorable.

Rooshv: 5 Washington DC Bars for Men.

The Lavatory Lady reviews the lavatories of DC’s restaurants, hotels, grocery stores. Her blog is already flush with reviews (sorry). Among them: Au Bon Pain, 19th & M: there was not one redeeming quality. OK maybe one; there weren’t any living organisms visible to the naked eye. The Occidental: Overall I loved it and not only that, the bartender refused to charge me for my club soda with lime.

Borf Brigade back? Evidently, reports Why.I.Hate.DC, and writes: Those white kids really know how to stick it to the man, the man’s wall, and the day laborer who repaints it.

The top ten reasons to see Saving Aimee at Signature. At Washington Theater.

Here’s a rare chance to run up a bar tab and do good at the same time. Eastern Market fundraisers. District Belle has link.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 3rd, 2007 by dcblogs

Outrageous. A man riding a bike assaults EJ Takes Life

Girlfriends. A beautifully written post about friendship. Where’s My Cape. Excerpt: I imagine myself as an ever-growing molecule of increasing complexity. Growing more ridges and grooves with each new experience.

More Stupid Things Tourists Say. Big Sky Girl.

Yet more reasons why spending several thousand dollars on a widescreen, totally awesome, plasma TV will deliver many hours of fun.  CNN Runs Hour-Long Informercial for Conservative Nut’s Anti-Climate Action Book, writes the Green Mile. And, Fox News … I Hate You! My first year of law school, and hopefully beyond.

But here’s a good reason to get that widescreen: Miss Chatter at Just a Nats Fan dreams of sports reporting on TV.