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A government contractor at the Pentagon writes about being stigmatized for being a contractor. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection.

Midnightthirty’s post, By Accident, begins: I’m not sure which event from this weekend was stranger: Having a reality-show TV star see me topless, or being solicited for sex by a gay man in the women’s restroom at Chaos.

Pillows of bliss. Intangible Arts: How can it be that I’ve been a part of the marvelous city of Washington DC all this time, and I just now get to Julia’s Empanadas?

DC-centric, gift ideas. 14th & You. Suggestions range from guided walking tours to bar hopping.

After the car is dented, hours after, the spouse asks one thing. Pink Lemonade Diva

There are vampires in DC. The real deal, writes ChrisKobar.

DCBlogs first annual photo contest. Click here for details.

DCBlogs Photography Contest

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Show off your photography skills! Win a free Threadless t-shirt! Details after the jump…

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Future bloggers round-up:

— Guys who won’t give up a seat in the obstetrician’s office. Just ignore the pregnant lady. Andyland.

The Fabulous Miss S. updates on her pregnancy. Eviction is nearing.

DC is a disaster round-up:

You can’t make this up. “In DC” condoms. Church of the Big Sky

— About the $31 million dollar tax refund. A culture of corruption. Fifth and Oh. Writes why.i.hate.dc. Of all the real estate tax refunds issued by the city in the past three years, over half of them were phony.

Kelly the Culinarian tries the raw bar at Clydes and files a report.

New Restaurants Coming To 7th and 9th Streets. Penn Quarter Living.

DC Blogs Noted

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A broken city? A bandaged one, anyway, reports The Anti DC who expresses horror over what she sees on sidewalks everywhere.

The Big Question of the day: Well, aren’t handicapped stalls just like handicapped parking spots? Aren’t you being just as much a jerk when you use the stalls? Pre-marital Sax

Blub thefts. Washington Gardner doesn’t understand why people are stealing newly planted bulbs on Capitol Hill.

A report about a panel discussion of mothers who stopped working to raise children. Where’s my Cape.

Potomac Conservancy suggests that water quality in the Potomac River may be deteriorating. A DC Birding Blog has link and details for those concerned about the river’s fate.

Columbia Heights Condos Trying Too Hard To Be Hip? Prince of Petworth

Blogger Meetup tonight. But Joelogon wants to know: Will There Be Violence at the Washington Blogger November Meetup? (These are low key, informal meetings and everyone is invited)

Should D.C.’s gun ban be overturned?

Posted in DC Blogs Noted, Political on November 13th, 2007 by Boztopia

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether or not to uphold a federal appeals court’s strikedown of the D.C. gun ban. The essential argument is that even with the gun ban in place, D.C.’s violent crime rate is still far too high, and the illegal gun trade means that criminals can always get their hands on a piece, even when citizens can’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Monday Morning Slack Off Report

Posted in DC Blogs Noted, Slack Off on November 13th, 2007 by naechstehaltestelle

The MMSOR is back from its business trip, ready to waste some more time!!  Also, this column has been moved this week to Tuesday in respect of Veterans’ Day.

  • Use your power of vocabulary for something good. Take this quiz, pick the right definition, and for each word you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the UN to end world hunger. As if the magnanimity of helping out your fellow man weren’t enough, you can also improve your personal lexicon. FreeRice.

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DC Blogs Noted

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Ask Yourself How Much It Really Matters. Subway State. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

This is my kind of site! Recommendation from Where is my Mind? Word game with a good goal.

It appears she’s not a mouser. Photo. Finding Blanche.

I cried while eating dinner at Chili’s on Saturday night. Keep up with me.

Gentrification panel discussion at Bus Boys and Poets. A report at Nat Turner’s Revenge.

DC Blogs Noted

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Dupont Circle on Sunday afternoon

When Did Metro Become the Ford Pinto of Transit? Disaffected Scanner Jockey

Abridged bidography of some family members. I-66.

The Childe Harold, a Dupont Circle bar in operation since 1967, recently closed. Bruce Springsteen once played there. DC Rocks details some of its music history. Photos at Extreme Mortman

Life As List turns 25 and makes a list about it.

Men always pick up the check on the first date. Lemon Gloria

Blogger Meetup, monthly meeting, Wed., Nov. 14 Regional Food and Drink, Gallery Place, 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to these informal gatherings.

DC Blogs Noted

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Taxi in Georgetown at Wisconsin and M

A man would say something to a woman on an elevator only to begin the hitting-on process, right? Freckledk

The fellow who hasn’t been good about staying in touch finally drops a text. They meet. And he says “he can’t get the phone in his new Mercedes to work.” Blonder Than You

One more echo from Vietnam. Susan Katz Keating

A New Yorker finds the girl of his dreams (again). Vaburbia.

New Logan Circle wine bar, Cork. Pre-opening report at 14th & You.

The situation in Mexico’s state of Tabasco is extremely dire. Madam Mayo. Red Cross link has details.

DC Blogs Noted

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m street

November Chill Arrives, Unpacks for a Visit. Capital Weather .

Jack Jacobson, a candidate for an ANC district seat in Dupont Circle, has a blog that includes regular crime report postings.

Don’t Call it a Comeback… A blogger returns with a collection of found grocery lists. (Nod to Erika)

Katie offers a report with photos of an autumn tea ceremony at a private home.

Stunning Metro photograph at Liminality

Drugs in the open; overheard and seen. A Work in Blogress

Three stupid questions. A guide. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash

How to get a free bike light. Freeindc