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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 20th, 2007 by dcblogs

Love Faucets at 20th and I NW

The Buzzies: D.C. Nightlife Awards: Best Bartender, Best Jukebox, Best Discount Martini, Tooliest Customers, and many others. Disaffected Scanner Jockey

Results Gym fashion includes pearls. Sarcastic and Cynical

We Clearly Need a Do-Over On Our Celebrities. Velvet in Dupont. A list.

In heaven without a Nintendo DS, writes ilike seamonsters, followed by her husband’s post, Hope and the New Atheism, at Restauant Fuel

More on the mighty ruckus over Temperance Hall. Intangible Arts

Stupid parking tricks. Photos. Kings of the Road.

Site Note: Happy Holiday everyone. We will return on a more limited schedule during the break.

DC Blogs Noted

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‘Tis the season to give eight coffees and eight sandwiches. Pie Pants, who responds: “Are you serious?”

The rolls weren’t up to par at The Palm. Finding Blanche

Degree Programs Harvard Does Not Offer. Alice’s Adventures Underground

With apologies to my liberal friends. Bear hunting joke from the Great North. Alaskan Abroad

The worst thing D.C. has ever done. DC Universe. Regarding the song “Christmas in Washington.” Exceprt: I hate this song. I hate this song so much, if it and bin Laden were standing side by side, and I had a gun with only one bullet, I’d have to give serious, serious thought as to which one I shot.

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Top 100 Albums of 2007. Avoid Self Deception. A lot of work went into this list.

On The Hill: Life in Washington DC writes: Finding housing in DC is tough. Finding decent, affordable housing in a safe neighbourhood is, as I’m finding, is practically impossible.

A round-up of photos of Capitol Hill Books: A Mess in Washington DC. Book Patrol

Extensive review of Tabard Inn at DC Foodies

Food find: National Air and Space Museum. Kelly the Culinarian

Local author event note: Carole Burns, whose book Off the Page, a collection of her author interviews for the Washington Post, is holding a book launch party tonight at Busboys and Poets from 6 to 8 ap.m. Mary Kay Zuravleff and Carolyn Parkhurst will also be reading. Also, Holiday Book List—Carole Burns, writes The Happy Booker

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In an effort to make the District safe for the storm, the city’s public works department creates a bigger mess. Scroll down to check out photos. Runny Tongues (a d.c. famblog)

About driving in DC, Cvil 3D Rocks, writes: Turning mistakes in D.C. are cumulative and you can almost hear the sound effects of a pinball machine as you drive.

RAZR2 is a Horrible Waste of a Phone. A tough review of this popular cellphone line from Motorola. Conservative Futurist

Photo review of A Washington Social Christmas by The DCeiver . It was great, he writes.

Tis the season to be supportive. Life of Red. Writes of a co-worker whose son was recenlty diagnosed with Lukemia.

Regarding Metro’s fare hike, a Maryland resident writes: my cost to get to work just went up $1.95 a day, or $39 a month, or $468 a year. Maryland Politics Watch

Three suggestions for Metro from why.i.hate.dc.

A North Carolinian transplant to DC writes: I use to scorn North Carolina. I found it to quiet and dull for my taste. Urban Dharma

Just Read This, Okay? On Religious Belief and All That.

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 16th, 2007 by Foilwoman

Most of us who blog like to think we have something to say.  Then we read a post like this one and realize, no, we only thought we had something to say.   Bronze John has something to say on the nature of religious belief, and I recommend that you read it.  As I’ve told Bronze John, probably to his dismay (he’s a modest and unassuming guy, I think*), I may not believe in god, but I do believe in the Divine:  Bronze John and his writing.  Go forth and read now.  Thank you.

 *I don’t actually know this man.  This is all over the Internet, y’know?

DC Blogs Noted

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Wrath. What kind of person automatically thinks of the most vicious and cruel retort possible? — writes Seeking John Galt

A summary of the simmering over the sale of Temperance Hall to The Wonderland Ballroom. Farm Fresh Meat

Upscale Doughnuts. Recommendations from Best Bites.

A fan of the Washington Humane Society blog urged us to highlight this post, even though this blog has been highlighted twice recently. But this particular blogger, our correspondent wrote, manages to capture in just a few short sentences an animal’s personality. This blogger also offers some good advice on how to approach blogging: Blog as Though No One is Reading.

Site note: Back on Monday.

DC Blogs Noted

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Gun shots late last night are followed by a car accident. The writer, 007 in Africa who is back in DC, reports on the reaction of residents who gather outside to assess the damage. An excellent piece of reporting.

DC’s Got Attitude. A post at DCist on protecting pedestrians prompts reflection on a bigger problem. The DC Sidewalk Blog.

Being The Other Woman. The Green Canary who writes: I’ve never been the other woman, but I have been on the other end of that equation and I know how it feels.

Living in a small space. There are many small apartments in this area. Keep up with me.

DC Blogs Noted

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It’s hard to imagine what the writer at Toddler Planet, a young mother, is going through in dealing with inflammatory breast cancer. But she is a brilliant, completely connected writer, whose blog is a gift to the rest of us. This is her truth for the day.

Year-end close out deals on pricy condos. That $450,000 condo is now a “name your price” bargain, writes Urban Trekker

Confidence and Great Grandmas. ilike seamonsters and the post begins: My sister tells me she can’t remember me from our childhood. This is something that completely floors me.

Girls With Guns in Churches. Title aside, this thoughtful analysis looks at the mushy middle of the self defense with guns debate. Dumb Things I Have Done Lately

Where to find the perfect Office Holiday Party Dress (OHPD). Pop to the rescue. At Home In DC

Photography Contest: The Winner

Posted in Blogging, DC Blogs Noted on December 10th, 2007 by naechstehaltestelle

I am pleased to announce that the winner of our First Annual DCBlogs Photography Contest is…

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Downtown DC Dec. 9 2007

The bitter pill. A deployment to Iraq looms. Where’s My Cape.

An Accidental Moment of Calm. The frantic season takes a break after the blueberries are dropped in the Costco parking lot. Looking2Live .

They said you’re famous – Is this the start of a pick-up line or a case mistaken identity? The Sassy Line

Ask CapHillBarbie: Holiday Fete Edition. Questions answered on such crucial topics as what to wear to the daytime work function. Capitol Hill Barbie

Putin on the holiday decorations. The Anti DC.