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Umbrella use in the snow is ok in DC, but is seriously frowned upon in Vermont, writes a former Green Mountain state resident. An Intercultural Life

Diving Into Unemployment. Career obsessions are put on hold. hey pretty.

Snow doesn’t prompt DC to cancel school, but nobody knows how to drive in it. DC Rocks reports on the accidents and mishaps.

A local DC think tank, Brookings Institution, produces objective study that determines that DC leads nation in walkability. ComputerPageBlog

Ice sheet on sidewalk Photo and rant edition., Catch Up Lady.

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DC Blogs Noted

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Just when I thought I’ve heard it all… Infinite Connections writes about online dating.

I Work With Idiots. Lost and found report by TC the Terrible.

Restaurants Open New Year’s Eve. DC Foodies listing includes pricing. Citronelle may be tops at $300 per person and wine is extra.

No Country For Old Men. Rave at life as a blogumentary

Blogger Happy Hour Friday: Escape From ‘07 Season Finale Happy Hour. All invited.

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DC Blogs Noted

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Excerpts from the 92 bus. DC Zia rides the bus and overhears a conversation. Her post begins: I always say you have not truly lived in DC until you’ve taken the bus.

Service? More like Recitation. Two stories about encounters with restaurant waitstaff. lacochran’s bloggery

In line at CVS, Smash defends her turf. Excerpt: I turned and with syrupy sarcasm said, “oh, I’m sorry. Is this your first LINE ever? Do you not understand how they work?”

Misadventures in DC writes about the pattern of life with his roommate. It begins: It’s amusing to me how, over the course of three years, my roommate and I have unwittingly entered into an odd sort of non-sexual pseudo-relationship.

cocoa mademoiselle shares photos of her new tattoo. Introducing…Artemis, my lucky koi

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Photography Contest: Vote Now!

Posted in Blogging, DC Blogs Noted on December 4th, 2007 by naechstehaltestelle

Thanks to everyone for entering in the DCBlogs Photography Contest. We’ve had a lot of beautiful entries from some very talented bloggers. It will be really tough to pick a winner, which is why I’ll let the DC blogging community vote for their favorite photo. Please leave a comment with the number of your favorite entry, and we’ll announce the winner at the beginning of next week.

Also, a big hearty thanks to the cool people at Threadless for offering a prize for the contest. And for reprinting the Cowboys and Indians shirt.

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DC Blogs Noted

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Better Eat Fast. The writer is kicked out of a restaurant for taking too much time to enjoy wine and conversation. Sarah E. Moffett

Some second chances are harder won. The story of Jackson, the blind dog. Washington Humane Society.

Three photos worth looking at. Bloomingdale (for now). Especially the photo of the DC townhouse getting two additional stories that will tower it above adjacent houses.

Excuse me, will you support the revolution? The writer Blank Top Chronicles engages one these ubiquitous t-shirt sellers in an effort to find out what the revolution is all about.

Facebook gambles that its members won’t mind seeing their online purchases broadcast to others on this service. As antigravitas points out: No one ever posts “is shopping for sex toys on the internet” as their Facebook status

Wedding insurance? It’s an option, apparently, if there’s any fear that something may go terribly, horribly wrong. Decidedly Uncomplicated.

Well, the honeymoon is over. Moxie reports about her wedding. Another Day in DC.

DC Blogs Noted

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Where Do Kids Love to Eat? Bars. What’s up Arlington. A report about modern parenting.

We love our visitors. DC tourist captures the moment and his face. Ok. Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Moose.

Capitol Hill burglaries increase. Deter burglaries with these tips. PSA from Police Service Area 102 blog, near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor

Apple’s Pentagon City store is so packed it is hot inside, reports Tech Talk with Kevin

Sushi Taro. Says his wife thinks this is the best tempura in town. Mouth of Moldiver.

Do You Hate DC Dignitaries?Capital Complaints. Motorcades this time.