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The climate of DC’s blog world has shifted, writes FreckledK. It is giving away to something ugly: ageism, sizeism, sexism. This is an important comment on the state of things. An excerpt:

I know that it is not something I failed to see at the start, but something that has taken shape after my induction into this community. And, if it was there all along, it was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today.

Rocket ship tattoo on foot based on a sketch by Jim Henson. Kittens with Mittens

There is a growing number of regular DC bloggers, who are looking for work, the most in several years. As Velvet notes in her comments to this post by Attention Span of a Fly: Is there anyone who isn’t job hunting right now?

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Always a gentleman. A bus story with a double-take sentence. Botox Pokerface

Me and Cosmo. Very good photo. Creative DC

Java Green: A Downtown Eco Café. On the Red Line. Excerpt: There are soy ice cream milkshakes, soy hot chocolate, and a wide array of smoothies.

Now we know what Amazon really delivers. Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in America, based on sales of romance novels and sex books on a per capita basis, are: (1) Alexandria. (9) Arlington. (11) DC.

The DC Universe watches homeless people buy scratch off lottery tickets and wonders: Why not have city-sanctioned Three Card Monte tables set up on every corner? That way, we’d get both people with gambling addictions AND gullible tourists. Plus, we’d never have to pay out.

Pardon the Angioplasty. why.i.hate.dc. A note about WaPo columnist Michael Wilbon.

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City Girl visits Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections or ACKI on 14th, admires the art and ambiance, and wonders: is DC the new San Francisco?

Technicality holds up $2.5 million for neighborhood park. Photos, map help draw the picture about a park in Shaw. The Goodspeed Update.

Boys Are Dumb. The proof is in the laundry room. Loudoun Proud: My life in Suburbia.

Two handmade car signs, one parking lot. Media Concepts. Windshield protest.

Cork uncorks tonight. 14th & You

Celebrating the DC High Holidays. Live blogging the state of the whatever. By the Way Betch

Alice’s Adventures Underground. Very good photos of our moon.

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The writer at Infinite Connections is exploring the idea of bringing a baby into the world without a father. And she discovers she is not alone. Excerpt: The lone man that was engaged in this conversation (poor guy!) told us he had a friend that desperately wants to get married and start a family, yet he goes to Baltimore to look for them. Or Richmond. Or Atlanta. Guess why? “Because women in this area have chosen to focus on their careers.”

A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading. The reading takes place on blogs. The Gold Puppy.

My First Pottery Class
. An explainer, including video, if you take a similar route at Hinckley Pottery. 007 in Africa

Eckington Park laps. A one-third of a mile lap. With map. Eckington

my d.c.: topiary. Lawn care in DC. Photos. Sprite Writes.

FedEx/Kinko’s Coming to Adams Morgan. Bridal Bird Banana Republic next?

Today is the 12th anniversary of the day I got Sam. Jason’s View from DC

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A fantasy comes true: Attending Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp. Arjewtino.

The Problem with Pinot
. A nicely written post about the cultural complexity of a wine you may have tonight at dinner, Pinot Noir. DC Foodies. An excerpt: Now if you are going to pick a grape as a metaphor for relationships, Pinot Noir is apt: it is very difficult to cultivate, heavily influenced by its environs, can break your heart and ruin you in a bad year …

On Frozen Blog, which calls itself a “haven for the hockey malnourished,” takes photos of a hotdog eating contest during intermission. Warning: Lunch Unfriendly.

Pepsi Unveils Super Bowl Ad – With No Sound. A great commercial. So Good.

You can buy as many guns as you want in Virginia, but Sangria? Think again. Metrocurean.

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The Real Tragedy of Heath Ledger’s DeathTalking Budgie. The DC blogger and Australian resident writes: … Heath Ledger’s family apparently did learn of his fate via the media.

Karibu Books, the biggest stand-alone African American owned and operated bookstore in North America, is closing, writes Nat Turner’s Revenge. Black shops dropping like flies…but why?

Mayor takes action against 41 porno surfers. Bruce Johnson’ s Blog. The city is evidently checking workers.

Where the real Mardi Gras action is. Candy Sandwich. Making people happy by throwing thousands of dollars away

Store takes back used running shoes, writes Sandblower in The Runner’s High

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The worse time for buying a house may have been 2006. Prices were still high and flippers, people who bought and quickly sold their houses to take advantage of bubble pricing, didn’t realize the game was up. DC Home and Condo Prices has several examples of houses that have sold well below their original purchase prices. Filed under: Dramatic.

Stephen Colbert Hung at the National Portrait Gallery. Eye Level. Over the really nice drinking fountains, too.

NBC’s Today show Monday featured a web site called Rotten Neighbor. The name describes its mission exactly. You can complain about your neighbor, i.e., a slob, bad pets, and this site will overlay it on a Google satellite map. It takes about 30 seconds (slow loading) for these little red houses will appear. Click on one. .. I checked out one neighbor, the fellow who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and discovered, shockingly, that “neighbor convicted of DUI.” This Web site has the potential of being a very nasty and litigious thing, but it hasn’t really caught on in DC.

Coyotes spotted in Petworth gallantly walking in the middle of the street, writes Joe Martin at Petworth News. (Via Metroblogging)

The untimely passing of Heath Ledger was noted by many bloggers. Caged Bird Sings explains some of the reasons for his appeal as an actor and person. Excerpt: Heath was one of the few actors who managed to stay out of Hollywood’s prominent “scene” and seemed grounded and sweet. This Australian actor was one I have always personally admired.

Recipe: Black Bean Soup with Crab and Andouille Sausage. Trouble with Toast.

If you see something, say something: Sticky Fingers, a vegan bakery across the street from Mayorga, deserves significant props.

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The Bullet Is Mightier Than The Pen. Washington Cube tells the tale of the .22.

New DC Cab Fares: Who Wins, Who Loses? Herb of DC.

Farmers Market Deep Freeze. Dupont Circle report by The Slow Cook: There are still fresh vegetables to be had in the middle of January.

DC is dogtown, make no mistake. A guest writer on the Prince of Petworth, and a writer familiar to bloggers, writes about his pet and the micro-culture at the local dog park

Ellen Prentiss Campbell: A New Writer to Watch. Madam Mayo. She’s reading Wednesday (Jan. 23rd) at the delightful (one of my all-time favorite bookshops— this one even serves afternoon tea) Riverby Books, 417 East Capitol St. SE (just down the street from the Folger Library) in Washington DC— yes, right there in the shadow of the U.S. Capito

Anything Goes Gun Shows in Virginia. God and guns report by NotionsCapital. Photo.

A malt liquor tasting on Saturday night. The report at Technology & MSG.

How to get farm products in DC through the Community Supported Agriculture. Nicole is Cooking explains. Excerpt: I ordered their small mixed box and received 4 apples, a head of hydroponic lettuce, spinach (yay!), an English cucumber, some nice looking carrots (4 or so), 2 beets, 2 medium sweet potatoes and a few gold potatoes for $18.

Random Cloverfield Question. Sean’s Ramblings. If you saw it …

World’s Narrowest House. It’s in Old Town. DCMetroccentric. Photo.

City Girl DC writes: I just spent this great holiday morning which honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the phone screaming at AT&T about my wireless service.

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Annoyed about the sidewalks in DC? Freewheeling Spirit. Give Us Back Our Sidewalks!

Calling All Metro Etiquette Vigilantes. Disaffected Scanner Jockey. The post begins: This morning, I had the pleasure of taking my Metro ride with a young man who had his iPod set to “stun.”

A New Lunch Spot Near Metro Center, a fine food eatery, reports Spork and Knife

Esquire’s Bar List Unchanged, Useless. Tom Bridge at Metroblogging says the magazine’s annual list of DC best bars is unchanged and out-of-touch.

This post illustrates, perfectly, the concept of hyperlocal reporting. Frozen Tropics.

Site Note: Not publishing Friday. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.

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A guest post, a letter, about Roxanne, whose accomplishments include second place for Least Obedient at the Dupont Circle Dog Show. Don’t read this at work. You may tear up. Washington Humane Society.

TC the Terrible works in an office with too many rules.

It’s been 18 years since she moved from Brazil. Attention Span of a Fly, who writes … the homesickness or “saudade” kicks in every now and again but it fades more and more with each passing year.

Two days to Petworth. Moving from LA to DC and the new home he just closed on. eric nuzum dot com

Predator control challenged in Capitol. Alaskan Abroad

Journalism Will Never Die. City Desk. It has nothing to do with DC except in spirit.

Blogger Meetup tonight — all invited. RFD, Gallery Place.