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The office flirt. The nice guy in the office. He leaves gifts, sends instance messages and emails. But, as Charlotte Harris writes in the post, Deleted Emails: He avoided the question, so I cautiously waited for the other shoe to drop.

Engaging strategy. Sometimes you’ve got to speak the only language guys understand, writes an OC girl living in an extraordinary world.

What’s “blooming” in January? Sustainable Gardening Blog. Photos.

Who actually runs Eastern Market?
Find out at a public workshop Thursday. NotionsCapital.

Short review of the 2nd Annual International Motorcycle Show in DC. A Bloke’s Blog

Monday Morning Slack Off Report

Posted in DC Blogs Noted, Slack Off on January 14th, 2008 by naechstehaltestelle

Behold, the triumphant return of the MMSOR! Forgive the long absence. The holidays were rough on us.

  • Got a flight in your future? Get a taste of what culinary delights await you on your trip. Now you can look at real photos of airline meals, sorted by airline, including user reviews. Mmm… gooey pasta and cold rolls…

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The Reason We Moved. Illustrated. Hybrid Thoughts writes: There’ve been numerous times where I snapped at my husband just because I could no longer tolerate to look at this.

We Pranked Improv Everywhere. The counter revolution to no pants on the Metro day on Saturday. Photos. Self-Referential Title

It’s included with the new fares. Capital Complaints: I noticed when I got to Dupont Circle that the up escalator was busted, but the down escalator was working.

Upgrading Metro’s look. About Metro’s new designs. Life Outtacontext writes: A leaner and more efficient system is one thing; an ugly logo representing it is quite another.

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A Total Waste of Makeup writes: It’s happened. As of last Friday, I became a 30something. Gawd.

Miracles do happen. Read this one. Where’s My Cape.

LexisNexis Digital Congressional Record & Freebies on the Web. Things to read at work. AbsTracked.

The Love Matress. Listopad.

A funny thing happened on the way to the eye doctor. The reason we need eyeglasses explained in a short graph. Finding Blanche.

My job just got 5,784,998 times harder. Sandblower.

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Sub-13 year old girls were sent to the Hannah Montana concert without parental escort, reports PQGirl at Penn Quarter Living. She finds a group of girls lost and crying on the Metro. Irresponsible parents, she writes but also raises a question: What is the Verizon Center’s policy on unaccompanied minors?

Women Can’t Get a Break. This post was written before Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire victory, but the question is timeless: Why are we so stuck in the stone ages about gender roles in this country? PunditMom.

About Barack Obama, Spice at Sugar N Spice writes: His words were true, poignant , and timely and touched the heart of this African-American woman who had seen much, heard much, and experienced much discrimination in this so-called “fair” society.

Gang violence appears to be escalating in Shaw, reports OffSeventh, who writes: So here we are just 9 short days into the new year and yet again we have another shooting with bodies along 7th Street. [Tuesday night. Photo}

Greed, stupidity, Hoya tickets on Craigslist. Vox Populi

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The primal male impulse to do dumb things may be hereditary. Like Father Like Son at The Short Fat Kid.

Seventeen feet worth of Theordore Roosevelt await you at one of DC’s least accessible monuments. In addition to a Teddy primer, this Monument Monday post by The DC Traveler includes a short history of Roosevelt Island’s prior names, prior owners and fateful fiascoes.

Armchair Generalist contrasts Chinese involvement in Africa to U.S. efforts in the region. Commenters advise readers to look at the involvement of a couple other regional powers as well.

Char at Living Car-Free! donated her pickup truck in exchange for a free lifetime Zipcar! membership and has been getting by on bike, metro and Zipcar since December. So far she’s saved money in a variety ways, including the new taxes and fees for Northern Virginia automobile owners. (A Freewheel find.)

Mama’s Got Moxie offers a retort to the “no T.V. for kids under two” school of thought. An excerpt: I wonder how they make that happen. I mean, do they sit in front of their infants and toddlers and sing “Hey, Diddle, Diddle” all day long? Are they that opposed to Elmo and his fishy friend Dorothy? Did they not enjoy Big Bird’s antics as a child?

It’s been described as “a moving and poignant account of an ordinary man’s experiences in an extraordinary situation.” Army soldier Harry Lamin has recently returned to the war’s front lines and blogs without restrictions. The catch? It all happened 90 years ago. At WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier, Harry’s grandson has transcribed the letters Harry sent home and now posts them to a blog exactly 90 years after they were written. Full background available via the blog’s first posts.

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DC: Got Parking? Urban Trekker. The price of owning your own parking spot.

No Pants Metro Ride Planned for Jan. 12. DCist.

The little row house that could: $2 Million Declined for $200,000 House. For The Love of Growth (DC that is)

Haunt and humor in this collection of Myrtle Beach in Winter photos. Global Chameleon

Mike Huckabee Eats Horse Meat. So Good. This is not a joke.

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A man on a Metro bus isn’t moving and efforts to shake him awake don’t work. The bus driver asks passengers: “What do you think I should do?” To this the writer at The True Tales of a Caffeine Addict says, I doubt it would have been too much to check to see if the man has a pulse.

Yeah, I cry over the Military History channel. Church of the Big Sky. Looks for her mother in the old films.

I Now Pronounce You offers some sharp thoughts about the Mitchell Report, and writes: I kept thinking that someone, anyone, would step up and express exactly what I was feeling. I waited…and I waited.

Doctor of Thinkology takes a different look at Hillary in Journey of the Hero.

Photo. Blue Coyote Laughing uses dodge and burn to paint.

Is America Ready For a Black President?

The first war casaulty of 2008, Major Andrew Olmsted, was also a prolific blogger. Catch Up Lady. He prepared a blog post in this event. Catch Up Lady writes:

Olmsted’s death not only underscores the power of blogging as a medium and a means of self expression, but also calls attention to the “digital lives” that so many of us lead and the large online community we touch as a result.

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Suburban residents complain that Metro’s fare hikes hurt them the most. But Rob at The Goodspeed Update analyzed the fares and finds that while these riders experience the largest absolute increases they pay lowest cost per mile of all riders.

Share and Share Alike
. Except. Green Canary.

Lonnie Bruner plans to win the 2008 Mustache Contest. But what style? Abra Kadabra or the Connoisseur?

Liz of Life as List list those moments that I wish I could embed in my memory and remember every minute detail forever

People who join the gym in January are called: March Outs. Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie

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An Unpleasant Walk Home at 1:32 AM. Prince of Petworth. This post drew nearly 60 comments.

Viridian closes after two years
. Metrocurean.

Grabbing 2008 by the Zeroes. Roissy’s advice list runs to sixteen.

Spaztastic Adventures of a DC Fashionate offers seven facts of life.

Happy New Year. This is a powerfully written but explicit telling of a part of DC’s gay underworld. Wise & Young.