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Smash decides to visit the mysterious DC store, Monarch Novelties. You need to ring a bell to get inside. Great post.

Frustrated in Adams Morgan. A reader of the Diary of the Mad DC Cabbie writes: Given your profession, I’m wondering if you can answer me a question. Every weekend I wait tables in Adams Morgan. Every weekend I take a cab home. Almost every weekend I have to argue with the cabbie about the price …

NYC Vs. DC Subway Rat Race. Gothamist. About that new Metro rat ad.

What Are People Looking For? Doctor of Thinkology takes a look at this new Google feature, Google Trends.

For Sale: $50,000 Parking Spot. A report about the price of parking at the Washingtonian

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Turning Up the Volume hosts international visitors and becomes an impromptu tour guide and cultural liaison. She writes: I thought, “What could be more awkward than having two German choir members sleeping in my living room for four days.” Looking back on it, all I can think is “How could that weekend have been more fun?”

Are the McMansions of the outer suburbs destined to be the slums of tomorrow? CommuterPageBlog

A coworker interviews by phone for another job and takes the call in the office bathroom. To flush or not to flush? Water in a Mesh Bucket

DC Metrocentric gives a thumbs-up to the Salvation Army’s new Solomon Brown Center in Anacostia, still on track for completion in June. They write: Taking advantage of the opportunity to build a striking building while bringing needed services to the community sets this project apart in our book!

Those who live by the Google can perish by the Google. Keeping an eye on your online persona. Are Seven

A typical day in the life. Whiskey, Cigarettes, and Song Titles

Hybrid taxis in Arlington. Going Green DC

And in “sort of” DC news from further afield, a bronze statue of former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott was unveiled in Freemantle, Australia on Sunday. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna blog ‘n’ roll.

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Oh, Sorry, I’m New In DC. The attitude of saying you live in “The District.”

Now That I Hate Puppies, I’ll Hate Blogs, Too. Disaffected Scanner Jockey … the defensiveness is exactly what puts me off reading blogs. Especially comments sections. [For those readers who still like puppies, check out this post, I need a puppy Now, by Du Wax Loolu]

Style Snapshot: LA vs. DC
Material Girl in LA draws a comparison on how two women in DC, pictured, may dress in LA.

A bounty of photos from the Dupont Circle Farmers Market on Sunday. Temp was 36 degrees and the crab cakes seemed like the perfect warm-up. The Slow Cook.

Overheard in the Parking Lot. Technology & MSG. Small cars, big guys.

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Karma Calling came in for an oil change and left with a $200 bill.

Post-It Note spotting on Metro. Urban Bohemian wants to know what the note means.

Jamón Jamón wants to live in the present but can’t stop thinking about the future.

ChrisMoreau travels to Williamsburg says the most interesting thing he noticed is how nice people are, in contrast to DC.

Clearing out involves selling furniture on Craigs List. About Chicago, the new home: It doesn’t have the mad rush-ness of New York or the intense politicky-ness of DC. And its not as cold as I thought it would be. I mean, it is 12 below zero today, but with 3 layers of clothing and ample headgear I actually didn’t feel it so much. Life through the T-glass

Photography’s early history revealed at the National Gallery. islandgirl

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The day Church of the Big Sky almost squished Ralph Nader. [Also, Nader announces run for president and Nader, pro and con. Total Information Awareness]

Smart car in Dupont Circle spotted. A photo on flicker of this motorcycle with a roof and doors. propatria4’s photostream

The National Portrait Gallery’s hip hop exhibit seems a little patronizing. Chocolate Milk.

Signs that your relationship is sinking. The KAC Report.

Candida’s World Of Books Closes. An author is saddened by this news. Gonzalo Barr.

Stop Your Sobbing

Posted in Blogging, Slack Off on February 24th, 2008 by Foilwoman

As an actively practising heterosexual woman (I date), I read what women and men have to say about dating.  Craig’s List’s Rants and Raves section is either highly entertaining or deeply depressing, depending on your perspective.  So are the personal listings sections.  I read M4W and W4M, not the gay, miscellaneous, or casual sections, mainly because that’s what interests me.  I may be missing more sane stuff on the M4M and W4W sections, but since they aren’t interested in me that way and vice-versa, it’s just not that entertaining.

 But I’ll say this now:  those of you who are straight (or bisexual, but currently seeking a straight relationship) in DC using the Internet (as exemplified by Craig’s List, but not limited thereto), listen to the great Chrissie Hynde (and she dedicated a performance of this to Ray Davies when she dumped him:  Stop Your Sobbing.*

 Why?  Because singles in DC are a bunch of whiners.  What do I mean?  The universal complaint is “Why is it so hard to meet people?”  This question presumes that the questioner is entitled to easy-to-enter relationships.  Let’s look at that assumption.  Most people have some sense of self-protection when seeking relationships with other people.  If we assume that the people we meet have similar self-protective needs to our own, unless our own level of self-protection is abysmally low**

 Here are some examples of whiners and some examples of whiners to be (I think these men and women will have future posts saying:  “Why didn’t any nice man/woman respond!  Why is everyone so shallow?”  Oh, I don’t know.  Why do you think?

 “Nice gentleman . . . . PLEASE! ONLY RESPOND WITH RECENT PHOTO/S AND INFO or no response from me. Looking for a great single lady. . . .”  But apparently not one with any need for privacy.  Yes, all women are thrilled to send their pictures to whoever on the Internet.  Yes, he posted his picture for all of us to see.  That just shows that he doesn’t have much sense of privacy.  I just hope when the women with pictures ask him to visit their websites, he doesn’t get all bent out of shape.

And doesn’t this one just grab you?  “This is hard dude.
I am almost giving up to this.. just hit me any other resigned one so we will feel some companionship hahah..
”   Dude, I’m sure you’re going to get tons of emails from resigned women who feel they have so much in common with you.  Like what?

 Another person about to give up here: “I feel like giving up because of the responses I’ve received in my previous postings. I really wonder if there could possibly be a Gentleman out there that can read this ad, understand it, and respond appropriately?”  Look, if they can’t read and respond they way that you’d like, it isn’t a conspiracy, and you don’t need to give up.  That’s the damn search process.  You’re supposedly in your fifties.  Just delete the inappropriate responses and move on.  Whining about it just makes you sound, well, whiny.

Bored – Need Help! – 40 makes you wonder.  Why would anyone respond to all the people who say they’re bored?  Read a darn book.  We’re not here to give your life interest.  If you bore yourself, what will you do to us?  It’s hard enough to get away from that boring guy at the party.  No need to approach him on the Internet.  The other thing that totally fails to impress is the whole looking for a date for Saturday night at, uh, 7:39 on Saturday night.  Your interesting date is already out doing something interesting, bored man.  Also, you don’t need a date to go to a movie (although Juno is a good pick).  Movies are pretty darn solitary.

Actually, a search for “bored” on the M4W list came up with 85 hits, over 18 (too boring to count, yes, that’s ironic) with “bored” in the headline.  On the W4M list it came up with 16 hits, 4 with the word “bored” in the headline.  Is boredom really something that draws people to you?  I never knew that.  Why not say “irritable” or “syphlitic”?  I’d imagine that would work as well.

And here is someone who isn’t in business, no sirree: “Hi,
I am an attractive young blonde, with blue eyes that would like to go out for a drink but I am flat broke. I am looking for a nice guy who would like to meet me for drinks(on you) and help me with my financial situation (a donation). I am in Fairfax and would like to meet around here or nearby Fairfax. Please be the night in shining armor that will help undepress me because I am severely down and out.
!”  And someone needs to tell here it’s already night.  What she’s looking for is a knight.  Or more honestly, a john.  I think vice squad action is ludicrous, but please.  Just say:  “Let’s make a deal.  Your money for my acquiesence.”

 Now, I hope all of these people find what they want, safely and satisfactorily.  Someone who will unbore them.  Someone who will pay them.  Someone who will give them exactly what they want.  But everybody:  making connections is not easy.  People don’t want to meet uninteresting people.  People don’t want to reveal too much until they know you.  So stop acting as though you have some entitlement to meet the perfect person and anything other than perfection and ease in reaching that perfection is an affront.  Your boredom, loneliness, neediness, anxiety, anger, and defensiveness aren’t going to draw people to you.  Put some effort into evolving a vertebral structure and the ability to do the things you want whether or not you have someone accompanying you.  Go to see Juno alone, you know?  Whenever someone you like connects, appreciate it, and know, you’re just starting to get to know him or her.

 Take either a Buddhist or Stoic approach.  The good is hard to find, can’t be chased, and is impermanent.  Appreciate it when you have it, but know the constants in this life are pain and suffering.  Dating, like everything else in life, is no guarantee of anything coming your way.

*Rather mean of her, since he wrote the damn song, but hey, Chrissie Hynde can kick anyone’s ass and they should probably just say “Thank you” to her, just for making Brass in Pocket the song it is and was. 

 **”Oh, stranger I just met in a bar/at the library/over the Internet, sure you can have my work, cell, and home phone numbers.  Here’s my address as well.  Here’s where I work.  Call any time.  And here are pictures of me in revealing or no clothes.  I can tell I can trust you.  You told me I could.”  If that doesn’t sound realistic to you, then why would making a connection be easy?

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Foilwoman’s Diary comments on recent dating observations by local blogosphere writers. Her post begins: Yesterday, I saw a whole bunch of evidence that people who write about women’s sexuality and women’s life choices are delusional, not that there’s anything new about that.*

Crime in Logan Circle
. 14th & You looks at the crime data at offered on two Web sites and asks: How much do you care about the crime data? Are you ever concerned for your safety or about your property after reading such statistics?

My House in Vegas, DC. A new blog, with just a couple of posts, by a blogger who plans to write about living with HIV.

Don’t let snow keep you away from the Dupont farmer’s market. DC Foodies. Excerpt: Even in the dead of winter, the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market is a great source of locally-produced vegetables, pasture-raised buffalo meat, and artisan baked breads.

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South America By The Numbers. Roosh V. The highlights. But scroll through some of his earlier posts for the full measure of this adventure.

Dating is Dead gets query from [Big-Name Dating Site] and writes Users Beware

The liberal blogs are dead to me (most of ‘em, anyway). A sharp critique of a new media. randomduck.

Silver Spring to Get Fatter. One business helps put on the calories, the other tries to take them off. Silver Spring Singular.

The Green Miles Tries Green Deodorant

Alaskan Abroad . DC-style snow. How many schools will close today?

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Another Saturday Night in DC or what’s wrong with men? City Girl DC. Excerpt: To our left were two women who could pass for models. Behind them, clearly gawking was a group of guys. Not once did the guys make a move.

A decade of January sales. There are some astonishing numbers here illustrating the rise in housing prices in Northern Virginia and more recent trends. Check out the “top discounts” listing to the right. Northern Virginia Housing Bubble Fallout. Credit Bubble Meter for pointing this post out.

I am 37 years old, I’m single, and I have not had children. LaurieWrites

Duckpins for dollars. Remember duckpin? It’s still being played. Finding Blanche

Site Note: Due to move, disruption of dsl and move-related general disruption, we may miss a couple of days this week.

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This interesting question arrived in our inbox: How do you handle it when someone else cuts your kid’s hair without asking? Cootie Chronicles. Photos.

Rowdy teens attack on morning commute. A dramatic encounter artfully told. Don’t Be Silent.

The very best Valentines post ever. A child’s answers to questions about love. Alice’s Adventures Underground

New blog about beer in DC. dcbeer.