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DC Blogs Noted

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You’ve Got To Have Friends* An altercation at work also serves as a reminder of the importance of friends. Foilwoman’s Diary.

Potomac pity party. Caterwauling writes: I’ve felt this pressure to defend my voting for Hillary. I could give a hoot — it didn’t change my vote. But it seems like there was some sort of stigma associated with voting for the woman candidate.

Liz Gorman. Interesting, striking series of three photos, by the freelance photographer. title: cold criminals

I Have Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers. Falling on the icy sidewalks not just once, but twice. tiaras optional.

Celebrate Being Single on V-Day at Old Dominion Brewhouse. City Girl DC.

DC Blogs Noted: Edition of Doubt

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Doubts about Donald Rumsfeld’s carpet and wallpaper choices. I Am a Lefty.

Is an MBA worth the cost? How much learning is really going on? Saint in Exile has his doubts.

Doubts about happy hour specials in the vicinity of 14th and K are mostly confirmed with one notable exception. DCfabulous.

Doubts about the most recent Baltimore Orioles trade. 567 Miles from Home.

Think Big Brother is getting any smaller? Between the increasing number of surveillance cameras in DC and some new legislation moving through the Hill, the bloggers at Blackbox and Scholars and Rogues have their doubts.

Doubt the tenacity of DC voters? Think again. Neither freezing rain nor treacherous sidewalks nor lack of doorknobs can keep NotionsCapital from his appointed polling place.

DC Blogs Noted

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Our Little Village. Vksempireofdirt. A story of his life and, as one commenter put, the bond of family. Powerful post. Excerpt:

Finally it comes and she has the child like most women in the village have been doing for centuries, on her feet. From the day I was born, I’ve been surrounded by strong women.

Welcome the Cute Plastic Overlords: ‘Robotopia Rising’ at the Kennedy Center. And I Am Not Lying.

Election Day Parties and Events. An excellent roundup of some of the benefits of voting. Sean’s Ramblings.

Obama or Clinton You Decide! Neighborhood scenes from the contest. Prince of Petworth.

Where and When to Vote Tomorrow in DC, MD, and VA. My Occupied Territory. Useful, general information.

A challenging trail at Great Falls. Photos. Updates, Live.

From the archives. Photos of 1945 intersection of H and 15th NE. No lights. DC Metrocentric.

DC Blogs Noted

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The writer’s company decides to begin its annual retreat with a reconstruction project in New Orleans. Photos amply illustrate this very good post about the clean-up of a church caked in mud. Manifest Destiny.

Sleeping Around. Water beds and life. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

Sunday Salsa Assassination. Formerly live food blogging at Metroblogging. Photo.

Japan and its hyperculture at the Kennedy Center. Photos.

This writer and her husband hand out pamphlets around Dupont Circle this weekend in support of Barack Obama. Jacquelinations writes: When the media mentions that Barack Obama has mobilized young voters, it’s really true –he in turn believes that we are the future and that change starts with us. Meanwhile, Sugar of Sugar N Spice has been working for Hillary Clinton and writes …As I was out canvassing for Hillary earlier today here in Maryland, it was like a breath of fresh air to hold conversations with young, professional Latino and African-American men and women who are supporting Hillary.

DC Blogs Noted

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DC Dayswrites: I was walking back from my run feeling very pleased with myself for running 4.6 miles, endorphins were rushing through my blood stream, the sun was shinning, everything was good. Then a homeless man saw me and yelled out …

Freak out. DC Universe. When the bank suddenly changes the rules.

Apples and Bananas says the Whole Foods in Clarendon has a singles night. And writes: Whole Foods will be serving up a big plate of awkward with a nice side of rejection.

Eatin’ in Wheaton. Fajita Coast, a report from the desperate ‘burbs: There were children everywhere on Friday night, running around and screaming and carrying on. But the salsa is great.

DC, the new ‘burb: Columbia Heights Awaits Target, New Businesses. Read Express.

DC Blogs Noted

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SciWonk is off to attend a party at a friend’s house. She opens the door and lets herself in. To find out what happened next, read the post, titled: Wrong House.

Catholic guilt drama: I saw some nuns at Target, and it freaked me out. Dealing in Subterfuges

Cocktail Of The Week: Year Of The Rat (fink). Washington Cube’s take.

Intelligent Indeed. High praise Metro’s Smart Card, which actually did what it was suppose to do. 007 in Africa

Overheard Today on the 42 Bus. City Desk. The most interesting things are overheard on the bus from Mount Pleasant, through Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle to Metro Center/Gallery Place.

Blogger [specialty] happy hour round-up:

Calling All DC Food Bloggers!
Trouble with Toast is trying to organize a get-together for DC’s food blogging community.

DC 20 something Bloggers Happy Hour!
Feb 8, Friday. The True Tales of a Caffeine Addict

DC Blogs Noted

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Gentrification claims the “Death Star House,” an iconic punk rock bungalow/stage at the edge of Silver Spring. A guest post by local blogger Dan Reed. The Abundant Artist

KCG gives a thumbs-up to U2’s 3D concert film, now showing at the Smithsonian’s IMAX theater. He writes: I think I prefer this method of enjoying a stadium concert better than the real thing – better sound, better view, just as much audience energy. Of course we are all wearing ridiculous eyewear, but I can get over that in order to avoid the crowds. Not that you asked me, but…

While shooting some night photos, a blogger contemplates the signs accompanying DC monuments: She writes: It’s disappointing to think that visitors fail to have the common sense to know that they shouldn’t do the “no-nos” listed here and that the monuments and memorials they visit deserve our respect and reverence. D.C. Confidential

Top 10 Badass Women’s Movie Moments. DCGirl@TheMovies

Superbowl haikus at Not JUST Bananas… but Baby Bananas. Audience participation encouraged.

Practical activism strategies for vegetarians. The Veggie Blog

Leaky Metrobus rant with photos. The District Diarist

DC Blogs Noted

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Can’t Have It Both Ways. Rooshv. Finding a middle ground in life and economics.

Making Ends Meet. When someone asks for help to pay the rent. looking2live

A Question for Women who Wear Skinny Jeans Tucked into Boots. It’s more than a post about boots. hey pretty.

Behold, the Parking Garage. A popular lecture is now a Webcast. Library of Congress Blog.

I am what they call “high functioning.” I can rise to the occasion, follow the routine. (That’s Why) The Lady Is A Tramp

Why I’m voting for Obama.

DC Blogs Noted

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DC Zia writes of her love-hate/hate-love relationship with DC and her Capitol Hill neighborhood. Part one and Part two. Excerpt: But when my car gets broken into, when Seth’s bicycle is stolen off of our enclosed back porch, when the garbage doesn’t get picked up for two weeks, when the garbage can disappears and it takes forever to get a new one, when you’re tortured by the DC DMV (at the downtown location – you know the folks I mean), when I read the awful, true stories about some of DC’s public schools in the Washington Post, and when my car gets broken into again, it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t buy a used Ford Taurus and move to the ‘burbs.

Someone may be moving into a gym locker room. Hateful, Party of One

Randomduck writes: Living in DC is a bit of a planespotter’s dream, given the venue that is Gravelly Point Park.

February sprouts. Another way to appreciate the month. Calendula & Concrete

Free Wifi in the City. The DC Concierge

A third-floor pop-up done right. My life in DC. Pop up refers to a row house getting some extra vertical space.

DC Blogs Noted

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This is best critique of the architectural ugliness of L’Enfant Plaza you are likely to ever come across. Be certain to scroll down to check out the photos. Brilliant comparision. The Anti DC.

A home made office sun dial. Inspirational. End The Cola Wars!

Starting Today says her blogging has come to an end.

Nightmares return, writes ilike sea monsters. From a person who has accomplished much. Excerpt: I truly believe that for some people dreams are a good indication of what is really going on in their life.

Cthulhu in ’08: It’s official. Intangible Arts. Unique.

Just give me the award for best mustache right now. Will do. Lonnie Bruner.

…livin’ the dream… First day in DC consisted of lunch at Union Station.