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Fluffy visits the Barnes and Noble in Georgetown. The DC Universe.

Neighborhood public safety meeting Tuesday. Bloomingdale blog: The time has come for us all to take a stand about public safety in our area.

If you build it, they will come: New Nats Stadium. Some observations and photos by wharman. FYI, beers are a cool $7.50

Jackie O. Puppy. Cute picture that’s well named. Life in Pink

DC Scanning. A blog devoted to radio scanning.

Why I Drive a Mini. It has made the Catch Up Lady a parking Ninja.

Fifty-Nine More Minutes Than We Usually Spare It

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 28th, 2008 by Madame M.

Hi there, DC Blogs!

As you return tomorrow from your full day of cherry-blossom ogling, and marathon-cheering, and kite-flying, and general festival-exploring; and you kick off your shoes and smile and are gladdened by the lovely things there are to do and see in this great city, please consider doing something more:

At 8 pm, local time, turn off the lights.

Turn off the tv. Take a break from reading blogs and surfing the Internets and watching the Numa Numa guy on YouTube again and go hang out with friends or enjoy an early evening stroll. Or just enjoy being.

But just turn off the(nonessential) lights. Be part of Earth Hour, happening all across the globe.

Think Global warming doesn’t exist? Think turning off the lights for an hour won’t make a difference? That’s okay, friend: it’s healthy to be a skeptic. I urge you to stop by Earth Hour’s FAQ and read more about what impact turning lights off for an hour can have.

But why not do it to see what happens? We could reduce our CO2 output by 10% like they did in Sydney, Australia, last year.

But it will not happen if you don’t at least try.


Madame Meow hopes not to catch herself blogging through that time slot. She also recommends Prosecco as the best drink for a temporary blackout– yours from Trader Joe’s for under $7.

DC Blogs Noted

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Too…slow. A tourist with a question and a lost opportunity. Grateful Dating.

Things I Have To Do Before I Leave DC. The Unbearable Lightness of Being gets ready for the move.

If Rhinestone Pins Were Super Delegates… Only in DC. Catch Up Lady.

Storytime! I was in porn! Crazy Mokes.

The Pit of Laundry Despair. Why apartment building laundry facilities are terrible, terrible places. Disaffected Scanner Jockey.

A neighborhood blog, OffSeventh, calls it quits. Excerpt: I started this thing as a way of getting information out to the community and I feel like it has become an anchor around my neck.

Although this post by A Silent Cacophony is about a blogger outside of DC, and probably unknown to most, it is touching and telling about this medium.

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Okay, buses that run early really aren’t a good idea (the drivers really are supposed to keep to the schedule). But when a local left-handed cello-player hops on the L1, the general impression is good. Bus riding: really, it’s a concept you should consider, especially with gas approaching $4 a gallon. Do you want to spend your money destroying the environment and hastening the depreciation of the vehicle you own? If not, check out I am a Lefty’s paeon to the L1.

DC crime annals on the 42 bus, as related by Poofygoo. The Time magazine reader missed the whole thing.

Cab hating? What’s that about? Perhaps the author of Farm Fresh Meatshould just take the bus (see above).

Don’t know much about Brookland? Want to learn? Like yard sales (hey, somebody must like buying other people’s useless junk, otherwise people would stop trying to sell their old nosehair clippers for $3 at these events)? Jaime of Stop, Blog, and Roll announces the Great Brookland Yard Sale on April 19.

A picture of a “sculpture of an American Bald Eagle by local artist Jason Swain can be found in Ernest Park. It is made from red oak and I believe it was carved on site.” It’s at Silver Spring Daily Photo.

What do artists want? Or need? In Shaw (an historically gentrified blog) considers this burning question. Maybe next we’ll figure out why we should care.

Artomatic 2008 registration begins today. March 27, 2008, that is. If you’re artistic (or just want to pretend that you are – there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s what being young and urban is all about, admit it) and have $90 to throw down, register. Urban Code Weblogs tells you how.

And some astoundingly honest reminiscing about what most everyone’s Spring Breaks were really like (those who could afford them) by Joe Logon of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately. But he’s honest. He admits he used to have a mullet (and posts the pictures to prove it). I kind of like this kid. Okay, he just turned 36. Still a kid in my book.

DC Blogs Noted

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I’m big-boned, OK?!?!? Vertically-challenged blogger rejoins a gym and gets less than she bargained for during her free session with a personal trainer. She writes: I’m 5’4 in bare feet and always wear heels of 1 1/2 to 2 in., so I was flirting w/ 5’6 when my mini-trainer approached me. He didn’t clear my boobs. Had I not worn heels, he might have met my shoulder. Honestly, don’t you have to meet a height requirement for some of the equipment? dc is my manhattan

Impressions of DC from Kathleen, a senior at the University of Iowa who spent her spring break job and apartment searching in the District. Spoiler alert: She loves us. The Podium

A fixture at the 9:30 Club for many years, Michael Biel will be remembered during a Sunday afternoon memorial at his favorite venue. DC Rocks

Top Ten Local-ish Art Blogs. ARTifice: Fear and Loathing in DC.

Do not be alarmed by the loud crashing sounds – they’re not flying manhole covers, they’re just Eric’s NCAA brackets. I’ll Think of Something

Hillary gets caught in a little white lie.

Social Media… I Think We Need Some Time Apart. Local blogger spends a week deliberately unplugged from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. and not only doesn’t die or spontaneously combust, but finds the experience “quite liberating.” Social Times.

The Conversation Has Left the Blogosphere. People are commenting on your blog, just not on your blog. ReadWriteWeb

DC Blogs Noted

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Giant ugly *** bronze statue in Columbia Heights. Dealing in Subterfuges

What cost more than a gallon of gas?* A hot dog at the new Nationals Stadium. Rumored pricing list at Apples and Bananas. [Gas may exceed hot dog pricing by summer.]

The tourists are back. They are like cicadas, but bigger! writes Snow Bunny.

Is PostPoints Worth It? The Goodspeed Update. He writes: A $10 CVS gift card looked like a useful prize. However, at 3,385 points it would take me 677 days of Express reading or almost one year of reading both a print publication and the website to earn enough points to earn it.

On some The District’s streets, especially in Georgetown, you can still see the trolley tracks. The trolley was wonderful mode of transportation undone by Detroit automakers and friends interested in selling buses. But the rail systems could rehape the city anew, writes Beyond DC. This Web site is making a case for light rail or street cars in a post: Don’t call it a fantasy.

A report from the South Lawn: The WH Easter Egg Roll. Brownie Points

An invitation to meet on March 27 and talk about Obama’s Philadelphia speech on race and resentment. The Blog at 16th and Q. Initiating our discussion will be special guests, Jonetta Rose Barras, political commentator for WAMU-88.5 FM and Ira Forman, executive eirector of the National Jewish Democratic Council and research director of the Solomon Project.

DC Blogs Noted

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The New York Times reviews Utlimate Blogs, Masterworks From the Wild Web. It’s a collection of posts by bloggers and includes the work of a local writer, El Guapo in DC. In giving recognition to the excellent work by El Guapo, this book also helps raise awareness of blogging as a literary art of its own. Here’s a link to Amazon.

I need your support! This writer is taking part in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the second time. But to participate she must raise $1,800. To help, all you have to do is attend a happy hour at the Gua-Rapo, 2039 Wilson Blvd (closest Metro is Court House), from 6-10 PM on March $25. Trouble With Toast

I. Want. A. Scooter. Hydration is the Key to Success. But there are issues: First of all, I have no scooter knowledge, and wouldn’t even know what particularly to look for when attempting to purchase a scooter.

The DC Tech Community is represented graphically. Ross Notes. An effort to define just what is the “tech community.”

L2 Lounge, Georgetown. A club that has membership fees. That Guy at the Bar

Scenes from a pillow fight in Dupont Circle. Vox Populi.

DC Blogs Noted

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Like Superman putting on his cape. Arjewtino wears his father’s suit. He writes: It WAS my dad’s suit. He wore it when he was my age. When he was cool, cooler than anyone I know. When his friends were brave and disappearing for speaking out against our military government.

Dear Tech Support, writes Avert Your Eyes, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance …

Happy Maundy Thursday. The night of the Eleventh Commandment and the one that superseded all of the rest. Nat Turner’s Revenge

DOJ’s new offices include a rooftop pool. DCMetrocentric.

Photos of Russell Crowe (from a distance) filming in DC. Jobless Girl in DC

Monthly Blogger Happy Hour tonight.

DC Blogs Noted

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Anacostia, death, dating, hockey, knitting terrorists, Metro and autobiographies (in six words), bus shelters, baby birds, and an old but great post from Oz (and it’s public interest — anti-smoking and all that):

Thinking about moving to Anacostia? Check out this article. But read up about Anacostia regardless. Especially if you want Christmas carols. Check out And Now, Anacostia, and not just for the post and article I mentioned.

We all know the Ides of March are cursed. But why would someone think March 19 is a bad day. You know why. Still, read about it at Sweetpea’s Garden. And let’s hope the 20th brings some relief.

And for those who really do think there’s a shortage of decent men in D.C.* here’s some advice about dating. You’ll have to make the first move though: these are nerds. DC Hero comes to your assistance.**

Okay, so we all moved to a city of Southern efficiency and Northern hospitality. But a team in Florida won the Stanley Cup for the love of puppies. So why can’t D.C. have a decent hockey Spring? It’s just the way it is. For more detail, see On Frozen Blog.***

My favorite, being a Tale of Two Cities fan and avid knitter, is the attack of the knitting grannies. Threats to our security are everywhere. I’m glad someone is monitoring the situation. And so is the Anti DC.

DC Blogs’ own Madame Meow has some thoughts on Metro and a six word (squared) autobiography. Check it out at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

Why are new bus shelter seats so darn uncomfortable? And what are the other questions we ought to be asking? Jess at Du Wax Loolu (she of the great “still loves puppies” post of past fame) tells you.

And in case puppies don’t do it for you, how about a baby kiwi? Or to be more accurate, a North Island Brown Kiwi chick. If that doesn’t make you say “Awww”, you have no heart. Check out the site for the Audobon Society for the District of Columbia for more.

And last, since we’re now in the antipodes, I’ll steer you a bit far afield and to a post from (in blogging time, not geological time) long ago and far away: if some U.S. ad agency can’t make use of this anti-smoking advertising idea (with appropriate payment and consent from and credit to Bronze John+, of course), then the U.S. can admit that in addition to manufacturing and everything else, everyone else does everything else (including advertising) better than we do. Regardless, read Stranger’s Fever and wish you had a doctor as thoughtful, funny, and intelligent as this one.

*I disagree, but I’m probably not picky enough.
**If his advice doesn’t work, you can always go competent and get feminine and ask for the one who knows all, your Mom’s stand-in for all you young tattooed folk (me). And why did you want to write that in permanent ink on your flesh anyway? Aiiieeee.
***The Caps have broken my heart more times than I care to count. I’m going back to rooting for the Bruins.
+As always, the god of my idolatry. If someone in DC wrote like this man, trust me, I’d jump the guy.

DC Blogs Noted

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My Title’s Better Than Your Title. Local blogger dreams of becoming an “Illustrious Potentate” but settles for “Fairfax County Curmudgeon-at-Large.” A discussion of appellations at Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection.

Election fever among the ex-pats. A breakdown of the Democrats Abroad Caucus in Brussel at The Mother Country (but no barbecue). He writes: We voted for which DNC members to select (superdelegates), as well as which delegates to send to Denver. The whole thing was a clown show in many ways – but a fascinating display of politics.

Who are the Superdelegates? Too Much Information examines the system and contemplates the kryptonite.

Farm Fresh Meat volunteers at a clothing drive as part of the Mount Pleasant relief effort.

A glowing review of Kiss of the Spider Woman, now playing at Signature Theater in Arlington. DC Theater Scene

The power of Congressman Leo Pines, Jr. compels you… to “VACUATE!”Life in Mount Vernon Square

Using aerial images, local artist Nikolas Schiller creates a photographic quilt pattern of Dupont and Scott Circles. The Daily Render

Meet the faces behind the urls at the Washington Blogger Meetup at 7:00 tonight at Regional Food and Drink. No RSVP required.