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14th Street Girl No Longer. This blogger has moved but writes of the city she loves. Excerpt: I fell in love with the city every time I walked down Willard Street or through Meridian Hill park just before the prostitutes and junkies showed up. How many other cities have Chagall murals painted on the side of a house, for anyone to see? 14th Street Girl

Annual “Your Commute Will Suck” Day Wednesday. The anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is Wednesday and that means the protesters will be disrupting traffic throughout the District. A round-up. DCist

People are still buying homes in this market. But the choices aren’t easy. Help us pick a home! mrspanic

The cheapest bus ride I’ll ever take. How to get to NYC for $1.50 — if you are willing to book in advance. Screen shot proof. Vox Populi

If tomatoes are more important to you than grass, rent a sod cutter. Bye Bye Lawn. Calendula & Concrete

Best March Madness idea of the week: maybe Obama and Clinton should go head-to-head in filling out a bracket. the dc outsider

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday — A very informal get together for bloggers , and anyone who is interested in blogging. Everyone is invited. Regional Food and Drink, half-block from Gallery Place Metro Chinatown exit. 810 7th St.

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DC Casualty says she never feels unsafe in her Capitol Hill neighborhood and writes: So why is it that I was told not long ago by a 13 year old from my neighborhood, after he and his friends attempted to shine a laser pen in my eye while i was parking that “if you can’t handle the ghetto, then get out!”? Do the kids who live in my neighborhood really think that Capitol Hill, right near Eastern Market, is the ghetto? Am I missing something?

One regret. Toddler Planet writes about how she wished she would have spoken up, each and every time, that I was harrassed for being a woman in science.

Another PostSecret – It’s not sad, It’s just true. Average Jane tells this story about a marriage. Excerpt: She said that only recently was she able to admit that she left her husband for this other guy, no matter how much she wants to think she did it for herself. She said her husband had been “safe” and “in his own head”. That “he didn’t like summers” and “liked rainy days.”

Cafe Collage returning to T Street in April
. It was once known as one of *the* places to go in DC to experience a true Ethiopian coffee ceremony, writes 14th & You

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks has an issue with this sign in Adams Morgan.

The Roots of American Preppy. Informative and dymistifying. Off the Cuff.

Make a point this week of going to the DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday. Very informal get together and a chance to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends. Regional Food and Drink, half-block from Gallery Place Metro Chinatown exit. 810 7th St.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 13th, 2008 by Foilwoman

Rock Creek Park from Calvert

Okay, in a very pleasant surprise, in the DC Blogosphere the last few days have not been all Elliot Spitzer all the time. It has not been a Spitzerbloggorific horror show. There have been some Spitzer posts. Here are some of my favorite Spitzer posts and some others thrown in for good measure.


And now a message from Governor Spitzer: What Elliot Spitzer should have said, by Cuff at Countersignature

A compare/contrast of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Silda Spitzer,* by Velvet at Velvet in Dupont.

Spitzer’s resignation as part of a pro-Hillary conspiracy (yeah, on the grassy knoll, but work with me), by Scott at Scott’s Take).


Not-so subtle guy-gazing, by Dennis at More Than My Luggage.**

The author of Why I Hate DC shows how to be a good DC citizen, and makes you wonder about the city’s mental health services, all at the same time. (See the March 10, 2008 entry– “I Called 911 for the First Time“)

Finally, a good use for those cops with radar guns has been found by Charlotte Harris.

*Who names their kid “Silda”? Just asking.
**It’s nice to know that not just women are turned into sex objects by men, but men, don’t try this with the fairer sex. Just do it to each other, okay?

Metro Guidelines

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 12th, 2008 by Foilwoman

First off, please remember, Metro is mass transit. It’s not your limo, your Mini, your chauffeur. It’s a train everyone else is riding at the same exact time as you. We’re all busy. We’re all stressed. Some people may even be in a hurry and stressed about things that are more important than the things that you are in a hurry and stressed about. Just think about that for a moment, Mr. or Ms. Type A personality.

Your coat, laptop, and briefcase do not deserve a seat of their own. Nor does your luggage. Especially during rush hour. If you have a lot of stuff, consider making a friend who can pick you up from wherever. Or take a cab. You and thirteen Macy’s bags (or your drycleaning, a bird cage, and a cat carrier) really don’t fit on the subway system during rush hour.

If you want to sit on the aisle seat, great, but be darn ready to offer the window seat and if the person is getting off at an earlier stop than you are, well, be read to rise and let that person depart.

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Tales of the mighty Quinn, local not-quite-three-year old and all-around “funny little dude.” Stimeyland

A laundry room fiasco compels area bloggers to deploy the dreaded tighten up card, scourge of laxity everywhere. The Tighten Up Report

A report on last weekend’s running of the DC Idiotarod (with photos). Juxtaexposed writes: Nothing says “I like helping the homeless problem in DC” like participating in a no holds barred wrestling match in spandex, dressing up as an oompa loompa, participating in a bridesmaid’s version of the macarena, or recreating the epic A-Team crew.

Area PhD student asks: To put or not to put the blog address on my CV? Neither Property Nor Style

Tips for photographing the cherry blossoms. Photo Notes

Have your memorable DC encounters turned into a webcomic. DC Conspiracy

Mind control is just a click away. When rich companies exploit online communities to create artificial buzz.

And in planning ahead news, mark your calendars for the Washington Blogger Meetup next Wednesday, March 19th at 7:00 p.m. A relaxed gathering at Regional Food and Drink.

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Columbia Heights, the view across from Target

Jag-off. Church of the Big Sky This didn’t happen in the Mayflower, unfortunately.

Elliot Spitzer: Governor with a Lamp. Pop Pop Bang. Who writes: It just doesn’t add up. That’s why I like to imagine that Elliot wasn’t hiring women for illicit sexual favors, but to lecture them about their poor lifestyle choices.

A Soon-To-Be Unemployed Rant. Attention Span of a Fly Hopefully people who do the hiring will take this heart: I honestly wish more employers would have some consideration to the people they’re looking to hire.

Some fashions can be misleading. Leon takes note of pantyhose. ListenToLeon

Local DC Restaurant Accepting Euros. Bruce Johnson’s Blog.

Pope Benedict, You Ruined My Day. The Dumping Ground. Seven deadly sins are updated for modern audience.

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Adams Mill Road NW

Metro defeats plan to attend a strip-dancing class. Global Chameleon, who writes: Were hamsters pushing the train?

This writer, a Hill intern, is on hand for the Members only HBO John Adams miniseries preview. And so was Tom Hanks. DC Diaries

Election angst in the post, would eHarmony find me a candidate? The Change I Wish To See. Who writes: And so here I am. I’m in the place I said I hoped I wouldn’t be: sandwiched between options that feel scarily incomplete.

A very large tree falls in Foggy Bottom. The real thing. Photo.

Luciana Café is now open at the northwest corner of P St and North Capitol St., reports Eckington. Rotisserie.

Café 8 has one of I Street’s best kept secrets—Francis the Bar Man. Sarah E. Moffett, who also writes: 8th and I Street is becoming the SE Georgetown with its eclectic array of pubs and restaurants in close proximity to the Nat’s new stadium.

Good Wine, but a Lot of Clatter. Foodphoria writes about Vinoteca, Logan Circle area.

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Targetnacht. First impression of the city’s new Target. Intangible Arts Excerpt: I saw scores of people milling around in a daze, probably like I was… One couple (white, young, affluent) wandered onto Target’s escalator, simultaneously mouthing an obvious *W*O*W* as they gazed around them at the interior of….a Target store.

A Metro Moment. The reaction on the train when the Metro operator forgets to open the doors. On the Red Line

A rant about Dupont Circle and its pretensions draws some sharp comments. Free Silver.

Chickens are not allowed in DC, writes the Slow Cook. Obviously, something we need to change.

The Bar at Brasserie Beck. DC Foodies. Excerpt: This particular evening the bar was packed, an unusual occurrence at most DC bars on a Tuesday.

About this weekend’s big movie: Dear 10,000 BC I-66: You, 10,000 BC are not getting any of my money. You’ve wasted enough of my time over the past few months.

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Awake at 3:37 a.m. but not quite alone. Velvet in Dupont. Perfectly written.

Flying is dangerous for federal employees, according to monthly occupational work-related injuries reports. DC Zia. Jaw dropping.

I’m not a girl, not yet a wino writes of someone who won’t speak the truth. She deserves better than you, and I only wish she knew it.

I just couldn’t wait anymore. Since 2002 the rumor that Harris Teeter would open in Adams Morgan … wharman.

DC Fashion Week gets a mixed review in words and photo. Project Beltway.

With one-way fares to NYC via Amtrak as much as $98, a bus is becoming much more attractive option. The Washington Business Journal has a report about a new service, Boltbus, with fares ranging from $1 to $40. Wireless access as well. Via DCist, which fills out the report with comments.

Washington DC Photowalk – March 8, 2008.

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Is Monty Python losing its relevancy? Patricia writes: So if I ever have kids and eventually have them watch Monty Python, will get I get a surly teen look in return and a haughty “Why are we even watching this? This is so bad!” Will the poor quality detract from the humor or will the humor have changed so completely that the Python humor is just not funny…to them? Will they even care about an African or European swallow? Writing in DC

A DC blogger’s Ohio parents cast their votes and weigh in on negative ads. Dilettantish

Lacochran goes on a hike to nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, stumbles upon a winery, and comes away with a book idea.

Only five skating days left at the Sculpture Garden ice rink. On Frozen Blog

Eyewitness account of a DC manhole ‘splosion. Mr. T in DC

Motorola RAZR phone calendar predicts the end of civilization. B(ridge) and T(unnel) crowd

DC from the perspective of two British backpackers traveling the country via Amtrak. Bolsoversion

A California blogger visits DC and remembers her father, the first Samoan laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Laumanamea

This ain’t no disco. Foilwoman contemplates American casualties in Iraq and asks: Where are the Walt Whitmans of our time who will take care of our wounded and scarred youth? Who will write the poem like The Wound Dresser for this generation?

(Editor’s Note: Maybe part of the answer lies with us. Volunteer opportunities at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.)