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Are Nationals Tickets Too Expensive? The 42, who writes: The walk up price for a seat in Section 109U is $36.00. Where does that rank us among prices for comparable seats around MLB?

Lux condo for sale. Photo. Prince of Petworth. Lux, lux, lux.

Cleaning Up Washington One Block At A Time
. DC Rocks. A street sweeper arrives.

When housing was hot, someone turned a single family house in ChrisMoreau’s Springfield, Va. neighborhood into a group home for immigrants. And then came the housing bust.

About the single guy who is married with four children. Capitol Hill 20210

A simple multiple choice test with a bug. lacochran’s bloggery, who writes: For approximately 25 of the 85 questions, when I hit the submit key, it gives me an error message whose only option is an “Okay” button.

Creepy Mother’s Day gift. Lobbying DC

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DC Police protect, serve, forget. And in this case, it may have worked out. FreckledK

I just wanted to go to the gym, not start a class war
. DC Zia. Shopping in CVS. Man in the foot care section of store seeks cash.

Interview with Bloomingdale (for now) blogger, Geoffrey Hatchard. Go Ask Alice. Interview is part of academic project. Very good interview.

PhotoBlog: Anne’s Columbia Heights Row House. Series of photos showing interior and exterior of house that will leave you with a clear sense of it.

I Love Black Hair Shows…and so does my coffee table. Hello, Negro

The Good Wife’s Guide. Sean’s Ramblings. This is from a 1955 piece in Good Housekeeping.

Close to DC for under $500,000 Washington DC, Sweet Digs

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Street photography takes a certain amount of bold. Adams Morgan nightlife. brandonwuphotographyblog

Playaz return to blogosphere delayed by loss of lucky turtleneck. Video.

Car was checked out by tow truck in Shirlington library parking lot. Catalog me irritated. Overdue fine in three figures. Stephen Gregory Smith Wait list: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Towing Co.

Perry’s Drag Queen Brunch menu includes eggs and pasties. A report with photo. On the Red Line

Mob Gathers Outside CVS
. If you see something, say something.

Medical Advice Monday: The toilet for what ails you. Where’s My Cape?

Workin’ at The Farm Stand. Organic in DC. Adventures in Shaw

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Harris Teeter is a Grocer. The reviews are starting to come in on this new store in Adams Morgan. The 42 writes: The opening day reminded me a lot of the Super Giant opening at Tivoli Square. There were tons of employees with their happy, helpful hats on, managers at every corner, fully stocked shelves, free samples and cashiers at every register. I hope it lasts.

The Ultimate Shoes. At least $300 a pair but it’s worth it I think, writes the City Girl DC

Right now. Musings of a chick. Stream of moment.

cycling in dc: where is the love? randomduck. Who writes … Meanwhile, the only truly safe way to pass parked cars and prevent being “doored” is to give parked cars three feet of space. Where does this put the cyclist? In the middle of the lane – which is perfectly legal and safe.

The tenacious scooter thief… Anna Kelso. Photos.

Photo of notes from meeting. Andy’s Home, Home on the Range.

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DC Frustrations. The Home Improvement Ninja. A friend is robbed at gunpoint. Police arrive 2.5 hours later.

Hello Cupcake! Goodbye Diet!
More cupcakes for DC. Apples and Bananas

Check out the new Shaw library blog
. Watha T. Daniel Library

Caps Game 7. Shine Silently was there.

Rockin’ the Red, Restroom-Style. Photo highlights of a different nature from Game 7. Sweetpea’s Garden

Now what? Toddler Planet is asked a question she didn’t expect. At the park yesterday, a mommy-friend asked me, “Now that you’re cancer-free, what happens to the blog?”

Cute but Freaky. A short dream at Sonnet 87.

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Empanadas, old and new. Amandaa at DC Metbogs writes of Columbia Heights: I know, I know–gentrification, prices, displacement, etc. Still, an area of the city that didn’t feel super welcoming in the past has opened up to more District residents.

Biking in Heels. Alice in Blunderland, who writes: … when I bike in skirts, DC males turn into sailors on leave.

Lobbyists Make Bad Abstract Paintings… Just Like Us! Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog

Mr. and Ms. Mallard hanging out in a fountain near the U.S. Navy Memorial. Analog in Digital. Photo

Apartment therapy’s inside look at a DC loft in Adams Morgan.

DC Cab Rider estimates the cost of meters versus zones on two separate trips and discovers: The zone system is cheaper for me on both counts.

Midnight snack at the The Diner. La Cuvée Americaine: The American Blend

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This is a great neighborhood. In Shaw (an historically gentrified blog) The title says it.

A Guy Most of You Will Never Meet Died Friday night. Brightest Young Things. A man who was coming home from work late this weekend was mugged. He later died in his sleep … a strange and terrible act of “randomness and absurdity.” According to various postings on the Adams Morgan listserv the death of Mr. Christopher Savage hasn’t been officially rules a homicide. Jim Graham, the councilman, posted a note about it on the list. “At about 3:45 AM on Saturday morning, a 35 year old male was robbed and beaten, on the 2200 block of Champlain at Kalorama. He was walking down Champlain, talking on his cell phone, when a group of men assaulted and robbed him. Thereafter he went to 18th Street and personally hailed a police car. Then they canvassed the neighborhood, but without success in finding his assailants. The police officers then drove him home to his temporary address on 16th Street. He declined to go to the hospital,” he wrote. “Later that day, he died on the couch at his temporary residence.”

The problem Barack Obama shares with Cool Hand Luke
. Doctor of Thinkology

Excuse me. That gas pump wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t working. The Gilahi Blog(Nod to lachochran)

Garden, then save the planet. Indeed. The Inadvertent Gardener.

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DC Bike Culture? …from what I’m seeing out there on the roads, DC bike commuters fit extremely well into the generally held stereotype of DC young professionals in general. This is a very. bad. thing. Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast as Thou Art

Major fish catch — check out the photo. Lonnie Bruner.

Mr. T in DC reports about a new Flickr user whose work is technically beautiful and eye-catching. But, he writes, his photos and caption creep me the hell out!

Searching for D.C.’s Municipal Compost. This well written post shares an adventure. The Slow Cook.

Rave: Easily one of the funniest, most interesting movies. EVER. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Caged Bird Sings

Shrine of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Photos and some interesting history at DC Confidential

Tech recycling. DC e-cycling day, April 26, will use DOD “high-level security wiping procedures” to clear harddrives. Penn Quarter Living.

Mix motivation workout. CityBikes Cupcake Ride. Counter Intelligence.

What I learned while in DC. No Help for That

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Life Is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Table Seating Plans. Bridal Bird This post puts it in perspective.

Metro was packed for the Pope’s visit, writes urban bohemian. But it wasn’t the usual crowd. He writes: The only thing I can say about most of the riders was that they were very nice, aside from a few Type-A parents worried about getting separated from their kids, everyone was all smiles and “pardon me” and “i’m so sorry” when they bumped into you, so I can really only be upset with the sheer numbers of people, not their attitudes. (Photo of impressive crowd)

When the Pope isn’t in town the Metro Miscreants play their games. Foilwoman’s snark has a target.

Hypothetically. Grateful Dating wonders about his intention and seeks reader analysis. It begins: Let’s say you go to a happy hour where you see a guy you haven’t seen for a long time …

Jaywalking in DC. Escaped with a warning. The DC Outsider

Pilgrims outside her apartment. a cat and twenty.

A great spot for a saloon. And Now, Anacostia says this building reminds him of the Wild West.

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Eavesdrop DC heard a father explain what a disability is to his son. Did your dad talk to you like this?

A review of Chris Rock’s mother’s book and a discussion of parenthood at A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

And Beyond DC considers a proposed $25/month tax on commuter parking spaces in DC (Where are these spaces? Never seen ‘em.) and discusses the cost of ostensibly free parking.

And whaddaya know? Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space looks at the same $25/month tax and does a compare and contrast with New York City. What’s next? “DC’s $25/month tax on commuter parking spaces: Boon or Bane?” We will live and we will see.

Enough about buses and the subway: what about getting ticketed for jayalking? Or being warned, but escaping the ticket, really. DC Outsider missed the story for the grandchildren, but still told us.

And for those who have to commute (read: migrate) thousands of miles, it’s a lot worse when you get lost. That is: when bad things happen to good migratory birds at the D.C. Audobon Society’s website.

Seventeen years after the Mt. Pleasant riots, an incident at 11th between Park & Monroe makes the author of Farm Fresh Meat consider racial tensions that still exist.

And from farther afield (most likely outer space), if you’ve ever thought you’ve written a wacky and funny rant, admit it: it wasn’t this wacky and funny. Paul. Because ‘Paul’ is a nice name shows you how it’s done. Actually, everyone should read her post on female sexuality, too . [If everyone read this] The world would be a better place.