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Woman Arrested for Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. DCist. This report made the Digg hit parade.

Metrocurean reports on a Columbia Heights restaurant that will open this summer, CommonWealth. Excerpt: Young Brit bands will play on the sound system, and British football will air when available. Checkers, backgammon and chess will be set up in the pub area, which will stay open between lunch and dinner and for late-night snacks.

Morning fit(ness). mayhem by mss m, who writes: Nothing strikes more fear into me than changing in the locker room at the gym.

Overrated restaurant list is overrated. Apples and Bananas rates Gridskipper’s list.

Best food ever. Jobless Girl in D.C.: I’ve eaten my share of dulce de leche thanks to Dolcezza in Georgetown, but never like this before.

Tide or tie? Blogger needs help. Sean’s Ramblings

Poems about DC
. The Artchive.

DC Blogger Meetup tonight, Wednesday, at Regional Food and Drink, 810 7th St., one block from Gallery Place Chinatown metro exit. 7 p.m. Very informal; everyone is invited.

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With tears, leaving DC. Hannah, just breathe… Excerpt: When I flew back to D.C. on Sunday, I realized I was flying home, to this city, for the last time.

Responding to the Girl from the South’s farewell-to-DC post [see Monday’s dcblogs post], lacochran’s bloggery writes: I’m happy that Dorothy and Girl from the South found their way home. I’m not trying to get home. I am home, flying monkeys and all.

It’s not so Quiet in the Stacks. It begins: The very first time I felt it, I was 14 weeks along. A bout of insomnia and hunger had driven me from bed at 1 a.m., and I found myself curled up in the armchair with the remote and a leftover egg roll. Suddenly, I stopped chewing and muted the television. It was so slight that I easily could have missed it, but there it was: a very faint knocking inside my belly. I waited, holding my breath.

For some insight into DC’s nightlife, see this online transcript of a chat with Joe Englert, described by the as pioneer in the revitalization of U Street.

Observations about the Nationals Stadium continue to roll in. why.i.hate.dc., which writes: Nationals Park has managed to surpass the 9:30 Club in extorting their captive customers out of their hard earned money. There is no excuse for $7.50 bottles of Miller Lite.

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The Perfect Woman. Roosh. Excerpt: It gets worse every year, the happy relationship with my “perfect” girl just gets farther as I become more incapable, as I become “better” at getting sex that has meaning but really doesn’t.

Last night in the District for Girl from the South, who writes: I admire the people who can live here decades without heeding the call to return home to be closer to family, roots or your community. These people can maintain their zest for living here. I am not one of those people.

Beer discounted at Nationals Park, 100 Years of Trash. “Don’t you worry about that beer. I got my own little personal discount for that.” (Tip

How a politician is like a bartender. FanFrickingtastic Some caustic observations.

The Great Pizza Cookoff! Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog The bocce team has a pizza cookout. Photos of pizzas. Don’t look at this blog until just before lunch.

This Just In: People Like Happy and Funny. Two versions of a roommate sought classified ad. The Soft Lounge Blog

The price of pizza may be key to understanding modern economics. NotionsCapital

About the Adams Morgan liquor license moratorium. TheInTowner. This isn’t a blog, but this news story explains why residents in this neighborhood have sought limits.

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Columbia Heights new look

Maybe I’m just more cynical than Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat, but I do wonder about the motivations of the developer in question. Nonetheless, stopping by to check in with the neighbors before building seems like a very good public relations move, and is a good idea for many reasons. Let’s check back in a year or two.

Someone has noticed (and actually written) about the media trying to de-feminize Serena Williams, and it irks him. I’d say it’s because femininity is a patriarchal construct and should just be ignored, and we should just focus on what a darn good tennis player Ms. Williams is. But it pisses DJ Black Adam off, as he will tell you. He also wants you to focus on Ms. Williams’s tennis playing skills and not on whether she’s dainty when pounding an opponent into the court, just the way we like it.

Cuff at Countersignature explains how you can lose $50,000,000 in an embezzlement scheme and still pass an audit .

On the subject of things not working exactly as planned, how long does it take to get a fire hydrant fixed? That’s a question that sprang to mind upon reading I am a lefty’s picture post of the hydrant in question.

Let’s look at the bright side sometimes (I’ve been complaining about behavior on Metro a lot lately) regarding public transit: Swapping Tales notes proper stopping for a crossing cyclist. Not a big deal, you think. Unless you’re a cyclist and the bus doesn’t stop.

Now, I love Creole Princess as much as the next blogger in this fair city who wonders: “Day-um! When does she get the time to write so darn much?” but for this post, I have to ask (and Ms. Princess, you really need to let all of us know): did this happen to you or someone you know or is this just evidence of a creative and delightfully sick mind (which we all know is a terrible thing to waste)? File under: more info needed, stat.

Now, I’ve made snarky comments about people who write about TV shows,* but every once in a while** I’m wrong and happy to admit it. I’ve never watched American Idol,*** but Undercover Blackman’s choice of new covers for the lame contestants makes this hitherto unwatched (by me) show seem like something I would actually enjoy seeing. So if you want to write about TV on the web, check out this undercover superhero, saving us from bad TV everywhere.

As a mother of young children, I simply can’t imagine going through this, but people do, every day. And Toddler Planet explains how. I have no snark for this woman. And neither should you. I’m just amazed and impressed.

If you’ve never wondered what life is like in Iceland, well, you’re not me, that’s for darn sure. Check out Alda Kalda’s weather report (cleverly named: The Iceland Weather Report) an update on life at the top of the world. If you’re thinking of moving to the land she calls Niceland (why not?), she has some advice for you in a question and answer post.

*What? They weren’t lame enough the first time that you need to lame-ify them more by writing a plot summary? Also, I admit, I snark about everything. Not just people who write about TV shows. So don’t feel special or anything.

**Very rarely. Don’t hold your breath.

***Even with UCBM’s de-lame-ifying suggestions, my suspicion is that the show remains lame, lame, lame.

Site note: We won’t be publishing Friday. Thank you for reading and have a good weekend.

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What Happened to DC’s Snooze Button?
DC residents are getting up earlier and earlier, writes Capital Compaints. Excerpt: The other day, I got up early and was standing on the platform at 5:35 am – Red Line. I was shocked to find at least 35 other people on the platform with me. Yes, I actually counted.Capital Compaints – Why We Love to Hate D.C

Paris Hilton pimps my blog. Love is Blonde.

A peek of the Newseum before its official opening. So DC.

Why quitting a job can be less than satisfying. Are Seven.

Howard Theater Rebirth. dcmetrocentric. The before and after photos.

Ways to see the Pope in DC. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops blog Has route details.

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God Bless America. An election year photo find. The Gold Puppy.

The dangerous blog for students: GW Blogspot. It’s a group blog by a class of students and it is turning into a muckraker. There’s media criticism, such as GW Student Arrest at HellWell. And there’s the interesting report about the student who was exiled off-campus to O Street, which may be less costly than student housing that cost $5,407 a month. There’s more as well.

Street interviews, personal portraits, with photos of people living in Columbia Heights. Prince of Petworth. Among the questions: What differences do you notice in the neighborhood when you walk as opposed to when you drive?

A family of birds living in a vent above a stove had attitude. Kings of the Road. Excerpt: Every morning, they chirped when they heard me in the kitchen, and I’d say hello, and ask how they were doing …

Trying to buy a bike off Craigslist turns into a woman scorned. Carpenters’ Chaos

Dating in DC explained: One of my guy friends joked that he’s lowered his standards substantially, and he hopes to meet a woman with equally lowered standards, so they can date either happily ever after or at least until they want to kill each other. Caterwauling

Oh Well…The New Nationals Ballpark. Some thoughts about what was lost by moving from RFK Stadium. DC Grandpa

Burnable clothing is faster than FedEx when you need to make a delivery to the other side. Beyond Friendship Gate

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If she had married K, or K2, or J, or C, or R, this writer would be living here or here and different lives. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino

Caught Between a Sheepdog and My Moral Conscience. Story of My Life. The dog at Firehook Bakery.

Smoke from 40 Years Ago. This writer lives one block away from the place the 1968 riot began. Herb of DC imagines the past.

Returning home late, an unconscious man is discovered in a hallway with a motorcycle helmet close to his body. if on a summer’s night a blogger

This is what Saturdays ought to be like… How to spend a Saturday afternoon. sprite writes

A plastic flower grows in Columbia Heights. Urban gardening report. Econo-Girl

Bus Boys and Poets will open a second restaurant at the Flats of Union Row. Cook and Book.

D.C. Bar Review, Part Two. Me, Myself, and Eye Street

What Do You Get Out of Blogging (And What Do You Hope to Get)?

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I started blogging in 2005 when my life was falling apart. That’s why I blog anonymously. I wrote, to strangers on the Internet, when my then-husband couldn’t or wouldn’t hear a word I said. Blogging saved my life, made me new friends around the world, opened doors for me, and woke me up when I was sleepwalking.

At that time, I guess I thought I was writing with an eye toward publication. Nope, not with this blog. But writing a blog was a huge gift. It gave me back a me that had gotten lost in the miasma of a bad marriage, a spouse’s severe mental illness, job loss, career reorientation, surgery after childbirth, and other stresses.

Maybe I had fantasies that someone would see my writing and say “That’s the next best-seller!”, someone like an agent. But then I started reading the work of other great writers online, like Bronze John in Australia and First Nations in west coast Washington and I realized that if those two weren’t already published, I should just get over myself.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Woodley Park

Maybe the tourists aren’t that bad. OC girl living in an extraordinary world

A new arrivial shows off her Woodley Park place. Vue DC.

Guys Lack Nerve When it Comes to Approaching Women. The tag guy returns. keep up with me.

Before I forget because maybe I don’t want to yet, or longest blog ever. Or Vincent takes the DC tour. Nice post and true to its title. Doors Open on the Left Side. Also see: A friendly one-eyed squirrel

News: Homeless shelter relocating to edge of Triangle. The Triangle. Also follow link to Prince of Petworth site comments.

Foie Gras at 1 AM? Restaurants Roll Out Late-Night Menus. Best Bites

U Street’s newest addition: Ulah Bistro. The Fly Girl Guide

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Free Yoga in DC? Apparently so, during DC Yoga week, which is April 12 – 18 according to On the Red Line. I see no evidence of a yoga explosion in everyone’s behavior here in PowerTown, but maybe the free classes will help with that.

Why all the bike blogs? And where are all the canoe and kayak blogs? Freewheel wants to know.

Caffeine inhalation has been getting expensive for a while now, according to DC Metblogs.

RudeCactus looks at the things he does to get ahead professionally, falling under the category of that great greeting card Chocolate Moose used to sell: “Hellish Job! Sometimes they make me do things I don’t particularly care to do!” Um, you’re an adult. Get used to it. That’s why they call it work.

Do you want to be in the movies without leaving the greater DC area? If so, see The Average Blogger’s request for movie fans to show up and become stars.

A little farther afield:

So it’s not written in English. You can still understand this post. A cute baby is a cute baby. The person posting the pictures thinks that this apparently Turkish baby is the cutest baby ever (they’re wrong: my babies were the cutest babies ever). Do you want to disagree with Ogulcan Sumbuloglu (or me, for that matter)? Doesn’t matter: cute baby pictures with Turkish descriptions. The baby remains cute, cute, cute.