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DC Blogs Noted

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This is a story about Precious, a dog shot by police this month. Dogs DC. ABC Channel 7 also has a report. This post not only offers a report on the incident, but looks carefully at an issue that has a lot more to it.

Ohi. better latent than never. Awkward moments

Fire on the Metro. Live action report by why.i.hate.dc

Bikers may be eligible for a transportation subsidy, similar to the $100 Metro cards now given to federal employees. City Bikes explains.

The Not So Universal Interconnectedness of Remotes. lacochran’s bloggery. Why you hate them: The universal remote is anything but.

Red dots mean danger. DC Pedestrian Plan Released. The Goodspeed Update

Go East, young Mayorga. A menu (and staff) is remade in Columbia Heights, writes intangible arts. Glowing review, clever title.

DC Blogs Noted

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Dinah, a semi-local shrink writing on Shrink Rap (who I’m sure comply with all HIPAA privacy requirements), which is Baltimore-based has more to say than you really want to know about psychiatric delusions, particularly the delusion that one is having sex with fish. What’s even more disturbing? “Sex with fish” is a leading search term bringing visitors to their site. Let’s face it. We’re all doomed.

If the connections you wish to make aren’t with fish, how do you make sure they stick? Infinite Connections asks this question, without providing any answers. If anyone has the answer, and it’s not 43 or something finite like that, feel free to share here.

And back on the medical professional theme: LAD is an acronym we all need to know, but it doesn’t seem as essential coming off the lips of a self-important Hill staffer or junior associate. Someone who is resuscitating people can say it sincerely. Where’s My Cape describes the whole Long-Assed Day (“LAD”) phenomenon.

I agree with Disaffected Scanner Jockey: women don’t actually pass around the “You’re Pregnant” test covered in bodily fluids. We really don’t. We may get on the phone to our best friend pretty much as soon as we get out of bed knowing we’re knocked up, but really, the home pregnancy tests aren’t something you actually physically share. So, Hollywood, take it from Shannon (with me singing the refrain): it just doesn’t happen that way.

Free events at the Signature Theatre, as noted by“Free in DC” Free Events & Things to Do in DC.

DC Metrocentric shares a vision of the new Arena Stage.

No Passenger Left Behind Day” at Metro, as described by Eavesdrop DC. Shouldn’t that be every day?

Rude Cactus has a very important question for all you Type A/PowerTown/Let Me Put That In My Calendar Because I’m So Darn Important And Busy Types and for all us We’re Parents So We’ve Forgotten The Definition of Free Time Types: how do you find time to have sex? If you have a good answer, please, please, please let Rude Cactus and me know. Thank you.

DC Blogs Noted

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A story about an incident in a Dupont Circle restaurant. The writer of Black Sapience…My .02 decides to ask a woman why she clutched her purse when his group walked by. Excerpt: I then asked her, “Did you actually think someone was going to harm you or steal something from you? …”

Six months after leaving DC, The Donut (formerly DC Donut), says she has no regrets about returning to the Midwest. I’m home, she writes.

Attention all DC bloggers, share your DC knowledge, love, hate for prizes! Washwords. Tell one reason why you love DC, and one thing you hate/snark/whine/mock about it. The prizes are a mystery, but the answers will be priceless.

They went for the iPod and he yelled “Police.” Adjusting to being an adult … or not

City of Two Seasons: Tourist Season and the Rest of the Year. A Metro incident report by City Musings (from your Suburban Sweetheart)

Boztopia redesigns and introduces a new English language word that’s already Scrabble sanctioned: Awesometurgy

Jack Jacobson is a current commissioner of ANC 2B04 in Dupont Circle. But most of what he publishes on his blog are crime reports. So what’s the platform?

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The woman who writes Sciwonk says she was grabbed on the arm by a man on 4th Street NE. She writes: Suddenly, he leaned toward me and said, “What, are ya scared of me?” He grabbed my left forearm. Adrenaline in overdrive, I wrenched free and said, “You’re crazy,” as I kept walking. When I had reached what I felt was a safe distance from him, about 20 yards, I yelled, as loudly as I could, “You don’t go around grabbing people, you crazy man!!!!”

Ten reasons why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t a good movie. The DC Universe

Nadja’s new shoes. Summer to the max. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection

In town for a conference, two young woman doctors step out. I felt like that girl in the cashew commercial. Catching_babies

PDA engagement photos in Adams Morgan. Moshe B Zusman, Lifestyle Photojournalist

Confesiones de Una Soltera.. in broken Spanish. She describes herself as 23 year old. italian. venezuelan. misguided. confused. sexual. outgoing. flirty. random. ocd. impatient. bmw enthusiast, and writes about relationships. “Is it over? I am fine. Thank you dearly for your time.”

Smash tries to help the environment, but the “save the world” memo has not yet reached Target’s cashiers. Unrelated related: If you buy something at Hoopla Traders Eco Boutique at 2314 18th NW and use a reusable bag to purchase their jewelry, you are eligible for a 50-cent rebate! (Again: a reusable bag for jewelry?) Green Jewelry

DCBlogs: Recent finds

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The price in Adams Morgan

Finding new* local blogs in Washington DC is a random process. Some people request listing. Others may be unaware of DC’s broader blogging community or want to remain a little below the radar.

Here are some of recent finds in our feed reader. Some are already in the live feed. The intent is to give a little snapshot of the DC blog universe.

*New doesn’t mean necessarily mean a new blog. Months may go by before a local blogger turns up in a search and it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s local or not. — kob (The asterisk technique is borrowed from Foilwoman, who does Wednesday’s Blogs Noted posting.)

If you want to be listed in the feed, write: dcblogs(at), or leave a note in comments.

So in random, somewhat alphabetized order …

adventures in knitting and other geeky mishaps. The blog title is true to the topic, with photos of creations, materials.

Adventures with Jenny in Washington DC and Beyond! Nice post here about DC’s conformist culture .. I was walking to the Hart Senate Office Building ,where I’m working these days with the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee when I notice that every single person walking with me to their respective offices had black umbrellas …

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DC Blogs Noted

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The writer of sogoodblog noticed something at the Wizards-Cavaliers playoff that other reporters missed, a T-shirt that said “crybaby” aimed at an opposing star basketball player. It included an advertising logo. He wrote a post, Does Papa John’s Pizza Hate the State of Ohio? that drew over 100 comments. He followed that with this post: How Papa John’s averted a WOM disaster.

New and noisy life in the backyard. IntangibleArts writes: And we discovered that it’s not just “birds,” it’s the starlings. And it’s not just starlings, but the starlings’ children. Photos.

Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise = 21-Hour Workday. B And T Crowd

Seven DC dating mistakes. Disaffected Scanner Jockey.

In the Metro, a place where “where friendliness and eye-contact go to die,” a long delay briefly changes things. DC Outsider

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 22nd, 2008 by Foilwoman

Meridian Hill Park

Red Nose recounts ten things that happened lately, although a few of them (or parts of them) seem a bit long ago. ($.50 buying enough gas to get home from where? Next door? Okay, I get it. You’re old, too.)

Have you ever been on a Moon Hike at the National Arboretum? The author of Creative DC has been. I’ve only ever been there in the day, but if I recall correctly from my visits in prior decades and millenia, this is a great time to go there, ngiht or day.

What book should Every Day I Write The Book Blog’s author take on vacation? Throw your two cents in.

And who is the El Jefe who actually needs to rule about whether goldfish are permitted to live in goldfish bowls on desks* (and also, who is the other idiotic boss who has forbidden a similar goldfish)? Don’t these people have actual work to do? Clearly I need to read the back story, and you do as well. So let’s all read up on the sad history of the poor fish at Green Canary’s blog.

A great field trip, I hope, involving the Washington Humane Society.

Paradigm Shift has some interesting thoughts on aid to Burma/Myanmar (and yes, I prefer the old name and not just because I’m a Mission of Burma fan).

An oldie, but goodie. Has a post of yours ever made someone drool? Has a woman ever written, in response to a post of yours: “I want that man, in my kitchen. Now.”? No? Take notes on this post by the always wise and tasty Champurrado of No One’s Fool.

*If you are this boss, admit now that you have a useless, pathetic life, devoid of meaning. Really. I think you should spend more time re-checking paperclip supplies. That would actually add some (totally minimal) value.

DC Blogs Noted

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U Street

A man in running tights breaks the morning routine at a local Starbucks, reports Global Chameleon. She writes: I nearly choked on my venti fair-trade blend.

On home ownership. Du Wax Loolu wonders if it is better to rent or buy in DC One joy of home ownership is covered in this post, titled Ballooning the Budget by DC Rowhouse.

Church of the Big Sky gets a press preview tour of the National Gallery show, “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul” and writes: My friend and colleague, Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic Explorer and Archaeology Fellow, is the curator and driving force behind the exhibition. His work to inventory the rediscovered artifacts – hidden by heroic Afghans who put their lives on the line to protect these precious pieces of history from the Taliban – led us down the path to the exhibition that now graces the National Gallery for a few short months this year before heading to San Francisco, Houston, and NYC and then back overseas.

Green is the new black. The Gold Puppy on this marketing aesthetic.

Best. Vanity Plate. Ever. Possibly. The Average Blogger. Photo.

About Sen. Kennedy: Raise a glass for the senator, please. Countersignature. He made true liberalism acceptable, writes rhinos and weasels.

DC Blogs Noted

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Blog worthy roommate sought via Craigs List by Herb of DC. Writes one person in response: If you are looking to live with someone with nicknames such as “E-wrecked” “E-nough” and “E-bombs,” then you have found me.

A Guys’ Weekend
means going to the Preakness and doing better on the betting than the guys. Infinite Connections

I Seem To Be Married To An Insane Arms Dealer
. Red Nose Good possibility.

The writer at Heard The World says any woman who dates him will get married, but not just to him. And writes: It happened again. I got an email informing me that yet another ex-girlfriend got married over the weekend. This is my super power: if you date me, your next boyfriend will be the One.

Blogger Meetup Wednesday, 7 p.m., RFD (Regional Food and Drink) 810 7th St. NW, just steps away from Chinatown exit of Gallery Place Metro Station. Everyone is invited and welcome. No reservations needed


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When I was really young, I remember being told that being Chinese was something special. It not only reflects in your face but in every part of who you are. Being young, I didn’t care. I wanted to be like all the other kids – white, rich, blonde, whatever. I just didn’t want to be Chinese because I was ashamed. I was made to feel like my black hair and small eyes were something undesirable and lowly.

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