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That bright light is Mr. Moon over Dupont Circle

Pregnant and Metro. Overheard. end the cola wars.

Homeless N Jobless N Hungry N DC tells stories from his life on the streets.

Two woman from Shantou University, China, are sharing their stories of life in DC. In one post, Daisy writes: I went to hear a senate meeting on individual tax reform this morning. It’s the first time I’ve attended such a meeting. The meeting was open to the public, which was impossible in China. From Days in Washington DC

Questions answered about DC’s falafel craze. An Innocent Okie in King George’s Court

The Episcopal Princess writes of her job angst.

“Friends,” crayon on butcher. Art you may have missed. DC Weather Report: Mostly Bad News

Radical Flower adds up her Internet exposure, Flicker, Twitter, Blipfoto, YouTube, Facebook, a secret blog and realizes …

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Tourists visit DC but can’t find parking. Photos through the window of a Honda CRV capture Washington in its blurry, haphazard splendor. Georgia Peach Ramblins’ writes: We were ill prepared as we came into DC and next time we will get on the internet first and find out places to park.

Experience with street crime puts the writer Whatever Lola Wants, into action in Adams Morgan. But in the event the young man wasn’t a robber, she writes: I’m sorry if I offended you with my actions Friday evening.

A tourist from New York doesn’t like the city or its people. Writes Diary of a Move: DC people all look like extras from the movie “Wall Street.”

Round the jig at the teeter. A new Harris Teeter with many photos. Love is Blonde.

The Aspirational Shopper. Well-dressed people and things to buy. Project Beltway

What I’m Reading: Three New Blogs. Apples and Bananas

Bike to work today. Coverage no doubt at the Washcycle

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 15th, 2008 by Foilwoman


Why would someone invite everyone in the universe to a birthday party when that person is over 8, much less 30? I don’t know. But anyone who goes, please do tell me all about it, and about your gracious host (who mentions a $25 cover). Who is David Gaines? Gracious living or grasping? You tell me. But have a happy birthday, with lots of new friends, David.

A better chance of meeting someone you’ll love to cuddle with than at a stranger’s birthday party: check out the Washington Humane Society’s Meow Mixer on May 22. Who else is going to cuddle with you without telling you to trim your ear hair? (Hint: not me.)

And since when do parks close for arsenic testing? Beats the hell out of me, but Fort Reno has closed for that very reason, as DC Audobon Society tells us. Which brings me to the real question: can anybody read the previous two sentences and not think “What the hell is wrong with this world?”

And if you like all the urban trails that send us hiking around this fair city, check out the proposal for the H Street Heritage Trail (that’s in Trinidad, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with) by Frozen Topics.

Some people freely admit that they can’t let go of a grudge. Nissan Pavilion and Radiohead, are you listening to Disaffected Scanner Jockey? Remember, your first discount is the most expensive. The longer you drag out satisfying this woman, the sadder you’re going to be (and look).

And amongst us, someone is threatening polar bears. A very stupid someone who doesn’t understand that whole concept of “food chain” and “nature red in tooth and claw”, but nonetheless, polar bears are threatened (I actually understand the use of the passive voice, but really it gives me a “mistakes-were-made” image of faceless bureaucrats trying to deny any active role on their own part), at least according to A Birding Blog (who must be friends with the DC Audobon Society and the Washington Humane Society, and if not, can we fix these people up?).

On the environmental and fitness and annoying self-righteousness fronts, along with the wear-a-helmet-if-your-brains-are-worth-protecting fronts, May 16 (Friday) is Bike to Work Day. You can read about it everywhere, but On the Red Line tells you everything you need to know, or sends you where you can find out more.

Auditioning in DC, and other information about being a theatrical kind-of-person in a non-theatrical (except in a non-good political-theatrical kind of way) town by Playmaker. See, this isn’t just PowerTown.

And, in news from a broad and abroad, her kids cleaned the house for mother’s day, and her boyfriend is a T***. Don’t you wish you had a boyfriend like that and an equally well-named blog? Admit it. You do.

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Comparing DC to Vegas from geworfenheit to gelassenheit. Excerpt: Oh, sure, there are morons in DC, but I’d be willing to pit the average person on the street in DC against the average person on the street in Vegas.

The city is getting too small, writes By the way Betch. Frankly, the city is becoming a little crowded with men I no longer have any use for.

DC’s Finest. Excerpt from the post by Do you come here often? aka Miss Scorpio: Rather than giving them a few additional seconds to respond, he opted to yell “Get out of the way you, idiots! Move to the right!” over his car PA system.

How a $1.50 parking charge became a $16 parking charge. Looking2Live The post: Longing for Free Parking.

Beyond DC: Why Barack Obama is the closest we have to an “urban issues” candidate.

Action in the 1300 Block of H. Ice cream and other places in the works. Frozen Tropics.

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Fire House on Lanier Street, NW

Would You Still Move to Columbia Heights? Washington DC Sweet Digs. Excerpt: The distribution of “for sale” signs is heavily skewed to the streets east of 13th St. NW, around Sherman Ave. NW, and across the eastern side of Georgia Ave., NW, in the direction of the Washington Hospital Center where Children’s is located. A lot of them are fixer-uppers, some with half-started jobs waiting for completion. At least 3 are foreclosure sales. Most have been on the market for a long time (average 90 days) and most have had price reductions.

We have raccoons on Capitol Hill, writes DC Zia. And Mr. Racoon found his way … into my neighbors’ backyard and went fishing in their little Zen waterfall fishpond, making quick sushi out of their Last Surviving Goldfish.

14U Coffee Shop Closes, writes 14th and You blog.

Museum notes: I don’t want to look at anything I can’t afford. Textiles and Bicycles. provides a report, with some excellent butterfly photographs, of a day viewing butterflies and strange tourists. Aptly titled: Buy, Own, Repeat Until Fulfilled

Amandaa at Metblogs writes about an interesting local group called Adventure Meetup, and writes that it does fun things like hiking, jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, and so on.

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The Birth Story (Or: More Than Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Having A C-Section). Kings of the Road

Navigating a job fair. The writer at Metro DC JobSpot passes along some observations. Excerpt: One person even asked for a resume critique from a recruiter. I thought that was a very effective way to make her trip to the job fair a valuable one. Related: One Sure Sign You’re Not Getting the Job. The dc outsider.

The cool and the stiff. A crisp overview of two distinct office types. NSpirit On Life

Nobody Wants To See Your Chest Hair When You Run. B and T Crowd. And along this line: The sports bra fiasco. Confessions of a Veganista. Fashion in Foggy Bottom. Photo. The President Wears Prada

Which Crackhouse? Logan Circle conversations. Christopher Colaninno

Her new boyfriend shifts, spins and vibrates. GeorgiaPeachez

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A New Yorker says visiting the District is similar to traveling in a time warp. Unlike NYC, where restaurants frequently change over, DC is filled with the familiar. Metropolis Unbound

Review: The Wonderland Ballroom. Photos, too. Excerpt: This is an interesting place. It’s certainly very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that the men’s room was not toxic. The food is adequate (if one remembers where one is). The prices are cheap. I think probably it’s a very busy place on weekend evenings … La Cuvée Americaine: The American Blend

We’re Graduating? Really? Alice in Government-land wonders what life will be like now that college is over. She writes about her regrets, fears and hopes. Excerpt: No more boozing til 4 on a Tuesday night (oh is that what I’m doing now, when I have my last final ever tomorrow afternoon?), no more sleeping in until 2 pm on lazy Fridays when you don’t have an internship, no more impromptu gatherings to watch Rock of Love on Sunday nights. We will be real people. Whether we’re ready or not.

Wake Up and Smell the Singles. Why is the District Council legislating against single alcoholic beverage sales on a ward-by-ward basis? A blog by council candidate Cary Silverman. Life in Ward 2.

The District is lowering assessments through 2009, reports DC Home and Condo Prices. The writer looks at one project in particular, Cityline at Tenley. Excerpt: The owner has listed it for sale at $759,000, a mere $17,000 more than he paid in 2005 [basically, he’s selling it at a loss when his sales costs are considered]. However, what caught my attention is the District’s real property assessment for the condo.

Random Act of Kindness in Foggy Bottom. DC Peg

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on May 8th, 2008 by Foilwoman

Sometimes it’s best to just not answer the phone, as FreckledK will tell you.

Since Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner, we should all give thanks to the Mt. Vernon Trail. I’ve spent many a happy day crashing my bike on the southern portion of that trail. I hope you have too (minus the crashing part). So let’s all remember Ellen Pickering who is eulogized to us by the Commuter Page Blog.

Lonnie Bruner is in Djakarta for some undisclosed, but apparently employment-related reason and has posted a review or analysis of decrepit wooden cargo ships of Sunda Kelapa in Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset.

Foucault says Society Must Be Defended. Apparently, according to Countersignature, at least, he said this back in 1976. Who knew? Learn all you never wanted to know about deconstructionism or whatever Foucault was nattering on about, but didn’t care to ask. Or, if you do care, feel superior to my ignorance with my compliments and read the comments of a better educated person than I am.

Springtime cyclists: for the love of puppies and the dignity of our hallowed halls of government, consider your biking attire, Wiked H of Avert Your Eyes begs you, as do I and pretty much everyone else in DC who is right now thinking: spandex + winter weight gain + U.S. obesity epidemic = Not A Pretty Sight.

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I will see your motor vehicle in hell. And there’s no mixte about it: A bicycle commuter is born. The Anti DC

Virginia made vodka. Kelly’s Grape Times.

Listopad writes: Yesterday I heard the running of my first D.C. cab meter and it was music to my ears.

Post Loves the Crime Wave. WaPo gets its wrong: It’s not the slayings, it’s the muggings, writes the City Paper, which earns the Marion Barry quote award: “If it weren’t for the killings, Washington would have one of the lowest crime rates in the country.”

Big bags. dc diaries.

Mayor Fenty tours Bloomingdale. A report. Excerpt: Through out the entire tour, the Mayor would stop and ask his team “What have we done in this alley?” And his team had notes on what had been requested in the last walk through and what had been accomplished. bloomingdale (for now)

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The writer of FightLikeAGirl is preparing to leave DC, and with more affection for the city than I would generally like to admit to, she writes. I have loved DC.

A Learn-a-Palooza veteran explains why you should participate on May 10. Chez Schmanz en France! It begins: I’ve always felt that one of the major disadvantages of living in a large city is the potential to lose a sense of community. People don’t interact with neighbors because they’re too busy or suspicious of others’ intentions – or they’re just not sure how. But last year in Washington, DC, I took part in a possible antidote to the lack of community: Learn-a-Palooza.

How Now Brownpau shares photos of a hike down the Melvin Hazen Trail from Connecticut Ave to Rock Creek. And then there’s a stop at the zoo for lunch that’s no picnic.

Lagniappe which is a Cajun derivation of the word ñapa– a Spanish word derived in turn from the Quechua yapa and meaning an extra helping or aid, writes a Daily Doze of Zen Sarcasm, which brings us to The Argonaut.

The Artomatic show opens May 9, and the The Daily Render has a video of his installation.

Georgetown’s 1789. No jeans. Writes Cook and Book: So what I got on Saturday night was hearty but refined food with a gorgeous man in a suit. And really, what else is there?

This is an excellent post about the remarkable Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Half n’ Half.

A user generated short story, titled “Suicide At The Newseum.” It’s an incomplete work, in need of blogthors to add chapter and plot. Extreme Mortman.

My “one pot wonder,” by Blogs t r e t c h. The result: And it was faaaantastic.