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The downside to noting this post by Eat, Drink & Be Married is that it may alert even more people to the really good venues on H Street NE, sometimes called the Atlas District. One standout is Granville Moore’s. Very easy to miss, townhouse narrow in size, rustic, and an incredible collection of imported beers (be careful what you order — there are some $50 bottles on the menu). Visit this place before it gets on tourist radar and the table waits get too long. Upstairs and downstairs bar. A related post with some good links to the changes going on here: Restaurant-based neighborhood revitalization. The Triangle

Columbia Heights news: Who’s that man?: Obama asked for ID at gym. Great report by The Hill

A letter to my body. Physical history explored by Culinary Couture. Unapologetically.

Review: Sony Mylo Personal Communicator COM-2. Interesting device. In terms of functionality this may be more than a PDA but less than a laptop. Rooshv

Good question: DC, are you really going to restrict cheap transportation when gas is $4?

Happy Birthday, April. Finding Blanche. An email box video is shared.

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Free advice from DC

Feet on Polished Floor lists the things she will miss and won’t miss about DC.

How IKEA Almost Broke Our Marriage
. Two people in a 400 square foot apartment assemble furniture. The Life and Times of Chai

A list of things to accomplish in life before turning 30. Snowbunny in the City

Thieves cut the fuel line to steal gas. Wow, Gasoline Really IS Expensive. The Home Improvement Ninja

Frozen Yogurt scoops in Dupont Circle. Apples and Bananas, who writes: At what point does a neighborhood have too many frozen yogurt outlets? Dupont Circle, already home to TangySweet, and the future home to Sweetgreen, will now be the home of Mr. Yogato when it opens this Saturday, June 28th at noon.

Only in DC and Nevada. The news about Metro’s prostitution connection prompts this post. Herb of DC Unbelievable.

Running with GPS. These are great devices. Sonnet 87

An appreciation of the Waffle Shop. It moved. Diner Hunter Photos. Excerpt: Look at the design of this place- the details. See the iridescent gold and silver tilework wrapping around the corner of the building? How open the building is with the glass facade and thin, outward canted supports?

I Have a Bike! Finally! zandria

Confident City Cycling Class This Saturday and it’s free. Commuter Page Blog

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D.C. Hero explains social entropy (and how to master it) to the rest of us.

It’s tourist season. Some of us try to be nice to the tourists. Some people are just plain mean. Some people try to be nice, but are tempted too strongly, which is probably just a venial sin. Disaffected Scanner Jockey can’t help you find the place you’re looking for when it’s over 500 miles away. l

Now, Danish is actually a very nice language and Denmark, one of the finest of countries* (by so many standards, it’s hard to keep track, just trust me on this), but it did seem to vex PoofyGoo slightly. Oh well.

Some interesting pictures of the as-yet unbuilt new library in Anacostia are posted at And Now, Anacostia.

Other people’s imaginations are just so, well, creative.  As this post by Q Street News about collecting the Tippi Hedren The Bird’s Barbie makes clear.

Farm Fresh Meat sees links between Hollywood and Forest Hills Frank.

Joe Logon of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately is finding his fifteen minutes of fame growing (for which DC Blogs proudly takes some credit, having brought his mullet post to the DC Blogs Noted reading public):  he features in a new Wikipedia photo illustrating the face palm.

*No, I don’t have proof up the wazoo to throw at you.  Just trust me.  Or accept my authorial bias and move on.

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Good fences make good neighbors, and I have no fence. Dealing in Subterfuges

A new law school grad is duped in the best way possible. s in the city

How to blog about your birthday without coming off as a self-centered attention whore. Arjewtino Blogging tip of the week.

First Look: 5th St Hardware
. Life in Mount Vernon Square Photos.

Jack Evans, get out of here. Your website is awful. Vox Populi It actually looks like it was designed in 2002.

To Do: Tastings at Modern Liquor. Renewshaw

Waste your life away with wiry headphones. Mark Wilkinson Calculated.

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Greenpeace Flunks Whole Foods on Seafood. The Slow Cook offers eye-opening, diet-changing, information about this critical issue. An excerpt: Seafood sustainability is still a morass for consumers. There is no standardization in labeling. There are too many species and too many different issues involved in the catching of seafood for the average person to keep track.

Cut and Paste
is the title of this post and the subject of a query. Less than 50. A blog by someone who contracted HIV in 2004 and writes, from time to time, of his life.

DC’s Hipster Scene: Adventures at Rock and Roll Hotel. A report from the H Street NE venue with photos. The Search for J Street.

Did WaPo get it wrong? Doctor of Thinkology believes the newspaper’s “inflammatory front page headline 3 In 10 Admit to Race Bias, missed something in its data.

Farmer’s Markets – Chevy Chase DC. A report by Cambridge, Mass., blogger: Grow. Cook. Eat.

Squirrel taking it easy
. Cute photo. Life is a banquet!

Things I learned this weekend. Advice for living. Yeah, so I’m…

Her 100th Post. Freckledk, who writes: My best friend called me last week; she wants to set me up with a friend of a friend. All she could tell me was that the man in question made a good living for himself, and was out of town on business quite a bit. Now, normally hearing that a fella has a sizeable bank account and isn’t around too much would bring upon a case of the vapors that would leave me weak-kneed and frothing at the mouth.

The stormy weather has produced one benefit: a beautiful rainbow captured Dave Haft Another great rainbow photo over Shaw at Just in DC.

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The view on Swann Street at 18th, near the corner. NW

Why would this writer leave home at night to go back to the office to clean the coffee pot? The post: O.C.D. Mike in the Middle Ages

This is what happens if you forget to move to your car on street sweeping day. But there’s a surprise here as well. 14th & You

Joe Tresh’s Capital Pride photo work is always stunning. Over the last week he has posted some of his best work. His photos have a way of putting you in the event. Washington Photo Journal

Here’s a new Metro, Jerry Seinfeld-type game, and it’s called: Space Invader. Play it now. The DC Universe has details.

Steam Cafe: If you’re looking for a spot in Dupont Circle to pull out your laptop and draft a post, this is the place to be, writes City Sifting. Photo.

Review, with plenty of photos, of DC’s chocolate restaurant. Sprite Writes

Stitch ‘n Pitch, two reports and photo of the Goodies Bag at the Nationals park. Analytical Perversion here and Sweetpea’s Garden over here.

Vice president’s no peeking memo. Freedom from Blog.

Friendliness in DC. A visitor gets help from strangers. Twice. Wayne’s Rant.

DCTriGirl’s Top 12 Running Songs of All Time.

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Top of the list: Freewheelin’ Spirit’s Second Annual Bike Porn contest closes on Midsummer’s Day, June 21.

The whole Wedding-Industrial Complex has gotten out of hand, of course. Needless to say, things like “The Bridesmaid Contract” aren’t helping, (does anyone really need to read these rules to know that behavior is bad?) but fortunately Disaffected Scanner Jockey is here to help us. Just grateful that if you have outgrown friends who would subject you to this. (Meaning: we’re too old for that crap. Even if we’re 19.)

This one is for kids. I have kids. They love fire trucks. So here is Silver Spring Daily Photo’s fire truck picture.

Did you know there were Air Guitar Championships? Apparently there are. And Lonnie Bruner of Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset has plans. This is disturbing on so many levels. Can someone please explain this?

On Frozen Blog remembers the Can’t Miss Kid (Bobby Carpenter – remember him?) getting drafted by the Capitals and other great summer hockey moments in Washington (amazingly enough, none of them involve winning the Stanley Cup: I’m still waiting).

It seems several not-so-great successes elsewhere have been lured to the D.C. Public Schools by Michelle Rhee to a complete lack of applause by Cuff of Countersignature. Because people who failed elsewhere will of course want to do their level best here?

There are a bunch of PUA* blogs in DC. The author of Caged Bird Sings describes her feelings about the hostile attitude she has encountered there, explaining why she will no longer be commenting. So, PUAs are making at least one woman them feel bad and chasing them away. Seems counterintuitive to me.

*PUA = Pick Up Artist.

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An ex-dating blogger writes: All the cliches about finding love are true. Velvet in Dupont

Two blogs, Sean’s Ramblings and lacochran’s bloggery, are teaming up for an experiment — and volunteers are needed. They are attempting to find out which grocery store has the best prices on certain items. Both sites have details about how to participate.

Halley’s Comments. He was raised not to cry, but then life changes.

Scene: Look, I Have Chalk. Photo. Grapefeed

Haute cuisine. A review of M-Dawg Haute Dogs. An Innocent Okie in King George’s Court

DC Blogger Meetup Wed. (tonight). Everyone is invited to this very informal gathering; sign-up isn’t needed. Starts at 7 p.m. at Regional Food and Drink, 810 7th St. NW (Half block from Gallery Place Metro, Chinatown exit)

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Science Experiment of One. DC Zia writes of her pregnancy, discovery, and the sheer changes it brings.

Someone complains to a firm’s HR department that a co-worker is showing too much cleavage. the reluctant grownup

Parking near Nationals stadium turns in the favor of the residents of one street. A cat and twenty writes: isn’t it always a balancing act, living in the neighborhood? the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. always shifting slightly, so you never quite know – on the day you leave the place – what your ultimate verdict about it will be. big things, and little ones, happen every day, and your mood has to keep recalibrating. like, for instance, this weekend.

One result of last week’s early morning power outage at Gallery Place is this rich narrative by dilettantish. Excerpt: One lady was lamenting that she’d been in the middle of pilates when the lights went out and hadn’t had time to change, and was now forced to stand about with her office mates dressed entirely in spandex. Starbucks had it doors open, with signs announcing “no bathrooms” and “iced coffee ONLY” — there’s no shutting down Starbucks in this city, apparently.

Overheard. A man spots a tool box by a broken Metro elevator … Wrath of the Whatever

Why thank you, tinkle fairy. VRE train fights nail clipping with education and fails. A Little Maryment

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Detained by Montgomery County Police For Buying Sugar. Ben Stanfield at MetBlogs shares his shopping experience.

A beautifully written memory of dad. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino . It begins: I want so badly for you to be here, to sit in your recliner and tell me to drop it, whatever it is that consumes me and brings on the drama I hate. I want you to take forever to pull up the channel listing, methodically considering each button push and its outcome, while the women of the house roll their eyes.

Me and my blankie circa 1982. A Californian-to-DC transplant shares her baby photos. Woodley Park-Zoo

What naturally follows DC’s cupcake craze? Why a cupcake blog, of course. Delleicious DC

The Indoor Perfect Storm. Rice Quips writes … the first thing Carole saw was water pouring from all of the light fixtures. It was the morning from Hell.

First Impression of her new neighborhood, Columbia Heights. the exoticism of shitting donkeys , writes: It’s charming and colorful, and just dirty enough to be interesting. The mix of people reminds me of Hyde Park and Humboldt Park, two neighborhoods I’m very familiar with in Chicago, while the look and feel reminds me of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn: brightly painted rowhouses with front yards, some meticulously manicured, others overgrown with weeds. And with awesome burritos right down the street, I’m home. Related unrelated: Columbia Heights quote of the week. If you see something, say something

Local 16 review by Hey Batter, Batter, Batter! Excerpt: … there were definitely lots of female/male bonding on the dance floor there was a certain quality of innocence here that made this a more mature place to meet someone. Call me a hopeless romantic but I felt like this could be one of the few bars in the district where a drunken conservation could lead to a legitimate date.

Goodbye alt.* Verizon’s troubling move for Usenet. Pedro Vera’s Web Log