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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 13th, 2008 by dcblogs

airplane wing and cloud

Everyone’s Talking About Glover Park. Interesting information about new restaurants in a neighborhood that gets little blogger attention. Post has good refers to Washington Business Journal video report as well as a Merocurean report. Apples and Bananas

How soon is too soon? Getting past the loss of a pet. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world

Guest-Blogger David Lida’s 5 Secrets of Mexico City
. Madam Mayo

The Washington City Paper Blog has a rendering of the proposed hotel in Adams Morgan at 18th and Columbia.

A visitor’s love of DC prompts food analogy. The Electric Whisper writes: I feel now like I am slowly entering a love affair with another city. DC is capturing my heart with it’s slow paced excitement. Like a pot of bologna settled slowly to boil, there is excitement and spice beneath the calmer surface.

Washington DC Ranks 4th with Working Artists. Details at Painterly Visions

A Seattle city council member visits District officials and shares some observations on the differences between the two. City View by Tim Burgess.

I got dumped for Obama. A video song. (Link opens to a YouTube video) Very well done. DC locations.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 12th, 2008 by Foilwoman

Mural under construction on Calvert, just pass bridge to Adams Morgan

Vox Populi’s take on the supergrads recently written about in the Washington Post and Lisa Mundy’s reporting — particularly the absence of a meaningful discussion of that dirtiest of all words — money.

It’s not always clear who’s allowed on public transit, as the Goodspeed Update explains.

And mammographers of the world: those announcements that it’s time for one’s annual checkup are great, but sending them to those who no longer have mammary glands due to the results on the last test you performed on them really is something you should try to avoid, I would think. At least the author of Toddler Planet got a laugh out of it.

Learn about the Slow Bicycle Movement from Freewheelin’ Spirit.

The author of Du Wax Lulu is grateful for technology and an actually useful one-day editing class.

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Doctor Moxie hears gunfire outside her house. A medical doctor, she runs to give aid. [Nod to Lonnie Bruner for pointing this extraordinary post out]

A visitor to DC falls for the city’s charms. But Chirky, in a tour of the National Cathedral, sees something that few have probably ever witnessed. An excerpt: We toured the building, and while we were in the sanctuary our guide audibly gasped and in a hushed voice, said Oh my goodness. Everyone look up at the rose window right now.

Sorry, We’re Closed. DC is becoming cosmopolitan in many ways, except one. Farm Fresh Meat

Washington DC drivers = dangerous. Photo evidence. SazzyBamm.

Could It Be More Blatant? Life in Ward 2 raises questions about a political fund raising event.

New Yorker cartoon comes to life. So, a blogger, Gefilte Fish Blues, is on the couch.

I told my therapist the other day that I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t posted to my blog in a month.

“Why do you feel guilty?” she asked. “I’m sure your readers have other things to do.”

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A shooting in Columbia Heights, daytime, next to Metro. Eye witness report by Kittens with Mittens.

A photograph captures the essence of DC. Eau de DC, if you will, writes San Francisco Chronicle

About the NOVA/DC divide. The Interculturalists. Excerpt: She comes into the District to socialize at high-end restaurants and clubs and knows exactly whom to email to get onto the guest lists for the hottest parties. Her RA in college once told her that the Green Line was unsafe, and she would never tempt fate by venturing into Columbia Heights.

I’m going to my happy place, Metro, and you aren’t coming with me . . About the Metro derailment. Writes Crazy Lanea: I lucked into a spot on one of the first shuttles and it only took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. Also, The Mysterious Metro Emoticon. Herb of DC.

Has Central Air Conditioning Killed Community Cohesion? Prince of Petworth.

DC cash machines have started dishing out $50 bills
, reports Tickle My Kittens. Big trouble as a result. Excerpt: The taxi pulled up outside of the bar and I decided to be a little generous and round up to $20 on a $15 fare. “No change, thanks” I said as I handed him what was actually a 230% tip.

How does a person lose a shoe?
I was that person, writes playmaker

Sticky Rice review comment roundup. Frozen Tropics.

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Dramatic photos of Saturday’s lightning. ebullient photo blog

Sex and the crazy. The movie examined by By The Way Betch… Excerpt: … How could she? And the movie completely trivialized what is probably the most important reason people get married: to protect yourself legally and financially in the event that the life you build with someone falls apart and you need to go your separate ways. It’s not really a romantic decision …

Snake In The City. The real thing. Photos. Penn Quarter Living.

Overheard conversations on a hot day. This Too Shall Pass. Excerpt: a mother to her daughter: “I appreciate your opinions but there are times not to express them…”

How have you dealt with losing a friendship? I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. In a separate post, What Liz Said, writes: One lesson that’s been the hardest to learn is that people move on from you.

A comment from a father whose son was mugged in DC on June 1. It’s on a thread on the blog Brightest Young Things, about the man who was mugged in a similar area and later died.

New neighborhood blog
: Fort Lincoln in NE.

DC Blogs: Recent Finds

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When this listing was assembled last, May 25th, gas at the my local Adams Morgan gas station was $4.05. It’s now $4.15, which may explain why blogging activity seems to be picking up.

This is a list of blogs that have turned up in either the email or in recent searches. They aren’t necessarily new blogs.

There are close to 40 blogs on this list. It almost seems as if another new blogging wave is building.

Some of these blogs may already be in the live feed. Listing in the feed is by request To be included just send an email to dcblogs(at) or leave a note in the comments section.

So in random, somewhat alphabetized order …

…lc in dc… tears and travel

A Little Maryment, except when discussing 30th birthday with psychiatrist. Excerpt: The Doc then said something that really hit home – that maybe I was feeling apprehensive about my birthday because I had already lost a lot of time and energy in my life to being anxious—that my social anxiety had caused me to miss opportunities. I left the office with a new perspective on my birthday (and a prescription for a higher dosage of Zoloft…)

A Spiced Life. A mom blogs about food. About work she writes: The guy in the cube next to me is listening to sermons. Church sermons. Without headphones.

Adventures in DC. who writes … I am up late and in the mood to share … A half hour of typing and – ultimately – deleting.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 5th, 2008 by Foilwoman


Networking failures of the world unite! Keeping up with friends is hard work and online doesn’t equal face-to-face time, Tickle the Pear opines.

On a deeper level, much of blogging is a filter-off screed against much the blogger in question dislikes. Here’s a blogger with an opposite approach: Giving Up Control advises us to be kind to one another (a sentiment I heartily endorse, even if that is often a “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” proposition), using as an example a family who gave up their son to a state institution and are now trying to reconnect. Thinking about how one would handle what this family must be dealing with really puts the whole complaining about other grumpy urbanites (which I do all the time and need to stop) into perspective.

Here’s a political announcement: Anybody with any sense likes Anacostia City Diaries better than any pundit on TV. Anacostia City Diaries is officially endorsing Obama.

Like Freewheelin’ Spirit says, no political statement here, but don’t spoke cards work better than bumper stickers when gas is $4/gallon?

And with gas at $4+/gallon is it any surprise that Hummer sales are down? By how much? Cuff at Countersignature will explain why it’s impossible to figure that out from the Washington Post’s reporting on the issue. But Hummer sales are way, way down. So that’s good.

The Brookland House and Garden Tour provided some nice blog ammo for Washington Gardener. Amazingly enough, a post entitled “Stop to Smell the Roses” features roses, which look absolutely beautiful.

I’m not seeing the connection between robot hatred and a title quote from The Great Gatsby, but maybe someone can explain it to me. Meanwhile, it appears that someone in the Collective hates robots.

Site Note: Taking Friday off. Please see for the latest news from the blogger community.

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A Field Guide To DC Apartment Hunting, Vol. 1. hey pretty. Excellent.

Is Belgian the new Tapas? Elizabeth points to the Belgian restaurant trend striking DC neighborhoods, including a new one for Columbia Heights.

The trick to riding the Metro: Judge. most likely to die alone.

Informative montage of photos and renderings of Adams Morgan street redesigns. Greater Greater Washington.

One of the more interesting blog designs. New Summer Theme.

An ardent Hillary Clinton supporter offers congratulations to Barack Obama and explains how she will vote. kmusings.

Georgetown University Medical Center: Uplifting and Hygienic. Photos. Mark Wilkinson.

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A visit to a new doctor is no way to begin a week, especially if it means answering delicate questions. Do you come here often? Excerpt: When asked do you currently have a partner? I had to pause for a brief moment. I guess you could say yes. But I don’t know if that’s the label I would give the Hot Consultant; we’re not exactly partners. But then the more I thought I about it lover doesn’t quite fit. Let’s call it what it is … he’s my booty call.

Coffee/Riot: Open City. A review, but mostly an observation, about the character of Open City in Woodley Park. The 42. Excerpt: Open City is a sister business to Tryst and The Diner in Adams Morgan. All three have a generic, but organic feel. Safe, clean and comfortable. There’s a curious narrative on the OC website explaining this aesthetic, in a round-about way.

Culinary Couture writes: So, these are the cookies that could turn a gay man straight…or at least give a woman a sideways glance before coming to his senses. Photo and story.

Grace Dobush, on the artist’s magazine blog, writes of her visit to DC: What impressed me most about DC is how affordable it is. My weekend in DC. A story in pictures.

freshSample 3.0. A photo here, and an observation here: Watching people work on their laptops in a coffee shop is like watching people drive.

No more 30 dollar taxi rides for me! A blogger at NBC4, Robyn Slagle, gives thanks to meters and writes: As a young woman I constantly faced issues with having overpriced cab rides. I never understood exactly how the zone system worked and I was always too scared to speak up and ask “how could that possibly be!?”

Note about the photo: The banner photo of Mr. Snake and Mr. Fish enjoying a sunny afternoon together in the mud may not, at first glance, seem like DC, except as a metaphor for Congress. But this nature scene is from this area, and the credit for this particular photo belongs to Mike Pollack of Banner contributions from photographs are always encouraged. If you would like us to highlight your work, just send a note to dcblogs(at)

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Chronicles of Narnia

A DC teacher is blogging anonymously, DC Teacher Chic, to offer observations about life in the school district. Some good posts, including A Computer in Every Classroom? Excerpt: DCPS is in the process of distributing 6,581 computers to DC classrooms. I got mine on Friday. Evidently, Fenty/Rhee wanted to put a computer in every classroom. This effort would be really respectable except for the fact that DC classrooms already have computers …

One last blog post as a single guy. So Today I’m Getting Married. . B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd

No Kingdom For Old Men. Washington Cube’s ultra precise eye and encyclopedic cultural knowledge takes Indiana Jones apart in the most interesting ways. And it doesn’t stop with that movie. She writes: I saw the saddest thing when I was leaving. All of these young girls, early twenties, all dressed up and waiting in the lobby in their groups, waiting to go in for the next showing of Sex and the City.

Sex in the City. Writes DCGirl at TheMovies. This thing is super-girly. It’s the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse for grown women, no joke.

Cat close-up. Caturday. how now, brownpau? Photos.

On the Red Line reports: Author Chuck Palahniuk will be interviewed on stage at the Avalon Theater in D.C. on June 3. This event, sponsored by Olssons Books and Records, will cost you $30–but that cost includes a pre-signed copy of Palahniuk’s newest book Snuff.