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Then I Turned into a Lioness. Sarah and the Goon Squad. An angry mother confronts a bad driver.

The definitive guide of bad dating types and practices. Velvet in Dupont. What Have You Done For Me Lately, Part Deux. Don’t skip the comments.

Men who go out on dates dressed as slobs. RestaurantRefugee, who writes: Does it no longer matter to women how their partners and paramours attire themselves?

I don’t miss the earthquakes
. Arjewtino, ex-LA, now DC and what he endured to become an official DC resident. Excerpt … And when I complained about the perils of driving through that morning’s fresh snow, another editor shouted across the newsroom, “Hey, everyone! California boy here thinks this is a major snowstorm!”

The DC Universe questions the downtown location for a planned musuem devoted to the Armenian genocide. Lively comments.

The Story of Scotchie. Musing of a Chick. Very touching post about a cat.

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A father recounts the tale of walking the mall with his 21 year old adopted sonA Whole New World says it may be the times we have traveled together that have helped us develop the relationship we currently have. A bonding moment, with our beautiful city as a backdrop, touched my heart.

The P.O.S.H Life discusses Michelle Obama and the politics of hair

Jenny from J.C. in the D.C. reviews her summer at the mid-way point: reading, gardening and road trips. What could be better? 

Catholic group protests the premiere of “Jerry Springer: The Opera” at the Studio Theatre,” The Washington Post raises little concern over the show’s content.  In other theatre news, The DC Theatre Scene is looking for your feedback about the Fringe festival, which ended this past weekend.

It seems that the world of dating does not change, whether you are in your 20’s or your 40’s.  First, let’s hear from Belle, from Dating is Dead, who decided she needs to implement some Rules of Engagement.  Her male commenters were not impressed.  (I completely get where you’re coming from, Belle!)  Then there is Dating at Forty, who says So many men, so little time to blog about them!  Very witty writer who introduces us to her long line of bachelors.

How can I not feature a post entitled I’m Officially a Love Whore?  Thanks to Live It Love It.

For those not keeping track of the after-effects of the gun ban case.  No comment from me on this. Liberty Is My Homie

Someone has been gossiping about The Slightly Disorganized Mind In this case, the best revenge would be to start a wildly popular fashion blog.

Posts about last week’s BlogHer conference held in San Francisco have been all over the blogosphere. Since I’m a blogger, and I’m a her, I thought I should learn more about this phenomenon. Two different takes on the experience: Myrna the Minx at Reno and its Discontents shares her observations, and our own local whymommy  from Toddler Planet who clearly had a fabulous time and met tons of people.  The good news is that the conference is coming to DC in October.  More good news is that the New York Times covered the conference, but condescendingly placed it in the “Fashion and Style” section, a fact that sparked lots of disgruntled posts.

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It’s always gridlock on the Foggy Bottom Metro in the morning. But this video on We Love DC, shows a special side of it, where one woman probably on her way to work and no doubt frustrated by the delay, ran up the down escalator. A classic. (It’s toward the end) And it’s no better here: Today’s Metro Lesson: Farragut West, Get it Together. Who Invented Roses

I couldn’t make this up. Finding Blanche. Giant (as in store) drama.

Newt Gingrich Attends Gay Friend’s Funeral. Scott’s Take

Cabbie knows best? Makes you miss the zone system. Life in Pink. From Dupont to The Hill, the long way.

Bucking the critics, Roosh writes: The Dark Knight Is A Stupid Movie [Spoiler warning]

In the woods, downtown. Rock Creek Park is the perfect place for magazine cover. Jay’s Blog.

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Accident on Adams Mill Road Sunday night. See note below …

Crashing the DC Goth Scene: Club Midnight. Econo-Girl. After reading a Washington City Paper piece about local Goth events, this blogger decides to investigate for herself. The first sentence of her post sets the stage: If a middle-aged Jewish woman in white sandals and a powder blue top can feel comfortable at Club Midnight, anyone can.

RIP: Buster Nuzum, 13. Cat, rotten bastard. eric nuzum dot com

The Navy Memorial has a map that the DC Defenestrators realize can be used as a platform for the game of Risk. Bruce Witzenburg

So You Think I’m a Tease? Life and Musings. An open letter to a would be suitor.

The popularity of scooters is growing, but riding one requires knowing something about the laws and they vary from District to state. The Triangle has an informed post with good links about what you need to know. In a related unrelated post His Story compares the cost of traveling on a scooter versus the cost of using Metro.

Injustice has its privileges. More snark about the Prince of Novak. Global Chameleon

The “Arlington Way” explained. What’s Up Arlington County employees are told ‘the way’ is part of the job.

If Cats and Dogs Can Get Along, Can’t We? Media Concepts. Photo

Photo note: This photo has no relation to the “Crashing the DC Goth Scene” post above. At least no obvious connection. An SUV flipped over on Adams Mill Road on Sunday sometime after 8 p.m. I happened to be in the area shortly after and took that photo. According to what I was able to gather from people at the scene, the SUV, with Maryland plates, apparently entered Adams Mill from the direction of Columbia and 18th at what was likely a high rate of speed. It hit the median and flipped over on its side with enough force to turn one parked car perpendicular to the road. [There is a really good, and far more detailed, report about this accident at The 42 with a photo from a different angle. The post: Perplexing Crash in Adams Morgan] It happened in front of 2611 Adams Mill (Map). At least four parked cars were damage. I don’t know if there were any injuries. One person at the scene told me that there were three people in the SUV and were able to get out on their own. – kob

DC Blogs Weekly Top 10

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Asleep on the ground next to this writer’s Adams Morgan home. Written in caps

DC v. NY. Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Love in aisle 9? Do you come here often?

McCain supporter takes a sudden interest in Obama supporter. EavesdropDC

One More Terrible Thing About Law School. Smash

Confessions of a Beer Blogger. DC Damsel

All crocs aren’t bad. Koinoia

Things That Might Be Offensive If You Aren’t in IT. The World According to Blondy

Avoiding The Paparazzi When You Have the World’s Cutest Baby. Kings of the Road

A man bathed is a dollar earned. Saint in Exile – Life in Washington DC

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Comings and goings. Goings and comings. For one, lots and lots of talk about a certain Corvette hitting a certain pedestrian. Perhaps Outta mind outta site summed it up best in Disparity? Priceless musings.

Going to college? Georgetown in particular? Vox Populi spells it out for you in 12 answers to class of ‘12 questions. Wonder no more things like “How many meals should I get on my meal plan?” A: Do you like breakfast? Or “What kind of computer do I get?” Answer: Whatever.

Coming home when you have kiddies could be a set up for a big fall warns KC of Where’s My Cape, after countless episodes of being met with “What Up, Woman? Okay, time to get back to my Dora/painting/mud cake baking/torturing beast cat/what have you. Peace out.”  But not this time. Perhaps the age of reciprocity is dawning at KC’s house.

Cross-generational communication can be quite a trip. One of Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s editors asked her and the two interns (median age: 23.3) to look over a piece (she works at AARP) called Fifty Words Kids Think You Don’t Know. Tired of explaining to your mom what a crackberry is. Here’s your chance to set the record straight for AARP’s two million plus readers via Elizabeth.

Think you have to go beyond the Beltway for some good old fashioned honesty. Not if you’re blog s t r e t c h. That dollar bill (yall) is sittin right on top of Tom’s salt water taffy. Still. She works with honest people.

California isn’t the answer to anything for M.A. But she’d like to think it is.

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Last week, it was a question regarding Guitar Hero as appropriate first date activity.  This week, it’s Guitar Hero as an imp of Satan or sign of the apocalypse (I’m easy, it’s your choice).  Farm Fresh Meat‘s author, Jamie, is spending money on new guy toys (not the red sports car, alas, or I’d be calling him) to fend off the addictive nature of this video game. 

 To tattoo or not to tattoo?  Richard Cohen of the Washington Post doesn’t like ‘em, but Prince of Petworth thinks otherwise and most of his commenters do as well.  It’s probably generational.

Guest blogger (at Madam Mayo) L. Peat O’Neil has a post about travel writing, walking, and links about walking and literature.

It’s not explained, it’s just a mystery:  how did Mean Louise get a frog (picture included) in her recently used coffee pot?  Ideas?

I just tripped over Afronerdand wanted to share the blog as a whole with everyone (’cause I’m sweet and generous like that).  So go and check it out.

Capitol Hill 20210 has an interesting solution to the lack of privacy in a cubicle:  an approaching traffic mirror.  Ah, for an office with a door.

 And for those of us who suspect we will never write that novel or discover a new planet or whatever, Semi-Charmed Wife makes us feel even worse with this story (with link) about a migrant worker becoming a brain surgeon.  Actually, it really is inspirational.  Me, I hope to clean the bathroom sometime in 2008.

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New DC teacher salary plans unveiled and posted at DC Teacher Chic. In a note, this blogger points out that under one plan a teacher with five years experience can make over $100,000. Excerpt: The new salary scales are so dramatically more than the salary scales right now, or anywhere else in the country – it’s truly remarkable.

A Matter of Timing Chain. How far can you push the replacement? Red Nose

Why I hate being a truckdriver. That’s the title of a post about driving a SUV, and the writer at The Big Piece of Cake has many reasons to dislike it. She writes: I find that people are mean to me. Maybe they see my big truck and think that I have an aggressive personality to go with it. All I know is that I have the hardest time getting people to let me change lanes in traffic. It’s like they’re in their little economy car thinking, “Oh no you don’t, you big gas guzzling bully – you’re not cutting in front of me.”

Someone (Else) is Missing. The Washington Post has focused much attention on the Chandra Levy case with its 12-part series. But there are many other unsolved murders. The writer at The Republic of T has assembled an exhaustive post about this history.

One More Terrible Thing About Law School
. Smash. It takes over the summer.

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DC v. NY. Elizabeth Nolan Brown files a report with photos. She writes: I was feeling a little smug.

Love in aisle 9? Do you come here often. Sometimes you just have to settle for the Haagen-Dazs.

Things That Might Be Offensive If You Aren’t in IT The World According to Blondy. IT people rule your world, Internets, with their own special language.

Confessions of a Beer Blogger. Short bits of truth by DC Damsel.

Fans of Mad Men will enjoy this one: Ads Don’t Lie by Knee Deep In Mud.

Anonymi Fear Retribution. Members of the group “Anonymous” protest the Church of Scientology. Joe Tresh at the Washington Photo Journal.

Offlede gets photo of lightning bolt near Capitol Dome.

Avoiding The Paparazzi When You Have the World’s Cutest Baby.. Kings of the Road

Princess Carlotta. Adventures of an Urban Bunny. Rabbit Photo.

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McCain supporter takes a sudden interest in Obama supporter. EvesdropDC

He was wearing a polo shirt, popped collar, expensive jeans, K-Swiss shoes and was asleep on the ground next to this writer’s Adams Morgan home, using his cellphone as a pillow. Written in Caps

A man takes a bath in an alleyway off on K Street. Saint in Exile – Life in Washington DC The post is titled: A man bathed is a dollar earned.

All crocs aren’t bad. Koinoia writes about her Nordstrom purchase in Pentagon City: I think I have become a bit of a trendsetter here in my new gray crocs.

Jack Jacobson, who is on the ANC in Dupont Circle, and keeps track of crime, says there have been hate/bias crimes in the past couple of weeks. His post needs more specifics.

Commissary DC, described as a Tryst-like restaurant, is evidently replacing the Merkado in Logan Circle. Usually Stephanie. Washington Post report here.

DC Starbucks apocalypse avoided. alternative hippopotamus. Only one Starbucks in DC is being closed. Full list from Starbucks (pdf here.)