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DC Blogs Weekly Top 10

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on July 19th, 2008 by dcblogs

1 – So much for DC’s reputation as a highly educated area. Our internship at the World Bank

2 – Five Things I’ve Learned About DC. InkTank, The Washington Journalism Center Blog

3 – Ended up running down 18th street and into a stranger’s car. dekaN dc

4 – The reasons (*cough*) people really live in DC.. why.i.hate.dc.

5 – One Killed, One Hurt on Nats Game Bus. JDLand

6 – Indignation and staffer smackdown. What Liz Said

7 – Unfolding series about the 2001 Chandra Levy case gets a cutting analysis. why.i.hate.dc.

8 – Wedding photo here. Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog

9 – Tips for Screen on the Green. The Search for J Street

10 – As you start dating older guys. Lemon Gloria

DC Blogs Noted

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Tips for Screen on the Green. A rant. How to survive the outdoor Mall movies. The Search for J Street

About a roommate who became a friend and the change ahead. Culinary Couture

The Town. The Penn. The Langston. The Highland. The Tivoli. Some of the names of DC’s old movie theaters. Undercover Black Man

After living in Ethiopia for a year-and-a-half, this writer compares the local version of the cuisine with the real thing. Written in Caps

There is a woman in Dupont Circle who gives tarot card readings, writes This Too Shall Pass. The tarot card reader is described: She has blue toe-nail polish. She smiles.

Lemon Gloria explains: Here’s what you will find, as you start dating older guys, or as you age along with your partner.

A note: The violence in the District is out of control. While the Washington Post extends its Chandra Levy murder investigation over a 12-part series, one of the more horrific crimes in the District was committed this week. It hasn’t received too much press attention. From two reports, the Post and ABC Seven: A man and a woman from Falls Church are in car near Howard University. Six men approach in what may have been an attempted vehicle hijacking. A gun is fired and the woman passenger, 47-year-old Barbara Carl, is killed. A life ends just like that. By pointing out Ms. Carl’s murder, I don’t mean to otherwise minimize the near daily slaughter of young men and women in the city. On the same day that Ms. Carl was attacked, Robert Mallory, 19, SE, was shot and killed. But at what point do we say that there’s either something seriously dysfunctional with the city’s response or we need to call in the National Guard to augment police? This is a city where the violence is so bad that vehicle checkpoints were recently put in one neighborhood, Trinidad. More relevant to this audience: Can a city of bloggers bring about change? After the shooting in Adams Morgan last week, I walked by the scene, looked at the blood on the sidewalk and watched people walk by, the rhythms of life seemingly intact. The newspapers deliver the facts; it’s the bloggers who have the power to humanize it before the violence is disassembled into the routine. There are thousands of blogging voices in the District, many with great gifts, insights and the ability to reshape the perspectives of their readers. But for all that we are trying to do as bloggers, we are not doing enough. — kob

DC Blogs Noted

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The Washington Humane Society’s Blog reports on pets being surrendered due to the home mortgage/foreclosure crisis. I’m a Craig’s List Whore celebrates its 100th post. However, just a thought:  if you’re referring to one of your correspondents/potential dates as “douchebag”, that’s probably a good hint that you should stop corresponding, no?Stamps now celebrate Black Cinema, and D.C. Girl@the Movies thinks good thoughts about Josephine Baker and others and appreciates this commemoration.

Other things to be grateful for (other than the oeuvre of Miss Baker, which is something for which we should all give thanks), or at least one-fifth of the 100 things that make the author happy are listed on Was It For This

On a less grateful and more snarky note: the reasons (*cough*) people really live in D.C., as hypothesized by why.i.hate.dc. And I’ll just mention MetroMan here, who writes a Metro-centric blog entitled iMetro. No specific post, but his entire body of work puts the Metro Riders Forums to shame.And back to the “things for which we should all be grateful” theme, let’s all say a little prayer that we do not experience the houseguest-bathroom karma described in Sean’s Ramblings.

DC Blogs Noted

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Local blogger does a last-minute load of laundry but forgets to remove pet cat from washing machine. Cat decides to howl bloody murder rather than sing “Tiny Bubbles.” Film at 11:00. Link at Who Invented Roses.

As the evening lengthened, I kept noticing the dog. As friends gather to remember John MacDonald, an icon of the DC theater scene, a guest’s thoughts drift toward a golden retriever named Sandy. Armchair Actorvist.

DC Damsel accepts her demotion with bittersweet grace when her best friend finds love. Remember “Adventure Sundays.”

You haven’t lived until you see your own gravestone. Area teacher on a roadtripping summer break finds his moniker alongside the headstones of pirates-turned-farmers in North Carolina. Matt’s Blog.

Time warp into my mother’s youth. While driving solo through the upper Midwest, another roadtripping DC blogger meets up with some of her mother’s college friends. Storytelling ensues. Ah Bugger.

“So congratulations irritating Capitol Hill gopher. This is what your Harvard education has gotten you. Rule your coffee getting domain with an iron fist!” Indignation and staffer smackdown at What Liz Said.

Beach Bum at Heart is shopping for new karaoke spots after the closing of the Royal Lee in Arlington.

Personal trainer instructs client to “stop whining” and crushes him with giant ball. Sort of. Photo at Washington DC Personal Trainer.

DC Blogs Noted

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The Washington Post’s unfolding series about the 2001 Chandra Levy case gets a cutting analysis by why.i.hate.dc. Its tone and point is summarized in her P.S.: I’m sure it couldn’t have been the Washington Post’s publicity/marketing/pr whatever team who already updated Ms. Levy’s Wikipedia entry with an external link to the series? Because … ew.

Liza and Gary of Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog have tied the knot. Wedding photo here.

Local blogger Jason Linkins of the longtime blog The DCeiver, also writes for the Huffington Post, where he penned this piece: New Yorker Cover Falls Short Of Satire

Coincidence? On July 11, Seven Eleven gave away free slurpees, and it just so happened on that same day Metrorail set a new all time ridership record. Seven-Eleven Tops Reagan Funeral, writes Track Twenty Nine. Check out link in this post to Metro press released issued Monday for stats.

Tree boxes in Bloomingdale — a good thing? From these photos, apparently not. bloomingdale (for now)

This book recommendation may interest anyone who has children: a kid-oriented cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious. Pie Pants

If you live or work in Alexandria, there’s Aexandria eNews, a government information service that sends out alerts. Cold Kiwi

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday at 7 p.m., Regional Food and Drink (RFD) 810 7th St. NW. Half a block from Gallery Place Chinatown Metro exit. Everyone is invited.

DC Blogs Noted

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So much for DC’s reputation as a highly educated area. Our internship at the World Bank

Megan at the blog dekaN dc usually feels safe in the city, at least until Sunday morning “when I went to get some coffee from Tryst and ended up running down 18th street and into a stranger’s car after gun got shot about 20 feet from me.”

Five Things I’ve Learned About DC. And after just one month, too. Ink Tank. The Washington Journalism Center Blog.

DCist has a link to a forthcoming feature in Outside that ranks DC at the top of its “20 Best Towns in America.” (The story isn’t online yet; DCist has the link to a pdf version of it.)

One Killed, One Hurt on Nats Game Bus. Horrifying and unusual accident. JDLand

Behold The Famous 11th Street Chicken. Prince of Petworth. Photos.

In celebration of High School Humor Week. Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog

Follow this experiment. Nutgraf Will sunlight degrade a new type of plastic ring holders?

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday — everyone is invited to these informal gatherings. July 16, 7 p.m., Regional Food and Drink (RFD) 810 7th St. NW. Half a block from Gallery Place Chinatown Metro exit. Meet your fellow bloggers.

DC Blogs Weekly Top 10

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The week’s reader favorites.

1 – Oh say can you see? Where’s My Cape

2 – Commuters who complain about the city of DC. The Anti DC

3 – Dear Chicago Word Pilferer. Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino

4 – Whether meeting for a first date to play Guitar Hero is cheesy. Capitol Hill 20210

5 – Law abiding citizens need to be a bit more brazen. Off Seventh

6 – Sale Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong on Craigslist. Mr. T in DC

7 -Pits suburban drivers—often, perhaps, drivers of Suburbans— against the city. Greater Greater Washington

8 – Dupont Tequila Opening in the Fall. Liton Events

9 – Tired of no answers. Hello Negro

10 – A thumbs down to The Awakening’s new home. Intangible Arts

DC Blogs Noted

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Exterminators are using glue boards to catch mice. Life As List writes: I kept thinking, “how sticky could they be?” The post, I am as smart as a mouse.

Washingtonian’s Best Bites interviews people on video as they leave Tangysweet. As patrons enjoy their treats, these videobloggers sample opinions.

Really, your kids are having sex. like seriously. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world. DC’s high schools have day care for the children of students, but this HIV outreach worker says the law bars her from distributing condoms to those under 18.

Sale Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong on Craigslist. Lesson of the day, courtesy of Mr T in DC: Never pay to ship something to a buyer until you know what it will cost.

On second (third) thought? Maybe you don’t really need all that stuff. The best part of moving? Out of clutter find simplicity Paradigm Shifted discovers that simplicity means that everything doesn’t need full attention all the time.

The Elusive Metal Shopping Cart. City Desk. This writer wants to know where she can get a metal shopping cart for under $40.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on July 10th, 2008 by Foilwoman

DC’s Northern ‘Burb

Capitol Hill 20210  wants to know whether meeting for a first date to play Guitar Hero is cheesy.  So go vote.  My take:  anything even remotely air guitar related is very, very suspect, but your mileage may vary.

Everyone out there biking and running and just enjoying the weather: BE CAREFUL! Sorry for the caps and exclamation point, but Alternative Hippopotamus writes about Alice Swanson’s death, and this is a story that happens all too often on our fair city’s roads. Wear your helmet, be careful, and drivers, really, with the price of gas very few of us are going to be left in our SUVs, so lets all learn the rules of the road and follow them.

What’s social media? I don’t know, and if you don’t either, Catch Up Lady has a handy presentation for those of us who still get our news from others when they tell us in person.

Scientists have discovered that birds’ brain cell death can be prevented by keeping the birds singing Wired Science’s blog tells us about this amazing discovery.  I hope publication of this news does not lead to needless (and doubtless unpleasant) arias by local recent law school graduates studying for the bar exam.  I also wonder (and want to meet) whoever wrote the grant proposal for this study.  That’s someone who knows creative writing.

Screaming is more annoying than people being silently stupid, or at least that’s Blah Blah Blog’s conclusion after witnessing a woman giving unsolicited and high-decible advice after the ball game about a “special” Blue Line train heading to Virginia going directly from L’Enfant Plaza to the Pentagon via the Yellow Line bridge.

And while the cat’s away . . . .  Red Nose has guilty pleasures lined up while Joe is away.   Yes, reality TV is guilt-inducing.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on July 9th, 2008 by Hammer


“Look at him. He’s clearly unhappy about it and just wants to get back to sleep.” Intangible Arts gives a thumbs down to The Awakening’s new home at the National Harbor complex. (With photos.)

Lawyer Mama sets her career aside to contemplate the golden hour, a time when it isn’t just the light that’s perfect. She writes: When I come home from work and my boys greet me like puppies, jumping and climbing and barking for my attention, I park my worries and ambitions and analytical brain at the door. We go outside and run and play. We climb and chase and blow bubbles and giggle.

Dear Chicago word pilferer, I hope you’re still single. An open letter to the woman who cut and pasted a local blogger’s writing into her own personals ad. Not A Girl, Not Yet a Wino.

The Australian invasion of DC is now complete. Coed non-contact Australian rules football for the little ones at DC Footy Kids.

Murals DC kickoff this Saturday hosted by District go-go/rap legend DJ Kool. Clear your throat and your calendar.

Top 10 Subway Performers Outside of New York. Our fair city clocks in at #5, but I can’t stop listening to Toronto’s top-rated offering. And Boston? Boston is just too wrong for words. The Monitor.