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The Book of Secrets, Back Home Again. Library of Congress Blog. For those DC’ers who never visit the District’s institutions, here’s a fun reason to visit the library.

In Today’s Society, Noodles Outsell Books. district, schmistrict‘s take on Olsson’s decision to close its 15-year-old Penn Quarter store, which will be replaced by a British noodle shop, Wagamama.

The pay phone at the Metro station starts ringing. Metro riders stare at it transfixed, reports Was It For This

Faux Pas: A Croc of Excuses. Capitol Hill Style.

Cleveland Park What Happened to You?
Prince of Petworth. The new store.

Can the Dupont Circle Starbucks improve its bathroom procedures, which AO in DC writes are 2% key, 98% confusion.

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It was Jack’s first day of school and the writer of Stimeyland hoped that he would make it through the day without incident. But then the principal called. A great post with some wonderful comments.

Why John McSame has a good chance of winning & What I will not do if Obama loses. Lonnie Bruner

Zen and the Art of Being Intensely Annoying is about the car salesman who keeps calling. A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm

Why Won’t Obama Address the Crystal Pepsi Issue?
So Good

For Nie Nie: Silent Auction. The Big Piece of Cake wants to help the writer of The Nie Nie Dialogues who was in a plane crash and suffered terrible injuries.

Capitals ticket increase is upsetting to Sean’s Rambling. A ticket to a Penguin-Caps game is going from $20 to $65. He writes: I guess that I’m just a little disappointed seeing that I have purchased tickets for the Capitals for the past few years, and now that they finally made the playoffs, the prices are going up.

After witnessing a medical emergency on Metro, Mr. T in DC ask what would be wrong about moving the ill person to the platform to reduce the Metro delay.

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Evolution of a driver’s license photo
. Photos from 10 years: California, DC, Va.

Would Obama make a good date? The writer of Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City says he may be a perfect dinner date, but in a Ken Doll kind of way, i.e., he’s not going to take out the trash. Obama’s Problem. A conversation with a relative about the election. Scott’s Take.

An Open Letter to the Cats for Whom I Catsit
. Dealing in Subterfuges

Artists Back On F Street By Sept 5. PQ Living. The news and a list of what’s in store at 923 F St. NW.

Time lapse photos of planes landing at National by DC Confidential. Taken from Gravelly Point.

Beach sculpture taken to a new level
. Photos from vacation. hatchets and skewers

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Northampton, Mass., downtown, August 2008

The writer of Who Invented Roses is in a cab heading home when the blue lights of a police cruiser start flashing. The police want the taxi driver to pull over. Instead, the taxi driver speeds up, and so begins The Cab Ride from Hell.

Drug dealers may do more to keep DC neighborhoods safe than police, argues Mike Riggs, Washington City Paper Blog, after observing a drug deal in Brightwood Park.

City Girl DC writes: Why, why, why, do I continue to get calls from men after midnight asking me what I’m doing when I have asked them to stop doing that?

After 628 posts, Silver Spring Daily Photo, calls it quits.

My Little Buddha comes home to Columbia Heights . . . and on this blogger’s balcony. Photo. My Oyster

Liberty Tavern, happy hour. Review and pizza photos of this Arlington spot. the arugula files

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That morbidly funny Herb of DC has done it again, pondering: So what happens if you have a blog and you unexpectedly have Your Comments Permanently Moderated? Eek. Find out what Herb’s thinking in And in the Event of My Untimely Death, I Bequeath my Blog to…. I’ll take it Herb, no worries. It will be all about the merits of in-store corn-shucking.

Man o man, did news of John McCain’s house-counting woes spread fast. Consider Is John McCain insane? from Jenny from the Farm or Citizen Jake’s The many homes of John McCain, or Take Me To My Mansion, Cindy from Pop Pop Bang. But it’s The Bellows (despite his protests that I Can’t Take Credit for This) that had the chuckle of the day on the topic, IMHO.

Meanwhile over in my ‘hood (where we, ahem, know exactly how many houses studio apartments we own rent) 14th and You warns us that apparently, some greasy spoon that serves chili dogs is having some sort of celebration for being around for 50 years. DDOT is even closing the block for the celebration. Oh the place is Ben’s, it’s fabulous and if you haven’t been… well, for shame on you! Get all the details on how you can join Bill Cosby and the rest of us celebrating in 1200 Block of U St. to be Closed Tomorrow.

In equally exciting news for this city…

City Girl DC goes on a date An Actual Date. Not a hanging out. A date. Wow.

DC Sports Page prepares for Fantasy Football Season. Send me your crib sheets for mine next week? See The DC Sports Page: Fantasy Football League Draft

And the arugula files teaches us how to Picnic on the Potomac in 8 Steps. Perfect for a sleepy summer Friday in DC no? Well, if you’re not heading to Ben’s that is.

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Hapgood Pond, Peru, Vermont, in the Green Mountain National Forest

Mr. T in DC offers some gym etiquette tips. However, his thoughts give pause: “Wipe off the equipment when you are done using it, using a clean towel or paper towels, not your sweaty body towel. I usually use a small towel saturated in germicide from the spray bottles . . . .” Dude, if you’re OCD enough to need to use germicide at the gym (after working out, you are taking a shower right?), I worry. So chill, please. Gyms are sweaty places, surprise, surprise. Accept that and deal with it. If you have a significant other, he or she probably works up a sweat while you both get happy. Do you bring out the germicide then? Sweat happens. Especially when working out or doing other fun stuff. Get a grip.

Nope, the Comfort Inn on New York Avenue NE really isn’t within walking distance of the Lincoln Memorial, but it is within shouting distance of many fine educational experiences: the cabby hero of Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie rescues a clueless Colorado contingent from the many fine Comfort Inn (New York Avenue NE version) experiences, to immense gratitude. Let me just say: hee!

In the morbid thoughts category, Lacochran’s Bloggery wonders about Blogger’s autopost function, her pre-recorded posts, and what would happen if she died tonight. Didn’t Cat Stevens write a song about that (about dying, not blogging)?

Is another dating site really needed? Well, they all suck, but no, more crap is not an improvement over less crap. And that’s Capitol Hill 20210’s thought on the subject. I concur.

I’ll Think of Something has a job. The job is to “inspect all of the retaining walls on the northeast connector of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.” Unfortunately, this isn’t all that glamorous. And you might be very surprised to learn that the Days Inn in Horsham, Pennsylvania provide a less than ideal hotel experience. I’m as shocked to learn that as you are.

And in an anti-suicide public service announcement: don’t try to kill yourself, okay? This guy (the author of A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver) might be the man who comes to rescue you. Do you really want to be the punch line of the joke he’s telling for the next twenty years?

On the deeper thoughts, if you have any interest in Unitarian Universalism (and why not – you don’t have to give up science to do it!) or any interest in writing a UU blog, The Chaliceblog has a post for you. No, it won’t tell you it knows the truth (or that the ‘truth’ is expressed anywhere written by human hands).

And now for shallow thoughts (or really badly written ones, anyway): the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton (“It was a dark and stormy night”) Contest results are in, and Urban Bohemian has something to say about those results. Well, who wouldn’t?

On the subject of shallow (and stupid), Twisty Faster opens a can of whupass on the mayor of Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia. A warning to would be visitors to the website of Twisty, a spinster aunt and gentleman farmer somewhere near Austin, Texas: take my advice and read the FAQs to I Blame the Patriarchy before making any comments. You’ve been warned.

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Life As List attends the Bruce Springsteen concert in Richmond and observes that large numbers of his fans are age 50-plus. She writes: … that is when I started calling the shuttle to the concert the, “geriatric express” … my mom didn’t seem to appreciate that.

Do you ever notice how ugly people look when they are mad? Esther now-and-then-some does notice it on her way to a DC bus stop.

How to restart your life. Prettyashley recalls her move to DC.

Who locks a bicycle on a tree? Nikolas Schiller. Photo.

About that $19 maximum DC cab rate … Is it an urban legend that some cab drivers will force you out of the cab once the limit is reached? DC Cab Rider

Brunch DC takes a look, with photos, at Café Tropé, Dupont Circle.

A former downtown, 14th St. NW bank gets District approval to become the Armenian Genocide Museum of America. DCMud

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District Limerick reduces the news of the day to, as its name announces, a limerick. It is brilliant, funny and original. Here’s a sample:

The WaPo has made me aware
That squirrels are getting quite rare
I’ve keenly deduced
Why their herd seems reduced
It’s those rats that look more like a bear

In a bar, the writer of RestaurantRefugee, enters a verbal minefield by asking a woman what she means when she describes herself as a ‘post-feminist’ feminist. He also sabotages any chance for a relationship.

A shooting unfolds in Columbia Heights on blogs and listservs. The details may not arrive newspaper-like, a seamless narrative, but in sum provide a sense of what happened. See, DC Crime Watch at If you see something, say something, and these two posts at New Columbia Heights, More on Saturday’s Shooting, and Shooting at 14th and Fairmont.

Newsflash: Adams Morgan is still grody. A full blown rant by Disaffected Scanner Jockey

How to invite yourself to a biker bash. Zandria

Restaurants extending DC restaurant week. A long list at DC Foodies

meanlouise offers a take on the new book, Blogwars. Excerpt: My primary complaint with Blogwars is that it lacks depth of analysis in most of it’s examples. But, as a textbook, that could also be one of it’s strengths.

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A special ordinary photo. DC street scene. Still Alive, a blog of experimental and creative photography.

Happy Birthday, whatever that means. Intangible Arts, who writes: I suppose turning forty means I’ve (perhaps) finally earned the right to be a dark-humored, cynical contrarian without looking like a snot-nosed brat who hasn’t put in the time to pull that kind of attitude.

Where will Generation Y (born between 1980 and 1994) want to live? In places like DC. The Triangle has a pointer to a Washington Business Journal analysis on “the next hot spots.” He offers his own take as well.

thrifty/epicure is a new blog about eating cheap in DC.

Photos illustrate the point that tongue in cheek is genetic. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

Seven Things: The Olympics Make Me Wonder. Intro to My Brain – Talkapedia. First item: The men’s diving suits are very small. Do they ever fall off?

SVRSPY was caught up in last weekend’s Bay Bridge accident and has photos.

Redskins Cheerleader Swimsuit Party. The writer at The DC Sports Page stays for 20 minutes.

Mouth of Moldiver. Photos take you through the courses of a recent outing. The blog has an extensive ranking system for all the restaurants it reviews. It’s a deep list.

In trying to give walking directions, Google Maps has taken on a gargantuan task, writes the CommuterPageBlog. And its directions may not be the best.

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Hopefully Erin Jackson of You’re Welcome will remember us when. DC’s own contestant on Last Comic Standing is plenty appreciative of her invite to be a guest on the Ellen show in Is this my life?? Really?!?!?

A plea for less deliciousity. Soup is not a finger food begs, no, implores local burger chain to stop being so gosh-darn yummmy, friendly and convenient in Damn you, Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Among the lamentations, beyond cursing the deliciousness of the burgers, Soupy Meg writes: Damn you…for placing your piping-hot fries in a simple, white, logo-free styrofoam cup, and for throwing EXTRA FRIES on top once the cup is in the bag. Damn the simplicity of your menu: Burgers. Fries. Hot dogs if you must. Complimentary peanuts in the shell for customers to nibble while they wait for their order. Me: Mmmmm…. burgers.

Bikes are here for the sharing. E-NOTES E. Ethelbert Miller wonders if this will turn DC into the world-class city’s he’s heard so much about in Joy in Fentyville. He also thinks a helmet should be part of the deal.

Meanwhile, Textiles and Bicyles is a self-identified angry biker. She shares her specific gripes here in: a biker’s list of complaints.

Mandate of hottitude. Manifest Density celebrates our local media hotties in Good’s Triumph. His candidate Brian Beutler, Washington correspondent for the Media Consortium, received more than 221,000 votes or — as Manifest Destiny notes — one out of every four District residents, about a hundred thousand more than were cast in the city during the 2006 election!