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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 14th, 2008 by Foilwoman


Doctor of Thinkology ponders brand loyalty, especially with regard to toilet tissue and a teenager’s preferences.

Multi-talented & Menially Employed, J.D. contemplates being a person who is always late (so late she gets the non-rush hour Metro fare).

Life of Red asks its readers: which date should be submitted to Restaurant Refugee‘s Worst Date Ever Contest? Or maybe you want to add your worst date.

Shannon of Disaffected Scanner Jockey takes credit for inspiring the contest, which Restaurant Refugee acknowledges. So read all about the date that inspired the contest.

And people move on. Cuff of Countersignature announces his imminent departure from the District and reminisces.

ClinkShrink of Shrinkrap blogs about a summer vacation in Maine.

Those dreams we can’t remember: we all have them. The author of Infinite Connections had such a dream, where the meaning of life, no less, was revealed.

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Angry Pregnant Lawyer talks about her recent breakup, using the old stand-by “It’s not you, it’s me…”

Great news for us fair-skinned girls! Girl Talk considers a comeback fashion accessory.

Virgin Mobile Fest 2008 was this past weekend at Pimlico. Lagniappe does an overview of the first day, and Michael Jurick shares some great photos.

When was the last time you attended the Montgomery County Fair? Lady N’il of A Fool’s Prerogative shares her first pig race experience with us.

DC Bloggers are catching Olympic fever along with everyone else Mr. T in DC gives an entertaining “obligatory post,” [f]oxymoron reviews the opening ceremonies, and Dancer in DC does a daily summary: Day 1. Day 2.

Seems to be the season to dust off the online dating profile. Check out Zandria’s tips.

Lemon Gloria could have crossed paths with her soul mate years before she actually did. Her advice to singles is to work those random connections!

M Slash shares an important life lesson. And in an unrelated post, Beer Pong Goes Mainstream.

Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City was madly in love for one night The loss she feels in the morning is real and painful.

Gilahi gives great advice to HR professionals everywhere: no more mandatory play dates!

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Alexandria vs. NW. Kelly J. Davis compares and discovers there is no comparison.

A strange Craigslist experience. A ticket seller offers Neil Diamond tickets for free if the buyer is willing to perform a certain service. Sean’s Ramblings

A veteran of DC’s onstreet parking wars moves to Alexandria and discovers that gated communities aren’t havens from parking wars. my so-called 30s Excerpt: I should confess that ours is not a normal block – 2 military officers, 1 U.S. Marshal, and 1 Capitol Police Officer – these guys don’t take to spontaneous acts of authority/control lightly.

An attempt to keep the door on a Metro car from closing fails. iMetro.

Sharing Your Writing and Selling Your Work in Cyberspace. An upcoming seminar sponsored by the The American Independent Writers Association. Madam Mayo has details.

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Goodbye, Marisol Caceres. The death of this 12-year-old had a direct impact on Jeff of And I Am Not Lying For Real. He knows the family and what they now need. He is hoping the blogger community can help.

A longtime supporter of John Edwards, We’ll Know When We Get There, shares her reaction: I am disappointed that John Edwards reminded me he was fallible. But, mostly, I am disappointed that he hurt his wife — whom I admire greatly — and his children. He stopped, for a moment, being the hero he could be, to them. He forgot who he was and what he done to get there.

How Not to Resolve Conflict. Biker rage photo. A biker blocking the path of a motorist. Swapping Tales

The 10 Most & Least Expensive Homes on the Market. Urban Trekker. If places such as Manassas, Dumfries have appeal you can own a home for as little as $50,000. For even more listings in these areas see the Northern Virginia Housing Bubble Fallout blog. It’s top discount list on the right includes link to listing details for the properties.

What’s Callie Up To Now? She’s leaving DC, and writes … Sayonara DC, tourists, Dems, Repubs, Non-Profit types, hipsters, natives and non-native alike, METRO, Julia’s Empanadas, Wonderland, Red Derby ….

A quick point. Penalty for using an automatic phone dialer: Defeat Jack Evans in 2008! If you see something, say something What’s the math on auto phone dialing by candidates? How many votes gained, versus how many votes lost?

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 8th, 2008 by WashWords


Crushing on Obama. Michelle Obama. Lawyer Mama has the chance to meet Michelle Obama, hear her speak and get to know the other Obama. Judging from her description in My Michelle Obama Day, I’d say the event was a hit, to one lawyer mama anyway.

How are we — ahem — “frittering” away our summers? Squidpants points out that our home team’s suckery has not escaped the national (satirical) media in The Onion burns the Nats

Oh no – is Adams Morgan the new Georgetown? Eek, so USA Today popped up in my search for DC blogs today, pitching all the fun, free stuff to do around town. And umm, they’re telling folks to check out the coffeehouse/bar with great people-watching, Tryst, among other once neighborhood local faves. Grumble. Least we natives should take advantage of all the freebies we’re apparently tripping over. Have a gander at Free activities are easy to find in Washington, DC.

When you finally decide you’re ready to commit to something as big as the Marine Corps Marathon, you don’t want a silly thing like not registering to stand in your way. Thus, Outta mind Outta Site is putting out the word. Wanted: Marine Corps Marathon Bib.

When Tara Summer and the City writes her internship adviser about what she’s learning this summer, she leaves out some of the best parts she wishes she could include: like how great we are! (you guy-uys! We DC Bloggers rock! Yay!) See more about what she’s learning, OTR, and not so much in What I Learned from My Internship, Part 1

The bad news is that apparently we’ve reached The Final 10 Posts for Stuff Black People Hate but the good news is that’s because there’s a book coming out. For those who aren’t familiar, this blog is a gem and if you think it sounds like a certain other famous blog, Stuff White People Like, it is but it’s not. It’s …. more, at least that’s one verrrry pale girl’s opinion. Please don’t hate me.

Star Regulus Skynotes waxes on leaving D.C. soon, pictorially, in The Charleston Rag

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 7th, 2008 by Foilwoman


Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat is back from Iraq. Well not really, but the Iraqi Embassy is Iraqi soil, so he’s not lying to you. And a schmoozing in DC tip: embassies of officially Muslim, and therefore teetotalling, countries cannot be relied on to provide a good (bottomless) open bar.

Who was the driver of the black Lexus speeding down the street near Toddler Planet’s home? Let’s hope the police find out, and they should, since she reported him (a real use for a cell phone) when he collided with her neighbors’ fence and then pulled a real-life hit-and-run experience. Home because of a series of disasters, the author writes, gleefully: “I was OUTSIDE, LOOKING in that direction, with a CELL PHONE in my hand, and I was able to call 911. I reported the accident, gave the license plate number of the black Lexus, and walked away.”

IMetro’s Metroman (my favorite superhero) details why his fellow commuters really are ruining his day. He asks for the three Cs: “couth, courtesy, and common sense.” Oh, please, everyone, start listening to this man.

The author of a DC neighborhood blog, JDLand, has been nominated for a Knight-Batten award for innovation in journalism.

The Triangle, a blog about the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood, has an email interview with Executive Director of the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District Executive Director Bill McLeod.

Nicholas Schiller of the Daily Render created a nice little YouTube piece recording himself going east and west on U Street.  I think it’s safe to say that Nick is not working 80 hours a week, and I’ll even raise that assumption by saying:  this young man does not have a life’s partner (much less a child).  There’s just too much free time involved in this little project.  Enjoy.

If you care whether or not you impress restaurant staff (I don’t, but then, I don’t buy name brands, either — YMMV), Restaurant Refugee offers some guidelines for proper restaurant wine ordering behavior.  If and when I have discretionary income again and can afford a 3x markup for drinking in a restaurant and if (unlikely) I care, I’ll certainly take this advice into account.  Meanwhile, whatever is on markdown at Calvert-Woodley wine and liquor that the salespeople deem potable is something I’ll drink.

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Disturbing Images on Georgia Avenue. Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City, who writes: Was this some war protester’s intent? To make the National Guard sign look bloody and bullet-ridden?

Fixed Gear Bicycles Of Adams Morgan. A video. , writes: Walking through Adams Morgan is like surfing on the Fixed Gear Gallery. Last night I saw 12 fixed gear bikes in 4 blocks.

DC Damsel is back on It’s only $39.99 for month. That is, one month of access to the biggest leveler of self-esteem I have ever encountered in my 31 years.

While traveling, Jamy at Grateful Dating learns that a cousin has passed suddenly. The news arrives in an email. There is disbelief and questions. She writes: Time is precious and short and life is so unpredictable. It’s a gift to have any time without purpose … and I feel selfish for squandering mine.

A Rowhouse Vanishing Act. DCMetrocentric. Photo of a missing row house on Irving Street NW.

If you are new here, please check for the latest.

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The Starbucks baristas has been saying all the right things to NotCharlotte at No Sex & City, and now there is more than coffee brewing. But if she takes the lid off her desire does she risk ruining her morning coffee routine? The post: Triple Venti Excited

The writer at Swapping Tales is so upset over the shooting of two pet dogs by police Prince George’s County I am having trouble stringing sentences together. Nonetheless he does.

Related to the post above: Dogs DC is focused on the issue of police shooting of dogs in the course of various raids. That blog published last week reports involving a death of another dog, named Peach.

IT department to block webmail accounts. Complaint Hub. Now what?

Lunchtime observations in Dupont Circle. A Day in the Life

DC is a driver unfriendly city writes a visitor from Dallas. Strange Fascination

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The absurd cowardice of being polite. My Peculiar Reality labels this post under para-feminism and writes: The average modern civilized man seriously lives in constant terror of offending a woman.

Related unrelated to the post above: Brains by ErinSlick.

Please People: Stop the Insane In-Store Corn Shucking! Herb of DC grew up in Indiana and knows corn. He writes: I also know the one thing you will never see at a Midwestern farm stand – customers shucking their corn!

To Do: Sip DC’s Native Cocktail at Bourbon. It’s the Gin Rickey. Tonight at Bourbon, Adams Morgan. Details at Metrocurean.

Homemade Pho. WhereInDC. Doesn’t look too hard.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor review: awesomely bad. D.C.Girl(at)TheMovies

Ellipse Arts Center reports on the recent All Arlington Salon 2008. The works of more than 200 artists were displayed, and this post has some photos of these first-rate works. The show continues through Sept. 13.

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One for all and all for streets. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has joined the coalition Complete Streets. As Kaid Benfield explains in the NRDC blog Switchboard, Complete Streets’ mission is simple: Streets are for everyone. In particular, NRDC is looking to bring streets to cities and towns, including DC that are safe, comfortable and convenient for travel via automobile, foot, bicycle, and transit.

The Roanoke Times’ Happy Wag recommends a new roomie for the house at 1600 Pennsylvania. His name is Jake, an all-American dog, and, like lots of other Americans, he’s a victim of the housing and mortgage crisis, writes the Happy Wag. Think DC is ready for a Mutt in the White House asks Roanoke. Rumor is, he’s “non-pawtisan.”

Hmm. Oddly enough, the Transportation Research Board (TRB), recently commended DC for its transit system in cases of emergency.(Other metro areas Chicago, NYC, etc. faired not nearly so well.) Georgetown’s blog Vox Populi is equally surprised in their post on the TRB’s report: Five feet high and rising? Take the Metro.  Notes Vox Populi, clearly the TRB has never tried to Metro after a basketball game.

And lest you think, we here at DCBlogs are favoring only one DC institution of higher learning (snort! as if it’d be G-town! This contributing editor is from the ‘Cuse!) Josh at The Eagle Blog reports that American University Is The Winner! Not only has AU reclaimed its throne as most politically active college, according to The Princeton Review, it also placed in the “Great College Towns.” Notes Josh: The Princeton Review apparently decided which parts of D.C. were the coolest to attend a college in as GW was ranked higher than AU and AU was ranked higher than GTown. The Eagle Blog doesn’t think this makes much sense, but he’s not arguing.

Hill staffer Hippo Crusades admits he’s Drinking the Kool-Aid. The thing is? The Kool-Aid is good.

It was the wrong night, the very VERY wrong night for The DC Outsider to decide to finally use that gift certificate for The Cheesecake Factory. While giving away cheesecake for a mere (ha!) $1.50 a slice is all well and good, in Cheesecake Factory Wreaks Havoc in Clarendon DC Outsider bemoans the “people hanging out of the place like they were giving away free steak dinners and trips to Cancun.” After much driving around (at NON-flashbacked to 1978 gas prices), Outsider’s party eventually settled on Bertucci’s.

Hey, coulda been worse for DC Outsider – at least they weren’t craving Bennigan’s, right? Dudes on Foods laments: Bennigans and Steak and Ale – no more?