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National Guard deployed in DC to light up a city block. Prince of Petworth. Commenters explain all.

Is Adams Morgan More Dangerous than Anacostia? Urban Turf

Red, Adams Morgan. Photo. Project Beltway

Sept. 27, 2008: best day of my life. Lemon Gloria

City Paper Owner Files for Bankruptcy. City Paper Blog. How is it that City Paper’s new owners, Creative Loafing, can be in bankruptcy one year after buying City Paper? Most subprime mortgage holders hold on for a least two years before they file. The City Paper has produced some outstanding journalism over its many years. Hopefully, this bankruptcy will create a new path to independence. Chains are killing newspapers around the country. Analysis at Vox Populi

Why This Layman Opposes the Bailout. Media Concepts.

Artful oinkers for those who must save. Love in Blonde

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A very readable post by It’s about with a hard and harsh look about life in DC. Living in Ghost World. Excerpt:

Invisibility is the worst fate that can befall one in this city. At bars, clubs and parties, a game of feigned geniality and smooth evasion plays itself out. People stop for chats, token attempts at communication. Even as they speak, their eyes wander the room, looking past you, where more important, more glamorous minglers might be milling about.

An allergy provides a Hollywood moment. Allergies: the cheapskate’s collagen.  Swim Parallel

Tiny Dancer in the Bathroom. A fourth grade teacher with a cute story. Oyster Eater: What did I get myself into?

JDLand, which recently won Knight-Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism, is making very good use of DC government’s RSS data feeds. See this Computerworld post, Let’s turn the federal government over to bloggers.

I couldn’t stop staring. Alice in Blunderland. Street art, photos.

An open letter to Carol Schwartz. Whatever Lola Wants. Write-in advice: Due to your belief that DC residents loved you so much, you didn’t have to work for their support anymore. Given the results of the recent primary, you finally discovered that to be untrue.

New restaurant, Founding Farmers. Farm-grown fare at 20th and Penn. A report At Home In DC

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Inner Citings knows there’s a housing crisis, really she does. It’s just hard to remember sometimes, when you’re cycling in Great Falls, past the McMansions.

Hey, remember the Dupont Underground? Probably not, but it’s been an underground club, trolley carport and underground mall. Now DC Metrocentric reports that it may yet become an art exhibition and event space, asking is Dupont Underground Back?

For Adam of Adam’s Deep Blog, the cancellation of the Presidential Debates (or are they cancelled? Wait, they’re on. No, they’re off. On! Off! On! Sigh) has a personal effect. He doesn’t get to the hometown of his Southern Gentleman/Peach of a Man. When You’re (Not) Walkin in Memphis. Or are you walking there? On! Off! On! etc.

Oh Noes. Kim of Kim’s notebook says I’m not gonna vote and you can’t make me. True enough, but surely some DCblogsreader (yah, i made it up, sue me) has SOMETHING wise and compelling and hopeful to say on this. RIGHT? Anyone? Bueller?

Woodley Park Zoo asks: Is grunge making a comeback? Whaaaa? Grunge is out? Flannel and Starbucks.

When she woke up this morning, and definitely when she rode the bus and was subjected to a loud and ugly “discussion,” Beyond Friendship Gate was angry, really angry, painfully angry. Then she remembered Tai Chi and Mr. Pei. She got herself there stat and saw beauty again in Mr. Pei’s America the Beautiful. And now, so have I. And now, so have you.

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I’m always amazed at what searches bring readers to a blog. discusses the phenomenon.  I’ll say this:  her readers sound delightfully sane and lacking in anatomical confusion compared to some searches I have seen.

Living in the District has a handy (or paranoia inducing — you decide) map of fire hydrants, showing which are in service and when the hydrant was last inspected.

NicolaSix found a thong in her husband’s gym bag.  The best excuse her spouse could give her was that it was a stripper’s thong.  Should that make her feel better?  The blog’s author decides it’s a bad week to quit smoking.

Big Piece of Cake lists the things she’s done that make her “that mom”.

Freewheelin’ Spirit notes that Bike DC returns this Saturday.

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In the post, A Pedestrian’s Plea, the writer of excuse me, is that your blog? has this to say: Drivers in this city are egomaniacal bullies with reckless disregard for the lives of us lowly pedestrians.

Vegan Soul Power moves to Columbia Heights and says it’s heaven. The post includes a list of her finds. Excerpt: It’s a diverse, bustling neighborhood with plenty of vegan options, fantastic access to public transportation, and a great local bar and library! Its even pretty bike-friendly!

DC Sketchbook. This Too Shall Pass.

The Nationals season is about to end miserably, but the team still has a chance to accomplish a couple of things. The Nationals Review

You know this picture has to be near a Metro most likely to die alone

Help DC’s homeless and here is how. 14th and You. The DC Metro Social Forum says there will be a sleep-in tonight in Franklin Park: We encourage all concerned people to take a night to sleep outdoors in the park, under the stars and to get a feel for what your homeless neighbors go through.

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The Nationals are Deadbeats. The Slanch Report on the nearing end of the season.

The Washington Nationals will be mercifully finishing their season later this week, closing out merely 30+ games out of contention for the NL East, although the good news is that they are only 28.5 games out of the wild card. To cap off their inaugural season in their gorgeous new government paid-for home, the Nationals are celebrating by not paying their rent. After all, why should they bother, the product on the field is gift enough!

Notes from the dog walker. Was It For This. It cost $220 a month, but Cooper is worth it.

au revoir, peewee. Pandahead is at the goodwill silent auction, as were a number of other bloggers.

A Metro rail car provides a view into the past. Esther now-and-then-some.

Photo: Gentrification Project (Columbia Heights) Visual Mumbling.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 22nd, 2008 by dcblogs

The Imperfect Samaritan. It is Saturday and the writer of Booker Rising is having dinner at the Dupont Circle Chipotle when she sees someone attempting to steal a purse.

Credit Default Swaps For Dummies. RooshV lends money to a friend and then ask another to insure the debt.

Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City. In line at Starbucks for a morning brew, this writer is reminded of her loneliness.

Woes is me! My First Pang of this Recession. Expressions of A Buppie deals with the recession and resolves to re-wear something in my closet.

Nothing to lose but some chains. Gun control and decisions by lawmakers who live far away. The Foggy Dew

There are more local candidates with blogs in this election season than any other, but they still represent a minority. in shaw has a link to Jessica Lanza who is running for the ANC2C03 (Shaw) and has a blog. Map of ANC 2c here. [Note to candidates: If you are running for office and use a blog to interact on the issues, please send a link for the live feed.]

The people behind one of the art booths (scroll down) at Adams Morgan Day. bookish lady, a DC writer who practices bookbinding and letterpress.

Lunch at Lawsons Gourmet in Dupont Circle. Too Shy to Stop. A place where they say “Thank you, baby” and “Can I help you, baby.”

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Written in Caps asks a simple question: Why is car insurance so expensive in DC? I dunno, artist-formerly-known-as “Oh Excuse Me I’m New In DC,” why is it? Oh yah. The window smashing. Worst part about this … this neighborhood/block/street looks awfully familiar. Be right back, I gotta go check my … SMASH!

Ah, DC. Other cities have their sports or TV shows for water cooler/Metro gossip, we have politics and … this from City Musings: Bow-tied Men Say Things Like This On the Metro

And speaking of cookies … What? You weren’t- Oh! well I was! ErinSlick, one smart cookie herself, give us My Attempt at Political Humor

DC spin of a different kind: DC Rocks ON shows us it doesn’t have to be political. Spinning

No good deed … well, you know the rest. Mommaerts has been trying to volunteer to help Ike victims for a week and getting the runaround. I Have To Vent

Urban Mama turns 32, thinks about life, love, family and her mom, Mami, Abuela to the kids. I’m on Team Abuela

In All My Spare Time has no time for weeding. And it’s leading to the dreaded Homeowner Association Hate Mail. Oh have I been there. (wanders off mumbling to myself about blanketyblank “community” gardens that aren’t so community-minded) Kim vs. The Weeds

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 18th, 2008 by Foilwoman

Georgetown, M and Wisconsin

DC Damsel makes a deal with God regarding quitting her old job and possibly getting a new job, making promises and then counteroffers.  Whether this is good or bad probably depends on whether you think there is a god and, if there is one, whether God takes requests like a radio station.

Arlington County is adding three-wheeled human propelled vehicles (tricycles for adults) to its motor pool starting on World Car Free Day (Sept. 22) according to CommuterPageBlog.  Now let’s hope all those black Lincolns (or their lessors) chauffering very important but environmentally thoughtless people buy a vowel and a clue.

Speaking of cars (and I’m not saying anything good), crossing Georgia Avenue to get to the Wheaton Metro (or anywhere else) shouldn’t be an episode of Fear Factor, but according to Life in (Scenic) Wheaton, it really is.

I knit, but know nobody else gives a crap, but here, Crazy Lanea shows what one can do with a Feather and Fan (an old Shetland lace) pattern.

Oh, and let’s just guess the political affliation of Jason’s View from DC, shall we?  Nothing wrong with it, but if you can’t see it, you need to get your vision checked.

And just to show I can spell Hubble, National Geographic’s website publishes the Hubble Space Telescope’s photo of aligned galaxies.

Even if we’re not intergalactic, you (most of you here in PowerTown, anyway) want to appear to be international and cosmopolitan.  Here at DC Blogs, we want to help you be cosmopolitan, maybe even actually knowledgeable.  So read Alda Kalda of the Iceland Weather Report and her review of Krua Siam in Akureyri, Iceland.

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Breaking news: Bear closes Columbia Heights Metro. Jenny from the Farm has the photos. DCist has the theories.

Will we ever be a 24 hour city? The 42

A voice urges her to jump on the Metro. Alice in Blunderland.

I started to turn my head to the right, to see who kept hollering, and why on earth they felt such hollering was necessary. But my gaze didn’t make it all the way to the kind woman who was urging me through the train’s re-opened doors, as they fell first upon the doors themselves, and everything clicked.

Apparently drag queens make me happy. Sarah and the Goon Squad. In the checkout line at Safeway

Twenty things I-66 won’t miss about summer I-66

Confessions of an Obama campaign volunteer. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world

Monthly blogger meetup tonight, Regional Food and Drink, Gallery Place Metro, 810 7th St., an informal gathering open to anyone who wants to attend.