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A drunk lobbyist on K Street. There’s Such a Thing as Doing Your Job Too Well. Tom Collins

What constitutes cheating? A Blog is Born writes: In my mind, cheating is doing anything that you wouldn’t want to tell your man. Doesn’t matter if it’s with another person or whatever. If you’re not comfortable sharing whatever it is, then you’re cheating on the trust.

Buys a Kindle and was it ever worth the money, writes Du Wax Loolu.

Cardiac Arrest. The scene at a hospital after different family factions arrive. Desert Son

A dog guy writes about cats. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection. Cats, he writes: … are in it for themselves. When you come home, a dog will run to greet you joyfully and make you feel like a million dollars. A cat will peer around a corner, note that you’re home, sigh at the invasion of its space, and go back to hacking up hairballs on your pillow.

Bodega Spanish Tapas in Georgetown. DC Eats files this report about his late night meal.

The well dressed guy in line for jury duty. dcpeg’s blog. My day in court.

Most DC residents tune out protests, but there was one in Lafayette Park that caught the attention of Mental Mayhem. What I learned during lunch. And, Oh, Sorry, I’m New in DC, also comes across a protest and writes: I was unaware that there *were* Cuban political prisoners in US jails. Toby and I passed unmolested by the dozen or so “protesters” wearing T-shirts with slogans like “Viva Fidel.”

Pygmalion In A Blanket reports: It appears that Lifetime has started
shooting their LNS-themed, unintentional parody of faux celebrity realism here in the most northwestern parts of north-west DC.

Review: Peapod Delivery Service. Well Fed on the Town.

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If you missed the Red Skins game, here’s a video view from the seats in the final minute. (Turn down volume if at work) Good time to check out the Redskins Blog written by Matt Terl, a lifelong fan who says he has been given access to Redskins Park.

A post, 20 months, about the experience of raising a child. Sandblower

DC’s most famous blogger, Jessica Cutler, may be the subject of an HBO series. Elizabeth Nolan Brown has the link. Cutler’s blog, is inactive. For those unfamiliar with her story, Wikipedia has a summary with links. Update: Jessica Cutler’s new blog.

A bike parked too close the White House alarms the Secret Service. Don’t blow up my bike. Too Much Skunk in your Junk

MeshugAvi Blog. After signing the lease, this writer has advice for finding a rent in DC.

First impressions of the City Vista Safeway. The Triangle. A long list of observations including: Safeway’s first full-service nut bar. Next question: When will Safeway renovate its other stores?

Geek America: The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Technology Jobs. DC ranks No. 2. dB Professionals blog. If you have any interest in tech at all, bookmark the very useful DC Tech Events calendar. Some great activities, even if you aren’t all that techy, includng Tech Cocktail.

No Short Shorts When Bench Pressing. Please! BT Crowd

Elevator Etiquette and Laundry Room Love. DC Damsel. Missed opportunities.

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All politics may be local, but here in DC, it sometimes seems that everything is political. Including romance. The Soft Lounge Blog offers us some tips on Metro TMI: How Not to Pick Me Up. Uhh, yah, who says we were trying, Softlounge?

Blog politics, blog Metro, blog TMI. Just don’t blog late for dinner or The Main Event: DC Blogger Meet Up!! (yay!). It’s a party and we’re all invited says Hostess/Organizer Sista Socialite

Not-Ever-Still Life with Girls has a question for all those who asked about bringing a child into the world on THAT 9/11. And she has a mission for her nine-month-old daughter. 9 on 9 11

A naval reservist had a not so typical day seven years ago. Two Truths and One Lie takes us back there in remembering seven years ago

Jeff’s House of Something is not a religious man but he offers Prayers for Galveston after hearing CNN’s report that Galveston residents in one and two story homes are facing “certain death” if they do not evacuate. I echo them.

There’s a lot of talk about The Hill in this town. Yes, Capitol Hill. One woman, DC Moosings, has it mastered. All part of a 7-mile run. Capitol Hill — I rule

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The Pentagon’s September 11 Memorial Dedication will occur today.   Here is a link to the artist’s renderings The dedication ceremony will be at 8:00 a.m.

Super No Va Mom lists September 11 memorial ceremonies around the region, not just the one at the Pentagon.

The Astronomy Picture of the Day for September 10 isn’t the most beautiful ever (it’s not a one of those Hubble telescope nebula photographs), but I find these fascinating. The scientific tidbit of the day is that Saturn has at least one partial ring September 9’s photo was of the Andromeda galaxy.

Wired Science considers whether life could evolve on the Internet.

For those would-be published authors out there, GottaWriteGirlcontinues an interview with Devon Ellington.

The Big Piece of Cake: why raising youngsters is so, er, spiritual.

Rude Cactus ponders destiny and whether or not acting was erroneously overlooked.

Does “better person” equal “boring”? Live It, Love It considers this question.

CommuterPageBlog details some unpleasant commuting experiences and asks “does it seem like there are a lot of angry people out there these days?”

For those who need to review people’s clothing choices, the AntiDC explains to the fashion-impaired out there (you can include me in that group) an AntiDC fashion don’t. Kind of like Glamour don’ts, I guess.

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Who is the ‘Washington Elite’? Diatribes by Joah. Well crafted observations. Excerpt:

They don’t have as good of taste in music as people in San Francisco. They don’t bike as seriously as people in Austin. They don’t care about the environment as much as people in Portland. They don’t spend as much time outdoors as people in Denver. They don’t dress as well as people in New York. They don’t like summer as much as people in Chicago. They don’t hate winter as much as people in L.A. They don’t act like snobs as much as people in Boston. They aren’t as liberal as people in Seattle. They aren’t as conservative as people in Atlanta.

China Brings Its Baggage to Porter Street. The Chinese government is building a 27-unit apartment building in Cleveland Park (Google map). But DCMud writes that this project is raising questions, especially over the treatment of the Chinese crew doing the work.

While the apartments themselves have drawn little flak from the surrounding community, the conditions afforded the Chinese construction crew have been the subject of scrutiny. Reports of the workers’ long hours and confinement within a defunct, barbed-wire enclosed Days Inn on New York Avenue NE have been circulating since 2005, when the Embassy first began construction.

Dog Sitting Gone Bad. And did it. Life in (Scenic) Wheaton writes about what happened after the pets knocked over a four gallon jug of cooking oil.

New “Ministry of Bicycling” riding Saturday. Get out your shortest shorts, your whitest whites and get ready to pop a wheelie on the populace. Dress code: bike tie formal (ties, white button downs/ups, poufy dresses, bike grease). Greater Greater Washington

Rethink DC Metro Stations. Thesis title and blog.

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Advice on answering the inevitable question that all DC residents are eventually asked. The AntiDC:

If you’ve managed to escape from this big, retarded village called Washington, DC, even for just a weekend, it’s inevitable that you’ll face this most confounding question: “What’s it like to live in DC?”

Life in Pink takes a second look at the GOP ticket, and writes … for people to brush off Sarah Palin not being a feminist choice, is disconcerting. Feminism, for the record, does not just mean being pro-choice. It simply doesn’t. Feminism is about empowerment.

Meanwhile, Doctor of Thinkology writes that Sarah Palin is simply a reiteration of wedge issues in the guise of small town values–guns, abortion, creationism–sets up the old “us against them” no-compromise zone.

The nexus of the election battle in Ward 2 may be Shaw. Leave Shaw Yuppie (Photo) and point by OffSeventh says Shaw has been ignored and argues the primary is the best chance to change minds. district, schmistrict sums it up best.

Hanna flood pictures at Groggylandc. It turned a park into a small ocean.

City Vista Busboys and Poets at 5th and K. Life in Mount Vernon Square. Busboys and Poets blog.

HD Radio in DC. This informative post has a listing of all the HD stations and some examples of the equipment. TechDC writes: Washington D.C. offers more HD stations than most markets. The extra stations cover many genres and niches such as News, Bluegrass, Alternative, Country, Oldies, Jazz, and Gospel. If any of those stations interest you, give HD Radio a try.

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Hanna Does Georgetown. DC Universe, who writes: There’s something about seeing vast amounts of water pouring out of a Starbucks that fills me with an odd sense of joy. Photos.

M Slash lets a rider know how Metro really works.

Slate gives a shoutout to DC Teacher Chic. It has this to say about it: Her blog—often funny, usually outraged—offers a great insight into the mind of a teacher on the young side of this growing generational divide.

Mark your calendars: A blogger picnic will be held Oct. 11 sponsored by Looking2Live and Culinary Couture.

Metal in the Microwave: Not Just Fear-Mongering. Joelogon who writes Dumb Things I have Done Lately adds another to thing to his list of dumb things he has done lately.

Starbucks Should Stick To What They Do Best, writes So Good, who picks apart its new healthy breakfast menu.

What If Bristol Palin Were Black? expressions of a buppie

Help students become brilliant writers! The Capitol Letters Writing Center is holding a volunteer orientation on Tuesday in Dupont Circle. The orientation will be followed by a happy hour.

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In a delicious start, Suburban Sweetheart says thank you, thank you very much to Hello Cupcake. Just when she had admitted defeat, who should come along but the King himself?

Okay, this one is maybe borderline political, but it’s also … a universal relatable truth and didn’t cause any injury to anybody so … I just happen to like apples has a wee bit o the crush on jon stewart and co. I mean can you blame the appley one? really? I want to marry every Daily Show writer. Like, now.

DC’ers are ready for some footballl, some Thursday night Parrrttaaeees. Even Redskin Fins. Even ones who are Not Easily Impressed who shares Hail! To the Redskins! which also includes some great quotes from players blogs. Awww, Redskins fans are soooo schmooopy. (Giants 16, Redskins 7. Final.) But still… gooooo Santana Moss, star of the little known superstar fantasy franchise, the Sunday Sleepers (aka Washwords Revenge!) This is gonna be their year, I can feel it.

Because Cheat to Win is hillarious and amazing, we aren’t allowed to criticize. He says so. I guess he therefore felt emblazoned to share his report on 90210. Good thing he caught us all up since I knowwww none of us watched. RIGHT? Well, in case you want to refresh, check out The Rise of Uncle Becky

A case of perceived impoliteness. Districted tells of a Metro story and writes: In DC, our mottoes are “Don’t Talk to Me” and “Get Out of the Way.”

Her name is Bobbi and no, it’s not short for anything. the way i dc it has a list of organized rides beginning this weekend.

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The elephant in the room

Not much snark in the house tonight, as I recently lost a loved one (by which I mean:  someone I love died, not that I misplaced someone in Safeway’s product section).  At the same time, that means those of our fair community nattering on about what to buy don’t get a lot of sympathy from me.  Basically, the message is:  write about something meaningful, and if you can’t, consider it a good time to go search for meaning and cease writing until you find it.  Reviews of TV series?  Seriously, not meaningful.  That said, here are some blogs I’ve read and “enjoyed” lately, as much as I can be said to be enjoying anything now.

Toddler Planet wonders about being a mother and an academic/professional/person with a meaningful and satisfying career and why those who are successful at it just make the rest of us want to puke (no, the puking part is my addition).

The Prince of Petworth likes a building and posts a picture, asking for your opinion, because your opinion is one he knows and trusts to be tasteful.  Yeah, that’s why he’s asking.  (Why is he asking?)

And Now, Anacostia compliments an Anacostia office building and contemplates changes to the streetscape.

On the cheerful death and dying front (What can I say?  It’s on my mind.), The author of Dougintology,* a science I have never studied (there just aren’t that many guys named Doug out there anymore, I guess) says a sad farewell to Don LaFountaine.

There actually is someone in DC who likes “interesting” protestors.  Of course, that someone uses the monicker [F]oxyMoron, so that probably should be a clue.  But then I remember, as long as they don’t screw up my commute, I like the protestors too.

Speaking of commutes, the truly necessary superhero, MetroMan,** of IMetro, reviews the Metro Daily Service Report.

A different view of the city and Metro can be found here, at DC Outsider.

*Presumably named Doug, but you never know.
**He deals with Metro.  I can only help you with Halloween costume tinfoil problems.

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Attending the National Symphony Orchestra’s Labor Day concert on The Mall, You Lobby Like a Girl writes about the audience response to the National Anthem.

Everyone (easily 2,000+ people) stood up, turned towards the Capital building and the flag, took their hats off, placed their hands over their heart and sang along to the anthem. It’s obvious to me that patriotism and displaying great pride in being an American is not just a cliche here, it’s really heartfelt and a way of life. I’m not sure why that surprised me, maybe it’s that New England Sarcasm and jaded sense of society everyone keeps telling me I have because I’m from CT.

What happens when mother discovers your Facebook page? D is for Disowned. DC is my Manhattan

Velvet in Dupont looks at the election and writes, She Said, “I’m Only Seventeen, But I’ll Show You Love Like You’ve Never Seen!”

Trains leaving Foggy Bottom station. Life Through a Lens. Photo.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog views political live as a matter of fashion, and does so with sting. I’m Withholding Judgment on Sarah Palin Until Somebody Can Provide a Plausible Explanation for this Outfit.

Columbia Frights. The T-shirt that comments on life in Columbia Heights. Nick’s Designs

This ain’t no egg foo yung. Photos of real Chinese cuisine. Where’My Cape?

This is a visual recreation of DC in the Spring of 1814 created by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Imaging Research Center. It’s amazing. More than 5,000 hours of work went into this recreation. Also, A photo of DC, circa 1926, from 2400 16th Street. Shorpy