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Capitol Hill 20210 has been on the horrifyingly esteem-crushing (whaaa? who said that?) dating site, let’s just call it, smash dot com, and not surprisingly says I Want to Hide under the Covers so Bad Today. Oh honey, I have BEEN there. Not to be all your mom or anything, but hold out for the one who loves you for you; they DO exist. And nope, don’t come with wives and kids. Sigh. Been there, too. Hmm, 20210, when are you having those drinkies?

Maybe it’s just like itself. New Columbia Heights puts a new site – Homethinking – to the test. The site compares neighborhoods in different cities. For Columbia Heights, it came up with the financial district in NYC – preposterous, according to NCH, but “the mission district in San Fran, a bit more reasonable. What neighborhood is Columbia Heights like?

Oh Susanica! wonders Are blogs just soap operas on steroids?

In One Year Later, a daughter remembers: “It’s one thing to live with cancer and another to deny it. Somehow Dad did both.” And now that daughter, DC Peg herself is accepting and missing, both. Duality takes many forms.

Famous DC bemoans that to say he’s losing interest in his various leagues (with numbers plummeting faster than McCain’s might be a gross understatement.) Sigh. I know how ya feel Famous, losing to my fiance, who I introduced to the sport obsession world that is FF a mere few weeks ago! Fantasy Football – Week 7

The Search for J Street enjoys The Last Flowers of Fall on 10th Street as well as some curly-haired wholesome kids and dogs. Fortunately, they aren’t really the last flowers on her street, as there does seem to be a weather-proof garden of sorts nearby.

Even pros get the bruises. DC Rowhouse is mesmerized by her electrician’s gadgets and gear, and then comforted that even pros have accidents. Plus, he was uber-impressed with her nurse skills! Oh Holy Ceiling. . .

Phils win! Phils win! I suffer the dreams of a world gone mad is taken back to being six years old, just learning of sports, and dreaming of being a superstar ball player (with an awesome ‘stache to boot!). Something nice about those days…

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Economics question: Can someone explain whether the theft of bicycle front wheels creates the market for bicycle front wheels? Photos from a security camera illustrate this market’s supply side in action. I am a lefty

Where to propose (to Hippo Q.). Hippo Crusades

Overheard in Logan: the price of affluence. 14th & You.

But what if it’s true? A cat and twenty. Do you ever have the feeling that other people’s lives are so much richer and interesting than your own?

It’s freaking addicting: Freecycle-Silver Spring. Esther now-and-then-some

[F]oxymoron writes: This past weekend I discovered the allure of the Wii.

DC Confuses Me: Street Signs Edition. Photo. You’re Not Worthy.

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Top 6 unusual reasons Barack Obama will win this election. Arjewtino Underscore unusual.

Extreme Vandalism in the Neighborhood. Mr. T in DC, who writes: All I could think of, seeing the shopping cart jutting from the wounded car at a crazy angle, was that such wanton destruction is a perfect symbol of how ineffective the criminal justice system is here in DC.

Hey Chewbacca! To find out why, read The Dress Barn Tights Debacle. Who Invented Roses.

Perfection. Appreciating the moment. Infinite Connections

Fire and Bronze. Photo. Dramatic use of lighting in this Smithsonian display. Life Through A Lens

Today is Blog Action Day. Diary of a reluctant blogger.

MissChatter calls it quits. MissChatter On Line Reporter

DC Blogger Meetup tonight. Everyone invited, low key. Meet some of your fellow bloggers; 7 p.m. Regional Food & Drink (RFD). 810 7th Street, half a block from Gallery Place Metro, Chinatown Exit.

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American Blues. Candy Sandwich. About Pete Yorn, the singer. Check out the video. Kristen writes: I found something that made me think and I wanted to share because that’s how we roll, you and I.

One of DC’s older blogs why.i.hate.dc, is going through some changes. This often entertaining blog needs a writer, apparently. Related: 2Birds1blog takes the blog’s commenters (take on DC) to task.

WMATA says blogs aren’t news media. Greater Greater Washington. This post raises an important issue for all bloggers about fair access to public records.

Stop freaking out. Please. Global Chameleon writes: I think it’s a little early for CNN to be talking about recipes for squirrel-meat soup.

Praise and photos of 2Amys. Too Shy to Shop

Photo. Metro. 8:45 a.m. It’s Toasted

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For Redskins, a step backwards is simple math. Truth About it

Let’s turn Dupont “down under” Circle into something like this. Capital Comment Blog.

I long for a liberal media … The liberal media, writes, Countersignature, seem to be everywhere, if you listen to any number of fearmongers on your radio dial. Ann Coulter, widely syndicated columnist for the “MSM,” tells us they’re everywhere. However, it’s also utterly untrue that we have a “liberal media” in the USA.

Random conversations at bus stops with curious strangers.. ilike

Not all real estate is being foreclosed: White House is sold. Playaz Ball.

I am both For and Against public art benches. About those for and against public art benches. District, Schmistrict

Fios is coming to (some parts of) DC. Penn Quarter Living

How Will New Media Affect the Newly Unemployed? Alphabet Soup and Why I’ll Never Be President

A DC Surprise and a tour book recommendation. Harvard Avenue

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Into the life of Mb some beauty falls. Enter the Renegade Rose. Spotted Around Town: Take 2

WTOP’s Malcontent Minute blocks out the cast for D.C.: The Movie and hillarity ensues. Just a peek inside the line-up… Bea Arthur for Carol Schwartz. DCist picks up the column Segraves Casts ‘D.C.: The Movie’ and worries that the ladies of the DC Council might be storming WTOP offices as we speak (given, for example, that Carol Schwartz is 64.) Bea Arthur? Eek, 86, notes DCist.

The DC Outsider has a plea for his hometown, the city that threw snowballs at Santa Claus: show VP Candidate Sarah Palin the same special Philly kinda “love” when she throws out the first puck at an upcoming game. Make Me Proud Philadelphia he implores.

Just Matt could take his guy’s keen fashion sense, patient demeanor, healthy eating, but getting to go play with dolphins??? For WORK? That’s just too much. Jealous much? Yes.

New Columbia Heights launches a new series: Taking the Bus. His first installment: Taking the Bus: H2/H3/H4

I’m trying to stay apolitical. Really, I am. But when no fewer than 7 (and counting) DC area bloggers post the same clip… well… horrifying though it is, I think you should see it. Here’s one take The other side from Citizen Jake. See also Sometimes seismic: shudder, The Daily Shocker, Wonkette: Sarah Palin Parking Lot and many, many more.

Fun (by which I mean a classroom lecture) for both sides of the aisle. Professor Soft Lounge Blog red-lines and ummm blue-lines the most recent presidential debate. I particularly like the appropos colors. Philosophy: Fun With Debate Answers!

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So. The election. The debates. The wondering whether it’s over yet. So, today, our Palinoscopy, with a bit of McCain pain and Obama drama thrown in:

Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat sees Sarah Palin as Impalin’ (note the dropped g) the truth.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog just says ugh. That’s like just saying no, only meaner.

Journal Wunelle considers the Straight talk express, the media coverage of Obama and McCain “going negative.”

Mark Guppy of Scribes and Scoundrels found the whole debate a bit of a yawn.

Don’t Gel Too Soon posts a link to a paean to Barry by the Boss.

An actual undecided voter who participated in a debate focus group likes Obama slightly better than McCain after the debate. Vaburbia writes about his Fox News focus group experience.

Regarding McCain, Obama, and the debate, Menopausal Stoners (yeah, the blog name gave me pause too) think the debate can be summarized thusly: McCain = Old; Obama = Young.

For those of you for whom “Liberal” isn’t left enough, Vox Populi has tips for how to enjoy your IMF protest weekend. My plan: be somewhere else.

Speaking of protests, SwerveLeft‘s foreign friends ask: Hey, why the heck aren’t U.S. citizens marching in the streets protesting now that our retirement accounts and home equity are new and not-so-improved?

Where Is My Mind tells us about the so-delightful-it’s-got-to-be-a-joke Mail Goggles. But what a commentary on people’s impulse control if it isn’t.

And our future, future, future president may be from the land of Stimey (Stimey Land). Of course, there’s a chameleon and a train there as well.

Looking2Live thinks about atonement and Yom Kippur.

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He says to her: “Are we going to get down to business here or what?” eric nuzum dot com

Palin Poutine. Washington Cube. There are so many reasons why I would not vote for this woman, even down to the fact that she drops her “g’s.” I shudder thinking of her on the world stage saying “Prime Minister Poutine (Putin) ….Ay kin see yer house.”

Diary Of A Fixer-Upper: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Daphne at Open House Blog. Photos of work along with the tale.

Big feet standing in the way of love. Sorry About That. It’s what happens after the fall that may hurt the most.

DC MPD keeps putting off meetings about bike safety. WashCycle

A strain of tomato called the Mortgage Lifter at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market. Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Taste of Georgetown Saturday. Delleicious DC

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So, a woman approaches a man in Tryst. “Tom?” she asks. He didn’t hear the question correctly and a mismatch begins. Listening in is Not that you asked me, but …

What Does Metro Have Against Obama? Photo. Swapping Tales

The crime problem in Adams Morgan was summed up by Bryan Weaver, the chair of the local ANC, in a note he posted Monday on the local Adams Morgan mailing list: Since September 1st we have had over 30 violent crimes and 14 reported shootings in Adams Morgan. The violent crimes include numerous robberies (muggings), assaults with a deadly weapons, and at least one hate crime. The writer of something like a phenomena says this situation warrants a Call to Action. Meanwhile, Occidental Israeli wants to know why the media hasn’t reported Saturday’s shooting.

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon, and Nipples. Live It, Love It. Excerpt: He strides in, shirtless, a man on a mission. He looks like a 10 year old boy who just got a BB gun for Christmas and it’s raining evil squirrels outside.

hey pretty reports: Snuffing out a relationship is rather empowering.

Puff Out Your Chest DC. DC Sports Pulse. Praising the Redskins. DC Pro Sports Report.

Foreclosure Trends DC Region. Prince William County leads but bad news everywhere. Urban Trekker

Who Stole the Bus Stop? Independence Ave next to the Library of Congress. Living in the District

A student makes a video of his Metro ride. Sells his car. Pedestrian Capable DC.

Restaurant Review: Casa Oaxaca. Musings of Miriam, who reports: The restaurant bills itself as “authentic Mexican cuisine,” and the menu reflects it. There are not fajitas, or chimichangas, or any of the staples of Tex-Mex restaurants.

Whopper movie news: Harvey Weinstein, president of Weinstein Company, has given the green light to the first romantic comedy starring Saturday Night Live faves Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. And according to this report, it is suppose to be set in the Adams Morgan Burger King. From Huliq News

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The writer of Capitol Hill 20210 arrives home to find a person sitting next to her apartment door. She runs outside and calls the police. The follow-up post: After last night’s incident, I really understand why people distrust the police. [Update: These two posts have been removed.]

Columbia Heights Day was a disappointment, writes Creative DC. It didn’t have the arts of Adams Morgan Day, but there was a giant rabbit. Photo. Mr T in DC‘s photostream.

The nonmainstream media offers its take on Sarah Palin, you betcha, beginning with conversation with myself by The Other Lisa (Formerly of womenhavingitall). If you want to see a film clip of a real legend of the West, Maverick, see Herb of DC. Nice little theme song. Jason’s View from DC: I must admit I find Sarah Palin’s voice and mannerisms to be unbearable. Fifth and Oh checks out some Alaskan politics blogs and discovers: Palin Fading in…Alaska? Regarding Palin’s Joe Sixpack reference, NotionsCapital points out that Sen. McCain’s wife controls the third largest Anheuser-Busch distributorship in the U.S.

Gunfire in Adams Morgan Saturday draws multiple accounts. The writer at The Winding Road hears four to five shots not 10 feet from where he was standing. Some people scatter, some take cover, but this writer doesn’t move. Occidental Israeli hears gunshots and looks out the window.

The week ahead: Georgetown braces for more anti-IMF protests. Vox Populi

An Open Letter of Thanks To Random Girl at the Naylor Rd. Station (and Metro too). iPhone is recovered. Frank at Metblogs