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As Thanksgiving begins so does the season of heightened family drama, writes Avert Your Eyes. But there is always the Parrot Story.

A taxi driver refuses to take the writer of the Anti DC to Columbia Heights. The driver is unsympathetic to the argument that this neighborhood is so gentrified it has its own Target. She tells of the experience and ask: Is Columbia Heights the ghetto?

Staying in Town for Thanksgiving? What’s up Arlington writes: When I tell people I’m staying home for Thanksgiving, people usually look at me like I’m a lonely shut-in.

Outdoor Holiday Events. An exhaustive listing at the After Hours Blog.

It’s all the puffy. The fashion void that is DC. Winter recommendations, including the Kana from Japan.

She’s just being Miley . . . EavesdropDC

Thanksgiving. The Slacker Kitchen. Something to be thankful for.

Site note: Have a good holiday. Back after Thanksgiving.

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Is the Brookings Cafeteria the best lunch in Dupont Circle? The Internet Food Association. The real treat here isn’t so much the review, it’s the about page. Here is how the writers of this new group blog describe themselves:

Hello. We’re from the internet. And we’ve come to help you cook.We come, it should be said, from all corners of the internet. We are music reviewers and online organizers. Political pundits and network security experts. Health policy writers and programmers. But we are united by a shared recognition that all those things suck, and we’d much rather talk about food.

Barack rack rack rack. A history of poultry as food, The Wizard of Oz, and the unfortunate Proustian lapse. Washington Cube

A seemingly true and simple point about blogging and the economy by Indexed. (Earlier this link went to Lifehead. See note by commenter below). More fun with graphs: The volume of searches on Google for certain words and phrases provide a clever illustration of the housing market’s path. Bubble Meter.

An early Christmas present: Big Black Boots. Photos. District of Chic.

An invite arrives, I have Gin, but no Tonic, and the writer of The Winding Road to being Published, decides to accept the invite. But then things turn weird. Excerpt: She indirectly asked me to leave by saying she had to get ready to meet someone else. This didn’t bother me. As adults when we are in socially awkward situations, we don’t have to talk about them, we just nicely tell the person to leave. Problem solved. Normally I would leave immediately and salvage my dignity, but I was extremely curious about this development. Like I said, childish naiveté.

A report: Red Tomato Cafe in Bethesda. Lunching in the DMV. Pizza in photos. Excerpt: He ordered the ‘Pollo con Pesto – Oven Roasted Breast of Chicken, Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions with Pesto and Mozzarella’ for $9.95. I thought it was delicious. The chicken was well-seasoned, the thin crust was just thin enough, and the cheese tasted great.

Two letters, one to a visiting friend apologizing for the weather. The other to the weather gods. The Rantings of a Crazy Washingtonian

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If you see something, say something had no plans tonight. Then he started walking. A stroll down memory (and present-day thoughts) lane. Literally. Following the Path of Randomness

Track Twenty-Nine talks metro ridership, specifically the oh bazillion peeps or so that are predicted be aboard Jan. 20. Oy. Perhaps WashWords will stay home. Crowdphobia (aka Demophobia or Enochiophobia. Yah. I looked it up.). History? Crowdphobia? History? Hmm… still undecided. Read more about the expected demos and enochios here: Metro Plans for 1.6 Million(!) Riders Jan. 20

Urban Bohemian is having one of those days weeks. Fetch me my brain medicine

Lemmonex walks us through Thanksgiving Dinner. Whether it’s Papa John’s or Papa/Mama, the kids, those cousins, your in-laws, your bff, and your first ever turkey.  Final Call

And speaking of cooking…Cook and Book claims she’s no Top Chef, but I dunno, these leftovers aren’t too shabby. Turkey Sandwich anyone? Leftovers to hold you over.

Capital Complaints talks tech for the new administration Washington 2.0

LizkDC Dislocation talks beauty, current events, life, the Passage of time.

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Dissenting Justice isn’t sure that President-Elect Obama’s cabinet selections so far reflect his campaign message of change.

On another, much wackier (okay, batshit insane) POV, Sugar ‘N Spice really doesn’t like our President-Elect.  What is it about the water in the U.S. that creates these conspiracy theorists?

More on the wacko political belief blog-of-the-day from Melissa the Misanthrope.

Giving Up Control looks at the unintended consequences that might come from an automakers’ bailout.

MeanLouise remembers Jonestown.

And remembering another loss, Ah Bugger reminisces about a brother, gone ten years.

It’s back. The Blogger Happy Hour, which started about four years ago, will return Friday, 8 p.m., at Bourbon, 2321 18th St. NW. Arjewtino has details. It’s open to everyone.

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St. Elizabeth’s: DC’s very own haunted insane asylum. Photo collection. U Street Life

LottieB weighs in on my D.C. grocery stores of choice, and the ones I try to avoid.

I don’t know what to do anymore, writes Me, Myself an Eye about being single. All the men I meet are unattractive, boring, crazy or a potpourri of all three.

DC Expecting 4 Million People In One Weekend, and if you are from out of town, consider the Politically Correct Package at The Ritz-Carlton for only $50,000. David Gaines

Commenters at the Prince of Petworth discuss the new rules for taxies in Adams Morgan. Writes Neener: I suspect that there will be much less racial discrimination now, which is a good thing for the planet, even if the lines could get unruly.

The Obama Inauguration is Getting Crazy! Interesting finds on Craigslist by 007 in Africa. Will Washington, DC Real Estate Get A Huge Bump From The Election? Patricia Kennedy. Why Doesn’t Anyone Want To Crash My Place? Metblogs.

Blogger Meet up Tomorrow. Just shy of a dozen people have signed up to go to tomorrow’s monthly meetup. One person who plans to go is fiery nuggets who writes: So, clearly my pain has clouded my judgement, because I RSVPed yes to attend the monthly DC Blogger Meet Up tomorrow night. I’ve always been hesitant to attend these events because I wanted to remain anonymous and because I was nervous about joining a group where I don’t know anyone. But what do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing! It’s at Regional Food and Drink, 810 7th St. NW (half-block from Gallery Place Metro, Chinatown exit), at 7 p.m.

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In defense of Mount Pleasant. Next American City. Ben Adler writes: The Washington Post reports that my neighborhood, Mount Pleasant is suffering from a plague of shuttered storefronts on its commercial strip, Mount Pleasant Street. Mount Pleasant is, in my humble opinion, far and away the best neighborhood in Washington.

The most embarassing moments in her life. A round-up of some great stories. Pie Pants. She writes: Let’s see, there was the time I accidentally grabbed a woman’s boob during a job interview. Or the time I was accidentally racist. Or my first accidental carjacking. Or when I brought sex toys to a wedding shower. Or my big fat messy trip to the hospital in China.

An Open Invitation to the President-Elect. Red Sky at Night

Photo collection: ashlee + paul: married! blonde photo: have more fun!

Leon’s Worst Movies Ever List. Listen to Leon

Hillcrest: No Longer DC’s Best Kept Secret. Urban Turf

Hate Is A Core Value At WTOP. Freewheeling Spirit

Popcorn still on the cob for sale at Dupont Circle farmers’ market. The writer at Edible Miscellany puts it in the microwave to try it out.

The Inauguration (get rich quick) Rental Chronicles, Part 1. Possibly a new high: $11,000. Housing Complex blog plans to follow along.

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Nobody Walks in L.A. or in Kensington. The writer of High Heels Backwards provides a history of her walks in places such as Morocco, where men harass women in public, Boca Raton, where she enjoyed freedom, and a trip to the local Safeway.

Photos of squirrel helping itself to a Halloween pumpkin. And while we’re pointing out squirrel photos, here’s a link to the latest pet ‘net sensation, puppy cam.

The weekend was my very first hockey game. Ever. Writing in DC. A Caps fan is born.

Putting up the Christmas tree at Pentagon City. A string of photographs illustrates the entire process. free as in pizza

The DC Metro system is losing its luster. Spokes of a Wheel takes note of Metro’s new type of sign: Nothing says “this way to the seat of power” like corrugated cardboard and a Sharpie, right?

I’m proud to say I was the first to inform Jeff Simmermon that Obama collects comic books. Lonnie Bruner.

oh, metro! How to calm a screaming child. go big or go home.

A couple plays folk music in Dupont Circle and writes about it. Color Joy. Photos.

The economy has turned consumer thrift into a vice. Michael Kinsely, after strolling through the local Costco and Linens & Things, wrote this piece for the New York Times about his new angst to spend a little on a coffee maker bargain. And Why The Economic Downturn Doesn’t Seem To Have Affected Washington (Yet). Almost Georgetown. DC’s government-driven economy may insulate it from the downturn.

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Washingtonian has the skinny on Inauguration: Where the Parties Are.

BuggBlogg has some suggestions for those who would send him annoying fundraising ploys.

Insert your own punchline here. BdellaNea shares that the annual Leech Meeting is being held in Washington, D.C. No. Really.

New Columbia Heights shares a recent letter to the editor writer’s question: Too much parking?

D.C. Metblogs (and several other area blogs) remind you to join the protest on the mall to say No on Prop. 8

Tattle Teaching has some thoughts about our school superintendent, teaching, and school administrating. Oh I Wish I Were in Washington D.C.! Of course, her last post appears to be something called: Thank God We’re not Washington, D.C. Oh well, all’s fair in love and teaching.

Uhh, Obama collects comics?? Soft Lounge Blog wonders Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me Sooner???

So, about that other election… The Washington Post recently pronounced Georgetown Cupcake the winner of its Cupcake Wars. Gracious in defeat and wise in the ways of butttercream is U Street’s own Warren Brown (Warren’s blog) founder/owner of CakeLove and longtime local inspiration talks cake. And buttercream. Buttercreams inspired by European Baking.

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Notions Capitol comments on the whole Blogging Is Dead” cliche.

Alternative Hippopatomus with advice on How to Be a Better Blogger. If that’s not your interest, then you may leave this post with some ideas on how to alienate people.

Everyone encourages you to take the Metro to the Anacostia Community Festival.  JDLand notes that there are some small complications.

Who pays a dollar for air in tires?  Well, I’m cheap, cheap, cheap, so not me.  But in Stimeyland more than $.25 (or nothing) has been paid for air.  A sign of the apocalypse?  You decide.

Better than a barrage of PeptoBismol pink:  Too Shy Too Stop discusses 501(c)(3) entity Keep-A-Breast foundation (because most of us don’t actually have a spare) which seems a welcome contrast to the annoying and infantilizing Avon pink crap.

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The real election stories are now coming out. This attorney volunteer shares a readable and entertaining tale of an election day adventure that began at 3 a.m. Zhubinness

Metro’s “Worst Performing” bus lines. Greater Greater Washington. Highlights from Metro’s annual report.

12 Great DC Dates. To Blog Or …

DC To AK. Someone from DC is writing about their experience in Alaska. Most recent post, Things We’ve Learned, Weeks Five and Six, is entertaining but so are others. Tidbit subjects: Babies in Alaska love bars; When you hear the wolves, the hike is over, and The first time you see a moose, your brain doesn’t get it.

The kids are really excited to be on the Metro. Wistful Wanderlust. Photos of a family’s visit to DC.

Year-to-Date Borderstan Crime Stats. Borderstan, from that in-between neighborhood.

Now even the Brits are talking about Petworth… Observations about Petworth and the Financial Times story. Farm Fresh Meat.

Cashing in on the Obama Inauguration. A place in Dupont Circle for only $5,000 for three nights. Craigslist classified.