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Gilahi went well below the Mason Dixon Line to visit family this holiday season.  While there he indulged in more than Sweet Tea and Sonic (to which Lemmonex pledges undying affection.)  If you aren’t bilingual, perhaps Gilahi will translate Dayum from its original Southern Speak.

Liebchen went in the opposite geographical direction and was faced with her family’s unwritten holiday traditions: Stubbornness & Competitiveness.  How a Game of Scrabble Nearly Caused a Family Feud relates the tale of dueling dictionaries at six paces. Learning to Fly

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino’s Kris surrenders her blog space to an old friend (italics are mine but her preface necessitates them) who uses both Socratic and Scientific Method to debunk the Syllogism of dating in the third decade and beyond.  Diminishing Romantic Returns is nothing if not a call for optimism in the New Year.

Nothing that I have to write will make Please Continue by Merujo, from Church of the Big Sky, any more poignant.  So just read it.

It seems there is an epidemic of previously unavailable women of the blogosphere finding men who embrace, admire, and are charmed by their inner commitment phobia.  One of my favorites, Brooke of Skrinkering Hearts, examines and makes some disclosures about her not so new ManFriend in Cause all I ask for is Instant Pleasure.

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Photo taken in 2007 or 06. A bike on 24th NW.

Arjewtino spends Christmas night in a hospital. The post: Two Christmas miracles this Jew did not see coming.

Bar Coasters perfect for youth Ages 3 — 16. The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities at work. NotionsCapital.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, writes Sexy, single, and… celibate? Her tumor is benign.

New Year’s Eve Shoutouts: Ring in 2009 in Shaw. A neighborhood guide.

Craigslist Treasure Hunt. Open House Blog. Fine furnishings for the new year.

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Yglesias writes: The issue with Chinese food and DC isn’t that there’s no good stuff, it’s that there’s an extraordinary quantity of bad stuff.

City Girl DC writes: What does a single girl do for the holidays when her artist mother has uprooted and moved to yet another city and her married with kids sister is on the verge of divorce?

Mount Vernon Triangle to get a Buddha Bar. the Triangle. Does the idea of a bar featuring a large Buddha seem disquieting at all?

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare is the name of the blog written by DC public school teacher. He teaches math.

A River Road non-update. Dear CNN, writes Lacochran’s Bloggery, I don’t know what sadistic game you’re playing but you have to stop scaring my mother.

Suburban Fizz looks at the list of the top 10 things to do in DC in Christmastime and picked three of them.

DC Fab list the top New Years Eve parties.

A year in review, that’s literally, a catalog. Famous DC

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Your Christmas Playlist on YouTube. Great list. Most likely to die alone.

It was Washington Cube‘s birthday this week. But nothing is ever as it seems in Cube’s world. She writes: For the first 21 years of my life, I didn’t have a name, legally.

Fire in the Argonne. A resident of this Columbia Road building in Adams Morgan runs downstairs to see what the alarm is about as firefighters pass him on the way up. Connetiquette Ave.

My Tiny Kitchen. the arugula files. Inspired by the New York Times series.

iSight + puppies. Pet Photos. Was It for This.

Note about photo: For years and years, these emergency fire faucets were positioned like this on I and 20th NW. But this past summer these lovers were pulled apart and straightened. So, if you see someone over the holidays banging on some faucets in an effort to restore a little bit of love and harmony in the world, you will know, dear reader, that this is not the act of a crazy person but the mission of a hopeless romantic. The 911 call will be completely unnecessary. Best of holidays to all from crew at DCBlogs.

* For those who have sent request, we will be updating the feed over the holidays.

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Rick Warren II. Scott’s Take. Excerpt: Obama said throughout the election (and I heard him say it several times throughout Nevada, personally) that he wasn’t always going to tell us what we want to hear. Guess what? He’s delivering on that promise. Pundit Mom: Rick Warren is NOT Change We Can Believe In.

New neighborhood blog: The Georgetown Metropolitan May be this neighborhood’s first.

NotionsCapital writes: He’s not even in office, but President-elect Obama has already flip-flopped on a key campaign pledge.

I’m starting a trend. (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp, who writes: Forget ankle boots, shoe booties, or “shooties.” Photo.

Visiting the National Christmas Tree. So DC, who writes: I was pleasantly surprised with what we found: a beautiful tree surrounded by a wonderful collection of electric trains (and accompanying towns and bridges), and smaller trees representing each of the U.S. states and territories.

Google Maps has a wonderful service, called Google Transit, but Metro isn’t participating. Greater Greater Washington.

Recognizing a dive bar: a guide, at the Dive Bar

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NYC, Lower East Side art gallery

DC’s Unprincipled Principals. The Washington Teacher is on the hunt for questionable practices in the school district. She writes: On Tuesday evening, union members told horror stories of principals regularly interviewing DC students about their respective teachers in exchange for bribes of candy.

A letter of opposition to a gas station from three DC Council members to Mayor Fenty prompts some strong comments on the issue at Frozen Tropics. Letter is printed.

Experiences at two high-end restaurants, The Source and Charlie Palmer Steak. Baggage Carousel 4. The steakhouse wins.

Stupidity like this makes my head hurt. EavesdropDC

CatchUpLady‘s tweet: My first blog post from an airplane (that’s in the air!) [also on Twitter @DCBlogs]

Uh, Remember that job interview I had last week. Atlas Will Shrug. A geopolitical job interview.

The Economy of an Inauguration. CommuterPageBlog

Washington Photo Journal. Nighttime photo of Dupont Circle underpass.

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Gallery Place, DC Dec. 17 2008

DC Outsider announces an indefinite suspension of blogging.  Sad.

The Whitman Walker clinic has moved to a new, more “modest accommodations” and also laid off “tens” of employees, according to Vox Populi, who sees this as  a sign of the financial times.  The Georgetown Voice recently praised the Clinic’s programs and service to D.C.

Occam’s Razor‘s Mark wonders how traditional traditional marriage is.

Why Write Poems?”  wonders First Person Plural, the Writer’s Center blog.

Baking with butter — who knew it was so complicatedModern Domestic refers you to a New York Times article, and has additional comments.

District Chatter responds to some comments regarding it as a “ridiculous blog.”

I hesitate to include this link because it includes a link to a post of mine (but just ignore that, unless you are broke and need some tips on how not to spend money), but Freewheelin’ Spirit tells you all about how to use vinegar instead of more expensive and environmentally deleterious things like herbicide and Windex.  So check it out.

If NASA says you should be alarmed, should you be?  Twilight Earth writes about Arctic ice melt.

And Chalice Blog‘s Chalice Chick refers everyone to this [Expletive Deleted] You, Penguin as her new favorite blog.  Yup, this blog disses animals for fun, or possibly just out of contrariness, and in the latest post disses the king of the jungle(well, technically, lions are savannah predators, not jungle predators, so there you are).

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Books for sale, Columbia Road near 16th NW

Katherine of Who Invented Roses? explores alternate approaches to displaying loyalty to one’s employer in How I Ensure Job Security in a Tough Economic Climate.  No need to adjust your calendar, though, it’s not TMI Thursday already; she’s just early.

The DC Universe loans his blog to Dan Snyder to give him a chance to explain the fubar-ed mess he has made of the Washington football franchise since he purchased the team more than ten years ago.  Satire and sport find harmony in Guest Blogger Dan Snyder.

Manifest Density writes of his response to the Best of Music Lists for 2008 which includes a softly stinging rebuke of the modern music scene, and discusses the music that moved him this year. I can neither agree nor disagree with the musical assessments made because if it wasn’t jazz I probably didn’t listen to it; however the way Manifest Density wrote Music in the Year of the Rat made me want to change that.

In comparing and contrasting the transportation infrastructure of this country and Europe, I am a Lefty issues a challenge to the incoming Obama administration, and our collective sensibilities about moving people from place to place in her post Infrastructure, What’s the Deal.

I went to a shopping mall yesterday as matter of pure necessity – I needed a cigar and that was the closest place to buy one.  I was shocked with all of the signs of Christmas Consumerism* run amuck in this challenging economic climate.  In that spirit, The Life of Brian’s post, Tough Times and the Holidays, provided some uncommonly sensible advice to “right size” your holiday season.

* I ask those of other faiths (or none at all) forgive the Judeo Christian reference in light of my affinity for alliteration.

If you still need to get a tree to decorate this year, the Green Piece Blog offers some of the environmental pros and cons of real and fake trees in Real Tree v. Fake Tree.

The Average Blogger explores the quandary of dispensing discipline to her son in what might be seen as an open letter to his older self in Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Mama

Blogger December Meetup is tonight. Everyone invited. It’s at Regional Food and Drink (RFD) at 810 7th St. NW. at 7 p.m. Half-block from Gallery Place Metro, use Chinatown exit. Excellent chance to meet your fellow bloggers.

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Enough Already Department: Teen Stabbed at 13th and U; Proceeds to Board Metro Train. 14Th & You, who writes: This reminds me of the Shaw gang wars from 2007, where you would see flare-ups every few weeks or so. Inevitably, the outcry over this violence will be tempered with the usual “you only care ’cause it’s happening in an area with pricey condos”. I know, because we’ve heard it before. And regarding 14th & U’s point about people from Des Moines, it’s duly noted, writes District, Schmistrict

It be official, kids. I have no holiday spirit, writes Hey Pretty. Checking account overdrawn, frozen organic burrito, but poker winnings help thaw out the mood.

Local Blogger Posts Thanks to Shoe-Thrower. City Desk

Travels of a Lost Texan has trouble with the Dupont Circle circle.

Something New Orleans has over DC: Snow. Photos. Painterly Visions.

Portraiture Now: Feature Photography at the National Portrait Gallery. DCist

Art of Shaving In DC’s Union Station. Off the Cuff.

Homeless, Jobless, Hungry in DC writes that he is starting to see more homeless families.

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Festivus in Adams Morgan. People are invited to write a grievance and put it on the community bulletin board at Columbia and 18th.

Who Eats Free. The revised list at Ben’s Chili Bowl. Photos. DC de facto

Walked into work ready for a new day and then … the news was sudden, unexpected, and gasp-worthy, writes Julia at Italian Mother Syndrome. The post: This writer’s for hire, quickly followed by The 5 C’s of job hunting.

NSpirit On Life wrote the poem, Movers, about urban life, at an earlier point in her life that resonates, especially today in DC.

Curious about the photo above? More photos of Festivus in Adams Morgan at Prince of Petworth

Five Reasons Why the Metro is Annoying. Casual, inspired, creative. A Web designers rant.

Beware Roof Top Burglars in Borderstan West Dupont.

When two toddlers meet in the night. A very cute series of photos. Girl With Flat Hat

Great photo of the moon in full. Ohad

The Day the Earth Stood Still, writes DC Girl at The Movies, has the IQ of Independence Day, but without any of the fun.