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Forget other local bloggers classes on how to pick up women, Arjewtino offers up gems in his Being Arjewtino: A Workshop such as: how to eat General Tso’s chicken four days in a row without gaining weight. Sign me upppp.

Don’t gel too soon is thinking about the inauguration and being enamored of the president-elect. The inauguration in 1961 she attended as a teen girl, that is. John Kennedy, Barack Obama, 2 Inaugurations and 2 Generations of Dreamers

While I thought this recipe from Herb of DC was going to tell lucky DC’ers how to get a date, and enjoy pudding with said date, it turns out to be even better. The recipe and the post turn out to be a bit sweeter than you’d expect on first blush, not unlike my bloggy crush Herb! I’m looking forward to my date, Herb…for pudding, of course. Herb of DC: The Christmas Date Pudding Recipe

Erin Slick discusses high maintenance women in Trap. Fortunately I — and more importantly, my fiance — already know I’m HIGHHHH reward.

What Liz Said talks speed dating. No no, no need to panic, her wedding’s still on; she’s talking friend dating, which indeed can be a challenge, especially when you’re new in such a transient city. Liz, despite being such a POOOOR correspondent, I too like walks on the beach, blogging, wedding planning on a budget, and being hillarious. OMG, it’s a match! Speed Friendship Dating, Maybe?

Ah, the holidays. Time for travels and sharing the joy with your fellow humans. Or venom, whichever. You’re Welcome takes us through her fun airplane ride, and eek, it’s part II, poor girl. Airplane Venom, Pt. II

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MoCo Lotion sees the bright side in Metro delays (more Sudoku, Kakuro, and crossword puzzles done) but segues from being Mr. Know-It-All (MKIA) to wondering who the syndicated MKIA is and whether this individual knows that the rest of us know how to plug search terms into search engines.

Memories of and current experiences (and photos) of Metro by Kat at Swim Parallel.

A free of charge inauguration concert: thanks to On the Red Line (the concert is at the Shakespeare Theater Company’s Harman Theater one block from Gallery Place).

Charlcie writes about sneaky thyroid cancer.

Why does Senator Dodd want regime change in Detroit but not Wall Street?  Dissenting Justice wonders if there is some mysterious connection between Dodd’s conflicting position and his finance industry campaign contributors.

The Life of Brian (the blog, not the movie) has a great auto-industry bailout adversement.

In DC, of course, the auto-industry bailout isn’t the only thing to get mad about.  Shutter to Think has a photo and essay about other cause celebres that bring protestors here to block traffic.

DC Striving shares some book love.  We can all use more, and share more, of that.

Baggage Carousel 4 has a usage peeve regarding photos on local WordPress blogs.   Is “that annoying little bit of web magic whereby the owner of a blog provides you with a popout box showing the contents of a link on the page upon mouseover” something that is “a better user experience”?

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Jordan Baker of Dealing in Subterfuges is finally driven from slumber by news of what may be a burgeoning epidemic of Monkey Smuggling and considers the societal and metaphorical uses of the situation.  That’s one way to avoid hitting the snooze button again.

SingLikeSassy loans her space to Shades of Reality for a trial blogging run / guest post that examines the complicated existence for parents of bi-racial children.  

Rude Cactus considers the relative strong armed charity practiced by Starbucks in donating coffee to soldiers and has an inspiration for other ways to help.

As a man who has particular sensitivity to excess accessories ruining the lines of a suit, I found particular humor in Capitol Hill Style’s guide to avoiding the ire of Hill staffers waiting to clear security at government buildings.

Sure, this is an older post from Sexy, Single & Celibate, but it poignantly describes a too common condition of prolonged single-hood (especially when the temperature drops.)  In Skin Hungry, SS&C explains a basic need of the largest human organ.

To Blog Or outlines his criminal history in an attempt to break a cycle of blackmail and wage war against his municipal enemies in I am a Criminal.

In recognition of this difficult economic climate, Arena Stage demonstrates its commitment to community and theatre in announcing the “New Deal” seating that will sell for just $25. Arena Banter

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This post about finding the pickle by lacochran’s bloggery received some nice praise by Urban Bohemian

Life Secrets: 101 or Shouldn’t Someone Have Told Me About This? Plight of the Pumpernickel. Very clever take on some of life’s early stages.

A handy, age specific chart to the DC singles scene. DC Concierge

Christmas Denied Story: The top five toys I wanted as a kid, but my parents refused to get me. The DC Universe. A list with photos.

DC’s Council recently passed “emergency” legislation allowing bars to stay open 24 hours between Jan. 17 and 21 for the inauguration. the Other 35 percent, which writes: When legislation is enacted essentially in the middle of the night, with no public input, you can guarantee it’s not the citizens of the District of Columbia who are calling the shots.

A veteran in need. Beyond Bread. The blog of Bread for the City.

About a new restaurant rating service, Thummit. Johnna Knows Good Food

Special deal: Kimonos for sale. On the Red Line

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The Composite Sum of Obama’s Face. An advertising model used by a Dupont Circle dentist with a curious resemblance. Life Outtacontext

Winter Outlook. University of Maryland journalism major gathers data from squirrels, family and science to offer a seasonal outlook. It Never Snows in DC. Also, a dusting and so begins the panic season. Missives from the Birdcage.

A little tip. Prod and Ponder notes: When writing to apply to a graduate program, do not use “u” to abbreviate “you” and “ur” to abbreviate “your.” I know, it seems obvious. And yet…

Our New $20 Bicycle. The Slow Cook.

New yogurt place gets ready to open, Caliyogurt on 18th near Columbia. Photos. The 42.

ZooLights. Photos. Nice work at One Photograph a Day.

Bad dates for a birthday include April 15th. DC Spinster

Post Secret, which was created by DC area resident Frank Warren, says he needs to sell more books to keep paid advertising off his web site. Holiday Appeal.

Web site recommendation: PaperbackSwap by Advancing the Plot.

Fresh adds

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Here are some recent additions. Blogs are added almost weekly, I’ll try again with a weekly, or near weekly, compilation for fresh adds.

We will also be using Twitter more to for more sporadic news and notes and new links. Twitter: @dcblogs

The adventures of urbanman! One of the planet’s 6 billion superheros.

A DC teacher writes Standards and Stems. He describes himself: Previously sheltered by a New England upbringing, New England liberal arts college education, and New England private school teaching experience. Constantly questioning his No Child Left Behind “highly qualified” teacher status.

Destroy DC. Eclectic destruction.

Cleverly named photo blog: Shutter to Think

Declutter You. A professional explains decluttery.

Art and Literature. Perfectly named.

Dead Time Zones can’t get enough of Palin.

We’re Out of Here. Travel blog.

Twofer the Price of One. Her email address begins with scarytwins.

First Person Plural is the official blog of The Writer’s Center

InsidetheDistrict. Random thoughts.

District Beat is a blog about inexpensive arts and culture in DC.

Food for Thought describes itself as “the niche blog without the niche.” Too bad it didn’t name itself after it’s clever domain name:

Fumbling though life.

Speed the Thong is the longtime blogger formerly writing under Thong Speed, redux, and now on Tumblr.

SurfRhythm describes itself: Surfing and music, like a coach and a team, like peaches and cream.

Color Sizzle is about colorful design.

Global Investment Watch. Bad news everywhere.

The Beer Barons. As the name suggest, all about beer.

The Definitive Dmbosstone: rants, recaps, and perhaps interesting content.

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Crazy Lanea lovessss her some wool. What she hates: plying. W is for Wool

Regret Sucks!, so a friend told I am Yawar. He agrees but not in the way his friend meant it – despite her and everyone’s attempts to dissuade, he’s going home… to Pakistan. Because he has to, in his heart.

DC Rainmaker investigates the water of the Potomac. And what he finds is mucky. And lumpy. And, he has photos. Swimming in the Potomac

Capital Homes takes us through our real estate future, pondering Will DC Real Estate Get the Obama Bump? No, not the fist bump. The real estate bump.

The Vapor Trail does a good deed and is rewarded with a prize and great marketing idea (but I think it’s Guerilla marketing, Vapor. Just sayin.;) ) Gorilla Marketing: Starbucks & Zipcar

Need one more Thanksgiving leftover recipe? Of course you do. DC Foodies give us Pop Pop’s White Potato Pie

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Suburban Fizz had the “you know you’re a parent” Thanksgiving day trip to the urgent care facility with a two-year old with a bleeding head wound.  As she says “it isn’t a holiday until someone requires emergency care. Can’t wait to find out what Christmas will bring!”

Bossy, of apparently has a Kathy Griffin fixation, rediscovered while cleaning her computer desktop, for which Mr. Bossy has some explaining to do.

Bonuses and the Big ThreeMalnurtured Snay has some thoughts.

Your Neighborhood Librarian reminisces about a now defunct coffee shop in Baltimore.

Restaurant Refugee manages to avoid close up human contact for with the Lightly Bible Thumping Blond – for a second time.  Strike two.

Parking lot rage: Looking2Live experienced it, and at 6:40 A.M., too.  Who can get that angry that early in the day?

Greater Greater Washington looks at the discussion surrounding priority bus lanes.

City Sparkle DC has tips for the unemployed (from personal experience).

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Fifty Year Marriage Medal. Finding Blanche

Talking Budgie’s mother was injured when a balcony collapsed in Brisbane, Australia. (Here’s a news account of it. It was a major accident). And this week this formerly DC-based blog, but always a DC blogger, offers some dos/don’ts to the well meaning.

It is the 75th anniversary of the greatest economic stimulus ever, the repeal of Prohibition. And there will be a party. Lonnie Bruner.

The writer of Madam Mayo pens for the Writer’s Center blog, First Person Plural on the Three most often asked questions about the writing business.

Coarse Society (Don’t Read This One Out Loud at Work). Scott’s Take. He not only overhears, but he gets involved.

Capitals / Panthers Live Knee-jerks. On Frozen Blog. You are reading live from the Press Box in the Verizon Center. More live blogging. Storming the Crease

Adams Morgan Holgas at NP. Photos. What is a Holga?

More about the missing acorns: WashingtonGardener says there are plenty of acorns.

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The coffee was 40 cents, it was open 24 hours, there was Internet access and printer. The Cadaver Lab was a great place to work as long as it stayed quiet. Scenic Wheaton

At a Lawyerly Office Birthday Party. Who Invented Roses. The boss comes in and says: You need to get The Rabbit.

Where Have All the Acorns Gone? This is interesting. They are non-existent this year. Looking2Live. One commenter, Lemmonex, writes: Man, lately I really feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Even squirrels cannot catch a break.

The One Hour Thanksgiving Smithsonian Tour. In words and photos by Herb of DC.

A shocking discovery by The Life of Brian, who writes: Well, I was having a great time in NYC this weekend until yesterday when I went to withdraw cash from the ATM and noticed I was missing about $2000.00 from my account. Let me repeat that. Two. Thousand. Dollars.

In DC, the inventory of condos for sale now is at 8 months of supply, writes Urban Trekker, who writes: To balance the market and reduce inventory of condo, something needs to happen fast, like massive influx of people moving in to DC! You think the number of people moving in to DC from other states who’s going to work for Obama Administration can help tip the balance..

Local Soup Delivery. On the Red Line.

Cyber Monday Deals on Red Cross Items. For the fashion savvy do-gooders. Red Cross Chat.