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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 30th, 2009 by WashWords


EconoGirl takes my former colleagues to task in What Reporters Will Never Admit… Oh, we admit it. Who do you think is consuming all that porn? I mean… stories about the Obama Dog.

Of Peace and Politics gives you the intern perspective in The “Chat about Obama” Podcast Okay, so you have to go through some “this one time at band camp”-esque stories about coffee to get to the heart of the experience. The youthful exuberance, energy, and sheer articulation of the experience make it worthwhile imho. just messin about the band camp, interns, not tryin to hate. (did that sound young and hip? yeah, thought not.)

Not sure if poet Bernadette Geyer is trying to make a statement with her talk of “sticks and mortar” (sticks and stones, anyone?) instead of BRICKS, but either way, she is not the only one Lamenting the Demise of the Post’s Book World and Why Some Sticks & Mortar Companies Seem to WANT to Fail For shame, Wash Post; for shame.

The Anti-DC has a rare lollipops and rainbows moment when she realizes, it’s not DC that sucks, it’s WORKING in DC. The Anti DC: being a tourist in dc is effing awesome

What’s WITH us and the snow?? Global Chameleon joins the Obamas in urging fellow Washingtonians to Buck up, snowflakes

Oh. hmm. so it’s NOT the journalists consuming all the … inappropriate and way not highbrow best of the interweb. My bad. In Don’t they have that blocked?? Purrs & Scratches takes government employees to task for having WAY too much fun. Huh. Not anyone I know. We consider office “comedy” sketches outside the building (Clyde’s) big fun. NSF, here we come.

And just so I don’t start AND end today’s postings with Porn… in the more Wholesome Fun department The Search for J Street takes us through a day in DC in Snow!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 29th, 2009 by dcblogs


The Curious Case of why I’m going to murder the dog. Pygmalion In A Blanket. A back-and-forth analysis concerning the demise of a roast.

An office dumpster dive chair transformed. This well illustrated post takes you through the process of reupholstering a chair. Hausaufgoblin.

A review of DC’s newest cupcake joint, Red Velvet Cupcakery in Penn Quarter. ModernDomestic.

Gun stores in Georgetown? The upcoming ANC debate should lead to some primo bloviating, writes The Georgetown Metropolitan.

President Obama comments on DC’s inability to handle snow are explained by City Desk.

How I Discovered My Inner Pick-Up Artist. [F]oxymoron. A story from the Netherlands.

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Scotus of the DC Universe is just about ready to end his relationship with the Washington Post’s Date Lab. Apparently it’s changed and he hasn’t.

Lost Black New Foundland in Foggy Bottom – please help someone find their lost dog. The blog, Find My Dog Alli

Scenic Wheaton is inviting you to have a drink.  That is to say that the LGBT HH at Quarry House is “open to all queers and friends of queers and anyone wishing to find a single queer to pose for pictures with their Grandma at their upcoming wedding.”

Are you looking for a creative way to express all of your anti February 14th angst and maybe earn cool prizes at the same time?  Perhaps you should consider entering Dabbled’s Black Heart Anti-Valentine’s Day Contest 2.0.

JT of So Good asks the quintessential question – Is nothing Sacred? – in examining the changes to Girl Scout Cookies.

Congratulations to Ivory Towerz for its millennial posting.

Cogito Ergo Twitter? Library of Congress says yes.

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A long walk through Georgetown to say goodbye to an ill friend. BabyBlue

Praise for the new bus, the 43. Complaint Hub.

A round-up of Valentine’s Day menus in DC. Among them: The fish market at BlackSalt has an oven-ready tasting menu available for $120 per couple. After Hours Blog.

New coffee and tea shop: Coco Libre. New Columbia Heights.

With snow arriving, I-66 assesses his food supplies: I’m out of orange juice, almost out of Mountain Dew, and I could go for some spicy sweet chili Doritos

Matt’s Studio Apparatus: I can’t deny my love for BookForum any longer. And now I find out that they have a blog-like tally of all things literary. I mean super-dork stuff like Zizek articles and junk!

Good tip: Google updates satellite images. The Triangle.

Good behavior reported on Metro. Transportation Examiner. The last inauguration comment ever. Probably.

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Post headline: Do not read if you are not a woman. (You were warned) A child’s question. Where’s my Cape.

The fate of an iPhone. The Washington Canard

The teacher’s assignment: Write reflective essays about President Obama’s inaugration. Standards and Stems, the teacher, shares some affecting excerpts.

This is why I like living with my boyfriend, when lost in a world without Sunday football. Pretty Ashley.

Yours for Good Fermentables: Fifty years ago this past Thursday, the first beer was packaged in an aluminum can, introduced by Coors Brewing. Aren’t bottles better?

Suburban Sweetheart: An incredibly depressing statistic about the ratio of single men to single women in DC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 23rd, 2009 by WashWords


You, madam, are no Ambrose Bierce ponders the wolves that paw at us and the benedictions, too, asking herself what the little shrine (to Obama) on her fridge was saying: Madam, which wolf are you feeding? Good wolf/bad wolf

DC Traveler reminds us there’s more to Lincoln than meets the inauguration. Celebrating the Lincoln Bicentennial in Washington, DC

Sing Like Sassy celebrates her anniversary and her honey remembering the little things. Three years down, a lifetime to go!

This girl in DC says goodbye to 2008 and helloooo 2009. You say goodbye, I say hello…

The Blossom Risk gets a reality check from a good friend and hopes her gratitude journal has enough pages.

And because, dangnabit: you didn’t really think I was going to avoid all what I saw at the Inauguration postings, didja? B and T Crowd doesn’t want to hold us back from the glory and landmark history capturing that is B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd: Premiering My 1st Inaugural Inauguration Thoughts and A Cat and Twentyshares some air and simple gifts. Mmm, that sounds nice. Cheers, happy two days after inauguration to all and to all a good night.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 22nd, 2009 by Foilwoman

Washington Monument

Just in case you haven’t had an overload of inauguration-Barack-Obama-Is-the-Golden-Calf-Of-Our-Idolatry,* I have more Obamamania-and Inaugural-mania-in-the blogosphere, just for you.

According to An OC Girl Living in an Extraordinary World this inauguration is the best ever.

Growing up in the recently desegregated South, the inauguration reminded the author of Toddler Planet of an election she was glad to lose

Cuff of Countersignature saw something many of us didn’t do during our new President’s inaugural address.  It’s a mean thought, but it’s a good mean thought.

An open letter to President Obama from The Culture Wars.

Dr. Violet Socks of Reclusive Leftist is not a fan of Mr. Obama and apparently some feminists have questioned whether she has right-wing backing, which prompts her confession that she is a mole, Manchurian Candidate-like. 

And here’s one for the PUA and evo-bio/psych crowd (not):  Cows Gone Wilde on the alleged (or possibly completely non-existent) man-shortage.

 And famed spinster aunt and gentlemen farmer Twisty Faster of I Blame the Patriarchy has some thoughts on the possibly not-too-thorough-or-scientifically valid study finding that women find more physical satisfaction with richer men.

It’s not all-Obama-all-the-time:  the Iceland Weather Report blogs about the political and economic crisis there, not our little shindig here.

 *Hey, he’s my daughter’s hero, for no reason that I can discern, and I’ve gone along with her for the ride.  So no, I’m not mocking anyone other than myself.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 21st, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


Two Shorten the Road announces the birth of the newest member of the DC Blogosphere.  Go visit Alexandra Has Arrived and leave your good wishes.

Tangible examples of the daunting tasks facing our new president are all around us.  One of them is far to our south and falling into the ocean according to Twilight Earth’s post about the Wilkins Ice Shelf.

Even DC Sports Chick, a self professed hater of all things political, found A Change [She] Can Believe In for On Frozen Blog.

Capitol Spice offers a list of restaurants participating in Alexandria’s Inaugural Restaurant Week and shares some advice to help one maximize RW enjoyment.

The blogosphere was chock-a-block full of inaugural musings.  Noticed from Northwest took a more reflective approach and wrote about the first moment she began to believe.

Lisa of Lemon Gloria stood among the masses on the mall for the swearing-in. She has some interesting observations about the cold and her strategies for dealing with it.

Photo: Screen shot of New administration began posting at 12:01 p.m. Tuesday.

Monthly Blogger Meetup tonight at 7 p.m. Regional Food & Drink, 810 7th St. NW, less than a block from the Chinatown exit at Gallery Place. Everyone is invited. Attendance looks good. So far, 17 confirmed yes, 8 maybe. Open invitation to everyone.

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Poofygoo, who calls the inaugration the faithfully transcribes the messages to soon-to-be President Barack Obama posted on a public message board in Adams Morgan.

The end of baby boomers? Don’t Gel Too Soon. Excerpt: It’s painful to hear anchormen celebrate the fact that “there will never be another Baby Boom President.” It’ s not that I mind the fact of that; it’s just painful that it seems to be something to celebrate.

Witness report: Barack Obama, writes DC Rowhouse, came out of the building smiling and waving. I could not believe it.

Whoomp There It Is… Hit Me. Photo of inaugration invite by a blogger who landed one. Multi-Talented & Menially Employed, J.D.

The Joy of Vanilla Sex. If you are tired of reading about the inaugration, Infinite Connections won’t disappoint.

Why I’m not Going. Food for Thought.

Inauguration Eve, 2009 and SciWonk writes: I continue to walk home, in formal gown and sneakers. I hope that I will always remember this moment, so full of hope, as apparent as the night’s chill upon my face.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 19th, 2009 by dcblogs


The Barack Obama inauguration concert was more than a concert, writes the The DC Universe. Excerpt: It finally hit me when I was watching the concert by the Lincoln Memorial today. We didn’t elect a new president in Barack Obama. We crowned a new king.

Parade Ticket Holders: Get Over Yourselves. DCist

Not a Girl, Note Yet a Wino: Against all good sense, I do plan to be there on Tuesday, to walk with the dimwitted and the overzealous to see Obama sworn in as President.

America Needs You, Bruce Springsteen. City Desk: Bruce Springsteen killed the mall crowd.

My Oyster with photos and video of the concert.

Charlie Mack’s Granddaughter writes: Yesterday I went to Columbia mall to find outdoor wear for the inauguration and walked out with no outdoor wear but $100 worth of cosmetics at the MAC store…and I don’t even really wear makeup.

Dear Neighborhood Drug Dealer, Please leave! Best Wishes, The Community, writes Congress Heights on the Rise. Excerpt: As if living in the middle of a drug zone wasn’t the worst part insult is only added to injury out of the fact that some of these drug houses are in fact receiving benefits from the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8).

A writing workshop recommended by Madam Mayo.