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Updated: Twittering the Inauguration

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Twitter feeds may be the best source of real-time information about inauguration activities. There’s a lot of twittering out there with intel about crowd and traffic conditions.

Here are ways to get in the loop. Search on these Twitter tags or load them in an application such as Tweet Deck. Include any of these tags in your tweet.

#dctrip09 (Mostly by people trying to get in town).

Some other active tweets: (And this list is far from complete)

DCist. Also see DCist concert post.
City Paper’s Jason Cherkis has been filing about it.
NBC4 plans to ramp up Twitter on Tuesday.
Metro text alerts look useful.
CarfreeJan20 Car free travel news and alerts.
drgridlockWashington Post’s Dr. Gridlock.
dcfab is twittering

NY Times: Inauguration Crowd Will Test Cellphone Networks. Says inaguration has potential to be a “wireless Woodstock.”

DCBlogs Twitter.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 16th, 2009 by WashWords


Tender Thoughts tells the world I Look Good In Purple. And she does. Who wouldn’t? When it’s the Purple section of the Inaugural Festivities that is! Hey Tender, you know who else looks good in purple? Me! Washwords!

Brian notes that in triathalons and in life, the running always comes last. Except when it doesn’t. Crawl Before You Run

DC Rocks On invites you to come as you are to the Ball of Confusion alongside her (and the rest of us) on Tuesday. Got Plans?

What is it about the DC Metro area that makes us such a delicious (heh) market for the fishy pedicure. First Old Town Alexandria, and now…Photocynthesis shares that The Fish Pedicure comes to Aspen Hill

Q Street News wonders if Ikea and Pepsi are afraid of alienating their Republican customers. Apparently not. We now interrupt the Inauguration for this brief commerical message….

City Girl DC takes time to review a few of her favorite things, as she deals with her Inauguration Overload.

Thunderstorms Highly Likely loses one thing and finds another. Turning Corners (And Losing Keys).

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 15th, 2009 by Foilwoman


Are Seven explains why comments have generally been closed of late.

If, like me, you have young children, celebrating the inauguration (with the crowds and portapotties) is problematic.  Fortunately, A Parent in Silver Spring has some family friendly inaugural suggestions.

Carpenter’s Chaos rented their house for the inaugural weekend and were supposedly featured in a story on Good Morning America.  So they told everyone.  Only one problem:  the story hasn’t aired yet (well, maybe it did Thursday morning, after I hit the publish button).  Should some enterprising blogger start a pool?  When will it air?

Some people want to be cool.  Other people don’t.  Who Invented Roses describes trying to get repair to the HVAC system with no toe-feeling left.

LeftBrainWrite resolves to plug a debut literary work from a small press every month.  This month’s featured work is Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg.

When you’re over fifty (and, for many of us, over forty) any annual physical is signing yourself up to be poked and prodded up the wazoo and subjected to tests of increasing indignity.  The author of Occam’s Razor considers medical treatment that brings up the title of the post:  Lab Rat.

A Bloke’s Blog posts a deeply scary picture of Dubya in a pose made famous by the Duchess of Alba as memorialized by Goya.  But do any of us want to see a naked Dubya?  That really is scary.  Please note, due to presidential nudity, this post probably is NSFW.

DC Blogs Noted

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Legal charity for the wealthy or legitimate pro bono work for a town fighting against the tyranny of mass transit?  Above the Law’s post might give you some insight. Should Ability to Pay Have Anything to do with Pro Bono Work?

Do you remember the moment when you lost the entirety of your cool?  Meg of Soup is Not a Finger Food has that moment via text message with her son.

No one needs be told that this economy is harshing everyone’s mellow, so if you are looking for employment in the public sector, Gordon Brown’s post, Think Tank Special, might be of use. Public Affairs Jobs

Arena Stage continues to demonstrate – with their wallets – that commitment to community goes beyond providing great theater.  The Stage Banter Blog announced Entourage Nights, which combines performing arts, social networking and deep discounts. 

Suburban Fizz has joined Bloggers For Good, a new organization dedicated to networking with a purpose.  Read about their first meet-up and how you can drink for a cause.

Belle of Capitol Style admits to having a beauty pageant past.  In her post, Inaugural Gowns: Tips and Tricks, she uses her experiences for the good of all women attending balls in the next few days.

Reya, of The Gold Puppy, examines her life and future as her birthday approaches.  What Changes, What Stays the Same are the reflections of a blogger who is about to turn 56.

How could I in good conscience ignore any post that alerts you, gentle members of the blogosphere, to free cupcakes?  Thank you, Johanna Knows Good Food for the alert from the Emergency Cupcake System.

DC Blogs Noted

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Alex, the writer of If you see something, say something, tells the city’s stories in a matter-of-fact style even when he’s taking cover. Late Night Shots, Columbia Heights Style

We Get You, We Really Get You. (i.e., The Bloggerational Ball is Free Now!) Live It, Love It

The problem with the Redskins, writes DC Pro sports Report, is majority owner Dan Snyder.

An absurd ending to a bike path. The fate of the Inter-County Connector in Md. Mike writes: Although the 18.5 mile six lane highway will be built, the parallel 10 foot wide bike path is not going to be built due to its environmental impact

Portagte inauguration rehearsal. City Desk

City Paper is launching its 2009 Inauguration Photo Contest. It is seeking a variety of shots from all around the city that document the preparations for, and the massive celebration of, Barack Obama’s big day.

Another arrival to DC’s growing blogging sphere: Teacherconfessional’s Blog are the true stories of a high school teacher.

Prince of Petworth readers speculate about what’s in store for the newly renovated building at 14th and U.

No restaurant recession: Metrocurean reports that the owners of Oya officially unveiled Sei today, and writes that the sleek 50-seat sushi spot is located in Penn Quarter at 444 Seventh St. NW.

Not a blog, an inauguration search engine for the politically inclined.

DC Blogs Noted

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Sometimes it pays to keep your thoughts to yourself. Here’s why, writes Life Outtacontext, after an incident on the Metro.

Almost Georgetown said Saturday’s visit with Mayor Fenty at Ben’s Chili Bowl means that the Obama administration “may actually care about the Washington area – a critical thing when asking for transportation dollars or expanded home rule.” DC Fab‘s report here.

A 34-year-old man deals with congestive heart failure. ilike seamonsters writes: We took his heart and its beating for granted, and this past Christmas morning we learned not to.

Washington real estate (rental) blues? Commenters offer differing opinions on the price of rentals in DC in this blog post by Megan McArdle in the Atlantic.

Great DC Burger Hunt Continues at Stoney’s Bar & Grill. Adventures in Shaw

For those in a panic about inauguration day traffic jams, DC Peg points out that it’s just one day, and DC residents have had worse messes to contend with. She writes: Remember when farmers from around the country drove their tractors into town to protest agricultural prices?

Fire Guts Rose’s Dream. Frozen Tropics. Photos.

Latest dress-up styles. Photos. Samatha on Style here and District of Chic here. More fashion from male perspective thanks to Herb of DC. Your Inaugural Ball Questions Answered.

Dee Does the District says her friend is the new DC Teacher Chic. The new Teacher Chic introduces herself here.

DC Blogs Noted

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DC Foodies offers us some (liquid) Recession Refreshment. Mmmm… the recession is sweet.

Du Wax Loolu won’t be going to see the heavily hyped Bride Wars. Nor does she like the term bridezillas. AAAA men. You said it, sister! Maybe it’s just us. On bridezillas as a concept

In case you haven’t heard, you’re invited to an Inaugural Ball! Restaurant Refugee has been to inauguration balls and knowing that they’re not nearly as much fun as the after-party with all your pals, decided to let YOU skip the boring chit-chat and go right to the fun. You’re invited to the first ever Bloggerational Ball Sunday. Be there!

Disaffected Scanner Jockey asks readers (dares them? begs them?) Tell Me the Bright Side of Bethesda

You’re Welcome is the one doing the thanking after she hits a patch of black ice and lives – and thrives – to tell the tale. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.

DC Rowhouse mulls the reasons to stay home on January 20. Inauguration = Blizzard. Of people anyway. Hmm… what was that wine DC Foodies recommends?

DC Blogs Noted

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It’s Sean of Sean’s Ramblings fourth anniversary of blogging. So stop by and wish him happy anniversary. 

Impending motherhood (or “internal ass-kicking from a fetus”) leads to the realization that raised warm feet are nothing to sneer at, as described in A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

 The “doctor I don’t like” spells out c-a-n-c-e-r on the phone to Charlcie

Media Concepts gives a generally positive review of thirty days on Facebook.

Living here in Powertown, the news (as well as the between the scenes footage on Bones) is often set near one’s office, which gets Bureaucrat310 thinking.

DC Blogs Noted

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DC Teacher Chic has a new gig and sadly has to silence her blogging voice.  As a longtime fan, I thank her for her contributions to the blogosphere, hope that she will return even in some vague and anonymous form, and am sadden that The End of DC Teacher Chic will be her last post. 

I generally prefer not to think about baseball until temperatures are warmer and March Madness is over.  Yet Just Another Nats Fan posed some interesting questions about the relative attractiveness of playing for my home team in We Didn’t Want Your Board Game Either.

KC of Where’s My Cape is a woman of numerous talents. In Er…Skiing..Yeah! That’s the ticket!, she explains that keeping her primary walking appendages healthy may not be among those talents.

Brian of Urban Bohemian fairly notes that news of the new express version of one of Metrobus’s most popular lines, the 42, was not very widely broadcast, but I share his enthusiasm for the new service.  Reading about the 43 in Move over 42 made me happier than any news about a bus since my fourth grade nemesis started taking a different route home.

In another new year change for Metro, Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat has lost his personal “extended-cab, pop-top limousine” that used to ferry him from Columbia Heights to various destinations on U street and further south. He eulogizes the passing of the 66 bus in WMATA, Why do You Taunt Me?

A tale of 2 Amy’s – no, not the restaurant but one Amy lending her blog to another Amy – was the mental bookmark I placed in preparing this round-up.  Amy of The Big Piece of Cake has a guest post from Amy of Doobleh-Vay; Write yr Life is part admonition, part declaration, and part justification for authenticity in the blogosphere.

Inaugural plans still not firm? Pamela’s Punch provides a handy compilation of online resources to help you plan your long weekend.

DC Blogs Noted

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Eulogy for a Chevy Lumina. It wasn’t just a car, it was a big part of this writer’s life. Swim Parallel.

Not too long before the President-elect Barack Obama and family were scheduled to move into the Hay-Adams, Charlotte Harris went to the hotel and left with this blog post: Kickin’ it in Casa Obama

A taxi cab has Karaoke screen so passengers can sing along with Bon Jovi. Always a drunk, never a bride …

An Old Code Making a Comeback. Infinite Connections writes: Why do I even need a code? Because my intellectual judgment is so much better than my emotional judgment. Because somewhere along the way, I became way too tolerant, way too forgiving and understanding, and that has led to some dysfunctional relationships.

The Stirrup Queen is a finalist for the Weblog Awards under best medical/health blog. And So Good is a finalist for best food blog. [Please send a note if we missed your blog.]

A photo of a very strange looking exterior staircase. New Columbia Heights

Coincidence? I think not. Foggy Dew. About those ruby red slippers in the newly renovated American History Museum.

National Theatre Intermission Decorum. Avert Your Eyes encourages a men’s room takeover.

Beachgirl’s Budget Blog A late-20s woman details her budget, student loan, 401K and total assets. Since 12/21/05 she says her net worth has gone from -$23,000 to $69,000.