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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 27th, 2009 by WashWords

Michelle!!!! (Obama. Is there another one?) makes an appearance at EPA. Anna Kelso was there to gawk for us. Well, till Michelle told her to get back to work.

Mmm Bacon. City Musings, spies an unusual product at her local liquor store. Unusual? Uhh, you mean delicious! A (Chocolate!) Bacon Explosion of Our Very Own

Pretentiousness, being hit on, good food, good bargains. Cook and Book puts the haters straight re: Restauarant Week. In Defense of Restaurant Week

Capitol Swell reflects on the drive, not being on the “death tube,” not being warm. And then… notices something… that white domed building on a hill. I am a Commuter.

Ah, Ash Wednesday, or The Day During Which I Must Restrain Myself From Telling Strangers They Have Schmutz On Their Faces. I’m right there with you Alice in Bluderland. Hey and my mom reads my blog, too. OMG we’re totally BFFs.

Top Chef Spoiler Alert! Top Chef Spoiler Alert! Don’t scroll down unless you know the ending or don’t care.



Still burned up about a certain chef de ville getting the title stolen from under her pretty feet. Actually I liked Hosea too, but still. Anywho, you get another chance to see Carla and loads of other fabbbullousss prizes (and chefs) at Taste of the Nation, 7 to 10 PM, Monday, March 30th, at the Mellon Auditorium on Constitution Avenue. For $85, guests can attend the general event, partake of tastings, and bid on items in the silent and not-so-silent auctions taking place that night. For a bit more, you can get a backstage pass of sorts. Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation – Now with Top Chef Carla Hall DC Foodies.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 26th, 2009 by Foilwoman


The author of West Coast Wanderlust has to file for unemployment over the phone (can’t just apply online for some reason) but everyone in the unemployment office is either furloughed or laid off, which does not result in timely acceptance of the application, much less receipt of benefits.

Last night’s address by President Obama (yes, it still gives me pleasure to write: “President Obama” instead of “President Bush”) wasn’t an official State of the Union address.  Silent Cacophony wonders what the President would say about the Union’s condition? The author also assumes no-one would have laughed, but everyone would have quaked with fear, if Bush had said: “Nobody messes with Dick.”

A DC Birding Blog looked at last night’s Presidential address from an environmental perspective.

Bailout Bill was at Union Station today, according to Congress Heights on the Rise.

If you didn’t get BB’s $50 (see link above), Queering Domesticity has some depression-cooking frugality tips for you.

Frozen Topics writes about African Continuum Theater’s spring season.

Keeping your cute on? Rantings of a Creole Princess explains how (yeah, normally I would write about the influence of the patriarchy: I’m resisting that urge, just for you, whoever you are). So read about the daily beauty regimen. And yes, I love the Creole Princess: I read her for tips about how my daughters will deal for the world in which they live.

KassyK has been blogging at Caged Bird Sings for three years now: here are some thoughts of hers about her blogging life.

Seeking John Galt’s latest post asks: how do people know, absolutely know, what they are supposed to do with their lives?

The truly delightfully-named blog <most likely to> </die alone>* contemplates Google and Gmail and the insidious way they have infiltrated our lives, probably in a dire plan to steal our precious bodily fluids.

Okay, it’s taking every bit of self-control that I possess (it – self control – ain’t much, but hey, it’s what I’ve got) not to write something snide about Dubya’s new career as an orator (What? Paris Hilton was booked?), but I don’t have to be the mean-spirirted harridan you know because NotionsCapital does it much better than I ever could. Thank you, from everyone. And it’s a new job for someone who otherwise might be unemployable, so it’s helping the recovery, right?

*I freely admit, I’m a sicko, but that’s just a great blog name. Almost as good as the Best Blog Name Ever**: My Boyfriend Is a Twat.

**As declared, by, well, me.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 25th, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


The Foggy Dew betrays his journalism background and becomes convinced that paper newspapers must go away by necessity.  He almost convinced me too, but I’m a Luddite.

Our first urban president in history, an economic crisis driven in large measure by housing, and a stimulus package with a considerable metropolis driven element, are the confluence of issues that make re-examining the value proposition of home ownership a timely topic.  Greater Greater Washington does just that in Encourage Renting and Mobility to Reduce Sprawl.  The comments provide an engaging and civil discussion of the pros and cons too.

Just in case the main leading economic indicators aren’t giving you enough to consider, The Soft Lounge Blog has discovered one component of what I have termed the GEI (Google Economic Index.) illustrated in a handy chart. Soft Lounge’s take:  How Bad is This Economy, he asks.

Listen to Leon is forced to question the membership policies of his “nice, clean, overpriced gym.”  Who Let the Crackhead on the Court may not be safe for work due to colorful language and enough laughs to let your co-workers know that you definitely aren’t working.

If you’ve done nothing to celebrate Black History Month, the Bloomingdale Blog highlights one of your last chances.  The First Annual A – W – E Festival is Saturday, 28 February 2009 at the St. Georges Church.

Not Afraid to Use It examines the complicated relationship between anger, punishment, forgiveness, and vengeance in When the Roses aren’t Red, a thought provoking if not agreement inducing post.

In honor of the Top Chef Finale airing this evening… Jordan Baker of Dealing in Subterfuges recently had the opportunity to meet Carla, one of the Cheftestant Finalists and a Washingtonian.  What does she think about the show, and some her fellow Cheftestants?

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 24th, 2009 by dcblogs


A well done and amusing video, with serious overtones, of a history of car crashes at Grant Circle that have knocked over trees, Metro equipment, hydrants, etc. via Petworth News. Grant circle on a map.

This may mean congratulations. Smash.

Pregnancy by the numbers in DC schools: Out of my 60 9th graders, seven are pregnant or have a child. Seven. I’m no mathematician (wait, yes I am) but that’s like 12% of my 14 year-olds. Yikes, right? Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare.

Beautiful urban artwork by hipchickindc via a post by Prince of Petworth

Should Metro Charge More? Unsuck DC Metro plugs in Metro’s fares into an inflation calculator and discovers that in 2007 dollars, Metro, in some ways, is cheaper now than it was in the ’80s.

Highlights, lowlights, and other Oscar observations by Footnotes. Others writing as well: Worst Oscars Ever? Cheat to Win.

Life in smaller spaces. A 450 sq. ft. apartment. discovering urbanism.

Interesting Business Week story: While New York Bleeds, Washington Thrives.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 23rd, 2009 by dcblogs


You can live in Arlington and say you live in DC but there’s no getting around the naked truth of the Great Potomac Divide. Who Invented Roses is moving to DC in the post, NOVA I Want to Quit You.

With big crowds, big TV ratings, hockey in DC is resurging. DC Sports Report. These are the best of times for the Washington Capitals.

Lonnie Bruner rolls in the snow — literally — wearing very little clothing. Claims it is theraputic. If you say so. Photos demonstrate technique.

Last night I bumped into one of my high school crushes, writes the Diary of a Mad Asian Woman. And so she reviews her awkward years.

My Hood from the Street. There’s something warm and interesting about this collection of photos. MadPhotography .

U Street Girl writes: This seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar: apparently in late January Simply Home closed, and reopened in early February as DC Noodles. Has photo of menu. Tales of a Media Addict has dinner at DC Noodles and then heads off to the Blogger Happy Hour.

Sonnet 87 offers the best and worst book, in a number of categories, for 2008.

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger. Don’t look at this photo until lunch. So Good.

Metro: A 42 Limited Stop? A Palisades-Bound Bus No. 3855? Mass transit observations by The Washington Oculus.

DCist Exposed 2009 – Don’t Miss It, recommends User 40.0.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 20th, 2009 by WashWords


If you see something, say something talks Lessons in Entitlement on the 16th Street bus Amennnnn. What’s WITH people? sigh.

Freeverse Friday. We have so poets amongs us. Lick the Star for one. Hollow in Love

Win DSJ’s money. How would you upgrade your lifestyle, if you had the cash? You just might get your wish. Disaffected Scanner Jockey has a slightly different situation then — oh, the rest of the universe, right now: cash flushness. The challenge is on. DSJ asks you: Spend My Money

Just a bunch of silliness, really also has a hole (albeit a slightly smaller one) burning through her pocket. If I had a million dollars…. or $50 verizonbucks. either way.

Too soon for March madness? Maybe. But perfect time to get in your DC365 cupcake bracket. Cupcake Madness

New Columbia Heights challenges you to a Mustache-a-thon for local charity – one that teaches kids creative writing – a cause after my own heart. And, uhh, he says ladies can play, too. Um, ew. and cool!

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 19th, 2009 by Foilwoman


Many aren’t religious, but some are, and the forty days of self-denial are rapidly approaching.  Learning to Fly wants your ideas, so share.

And it’s Ashley and Marques’s anniversary, as Ashley writes in Pretty Ashley.  “I was not annoying enough to drive Marques away” (despite the fact that he steals the Cowboy pillow, whatever that is) and let’s all add: “and he wasn’t [insert appropriate gerund here] to drive you away, Ashley.” But many happy more to both of them.

In The Big Piece of Cake, Kate Coveny Hood says her special-needs son is weird, and then proves to be a parent after my own heart, basically telling all of us, that while he may be weird, he’s the best four-year old ever (hereinafter BFYOE). Of course she’s wrong, my four-year old is the BFYOE,* but Ms. Hood has won my heart.

DC Femella recalls learning about menstruation from her macho-dude dad as her most embarrassing childhood memory (but it actually reads as rather sweet). Of course, this also recalls DC Mike’s plan to look at his daughter right in the shoes and tell her about the facts of life – or the one week or so out of each month for the next thirty years of her life, anyway, as cited by Restaurant Refugee last week.  Ah, the joys of parenthood.

I know nothing about the charities involved, but I want to help all those who love poker (no clue here) or wine (more than a clue, much to my sorrow and joy) or beer (hey, it’s nice to drink on a hot day) justify their vices in these hard times. So Pamela’s Punch tells you to “Play Poker for All the Right Reasons.” Why not? Charitable donations are down, so do your part and drink and/or gamble for good.

I’m a New Englander (which accounts for the lack of charm), so I saw the snow this morning and thought “Oh, [expletive deleted], they’re going to cancel school even though nothing accumulates. Dumb***!/?I*s. Trying to ruin my life and vacation leave schedule.” Imagine how happy I was when no school system with which I have a connection did anything regarding a basically non-existent snowfall.  Confusing takes a different, DC-type, approach. Sorry you didn’t get the day off work/school for a snow flurry. My kids were deeply upset also (they really wanted to sled even after I explained that flurries don’t lead to sledding). So you (the author of Confusing and everyone else in DC) have their (my kids’) heartfelt sympathy. And they (my kids), school-evading-wusses-that-they-are, feel very sorry for themselves and you.

*Let’s not get into the cosmology of how my now-nine-year old was the BFYOE in 2004-2005, but accept as true that Ms. Hood’s four-year old is BFYOE, and that my current four-year old is the BFYOE, and that my now nine-year old was the BFYOE at the appropriate time. If you have a child who is now or has ever been four and you can’t rewrite this paragraph to include your own BFYOE, there’s nothing wrong with your kid. Got it? If you don’t understand that logic at all, I can only assume you don’t have children or nieces and nephews. You probably also have free time and clean, new, tastefully-arranged furniture that stays clean, new, and tastefully arranged. My congratulations or condolences, as appropriate.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 18th, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


Maggie Dammit, the voice behind Okay.Fine.Dammit, recently launched the domestic violence blog Violence Unsilenced.  She has been overwhelmed, saddened and encouraged by the initial response.  Read the first of the Survivor Stories here.

Hump-day is a great moment to cement weekend plans and if your Friday evening is still fluid, you should consider attending the Invite Your Blog Crush Happy Hour brought to you by the objects of many a blog crush Lemmonex, Arjewtino, and Roosh.

It is a sad day for our hero, Metroman, when his trusty sidekick, SmartCard, fails him.  In Tragedy, he writes of seeking the counsel of the Wizard in the Booth, rejecting part of that counsel, and the Wizard bestowing her grace upon him.

Becoming a Parent is a Supreme Act of Bravery, so writes Jessica of A Parent in Silver Spring; and the “regular Dad” who pens Reflections of Time writes about the same bravery from a different perspective.

Gentlemen, if you are in need of another way to talk a woman out of sleeping with you, The Scarlet Letter has placed the premature use of nicknames (and a few more of our shallow-as-a-hair-root tendencies) on the list.

[f]oxymoron may not know much about DC, but he knows what he doesn’t know and spins it into an engaging post.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 17th, 2009 by Hammer


All Your Content Are Belong To Us, Forever.  Not to be out-Skynetted by Google, Facebook has just changed its terms of service, essentially appropriating the rights to anything you post there, even after you delete your account.  “I’ll still be using Facebook,” Boztopia notes,  “But I’ll damn sure not be hosting any photos there, and I won’t be posting anything of consequence beyond my daily updates (which are pretty prosaic.) My life is mine, and I decide how it is shared with the world at large. The same is true for you.”

Preparing for Your Impending Layoff From AOL.  With pink-slip stormclouds brewing above Northern Virginia once again, Joelogon provides helpful pre/during/post-layoff advice to the company’s newest batch of (soon-to-be) ex-employees.  Within his AOL-specific nuggets are some solid recommendations for anyone with a tenuous employment situation, so unless you just hit the Powerball, give it a click.

Seen any gargoyles lately? A.P.B. still out for two stone guardians described as “looking like a gothic cat with small wings and a snake-like tail, with their tongues sticking out. Sort of like a medieval Bill the Cat.” Former owner suspects theft or foul play but stubbornly refuses to consider the more likely scenario: demonic reanimation. New Columbia Heights.

Occam’s Razor considers the recent economic stimulus package that barely cleared the Senate** and concludes that bipartisanship is dead in Congress. (And if you’re looking for hope among the leaders of tomorrow, the recap of a recent Georgetown University student government meeting isn’t going to give you much comfort either. Humor, yes. Comfort, no.) Vox Populi.

The Increase of Plane Crashes Is Freaking Me Out! With an upcoming flight in April, DC Femella has already started reaching for the Xanax.

Perhaps boat travel is safer? French nuclear sub collides with British nuclear sub. Okay, maybe not, but at least the French sub didn’t collide with (and immediately surrender to) Somali pirates. Yet. (Footage of Somali pirates being intercepted at The Tension. Can we round them all up before the French arrive?)

All kidding aside, is getting rough out there folks – take a few precautions and do the best you can. And if it makes you wanna holler, go right on ahead and do it. (Just not on Facebook, ‘cuz if there’s any content that should be yours for time immemorial, it’s your fist-shaking tirades against THE MAN.)

* Skull design by B. Kwan.  Get your t-shirt here.

 ** Sorry, wrong Senate.

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Down and Out in Washington, DC, An article in DoubleThink by the local blogger, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, looks at the downturn from the point of view of the right: specifically, young conservatives out of work. She also writes about the piece in a blog post.

Breaking up with DC. Du Wax Loolu says DC was perfect for her as a young person.

Please Take Care. That’s the title of this post about a physical assault. The comments advance the discussion. Frozen Tropics. Related: A teenage boy was shot at the Anacostia Metro — my Metro station — late Saturday evening. Random flotsam from the shattered windmills of my mind.

The Virgin Lodge. Photo by Photocynthesis.

A Valentines Day spent grocery shopping. Quiet in the Stacks.

I ***=== DC. A report from a day and night out. breathnaigh. What was feared and what actually happened.