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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 31st, 2009 by dcblogs


Farm Fresh Meat shares a nightlife tour. Photos, too. The Pug, Palace of Wonders, Hirshhorn’s After Hours and Stoney’s.

No good deed goes unpunished. A very strange tale from the front line of hospital coffee shops. Where’s My Cape.

Village Voice blogger Rend Smith tells the story of DC’s tallest woman, Ashley Adair.

How Good Is Your Social Acumen? Roissy in DC.

More of Outside the Beltway Most Affordable Zip Codes. Urban Trekker.

A little drama on Twitter Sunday night. A mugging and a call for 911 via Twitter: Computerworld. Another view on this at Kelli’s Red Door: The New Way to Get Help After Being Mugged.

Maya Lin and Her Systematic Landscapes. Updates, Live from the Corcoran.

Someone who rarely goes to Georgetown, goes to Georgetown to see designer Karen Millen’s work at Hill staffer-friendly prices. Capitol Hill Style.

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My Favorite Thing About Washington. Lovely photo. Cherie Lester Related: Cherry Blossoms and the Annual Tourist Invasion. Brunch and the City.

Does Jack Evans Abuse his Parking Privileges? The Georgetown Metropolitan. Photo.

My parents Googled me and they found my blog, writes Dating a Pathological Liar and Other Sorts in DC.

Noah got his first real at-the-barber hair cut this weekend. Photos. Fabulous Miss S.

Fat Daddy Eats discovers Locolat in Adams Morgan and writes about it.

The black, gold and leather look. District of Chic.

New Circulator routes including one from Woodley Park Metro through Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights down 14th to McPherson Square are now running. Borderstan

I’ve had a rough week, Bureaucrat310. Tales from the Metro.

Dare Me DC. An effort to raise money for an adoption via dare challenges, such as sending a Slinky down a Metro escalator.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 27th, 2009 by WashWords


We’re out of Here was one of many Dc’er expats willing to get up to watch Soccer at 8:30 am. Hmm, I can SOMETIMES make it to watch my workload pile up by 8:30… sometimes.

Oh Susanica! imagines she, like newspaper columnists, could simply recycle previously done work during vacations. Yah, sure, newspaper columnists have it EASSSYYY, Susanica, but seriously, that WOULD be nice. I think I might try it next vaca. Some sage advice…

Hey, did you know you could find out the time your next bus arrives via a Metro beta test that’s ummm working now? Well, ya can and some officials are telling WMATA not to be squeamish about the surprise pre-release party. Greater Greater Washington lays it all out for you. Zimmerman urges Metro to embrace “beta testing”

Riders will access the information on the Web, via mobile devices, or by calling a hotline. Metro staff plan to release the service in June, but it’s been working, and many riders had found it quite useful and most often accurate.

Crazy Days and Nights says Washington DC Is The New Los Angeles. Like, totally. Let’s go clubbing.

The Culture Wars shares a subway platform with Britney fans. It’s Britney, B*tch: Yes, this is what one does before a concert.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 26th, 2009 by Foilwoman


How much influence has a blog post of yours ever had? Here’s one that made me stop in my tracks: someone read Esther-Now-And-Then-Some’s post about the disbanding of the Master Chorale of Washington resulted in someone pledging $5,000. Yes. You read that right. So read her follow-up post and possibly pledge some of your own if you feel so inclined.

Maybe knowing what you’re talking about before you speak is a craze that will sweep the nation? That’s what Learning to Fly hopes.

Finn in Alaska contemplates her youngest turning five.

A survey that’s, er,  not for the squeamish, promulgated by Confessions of a Dilettante. Don’t complain, I warned you that it’s not for the squeamish.

I Am Bossy (and are you surprised?) turns three. Help celebrate.

Shrink Rap in Baltimore, hosts guest blogger Retriever who writes about the stigma attached to mental illness, particularly in children, and the limitations that stigma places on advocacy.  And Retriever posts on her own blog about Shrink Rap’s post.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 25th, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


“A man walks into a blog and gets down on one knee…” not the start of a joke but a story of the first ever wedding proposal via blog.  After reading that story, Meg, of Soup Is Not a Finger Food, shares the tale of her engagement in response.

The writing challenge from the 20something Writers Group: write an open letter to a person or people to say things you’ve never said.  Lilu, who writes Live It, Love It, Accepted.  Read the original challenge here.

As I write this round-up, I am watching the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament… the Women’s Tournament.  For those not yet hip to the effortless enjoyment of the women’s game, Sarah and The Goon Squad kindly wrote 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women’s Basketball

Stepping away from the cookies, Anthea of In the Night Kitchen proposes an interesting way for our government to help people with student loans.  President Obama are you listening?

DC Damsel takes a spring break from DC and was relieved of the “6AM pressure to wake, run, suit up, and prosper.”  It didn’t take long, however, for her to discover that she had brought a stowaway companion with her.

A few Happy Happy’s to close the post: Happy 200thPost, Freckled K, Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Laurie Writes, Happy 11th Birthday Girasol,

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 24th, 2009 by dcblogs

bluelight.jpg is at Kramers at a table that’s next to “young-DC-powerbroker-wannabe couple.” The woman, who is part of this couple, “managed to make roughly every fifth word a vulgarity.” Palmer decides to say something: “I addressed her and told her that she had the most vulgar and filthy mouth I had been exposed to in probably at least a year” … While he delivers his admonishment the boyfriend/companion continued to stare at his plate. [Emphasis Added]

Actual explosion email. Wanderingclacla’s Weblog. For those of you unaware of Wednesday’s fireball by the “fake,” made-for-TV explosion. Will it generate 911 calls?

The Artorialist. Just scroll through the entire blogging experience.

Ode to Ethelbert. Chicks Dig Poetry. A post about things that make this writer happy, and a round-up of four major book readings Wednesday night.

Bus wonk: New Circulator Routes don’t make much sense, argues Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 23rd, 2009 by dcblogs


Confession: I Ruined the No-Parking Sign. Mr. T in DC.

Cornerstone Cleaners Where Are You? Herb of DC goes to pick up his shirts and discovers that his dry cleaner has closed.

Ma’am, I assure you- we don’t carry that. Photo. Quiet in the Stacks.

DC Police swarm H Street. Short and somewhat surreal video. Photocynthesis.

The Red Derby, 14th and Quincy. Those Who Can’t Cook Eat, which writes: They are famous for their policy of cans-only beer and have extremely reasonable prices (most beers are $2 – $6). We had read in a couple local papers that the brunch was a well-kept secret and decided it was worth a shot.

The Hands on DC Work-a-thon is on April 25th reports Matthew’s Musings, who will be volunteering in this DC school rehabilitation project.

SmartBike DC is coming to Georgetown. Vox Populi.

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Small Time Thrift Adventures. Colorful photos illustrate some interesting recommendations. The Fashion Void that is DC.

Police aren’t as smart as the Spiderman-Burglar on the loose. Velvet in Dupont.

A Chipotle rant that undoes the wrap. Jadxia.

Esther now-and-then-some writes that her music family has come to an end: Today I learned that the board of directors of the Master Chorale of Washington voted to dissolve the choir at the end of our concert season in May.

Snow Queen and Smudge, two white furry cats available for adoption. Deaf Animals

Vapiano gives customers a “chip” card that is scanned after every purchase, writes, and it helps to create a “casual atmosphere that is remarkably fluid.”

Slashfood wants to know: What are the best local foods to include in my welcome baskets? DC Wedding.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 19th, 2009 by Foilwoman


A family moved out of RudeCactus’s neighborhood, and came back to clean their house, even though it was being foreclosed on, which made RudeCactus long for independent means to assist a family like that.

Flirting: sometimes it’s just good for the soul (other times, not so much, but that is someone else’s post).  Attention Span of a Fly had one of the good flirting experiences lately.

Kim, of Perfectly Cursed Life, tells you to look elsewhere if you’re looking for fashion advice, weekend recaps, or writing on any number of other subjects.

Silver Spring Photo posts a picture of a makeshift memorial to Tai Lam, killed on a local bus.

Stefanie Says says (hey, I just had to write that) that the U.S. needs to teach kids more about personal finance to avoid more AIG moments.

Bradford Pearson wonders how the 20% layoffs at the Sesame Workshop will affect some of our (or our kids’) favorite characters. Now that really feels like a financial crisis, doesn’t it?

Our very own lovely WashWords takes on the mantle of Metro/public behavior enforcement. If only people would do what we tell them. Really.

Unsuck DC Metro normally posts short posts (because of the younger generation’s v. v. short attention span, I presume), but the summary of Metro service problems from March 11 to March 17 is, er, not at all short.

And outside DC, The Belletristic Cat defines stupefying, momentarily terrifying, and annoying in some pretty undeniable and unforgettable ways.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 18th, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


I never thought that I would find humor in a breast cancer post.  Suburban Fizz proved me so wrong with Ample.

Shannon, our favorite Disacffected Scanner Jockey, is one of the few people who is decidedly not Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  When you don’t like a holiday, her strategy of avoidance is one worth considering.

I seem to recall that the African American and Jewish Communities were great allies during the civil rights movement.  I am not sure when that changed but there have been a series of spats since.  Hello Negro explores the latest dustup triggered by comedian Jackie Mason’s questionable comments.

An OC Girl, confirmed liberal, writes compellingly in defense of Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain.  Even the author has a hard time believing it as indicated by the title, I Hate Myself for Liking Meghan McCain.

Princess Sparkly Pony has AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and other captains of the universe in her sights (with an aid from one of my favorite Washington Post Columnists, Richard Cohen) and she does not miss.

Monthly Blogger Meetup is tonight at Regional Food and Drink, 810 7th St NW, a half-block from Gallery Place Chinatown Metro exit. Starts at 7 p.m. Everyone is always invited.