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The Peeple Tunnel of Doom. TA, who writes: Do you think there’s an untapped market for disgruntled lawyers who make drastically awesome peep dioramas?

Smash got married. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash.

When Is A Dream More Than A Dream? Red Nose.

Thoughts On A Quarterlife Crisis. The Definitive Dmbosstone, who wonders if his best years are now behind him.

Prince of Petworth‘s has photos and report about Policy, a new restaurant due to open Thursday at 14th and T. In lively comments, readers parse and chop the information.

Monday Morning Emotional Rollercoaster or Why I’m glad I wore makeup today. fiery nuggets

Free Trees for Adams Morgan. On March 14th, somewhere around 60 volunteers came together to plant 16 new trees on 18th Street.

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The Recession May Prove Just as Bad for my Liver as my Bank Account. thunderstorms higly likely writes: This is hitting way too close to home.

Carlos in DC brings attention to a proposed law that would give the city the right to declare Hot-Spot No-Loitering Zones. There will be a hearing March 18. This law will run up against a belief, as Carlos writes, “that DC residents are being racially targeted by DC police.”

What’s in a neighborhood name: MtP, CoHi, noma, explained by Farm Fresh Meat.

Suburban Sweetheart has to make an emergency late night stop at Union Station where horrors await.

Downturn bargains: the six dollar coat. Photo. Sugarlens. And, while on the subject of fashion, Rainbows and Soft Serve has a problem with this.

City’s Technology Office Goes Rogue. Capital Complaints. Information security officer arrested along with contractor on bribery charges. This kind of thing is far too routine in the District. The DC tax office was looted out of more than $20 million by employees, and the school system has seen corrpution as well. Is the District the most corrupt city in the U.S.? (There are lot of people out of work who would love these jobs.)

Rendering of the planned U Street hotel. It will have 250 rooms and roofdeck bar. 14th & You. There’s also a report at DCmud.

First hand report of the First Lady’s visit to OMB last week. Many photos. Bureaucratic310.

DC City Blog grades the service, food, decor and feel of Indique in Cleveland Park.

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Life in Mount Vernon Square believes the McGruff, yes, the one punched in the face “to be funny” by a Metrobus driver, is an officer from the ‘hood. Life in Mount Vernon Square: McGruff Crime Dog, Our Own.

Clocking in at 145… on DC 365 is: Thing 145: Ray’s Hell Burger. They don’t take cash and they like when you order the B.I.G. Poppa. MMM…. burgersss.

The 42 asks you to Walk for Our Neighbors, 3145 Residents remembering the tragic Mt. Pleasant Fire of nearly a year ago, today. Thanks for remembering and reminding us all to….

What Liz Said discovers the nearby Books For America on 22nd. Oh So Dangerous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you Lizzie!

In All My Spare Time takes us on a tour of the In All My Spare Time…: The New IMPROVED American History Museum Thanks! Now could you get to the Pompeii exhibit at the National Gallery… the metro is sooo far away and sure, it’s a beautiful day for walking… but….

Hannah, Just Breathe is working on Putting my house in order. And her nouns, too.

Happy Friday the 13th to all! (Times 2!)

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The Scarlet Letters offers a top ten list of things on which to spend $1,630,000,000 instead of spending that money on the Silver Line.

Sometimes your mother can surprise you (as I’ll be hoping my kids learn), as the author of Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino discovers and describes.

Buddha’s Wii Whiskers looks back on the rationale for awarding China the 2008 Olympics (like, it was supposed to improve human rights in China)  with more than a little irony.

DC Peg reads the obituaries and remembers her father

Angry Pregnant Lawyer lists the twenty-five authors who have made her think over the course of her life.*

Eye Level reviews a video game lecture and show at the American Art Museum.

*Mine are (in no particular order) (1) Cervantes, (2) Garcia Lorca, (3) Unamuno, (4) Atwood, (5) Beattie, (6) Tyler, (7) Norton, (8) Leguin, (9) Calvino, (8) Eco, (9) Vargas Llosa, (10) Borges, (11) Ingalls Wilder, (12) Cather, (13) Barnes, (14) Dante, (15) E. & C. Bronte; (16) Austen; (17) Smartt Bell; (18) Atwood; (19) Tolstoy: (20) Gardner; (21) Shakespeare; (22) Martell; (23) Didion; (24) Sontag; and (25) Wollestonecraft.

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The only people who’ve never sat next to the Too Talkative Man on a plane have either never flown anywhere or are the Too Talkative Man.  The Thinking Fool had that unfortunate seat on a recent flight.

Unsolicited advice regarding unsolicited comments is the latest informational spill from Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino.

The Freewheeling Spirit finds that going fast is a better revenge against the automotively & logically challenged

Adopting a Feral Kitten teaches The Say Hay a larger lesson about the world.

Striking the proper balance between preservation, redevelopment, and smart urban planning is critical to the modernization of urban centers around the country.  The Falkand’s complex in downtown Silver Spring is the front line of the conversation, and the Goodspeed Update offers a terrific synopsis of the situation.

If the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day can begin two weeks early, then so can the complaints about the holiday.  The I’ll Think of Something blog obliges with A Brief Complaint.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 10th, 2009 by dcblogs

Sitting Upon a Hot Stove Lid, which is how the Green Canary comes across a 4 a.m. discovery of a small and sad kitten. Now what?

Listen, you stupid idiots who won’t stop staring at me. An angry, strong language rant by ThingsToDo inDC, for the WeirdBroke & Lonely.

Congress Wants Guns in DC. No Problem: Introducing the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Gun Shop. Notions Capital

Eight weeks till the last frost: planning and starting seeds. My Brown Thumb lists her planting plans, including flowers, veggies and herbs.

When Your Full-Time Job is Looking for a Full-Time Job. David Gaines, who writes … your technical skill sets may get you an interview, but it’s your personal skill sets that get you the job.

Seven weeks. Stream of Jessica‘s photo montage her last two months of bliss.

The Right to Bare Arms. Mtngrl Musing. The First Lady.

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After a four year absence, the writer of City Girl’s Blog runs into The Diminutive Russian. The guy I moved to DC for.

Let’s try to solve a real-world problem, with math! What’s the better deal ask Lumpyhead: A bar offers $1.50 pints on Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, that same bar charges $4.95 for the first pint but only $2.00 for each refill …. How many beers to I have to drink on Tuesday to make it a better deal than Wednesday?

Here’s the Twitter version review of Watchmen: A frustrating combination of brilliance and mediocrity, but overall, a great film. For the good, bad and ugly of it, see DC Universe.

On some level, this may be a good idea. Chandelier in a garage. Photo. InsideTheDistrict.

Overheard cell phone conversation. Sophomoric and amusing. SciWonk.

RIP Pepper. RealityBites

Giant Panda Up a Tree Photo. DCist.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 6th, 2009 by WashWords


T.O. 2 D.C.? DC Sports Page urges you to Just Say No to T.O. Maybe. No definitely. Right? Right! NO T.O., unless he really really REALLY wants to.

Quiet in the stacks realizes she has reclaimed her dignity, sometime after the birth of her child. She cares once more who sees her clothed. Congrats! The Answer is now Yes

Du Wax Loolu is so excited and she just can’t hide it. Why? It’s DOG DAY!!!! As proud doggie stepmom (but really they don’t think of me like THAT, they loveeee me) I get it. Let us know when your family is complete!

KC of Where’s My Cape? is on DC Metro Moms discussing and howling on My daughter, the werewolf

Spring back people, spring back! GWblogspot reminds their G dub classmates and uhh, the rest of us that it’s daylight savings time. Adjust your party plans accordingly. Don’t Get Stranded this Weekend

In a subject near and dear to my heart DC Teacher Chic discuss inclusion in the public schools and concludes rightly so IMHO, Lalaland or not, Inclusion Rocks

Crazy Lanea is having a contest! Local Knit Blogger bribes readership Yay! I love bribes, err, contests.

On a personal note, someone whose bloggy name rhymes with MoshMerds is in desperate need of a hair cut and color. My (uhh, her) requirements are:  on Metro  (orange or red) line or walkable from downtown dc or ballston, can take me as a walk-on friday or sat,  oh and  will look great, for cheap. Thanks! Anyone who leaves a comment gets a prize…from crazy lanea. No,no. Kidding. No one gets a prize.  But still.

Leave me a comment, get the prize of helping humanity, me.

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Stirrup Queens posts an ode to the DC Public Library, and eventually all libraries and all librarians.

If you’ve ever wondered whether to ask a personal question of a stranger, consider this post on Toddler Planet.  There’s no right or wrong answer; just remember, you asked.  

Why would there be different directional arrows for readers of English than for readers of Spanish, ponders the Abbot of Unreason

Commuter Page Blog wants to Copenhagenize the D.C. area.  There’s a meeting about it, with at least one Dane in attendance, on March 11.  Tak

Big Money Tony wonders about a sign on the Clara Barton Parkway.

Kelli’s Red Door:  “I could afford the divorce, the marriage not so much.”

And a little late (he posted on February 16), but hey, people are still getting laid off, so here are Joe Logon’s tips, at Dumb Things I Have Done Lately for how to survive an AOL layoff (or any layoff).

Photo Note: Found in the photo files; the late and great Comet.

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Johnanna Knows Good Food, the Counter Intelligence Blog, Capital Spice, and Metrocurean all showed some blog love to the upcoming Dining Out for Life event where certain restaurants donate between 25 and 100% of revenue for the evening to help fight AIDS.  What are you doing on Thursday night? 

Lisa Pagan was in the US Army Ready Reserve, when she was recalled. She returned to the Army with her children in tow as she had no one to care for them.  Pundit Mom asks if this was a stunt or an act of necessity.

Sarah may run with a Goon Squad but she is an honest parent who adamantly refuses to issue her children falsehoods by way of explanation.  She examines whether this virtue has turned vice in Why I Almost Had to Explain Exorcism to a Four Year Old.

Tome of the Unknown Writer examines Rush Limbaugh’s record on Black men, not that it is wrong to be honest in one’s desire to see him fail.

Speaking of ideologues…the voices of partisans and pundits of every stripe are easily heard in Immigration debates.  Carlos in DC gives voice to the mostly unheard Undocumented Immigrant (note: this is a video blog – but it has subtitles so you don’t have to watch with the sound.)

Notions Capitol considers the human rights implications of a New Zealand mall playing non-stop Barry Manilow in Mass Manilow Mall Manuevers.