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I was expecting lots of first dog posts (he is cute). Or lots of ‘it’s April 15 and ew, I haven’t done my taxes’ posts. More people are writing about the Tea Party protests: Such as an OC Girl in an Extraordinary World, The Hay Say, Brownpau of We Love DC, and Nat Turner’s Revenge.

Jamy of Grateful Dating took a sick day and stayed home and worked on knitting one of those top down circular needle sweaters.

On being lonely. Hannah, just breathe …

[F]oxymoron…’s dancing bricks isn’t lengthy, but it’s a nice image, and anyone who can find the bright side to failing to maintain the infrastructure in this recession . . . well, go [F]oxy.

In the wake of Holy Week or Passover or whatever, Fresh Muddy Waters… has some Good Friday observations.

Pacing the Panic Room… has a great recent post about how one’s parents can make you crazy. With a thank you to Sent from My Dell Desktop for recommending this blog.

There will be a Self Defense Class in Rockville tonight, free of charge at the Twinbrook Recreation Center from 7 to 9 P.M., courtesy of the Rockville Chief of Police. Thanks to On the Red Line for the heads up.

And Malnurtured Snay takes on Failblog. Hee.

And I guess everyone but me knew that pandering was a way to increase one’s income. Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie. (Strong language)

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The Disaffected Scanner Jockey, Fiery Nuggets, and Zandria have all been thinking about what it means to be single in a world telling you to be coupled.

Soulmate Update from Aileen of Infinite Connections

Fuzzy and Tigers and Condi, Oh my! The Food for Thought blog explores the complicated social and racial implications of Condoleezza Rice’s recent comment that Fuzzy Zoeller (of “I hope Tiger Woods doesn’t serve fried chicken and watermelon at the Master’s banquet” fame) is her favorite golfer.

If these pictures don’t make you smile, then you are the personification of every cold-hearted cliché.  Congratulations to Ellie (and the whole Carpenter Family Blog crew) for her first Ballet Recital.

SWDC Blog shows the latest artistic renderings of the new Arena Stage and they are breathtaking. 

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The One Where I Delete My Online Dating Profile. hey pretty.

Warning signs: We were making out while watching Inherit the Wind and listening to Battle Hymn of the Republic. Dating Rules for Sitcoms.

DC Peg reaches the Big 6-0 and wonders: How did this happen? (And Happy Birthday!)

Co-workers who steal the Girl Scout cookie stash. Capitol Hill 20210. Rant.

Creative DC Relaunch.

Park Police Shoot Suspect After Pursuit at K and 2nd Streets NE. DCist. Follow Flickr link or go to City Desk report.

The peep show singlehandedly justifies the existence of the washington Post. Too Much Skunk in Your Junk.

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Is Twitter, and social networking generally, killing blogs? One longtime blogger, Misadventures in DC, said his blog (2000-2009) is now dead. He writes: We’ve been reduced to brief one-sentence status updates (or worse, in the case of Twitter: 140 characters). It’s easier to stay in touch than ever before. Yet our communication becomes more superficial with each sign of “progress.” [Related: Religon weighs in on this issue. Pygmalion in a Blanket.] [Still more related: I like twitter because I only need 140 characters to convey my bitter, bitter rants. The Yellow Cat & Friends.]

Schmucks Abound on The Metro. More stories about modern day manners. The Pink Chandelier.

I feel really bad about what’s happened to Ben’s Chili Bowl. Bureaucrat310. It’s too popular.

Divorced, and Dating. From butterflies to just friends. The Diary of a Jaded Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband

The Obama puppy is cute. District Limerick reports the big news in limerick. More cute: Owen Finds Reese. Fat Biscuit. [Bo Obama, First Dog. NotionsCapital. Everything you need to know about Bo.]

Vertigo Books is closing. City Desk.

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Longtime DC blogger Arjewtino says Adios and Shalom Chaverim to blogging. One final, awesome, epic, and not unentirely melodramatic blog post to mark my retirement

Spring at last! Look fast because it’s DC and we all know it will be gone soon. DC Peg treats us to a taste of the beauty. Some Spring Colors in my Neighborhood.

Disaffected Scanner Jockey is running late and frazzled when she walks right into (literally) a … stimulating conversation? In Which I Outwit the Mentally Ill.

I am Yawar takes us through the Trials and Tribulations of Getting a Haircut

Having (more) trouble dating in these tough economic times? [F]oxymoron offers us a coupon and some tips for Recession Dating.

March madness is over, Top Chef is between seasons. We need some competition. And that’s where Peep Wars comes in. Thank you, Capital Spice, thank you very much. And speaking of peeps (cuz uhhh, why wouldn’t we)  Photocyn-thesis shows us The Most Awesome Peep Site Ever! Happy Springtime!

Looking for weekend fun? Life in Mt. Vernon Square suggests a weekend activity. Major discounts as part of the Newseum Birthday: Three children free with each adult ticket.

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The Hero From the Incident at 14th and Irving Gives His Account. Prince of Petworth A woman is punched in the face by a man and a bystander responds.

This unemployed writer deals with the loss of her health insurance. Unemployed. The post: Unemployment’s got me feelin’ emotions.

A DC visitor leaves with a favorable impression. Mark’s rants and raves

A part of Columbia Heights is being rebranded as Tivoli North. This change is creating a stir and We’re Not in New Hampshire Anymore takes you through the debate.

An embedded journalist in the Shawarma Wars offers this report on the Shawarma Spot. Meilee in DC.

The best place to get cheesesteaks reopens. Frozen Tropics.

The Obama mobile car spotted in Mount Pleasant St. NW Photos. Carlos in DC.

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Library of Congress is hipper than you.  First they began to Twitter, and now they have their own channel on YouTube.  By the by, this is the only place where you can see Stevie Wonder’s concert at the LOC when he accepted the Gershwin Prize for Music and he brings the house down with his performance of Sketches of a Life, a pop-classical hybrid concerto.

Famous DC makes the argument that Truth in Advertising Laws should apply to pictures on social media.

There are a plethora of blog voices complaining about DC Metro System.  The Malnurtured Snay swims against that tide with Defending the Metro.

Frozen Tropics, Capitol Spice, DC Foodies, Metrocurean, Food Network Addict and a few blogs that I surely missed all noted that the culinary reality show The Next Food Network Star has a DC member of the cast.  Teddy Folkman, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Granville Moore’s, will be competing against nine others for his own show.  See pictures and read bios here.

Average Jane gets a restorative injection of faith in humanity from an organically polite intersection.

Ever heard of the Leiter House?  Neither had I until reading DC Kaleidoscope’s brief but engaging history of this once very significant Washington residence.


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Unsafe in Your Own Home. blackgirlgrown, who writes: As I recounted the items that were missing to the police officer, I began to think about the intangible items lost that would never be reflected in the police report . . .

The Anti DC has a new job, and writes: I actually went ahead and got a job at the sex shop.

Infinite Connections met The One, and reports: He has his light on, and he let me see that.

dcfud guest blogger Rachel Frank reviews Soupgirl.

Time to unfollow already? Twitter at the Nationals. Miss Chatter On Line Reporter

A worthy cause by a great blogger: Betty Joan of Trouble with Toast is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by participating in a triathlon. See Racing to Save Lives.

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In Which An Opportunity Presents Itself and I Journey Westward. A house on an island rent free. The Chronicles of Tewkesbury

Feathers fly. Great photos, write-up, of annual pillow fight on National Mall. Static Across the Lines.

Rubber bands, snipers, Korea and creeps are all part of the latest installment of this “Semi-fictional chronicle of the evil that infects” DC by the Washington Horror Blog.

Atlantic Blogger Andrew Sullivan shows the view from his window, at least that’s the assumption.

Step by step photos for making Chocolate-Glazed Brownies. Cherry Blossom photos, too. Elizabeth’s Edible Experience.

My Oyster goes to Hains Point to search for the mysterious grove of cherry blossom trees.

Dupont Gets Two New Green Restaurants. City Renewed, a green resource guide.

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How do you know when we’re REALLY having rough financial times? When the Neighborhood Bar Feels The Pinch. It ain’t pretty. Farm Fresh Meat takes us through the gory details, including that the bar is now asking you to… ahem, clean up your own vomit, kids. Man, times are tough!

Speaking of the recession (yaayy!) … What’s the trade off of a world where everyone is an artist, asks Words from Hannah. She reacts to a recent NYT photo gallery: reader’s photos of the recession, with interesting commentary on what happens to professional artists, with such openings of the lines? Quick thought about art in the depr/recession.

Urban Mama remembers her Mama, six months after her death. Need I say more? Grab the Kleenex for this lovely, painful post. Six Months Later.

Okay, sorry for the cerebral sad tone thus far … in other news …The Internet is a scary, dismal place on April Fool’s Day, more than others, notes Citizen Jake. And yet there were a few goodies to be found. He takes us through My favorite internet April Fool’s Day jokes. Oh man, I missed that City Paper one. Hah!

Go Big or Go Home meanwhile has no such qualms and shares a proposal gone terribly terribly wrong. Hilarious or enraging? Does your gender answer the question? oops

Ah the Metro, and the people who ride it? Did I not TELL you the Metro runners have issssuessss? Adventures in Knitting and Other Geeky Mishaps agrees with me in her tale of woe, Do I really like living here? and clearly is a very brilliant and classy sort. On behalf of the ridiculous who runnnnn (and aren’t they always well-dressed “gentlemen”?) I apologize. I really do. Not that I’m one of those people. I am NOT.  Nor am I  a lingerer. I walk briskly and with purpose, but not self-important ridiculousness. Harumph.