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A couple at a cafe is “sharing what could only be interpreted as an inconvenient truth: neither of them wanted to be there,” writes The Change I Wish to See. Category: Life observed.

This is Goodbye. Speak on It explains why it’s time to move on: You can’t really rely on people you don’t know. Right?

Kelly the Culinarian gives three reasons why she hasn’t blogged lately. And they are all good reasons.

Metro Crash Quilts. The Daily Render by Nikolas Schiller

Work: laughing through the pain. A story about changing passwords. Urban Bohemian.

Best of the Transformers Bashing. A total trashing round-up by City Desk.

Advice on Basil: Be Ruthless, Make Pesto, Plant More. Gradually Greener

DC Blogs Noted

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The blogger has put together a video, sung in rap, about the Eastern Market opening. And here’s a photo tour of the Eastern Market with some sarcastic commentary. The DC Universe.

If you want a friend in DC, get a blog. This blog is by recent college grad who plans to share the adventures once the move in completed in July. Getting from Point A to Point A in entirely too many words. An excerpt: I’m not there yet, but I’ll moving to the city in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for DC life by waking up early, reading newspapers and online news content, and having extramarital affairs with congressional staff members. After that, I’m bracing myself for a few months of considerable financial hardship as I party every weekend and live off my parents’ income.

Along the theme of the blog above, the writer of Sarah’s Life in Washington DC, just moved move to DC with her new degree. My first interview. Lily Sees DC is another new arrivial.

Many new graduates who come to DC discover, soon enough, that they need to rethink their career goals and join the Brazen Slacker Network. [F]oxymoron.

The next big thing for Eastern Market: Plans for the reconstruction of a former school at 7th & Penn SE. From the State of the Avenue.

A Los Angeles Times writer who is traveling coast to coast writes about DC’s rock music scene. Daily Travel & Deal Blog.

If I Had $1 Million Listing. Urban Turf. Photos.

New blogs for the live feed

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Some recent additions to the feed


Displaced in DC

Nodding Is Underrated

Living Life Frame by Frame


Beltway BBQ

Beets and Bonbons

District Plates

Thrifty DC Cook

District news:

The DC Informer




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DCist was one of the first DC blogs to report on the death of the King of Pop (and a link to coverage of the death of Farrah Fawcett. Go Home Already: Thoughts and Prayers – DCist. Meanwhile, somewhat spookily, or perhaps just a testament to the legend of the man If you see something, say something just a few days ago writes on a lunch at Tryst to the sounds of MJ and other soul legends, conjuring up 1970s NYC. How Not to Park

And Now, Anacostia reports on the recent accomplishment of the Historic Anacostia Block Association. HABA won a Vision Award!

SweetPea’s Garden acknowledges the difficulty and still tries to find the beauty, even in heading towards work, 11 hours after leaving. Perfect, Yum, and (Almost) Done

Disaffected Scanner Jockey needs your help to settle a bet. Not interested? It involves breast size! When You Bet Your Bra Size, Everyone Loses

Our own Infinite Connections has a yummy drink, a yummy bite and a yummy — and surprising — kiss. And has to lie down. Ahh, that first swirling fall. Calm, Cool, and Collected.

DC Intraspective details the latest in a Pepco saga. No power on Barracks Row Wednesday affecting several restaurants in the area. Pepco’s Response

DC Blogs Noted

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Where’s My Sitcom explains why you don’t want to live inside the Beltway, and then reconsiders.

The Dumping Ground discusses blame for the Monday Red Line crash. Conclusion: underfunding, resulting in funds that should be used for capital improvements being used to keep the system operating.  Greater Greater Washington is quoted in the Dumping Ground’s post; as well as discussing the funding issues, GGW’s post discusses automatic train features, train speed, and the NTSB recommendations. Why I Hate DC takes a different perspectiveCity Girl DC writes about her emotions following the crash and has questions, which (the questions, not the emotions) Farm Fresh Meat discusses, considering the train operator’s sight lines and the crash site.  Dmbosstone compares Iran election tweets to Red Line Crash tweets.*

Penn Quarter Living notes that the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival began yesterday, and expresses especial enthusiasm for the bands playing in the Las Americas section.

Positively Present considers barriers to happiness and techniques for how to be happy.

FamousDC writes an open letter to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

The demise of ClearPass due to “lack of funding from a senior creditor” really irks Catch Up Lady who has to “fly out of the hell hole that is Dulles Airport” very soon.

*This reminds the author of this post of another DC Blogs contributing editor, who will remain anonymous, saying “I’m a grownup. I don’t tweet.” Did you tweet on Monday, June 21st? Just wondering.

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Two Georgetown University graduate students are traveling through the Middle East for a spell and became witness to history in Iran.  Dispatches from the Region began as a standard issue travel blog before the protests in Tehran took the world stage.  I learned of their blog through a summary on Vox Populi.

Monday’s Metro Tragedy triggered a great deal of reasoned conversation as well as some unfortunate and hyperbolic hand-wringing about safety on Metro.  Fortunately, Beyond DC has some simple math that explains why that is “height of intellectual dishonesty.”  Frozen Tropics further amplifies that point with additional information on the subject of Transit vs. Auto safety, and Farm Fresh Meat really breaks it down with comparisons to Powerball.

Will there be Federal regulation of the blogiverse?  The Assorted Stuff blog (excerpting from the Washington Post) indicates, yes, and asks where it will or should stop?

Bread for the City, a local non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry of the city, has a budget/food deficit from the month of May.  They are seeking any and all help because they “can’t balance last month’s budget deficit against the hungry families who come to us this month.” 

Elle Dubya finds serenity, solace, and perspective, among other things, in ocean waves rolling against reality.

Don’t go running with your dog – cautionary information from an expert at the Friendship Tails Blog.

The Sonnet 87 blog gave me a hearty belly laugh on a day that was short on laughs: An Observation by IP.

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At around 5 p.m., the phone rings. Red Nose answers. It was Joe, her husband, the man she just celebrated her 29th anniversary with. He says: “The Metro train I’m on just crashed into another train.” He’s fine, but it makes her shiver.

IMetro wonders about the delay and then he hears sirens. For many it was Metro Anxiety, writes Toddler Planet. Patrick at DC Metblogs realizes it is the same line his roommate takes. He writes: I drop my things and run to my cell phone.

A Prince of Petworth reader sent in some photos of the crash scene. City Desk blog has photos of triage area.

This blogger is on Red Line heading after leaving work at 4:30 p.m. and boards at Metro Center. Learns of crash via text messages. The Book of Jackson.

This makes me angry: police officers humiliate woman for selling food in DC streets. Carlos in DC. Includes a video of his interview.

Eating my way through Fall Church’s Eden Center. A review. We’re Out of Here.

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What makes a father. Baby Bird. A moment with a blind man in Adams Morgan.

Online Dating Bytes. A lovely brown girl deals with being 30 and alone.

A woman with breast cancer describes some of the cost issues in the post titled: let’s talk about cancer and money. My fabulous boobies.

Who Murdered Robert Wone? Is the name of a blog focusing on a 2006 murder mystery in Dupont Circle. It’s a very active blog with 80 comments alone on one post.

Nationals bloggers make it into the press box, writes Miss Chatter. Everyone else is typing, so guess I should too.

How To Make Cold Strawberry Soup. Herban Lifestyle.

Pro Real World DC writes: Just because people have a counter-opinion doesn’t mean they are shills.

Matthew’s Musing is training to participate in the Nation’s Triathlon on Sept. 13 as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. The goal: a .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile.

Some new blogs to the live feed

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Some new arrivals to


Going Green DC


Liz in DC

Banana Smoothie

Where’s My Sitcom

DC Architecture:

The Straight Torquer

About DC:

The District


Order me this


Scary Mommy

Wife and Mommy

Real World DC:

The Anti-Real World DC


Runin DC

DC Blogs Noted

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SciWonk offers some Advice for Lobbyists, straight from a long-time congressional staffer.

B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd provides a step-by-step guide to How Not to See Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson Film a Movie in DC

Will he stay or will he go now? The DC Sports Page follows the Nats coach saga. Manny Acta Watch Continues

Suburban Sweetheart battles with bravada. Fear Factor (Or “My Encounter With the Most Cliche Phobia Ever”)

Thunderstorms Highly Likely is taking the plunge, not that she believes in love and that stuff. Magda’s Getting Married. Congrats, Magda and Mr. Magda to be!

The Heights Life with the initial news and links about a Shooting at CH Metro. Fox DC has a detailed report.