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I’m trying to be humorous and positive this week, but the serious-negative/humorous-positive ratio is a little out of kilter.  My apologies.

Livin Mi Life notes that the  guard, Mr. Johns, killed in the Holocaust Museum shooting was opening the door (to be helpful) for the elderly man who then murdered him.

Meanwhile, the Anti-DC chronicles an episode of either winning love for bicyclists (please note the unfortunate absence of irony tags, which would be very helpful here) riding on the sidewalk (the man yelling at her chose to yell at her and not a man doing the same thing she was doing) or creating greater harmony throughout the metropolitan area (not).

While everyone alleges to hate the DC introductory stand-by question “What do you do?”, here’s a truly lovely example of when the question would have been appropriate and useful, in Fail Date DC (which is a blog name, and probably would be a great band name, but could also just be a state of existence). Also, not drinking too much in front of co-workers wouldn’t have been a bad idea either.

For those who compare everything (like proposed national service) to slavery, Republic of T has some words: slavery is when someone actually owns another person.  Slavery is not when you are required to do something you don’t particularly want to do (like do some work-related task that your boss has requested). 

A reminder to parents that not everyone is thrilled by your stories about adventures (or boring retail interactions) buying an outfit (or whatever) for your darling child. Sonnet 87 is not inspired to have children upon hearing endless parenting stories.

The Definitive Dmbosstone explains Why Your Mom Shouldn’t Be On Facebook (or gives an example, instead of explaining).

Psychiatric pet peeves: ClinkShrink at Shrinkwrap discusses premature and incorrect diagnoses (and since everyone is a little bit mentally ill anyway, this issue should affect almost all).

Prod and Ponder follows up on a selection from last week: blogging and Internet pet peeves. I’m glad Lilu’s post is getting plenty of attention (as I agree with most of what she said, but also, more importantly, because the post was a good one).

The author of Curlews in the Goyt* describes a late spring walk with his dog in Derbyshire (I think).

*You get points if you know what a curlew is without doing an immediate online search on any search engine. Ditto for knowing what the Goyt is and where it is (although I gave you a BIG hint).

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The voice behind Life Goes on I Think had been quiet for a while.  Without pomp or ceremony, she has turned the lights back on.  In Sessions, she makes it clear that she “[doesn’t] have time for niceties at her [therapist’s] hourly rate.”

In addition to being environmentally friendly, thrift store shopping has the added benefits of breaking the easy bake mold from which many DC styles are cut, and being very affordable.  The De-Clutter You blog writes about the coming Goodwill Trunk Show which is akin to the holy grail of vintage clothing seekers.  By the by, if this entry resonates with you and you don’t read the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, click me to get hip.

Girl of Words writes about the recent ban on smoking in the Virginia Prison System which sparked an impassioned, largely informed, and delightfully civil discourse in the comments about prisoner “perks,” punishment, and rehabilitation.  In the interest of disclosure, I note that my words were in that conversation more than once.

The author of the Life and Times of Accounting blog is a native Washingtonian (yes, there are more of us around than you think) who is leaving DC in a year.  Among the items on her personal pre-get-out-of-dodge list is Evening Parade at the Marine Corps Barracks.

Want to know what Dupont Circle rents were like in 1917?  Greater Greater Washington has your answers and some interesting history, too.

Lonnie Bruner knows sailing (sailboats not powerboats, he would surely want me to note) and is now learning antique cars too.  The parallels are numerous.

DC Blogger Meetup tonight at a new location, Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan. Starts at 7 p.m.

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Intern stories written by a former Hill intern, older and wiser, at Spotted: DC Summer Interns. More intern observations at The Latest Obsession who writes: We DC “residents” are supposed to despise and detest the interns that descend on us for the summer. Not without reason, mind you …

Breast Blossoms or the little truths that bloggers reveal. Desperate in DC

A foreign service post in Haiti is part of the reason why the writer of The year of living unpredictably is ending her blog and starting another.

Birthday suit bike ride. Photo.

M Slash wins in DC traffic court.

An art show, Stimulus, opens tonight at a gallery in Columbia Heights. The works of 20 artists will be shown. Local restaurants will also be offering dinner specials to coincide with the opening, reports Art News

Bookmark watch presents Real World DC Watch: The Map.

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O, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune! Overheard early one morning in the usually peaceful Takoma Park. when i look deep in your eyes.

A former expat from Japan, now in the DC area, You, madam, are no Ambrose Bierce, recaptures through food part of what she misses. Excerpt: I was not mourning an ideal past of Japan, but specific pleasures like sake tastings with friends, the local fishmonger, my teacher’s ironic laughter, even the sweat that dribbled down my back at I stood waiting in August for a train to Tokyo.

The push for marriage equality and Gay Pride is commented by the blogger at How it is, and How it should be… and Scott’s Take offers random thoughts about Pride but especially how the marriage issue has got me wanting to take to the streets again. Photo reports from Gay Pride. Tim1965 has more than two dozen photos posted of the parade. More from My Oyster.

Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan is reviewed by LottieB’s Weblog.

DC Intraspective discovers that Locanda is closed. Voice of the Hill explains what happened in Locanda turned out to be recipe for disaster.

Trapeze school has come to City Girl DC’s neighborhood.

Confusion at the Farmer’s Market. Terrence Henry, who writes: I keep forgetting that what separates many of the chefs from the amateurs is the ability to see in the options at the market which three or four ingredients will really go together.

Huge girl fight out on 14th. If you see something, say something. A mysterious disturbance observed.

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So you probably know Real World Is Coming to Dupont Circle! (S Street, Dupont Circle, I mean… somewhere…) but how will it affect your hood. Friends of Jack

Capitol Hill 20210 reviews the NIN show… and the venue. We’re Not Just a Band, We are also a Social Club

Sweetpea’s Garden offers Condolences to the loved ones of the security guard killed in the line of duty at the U.S. Holocaust museum on Wednesday.

Spokes of a Wheel shares his Stormy Night Ride. Eek, I was afraid to be in the CAR in the storm.

Re:Districting reminds us that DC and well… life is The Sum of All Its Parts All.

Just in time for the weekend (and our hurting wallets) DC 365 shares Top 10 DC Things To Do This Summer 2009

“Pong” shares a moment from yesterday’s storm Cloud deck over Rosslyn on Flickr

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on June 11th, 2009 by Foilwoman


Live It, Love It lists her pet peeves: things that annoy her about her fellow bloggers. No, none that refer to any of you. You’re all above average, and great writers with great blog layouts. But I completely agree with her, and I’m sure there are many other blogging annoyances out there.

Meeting the parents: often an incredibly awkward moment, but this time, for the author of Do You Come Here Often, it was . . . nice. People being pleasant and polite to each other: a great idea.

Some people think of doing good as a social event or athletic outlet (think all those walkathons, races to cure or find something, and benefit dinners), but some (like yours truly) really just want to be left alone with a DVD. So giving blood or platelets seems like a good option – you watch your DVD, don’t have to run any distance, and know, without a doubt that your donation is going to do someone some good. And you never have to sit through a boring committee meeting (just shoot me now — or take my blood).  You can give at most hospitals or at a local Red Cross Chapter. They do other stuff as well, of which I generally remain oblivious, but here’s a summary on the Red Cross’s blog.

If you want to meet environmentally minded people, there are several Green Happy Hours listed on City Renewed a green resource guide for the District.

Joe. My. God. (note: if gay people scare you, this isn’t the link for you) links to Betty Bowers (“America’s Best Christian”) explaining traditional marriage.   I actually found this post through Cabezalana (I think that means “wool head” in Spanish), so props there.

Another picture, just because I like it, from Through My Eyeballs.

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One of the über-anonymous contributors at K Street Confidential has a confession… or maybe a confession within a confession.

The dedicated Hop-Head behind the Hop Heights Blog asks the following question about glassware: “To most drinkers, specialized glassware across the spectrum of spirits seems as natural as the grain itself. So why do people respond to the sight of a curvaceous tulip or a graceful hefe glass with bemused curiosity or mild skepticism?”  His answers are both informative and entertaining.

There are more Eco-friendly metropolitan areas than ours (no offense, Takoma Park,) however, the DC area is the first to have a private residence earn a Platinum LEED Certification.  Thanks, DC Metrocentric for the heads-up.

Got a bike? Then chances are you have a part you don’t need, need a part whether you know it or not, or can use a new riding partner.  The Cycle Jerk writes of an event that may help you solve all of the aforementioned issues.

A warm welcome to Speaking of Witch, and Big Girl Shoes who have recently added their voices to this happy band of bloggers.

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Some mid-week additions the feed

Dating, sex, politics:

Desperate in DC


i’m gonna break your heart

Library services:

DC Public Library Arts and Literature

Bethesda fashion, shopping events:

MoCo Scene

Urban affairs:

Metropolis on a Hill

Contact:, and

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If you have never heard of MTV’s Real World then what follows is nonsense. But for a front row seat to a reality show about roommates lacking conflict resolution skills, there’s an apartment for rent across the street from the Real World house at 2000 S. St. NW, reports the blogger at Mid-Day Ramble. For those into the show but not really into the show there’s the Anti-Real World DC blog. Borderstan gets the credit from the City Desk Blog for revealing the location, but the true winners, writes the City Paper, will be bloggers like us.

The seeming snobbery of Washingtonians toward Baltimore needs to change, writes Diva Bugs. Baltimore isn’t what you think. For proof see the movie, “He’s Not That Into You.”

The news in limerick. Sotomayor survives fracture ankle. District Limerick.

A pear tree is hit by lightening and falls in the front yard of the home of Avert Your Eyes. It’s in plain view. So why is someone knocking on Wicked H’s door to tell her about it? The post: stating the obvious.

The DC Public Library Arts and Literature Division, which is based at the Martin Luther King library, has started a blog.

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What I learned today at the zoo. Stimeyland. A witty and fun take on a visit.

The Chewable Game. Gomez the dog gets a new toy. Intangible Arts.

Ray’s Hellburger reviewed after skydriving trip canceled because of plane’s mechanical problems. Hellburger is No. 1 in the Adventures in Shaw burger ranking.

First anniversary celebration includes finding an unspent 9mm bullet. B and T Crowd.

Ward 1 Marriage Equality Straw Poll on Tuesday. DCist

An accident in B&W. Petworth News.

Women being creative at the National Museum of Women in the Arts Tuesday. Painterly Visions.