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We’re catching up with the latest adds to the feed.


The Sad Elephant


Not Enough Tequila In The World


Tales of the Capitol Hill Kid

New Kid on The Hill

Flack Rabbit


Rachel, Rachel I’ve Been Thinking

Alyssa Rosenberg

Wild and Crazy Pearl


the plate of the union

Virginia Neighborhood:

Clarendon Nights



The Environmental Nexus


DC Shot List

DC Blogs Noted

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A list of favorite books. Rude Cactus.

How to write an appalling cover letter. Telling It Like It Is.

Take that, macroeconomics. Too Much Skunk in Your Junk. Economic collapse delivers a little justice.

Ten days ago the writer of the Triangle put in a service request about a stop sign. Before and after photos.

Irregardless of how you may feel about it, please stop using this word. Capitol Hill 20210.

DC Blogs Noted

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Top Ten Thoughts While Doing the Metro Mash. DC Damsel. A combination of observations and rants.

Aryan Imagin(Nation): Harry Potter and the Teutonic Malfoys of Doom. A different take on the film. Blog at 16th and Q.

The One Foolproof Way to Pass Your DC DMV Car Inspection. Dealing in Subterfuges. Or reasons to be glad you don’t own a car, as one commenter pointed out.

I’m going to be in a book, writes 007 in Africa, because of something she wrote on her blog.

A story of cheating in school that may be the real deal. From the State to the Avenue.

For the love of type. Decidedly uncomplicated and the wedding invitation that tells a story.

The Thigh Grazing Boot. Style Redux

DC Blogs Noted

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Angry Jane Doe is a woman who has had “one man too many [come] on with all the ardor of love, only to waft away in the cold light of early morning.” She responded with a self-described “manifesta” about dating in general, and online dating in specific, that includes this nugget of wisdom “I have taken down my profile, I am buying a vibrator, and I’m going to start spilling secrets.”  Her latest post, Enough, is the story of how it all began.   [Editor’s Note: Content is only appropriate for adults, but is largely safe for work.]

Speaking of women done wrong… Lemmonex reminisces with a song.

Speaking of women, and boys and song… Always a Drunk, Never a Bride struggles with the decision to select one for “the boy’s” ringtone.

Liebchen, the author of the Learning to Fly, presents a moving tribute to her late grandfather.

Jodifur experiences the rewards of kindness for kindness’ sake through entrusting an iPhone to a stranger.

Adventures in Shaw went to market and the pictures alone are worth the click, but the words about the Falls Church Farmer’s Market are equally endearing.

Maxwell has been largely hidden from the musical scene since 2001 (and to this editor’s thinking has never matched his sublime debut CD, Urban Hang Suite.)  A new album has finally dropped, and the His Story has a very compelling review

The Republic of T provides a summary of what he sees as the irony and intellectual dishonesty of the GOP in the Sotomayor confirmation process.

Looking for a Think Tank gig? The DC Public Affairs and Communications Jobs blog has compiled a rather extensive list for you.

If you don’t make plans now to take your favorite pooch to the Washington Humane Society Doggy Happy Hour August 5th at the Park Hyatt, s/he may never forgive you.

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What will DC be like in 2040? Beyond DC makes some predictions. City Fix DC calls Beyond DC’s post “absolutely fantastic,” and offers his own assessment on the unpredictability of forecasting.

Shame on 7 District Officers. South East Socialite believes police need to tell parents when their children are trying to break into buildings.

Why Does a Strong Woman Scare Some Men Away? DC Femella.

Susie’s Budget and Policy Corner is a great resource on the inner workings of DC’s government. (Thanks to her help, I was able to track down DC’s budget analysis on its plastic bag financial impact – kob. See Monday’s Blogs Noted post.) Congress Heights Rising believes the plastic bag tax will deliver environmental benefit.

Freakshow ranks as one the best at the Capital Fringe Festival. DC Theater Scene.

And Now, Anacostia shares this news: Bloomingdale has Big Bear, but Anacostia will soon have Big Chair – Coffee, that is.

CityZen: Showing the love to Southwest DC. A review by Capital Spice.

DC Blogger Meetup Wednesday, 7 p.m., Madam’s Organ, 2461 18th St. NW Adams Morgan.

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DC Blogs Noted

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As Good As It Gets, And, Really, I’m A Mystic. I Would Know. Hecate. A very touching post about the passage of time.

Hello: DC just imposed a 5 cents tax on plastic bags. Its intent is to encourage a switch to reusable bags, but it also gives the DC government a new source of regressive tax revenue. farm fresh meat argues why the bag tax will fail in the post, This Tax is a Double Bagger. [Side issue: What doesn’t DC put the documents, impact studies and financial estimates about the bag tax online? There are too few newspaper reporters left today to do this document digging. But there are many bloggers who could present this material to their readers if they had access to it.]

Schteeeekarna steek or beach vacation photos. Capital Life. An excerpt: (via Google translation) Both Sandra and I got a number of offers to get married …

Free Silver, who writes from Baltimore, has an observation about Row House life that’s true no matter where. He writes: I’m part of the gentrification boom. I’m under 30, from the suburbs, and I bought a freshly rehabbed one-bedroom alley-house three years ago.

It’s not just a grill, it’s a receipt for Man Card Member, No. 404431. this pixelated life.

Nothing escapes the DC blogosphere: W Hotel FCC Application. DC Scanning.

In Islamabad it’s Psst, hey buddy: want a beer? Written in caps

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There are worse places it could have happened. Living the Organized Life. Car window is broken while in a restaurant celebrating anniversary.

Justice is sweet. Proud Feet. A police officer on a motorcycle police takes care of one of this blogger’s pet peeves.

Shetland Silky. knitting pretty in dc Photos of the work.

I Can’t Stand RWDC Haters, writes Cheat to Win. A guide to pretentious whining. And, DC has the most bloggers anywhere and they’re out to mess up Real World DC. See WUSA9 film report. Scroll down.

Alyssa Rosenberg believes films shot in New York and Los Angeles suffer from “a poverty of vision.” She writes: I’m always happy when people shoot in Washington, D.C., or Boston, not simply because it’s a good reminder that other people live there, but because the movies end up with their own visual style, even if they’re indifferently shot.

There is no recovery from such a mistake. K Street Confidential. The three stikes rules doesn’t apply in this case.

Me and Marion Barry. Squid Pants shares a photo and a moment.

DC Blogs Noted

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Guys of the universe, Listen to Leon has some advice for you: cover up your feet.  (Note: Title is NSFW for some.)

Urban crime is on the rise: even the squirrels are doing it, as Nodding Is Underrated discovers.

Why haven’t you seen Citizen Kane? Average Blogger quotes a conversation about a cinematic taste disconnect between parent and child.

BlackGirlGrown notes that July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month and offers some tips.

Despite not being able to find the correct entrance to the Capitol for press members, Plight of the Pumpernickel reports on her first press conference, what she wrote, and her call to her mother afterwards.

DC Peg wonders how Congress dares to tell DC how to spend local tax dollars and asks everyone to help.

DC Blogs Noted

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Thanks to this post from the Hello Negro blog, I found a Daily Beast post that offers the following cautionary analysis “Note to Republicans: Racist “humor,” the Internet, and political ambitions don’t mix.”

Too soon for a mocking homage to recently departed celebrities?  Bradford Pearson doesn’t think so and sets about doing just that with a satirical send-up of Billie Mays and Michael Jackson opportunists.

There are some books for which The Malnurtured Snay is not entirely comfortable helping you search.  Warning: contains some adult content and pointed language.

There comes a time in every teenage boy’s life when he has to decide how to remove the “few scraggly hairs littered across his face.” Franco Beans faced that choice and selected a painful option.

The If I had to Pick Five blog has a serialized format – lists of five.  In Five People You Meet at Dinner the author takes on five stereotypes that maybe exist for a reason. 

Who knows how long emotions stay raw after a loss, but for Lemon Gloria, Speed Bumps brought them to the surface.   

When the sponsors of Screen on the Green announced the reversal of the decision to cancel the summertime ritual, they noted new media sources buzzing with support for the event as a significant force for change.  All of you bloggers, Twitter-ers, and Facebook-ers should take a bow, and start making plans… DC Metblogs has the summer 2009 schedule.

Happy Anniversary to Shawn and Sara of Pink Schemes

DC Blogs Noted

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Liz in DC says she can be “a cold, callous, miserable person.” But then she goes to a shelter and saves a kitten. Every Scratch is Worth It.

The hot Republican blond alerts the Anti-Real World DC to The Real World’s arrival in the Big Hunt. The report: It was then that the most immaculate thing ever happened. One of the cast chose to engage us.

Insurgency on the Hill? The Hill is Home reports on squirrel cells.

Breaking News: Nathans to Close this Sunday. The Georgetown Metropolitan.

DC Bald Eagle Nest Threatened by DHS. A DC Birding Blog draws attention to a report of Eagles nesting on the grounds of the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, the future home of the Department of Homeland Security.

Did breaking a mirror expose this writer to seven years of bad luck? Hippo Crusades.

Photos of the fireworks. Very good work. Life through a Lens.

Advanced heads up: DC Blogger Meetup July 15th. All invited. NotionsCapital

Great Falls Photowalk. DC Shutterbugs. Category: Things to do.