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Hyper-local blogging has clearly established itself in DC, evidenced by at least 50 neighborhood specific blogs in the District. We have updated our neighborhood-by-neighborhood listing, with comments, of active neighborhood blogs at

And regarding neighborhood blogging, today on the Kojo Nnamdi show, Blogging Block-by-Block in Ward 8, with writers of And Now, Anacostia, Barry Farm (Re)Mixed, and Congress Heights on the Rise. Hosted by Marc Fisher of the Washington Post.

I have some bad news for the over 40 single women out there, writes Infinite Connections.

Child-free or childless? Which is it? Stirrup Queen

My Ted Kennedy Story. Media Concepts learned four things from his very brief encounter.

Pizza Paradiso moves to a new home on P Street. Capital Spice. And there are 193 beers to choose from, writes dcbeer.

The latest investment bubble. NotionsCapital. Relevant comment. Ouij

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A recent trip to Seattle

Photographs and memories and thoughts, following the news of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s death. A few of the particularly nice tributes out there in DC cyberspace: DC Peg thinks of “the hand” from Hains Point in He Tried; while Lizkdc is moved by particular story: The Man at the Door (Ted Kennedy’s Death); and Cooby Snacks is affected more than was expected in Remembering Senator Kennedy. His Story talks about meeting the man: Farewell … Ted Kennedy while Black Sapience dedicates the blog to Kennedy’s memory, reprinting one of his most favorite speeches: Tribute to the Liberal Lion of the Senate: The Cause Endures.

[F]oxymoron takes to the market and encounters The Young DC Gelato Zombie.

DC Rocks is happy to see a local author on the list. Look What the Pres is Reading!

Suburban Sweetheart loooooveesss craigslist. She loves it so much… she tried it! Good luck SS. Confessions of a Craigslist Lover.

Pygmalion in a Blanket kicks it old school Sony Walkman style. Escalators are death traps anyways.

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Sonnet87 compares and contrasts Pat Conroy’s last two books and wonders “why is high school the most important and defining period of time in the lives of the characters of both of these books?” among other things.

According to BlackGirlGrown’s guest blogger Tricia Wagner, women need to save more than men do.

After getting two parking tickets in one evening for parking in a legal (at the time) space, Learning to Fly challenged the tickets and won.

Waking up still drunk and feeling a smidge poorly, JP of the Gospel According to JP, announces his detox plans for the next thirty days. Should he meet this challenge, he plans to reward himself with the Great American Beer Festival.

Poverty & Policy wonders what to do in DC after earmarks have been eliminated.

What does it mean when you’re a center-right social libertarian non-interventionist cultural liberal? Roosevelt Island takes a political spectrum quiz.

Freewheelin’ Spirit is fixing up some bikes found on e-Bay and a neighbor’s trash pile.

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Much has been blogged about the felonious behavior of athletes.  The latest post from the Food for Thought blog addresses this subject but in the larger context of all of our lives in A Guide to Withholding Pity from Fools.

The author of the Freedom from Blog offers a first hand account of a health care town hall meeting in Crazytown Dispatch.

Speaking of health care … Lawyer Mama knows that she is very fortunate to have her health and her high quality health care.  That doesn’t prevent her from wanting to voice her frustration with the system and enlisting others in the debate too

Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham obviously digs The Bard, and wants residents to enjoy a performance of Taming of the Shrew without spending pound nor pence.  Thanks to The Heights Life for the information.

Glamour Magazine published a nude photo of a “plus sized model” and did so without photoshopping the picture.  Stephanie, co-author of Not Easily Impressed, has some thoughts on the picture and the reaction it received from magazine readers

The certainty of karma is on full display in Sarah and the Goon Squad’s Karma is a Cruel Mistress.

It is probably just my left-handed bias spilling pixels onto your screen, but I adored this post from a fellow lefty whose right-handed child finds bliss in opposite handedness.  The blog is Not-Ever-Still Life with Girls.

Happy Third Birthday to the Vox Populi Blog – the extremely well written blog from the Georgetown University Newspaper that holds loads of appeal for students and non-students alike.

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A detective discourages the writers of Capital City Diner from filing a police report after they are mugged by a man who appeared to be carrying a sawed-off shotgun. Discussion about it can also be found at frozen tropics

More shotgun news: Metro’s heavily armed money collectors are a formidable presence. But are they being careless when they point a weapon at somebody? The writer of Unsuck DC Metro tells of his experience in the post, Please Don’t Point the Shotgun at Me. Excerpt:

The doors opened, and to my bewilderment a uniformed man stepped out of the first car brandishing an enormous shotgun. Since he was holding it up, and I was elevated on the escalator, it was pointing directly at me.

Wild and Crazy Pearl marks her 100th post with 10 top 10 lists. It’s a long, exhaustive and entertaining post that includes top 10 restaurants, desserts, products, Websites among others.

The writer of concrete jungle dc returns from vacation to discover a hole in the ceiling. A fire, sprinkler and a flood are to blame in the post, The importance of insurance.

Brightwood Living visits Baltimore’s Little Italy and offers a report with pastry photos.

There are no short sleeved dress shirts. Off the Cuff.

Interesting post about a skeleton uncovered in Venice and its link to vampires. Too Much Information. [Descriptive content warning]

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Maria of A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm stops for bargain gas on New York Avenue and notices some odd-looking characters, including a woman with fashion sense that’s circa 1993. And then the police arrive. The post: The Jamaican Beat of Justice, DC Edition.

dc introspective goes past the protest line to have lunch at Whole Foods.

Mike Licht of NotionsCapital revises the terror alert color code into a new, clever graphic: The Republican Election Terror Alert System.

Discovering the National Pinball Museum in Silver Spring delivers a “Wait, what?” moment at Silver Spring, Singular

Colorful, late night, Dupont Circle photos. DC Discombobulated

HarDCore Intern list her top five DC things.

The latest adds to the

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Skullcrusher Mountain

Lady & My Boys Club

The E-Mail Chain

Real Estate:

Your Real Estate Insider


Sword and the Script

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Prince of Petworth rags on my (newish) neck of the woods. Oh Ballston, VA You Keep Getting Better and Better. Also (yes, a twofer from PoP today. You’re welcome Prince!) he shares some work from a local favorite poet. Poems by Reuben Jackson

Speaking of poetry… In Through the Back Door treats you to Paper Love

And speaking of pizza …wait, you weren’t? Washingtonian’s Best Bites invites you to partake in The Pizza Pool

Shmaley pleas for Fantasy Football Help.

Greater Greater Washington asks Why aren’t there buses to the memorials? (Buses of the non-Tourmobile Persuasion that is.)

Magda of Thunderstorms Highly Likely muses on Takeoffs and Landings, of Sorts.

Adventures in DC marvels at the difference between herself and college freshmen today, despite just a decade of time. Try (gulp) nearly two decades. The Class of 2013.

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For half an hour a week you can help a child discover a love of reading.  Life in Mount Vernon Square gives the details.

How does the Internet see youAssorted Stuff looks at Personas.

“Near Southeast” Redevelopment/JDLand wonders exactly what water taxi service is available to Nationals’ Park.  After all, the Mayor’s office has announced that the taxi service is available, but gives no specifics.

Esther-Now-and-Then-Some wonders when it is okay to run along side or jump in front of a moving bus?

DCist wonders about Metro’s new hiring standards.

Dissenting Justice will take one “Wise Latina” over two Death Panelists any day.

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Alice dates a lot… with what she has described as “varying” degrees of success.  A number of people have asked her why she hasn’t used eHarmony; she wrote an open letter in response – eHarmony: I am not compatible.

Is art found (at a steep discount) better than art acquired? Life Goes on, I Think? may not answer the question as much as she stakes a claim.

Mary L. Tabor is writing “A memoir about her separation from her husband and her rediscovery of life, sex and love after sixty,” and she is writing it “Live” which is to say that it is drafted in the form of a blog.  In some ways, this is the quintessential notion of the personal blog.  Her example is a riveting read, and includes lines like “We love on debt: Carta di credito finito?”

Have you ever gone myth-busting around DC?  Have you ever looked for J Street or tried to learn the truth about why it doesn’t exist?  Shannon from We Love DC has been, and this week set about resolving the myth of DC Boundary Stones.  Was it busted or confirmed?

Summer Restaurant Week is coming; do you know where your discount meal will be?  Todd Kliman, dining editor for the Washingtonian Magazine, lists on his blog the places where he would eat for Restaurant Week… with some caveats.

Top Chef Season 6 premiers this evening and a few members of the cast of cheftestants have connections to the DC area.  The Capital Spice blog has interviews with all of the local competitors: Mike Isabella of Zatinya, Bryan Voltaggio of Volt, and Jesse Sandlin of Abacrombie Fine Foods & Dining.

As a reminder, the August DC Blogger Meetup is tonight at Madams Organ @ 7pm.