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New adds to DC’s live feed

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Recipes from the Restaurant Refugee


FoBoBlo (Foggy Bottom)


New URL for Attention Span of a Fly

The author of most likely to die alone is closing that blog and starting State of the Fourth Estate.




DC Blogs Noted

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MyFox DC reports that “7 injured in Southeast DC Shooting” but the problem is that this shooting occurred in Northeast, writes Congress Heights on the Rise, in the post: MyFox DC Keeps Perpetuating Bad Stereotypes About Southeast. It may seem like a minor error, but not in the Southeast.

At 42, Infinite Connections says, technically, she isn’t a cougar even if she’s attracting younger men.

Death is a Form of Healing. The Bodhi Tree writes of a young woman who lost her battle with leukemia.

Misadventures of a Non-Morning Person. hey pretty.

Why Work for a Start-Up? Pamela of Pamela’s Punch tells of her own experience working for a venture capital funded firm.

Crazy huge bike guy. Short video of an ultra-tall bike. New Columbia Heights.

DC Blogs Noted

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The writer Lady & Her Boys Club dresses up for a night out. She draws the attention of men who say “hello” and “nice dress,” among other things. The compliments are both nice and disquieting. Excerpt:

It can be a terrifying world for a single 27-year-old female. I’m not naive. I have heard the stories, some from friends. I understand the importance of being self-aware and safe. But on a busy city street when a man on a stoop greets me and compliments my outfit, even if he is overenthusiastic, I can take the compliment with a polite smile and maybe even a hi back. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where I shouldn’t do that.

Over 100 people attend a meeting about the future of streetcars in DC, including the writer of ReadysetDC.

DC Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Some, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal. The Sexist.

The $200 Coq au Vin. Eclectique|916

Room 11, the new wine bar in Columbia Heights, at Best Bites Blog

Foggy Bottom neighborhood blog, FoBoBlo

Blogging events:
Blogger Meetup, Wed., Aug. 19, Madam’s Organ, 7 p.m.
DC Food Blogger Happy Hour is Sept. 2 at Poste Brasserier, Gradually Greener.

DC Blogs Noted

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Knit*Six encounters creatures at rest In the “dog” days of summer…

The 42 shares word of the John Hughes Film Series at Asylum. Danke Schoen.

Farm Fresh Meat has had enough “summer help.” Citizens to Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program: Please Stop. We Got It. Really.

Written in Caps takes part in a DC ritual or is it a DC Stereotype #237: The Ikea Run.

Disaffected Scanner Jockey teaches us manners, but in a nice way. Required reading before your next summer soiree … at her house anyway. The Seven People You’ll Meet at the Cocktail Party of the Damned. She shares Seven People who are welcome back, too.

[F]oxymoron leaves the city for the woods… with hummus… and gazpacho. Camping, Nominally Yuppie

DC Blogs Noted

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Suicide by Metro is an account of a man’s death Wednesday at the West Falls Church station. cortney

A man yells “hello” and the encounter quickly turns nasty. Holla Back DC. The post: “I felt as if I had no control…”

An Ohioan’s View of the Suddenly Downtrodden Cleveland Park. DC Metblogs. Many shops have closed in the neighborhood.

Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges are tested at the Bitten Word. Writes one commenter: … this is trouble!

The Fourth Roommate (or, A true tail of furry proportions). Italian Mother Syndrome

How-to advice for online dating. Living, Loving DC

DC Blogs Noted

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The exceedingly pregnant blogger Lemon Gloria has been getting a great deal of advice about methods to speed the onset of labor.  She knows that if she “clenches [her] teeth and thinks of England” she might get through one frequently suggested remedy. 

President Obama spoke yesterday at an open Townhall Meeting to address the health care debate.  One protestor took things to an extreme and The Hangover Helper makes her feelings clear: Your Right to Pack Heat Ends within Range of the Commander in Chief

Motherhood is a Series of Days according to Pretty Pink Chandelier … call your mom when you finish reading it. 

Found Irony from Lacochran’s Bloggery

HBO premiered their documentary, The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, on Monday evening.  The author of the Congress Heights on the Rise has some thoughts on the film and the man.

Amanda Hess, author of the City Paper’s The Sexist Blog, takes issue with the real reasons for the popularity of the DC Kickball Scene.  Thanks, to DCist for the heads-up.

DC Blogs Noted

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The Other 35 Percent maps out recent ‘shots fired’ reports in Shaw, turning a pattern of gunfire into a stunning illustration that aptly introduces the title of the post: Out of Control: Shaw Shootings Continue. Its writer, Cary Silverman, outlines six potential solutions. This is followed with visceral photos by of the bloody evidence of a beating early Sunday morning. (Link via Life in Mount Vernon Square. )

Eight things i learned in business school so far. Too Much Skunk in Your Junk.

Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress files a report, with photos, about The Spot on 18th.

Why Fi? Hotspots and Cool Spaces at American Art. Free Wi-Fi at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Eye Level

A Cranky Conservative assesses DC, his home for eight years, or as he put it: I am term limited out.

Keep up with the latest adds to the live feed here:

Some new live feed adds

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Recent additions to the live feed


District Couture

Not Easily Impressed

Journal of a Fashionista

DC Neighborhood:

Park View, DC (What, Exactly, are Park View’s Borders)


Black Friday

Metaphysical Junkie

Ped Eggs and Hamlet

Sex after Sixty

DC Urban Dad

go big or go home

The Conscious Little Rock

Home and decorating:

Twigs and Scraps: Ideas for Nesting


Fauxtography Phlog


Italian Mother Syndrome


Washington Glass School

DC Blogs Noted

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Title: 29 Months of Distinction – Emily & Brad, Volume I. A photo collection/montage that’s bursting with life.

Laurie Writes about the director John Hughes: I have seen the Breakfast Club more than one hundred times, more than the Wizard of Oz, I’d bet, and maybe more than The Sound of Music. I know every single line and visual cue in the film.

An Open Letter to Sleazeballs: We Will Not Stand For This! I Am Holly Golightly, who writes: Women DO have rights when it comes to sexual harassment.

Time to Ground the Washington Flyer. CommuterPageBlog. A monopoly service that means a lot of taxies leave Dulles empty.

The Real Reason My Mom Always Told Me to Wear Good Underwear. Disaffected Scanner Jockey.

Without zsa zsa zu there is no relationship. Hannah, just breathe.

Woodstock on the National Mall next Saturday. DC This Week.

DC Blogs Noted

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Elizabeth Nolan Brown says she promises not to become one of those people who’s all about NYC and how great it is. Promise? So far the score is NYC, 1; DC, 0. DC v. NY: Food Edition

Go Big or Go Home reflects on the last, and the next, 30 years. My next thirty years

Talkapedia has some words on what college will and WON’T do for you. Dear Folks #23: The Job Hunt

Foodie Tots loves our local farmers’ markets. But pick a favorite? Impossible! America’s Next Farmers Market Star?

Meanwhile Capitol Swell can make any number of policy decisions, but decide on dinner? Instead, CapSwell posits a mobile Farmers Market might be useful for busy DCers. The Hardest Choice

Happy days here again? Global Chameleon shares 5 Things I Won’t Miss When the Recession Ends

Blogger Happy Hour tonight, 7 p.m., Evolve in Adams Morgan. The Restaurant Refugee has details.