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Over the years, the Cosmopolitan Conservative has “repeatedly asked feminists to explain what feminism is.”  Concluding that she has never received an answer beyond “You just don’t get it” she set about discovering one for herself.  Her first stop was Jessica Valenti’s book, Full Frontal Feminism… she has some problems with it.

Alyssa Rosenberg, author of the blog of the same name, takes issue with “Cougarhood” writing:

Anyone who doesn’t know that women like to have sex beyond their sixteenth birthdays, and throughout careers, college, motherhood, and beyond, is stupid or not paying attention.  So to have to invent a cutesy term to explain that extremely basic fact is overly simplistic and annoying.

In sharing a story of unimaginable pain, Shine Out Loud Un-Silences the Violence in her past.

The author of I’m Gonna Break Your Heart is dating an older man.  She doesn’t offer a defense of the practice because as she contends it doesn’t need defending. She does, however, explain what she likes about dating an older man.

Does DC Parking Enforcement operate like a Mafia Shakedown?  Farm Fresh Meat offers a convincing case that they do and does so to the city’s detriment.

Though the author of the Is It Luck blog initially thought it “stupid at first,” he makes a reasoned case for celebrating today – Happy International Blasphemy Day!


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Theft 1 is a felony. In a flash, a bicycle is stolen. Life Cycle

District Limerick, the week in review: This-one-wrote-itself edition.

Why I Hate DC files an FOIA to dig up documents to try to learn about what happened to Alice Swanson Ghost Bike. The documents cost $65, a punitive document fee. The intent, presumably, is to reimburse the government for part of the cost, but the impact is to potentially discourage bloggers from playing a watchdog role. DC’s government suffers from corruption. Here’s a suggestion to one DC councilman who is now dealing with this issue and is someone who can change the rules. An Open Memo to Jim Graham.

The turnout for Fiesta DC was, in a word, massive. There were people as far as the eye could see in Mount Pleasant enjoying outstanding food, dancing, and music. Great photos by Tina dela Rosa and also from Prince of Petworth who has photos here and here.

Phil goes to the fair and manages to take pictures of every odd thing he can find. Playaz Ball

Target find at $39.99. What she has

Adorable Pit puppies need a home. Washington Humane Society.

Creative Genius Happy Hour Thursday, an event organized by dc scorpion girl

An Open Memo to Jim Graham

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The amount of corruption in the District is intolerable. Just this year alone, we have had a major scandal in the District’s CTO office that probably delivered six figures worth of losses to taxpayers. Every year brings new scandal and the history of it is well known.

The District’s leaders need to deliver an act of contrition. I have a suggestion.

Most bloggers avoid filing FOIA request with the District because of the cost of it. I was just reading about how the blogger at had to pay $65 to get some documents to try to learn what happened to Ghost Bike in Dupont Circle.

This is a punitive charge, especially against bloggers who earn no revenue or very little from their efforts. But these bloggers represent a very important part of the new media emerging in DC. Collectively DC’s blogging community is a free and vigorous press, capable of filling a watchdog role that may help to keep government honest.

One way to fight corruption is to reduce the barriers for bloggers to gain access to information. DC’s government must honor all FOIA request. Let’s make this information free, especially to bloggers who plan to use the documents to inform their readers.

This won’t cost much. Maybe the tenth of the cost of a bribery investigation on an annualized basis. But the benefits may exceed the cost if government officials know that there is, indeed, a free press operating in the District and serving its historic role.

Most recent live feed adds

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A Girl’s Guide to Violence

Profiles, people’s history:

people’s district

Food, cooking:

Klutzy Kitchen

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The Common Man DC Food & Bar Blog

Exploring DC:

Two DC


Young Black Sophisticate

Fashion, media, technology, food, everyday life:


Adventures of The Cookie Girl

When Life Gives You Limes

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Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia


tina dela rosa photography

Fashion, mens:


If you want help in reaching other DC Metro area bloggers, submit your blog to the feed. Write:

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Congress Heights and Ward 8 are being targeted for group homes, writes Congress Heights on the Rise. The writer, in strongly written post, wants the same things NW has: shops, restaurants, quality housing option, coffee houses, and not another group home.

I can’t help but feel (and what I know) that this type of thing would NOT happen in an affluent community in Northwest! The Advoc8te doesn’t know when or how Ward 8 was elected “back yard and spare closet” of the entire District but it needs to STOP!

Why I won’t be seeing Tim Burton’s “Alice,” ever ever ever ever ever. Dealing in Subterfuges

The writer of People’s District records the images and thoughts of people around DC is a series of short stories. In this portrait, Sara describes one of DC’s characteristics:

I love that in any conversation you have, regardless of what position the person holds, be it schoolteacher, janitor, lawyer, everyone is aware of what is going on politically. That is a thing that was missing when I was a securities lawyer in Manhattan. There it was all about the work…very insular.

Drinking games with Germans at the Wonderland. Squid Pants

What I did on my staycation. (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp

Mission is terminated, which isn’t good news for fans of this blog. Intangible arts

The DC Commission on the Arts of Humanities is working on its next strategic plan and is seeking public input at a forum on Tuesday, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Here’s a chance for bloggers to argue that blogging is art and should have the opportunity to seek grants for special projects. Painterly Visions has link to details. Click on image.

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Claustrophia, bullies, cramped quarters? No problem. Not for a pro. Disaffected Scanner Jockey warns Never Mess with a Little Sister

You’re Welcome ponders how to tell a baby (and the rest of the family) yep, you’re single. Still. Uncle. I remember crying it, too.

The 42 takes you on a (photo essay) tour of last weekend’s H Street Festival.

DC Cab Riders notes the preponderance of cabs on was rumored to be Strike Day. Strike?

Of Peace and Politics takes on the perennial Washington sports question: Should the Redskins change their name?

Urban Bohemian says adieu to his DC home, lo these many years. What I will miss: my perch.

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Richmond to Washington by Amtrak:  back of the busRed Stapler wonders. 

One single aunt reflects on her itty-bitty nephew trying to pray at night for an uncle-to-be-named-later, at You’re Welcome.

If you think eliminating nightshade-type vegetables (what are they?) from your diet will cure osteoarthritis, MeanLouise politely plans to harvest your organs.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t think the Feingold Diet is totally without merit.

Bent Objects:  wow.  Brought to DCBlogs attention by Skullcrusher Mountain‘s Hangover Fairy post.

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be heard and understoodLivin Mi Life considers these sometimes opposite goals.

Brutalism introduces us to Jeff Cockey, the new Kevin Bacon.

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There have been grumblings from Top Chef Fans all season long about some less than civil behavior (or editing depending on your perspective) from one of the Cheftestants with local ties. Best Bites asks What’s Your Take on TC’s Mike Isabella? And they want comments, so let your voice be heard.

The Rude Cactus is having problems with his nuts – I cross my heart and pinky swear promise this is safe for work.

The Natural Capital wants to help you explore the intersection of urban/car-less living and nature.  Ten Great Places to Hike Around DC by Public Transportation is one of those posts you’re going to want to bookmark for future reference.

Drew Long, a contributor for the DC Foodies, wades into one of the more controversial culinary issues of the last decade.  The Politics of Food: Foie Gras  presents a historical view of each side and does so with a dispassionate and compelling approach.

Two DC is a blog recording the stories of newlyweds and recent DC transplants as they explore their new city, build new social networks, and dine around town.  They recently discovered what long time residents have known for a while – Steak ‘n Egg is a good little dinner

Apple picking is one of the best universal & cheap dates in the DC area.  It is different, inexpensive, family friendly, and a great backdrop for conversation… but what do you do with all of the apples? The Food & Think blog has answers with Five Ways to Eat Apples.

World-class humorist David Sedaris’ upcoming DC show is sold-out.  Still want tickets?  The Foggy Bottom Blog is giving away two tickets (third row, in case you’re curious) in a Facebook Fan Contest

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Saturday-Night Vigilante Justice: Victims Catch U Street Mugger. Borderstan has a report from a witness to a mugging. Three men chased the mugger down and caught him in front of a U Street bar, and then delivered their own sense of justice to the applause of a crowd.

Romance Is Not Dead is the title of a post about a mysterious note left under the windshield wiper of a car belonging to Farm Fresh Meat

A Redskin player used Twitter to dig himself into a hole. The DC Universe shows what went wrong.

Mean Louise gets into a discussion about eating right and writes: I started to feel guilty for being obnoxious and sounding self-righteous so I told them I’d spent the weekend subsisting on Guinness, tater tots, and chocolate. They giggled at my joke; they thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.

If the Emmy wasn’t enough, Benjamin Linus of Lost aka Michael Emerson, gets a shout-out from Caged Bird Sings

The lack of access to fresh produce in some DC neighborhoods is addressed by Healthy Corner Stores DC. Beyond Bread

Photos from the H Street Festival Fashion Show at The Capitol Fashionista

Here’s your chance to be in a music video. The Vinyl District

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Bright Sparkly Jewels writes about daily life and DC government. In this post, Dog Park Heaven, she describes the range of people involved in the debate about the dog park at 17th and S.

Everyone had graduate degrees in public speaking or lawyering or sermon delivery, everyone had taken part in college Debate Club or had preached in Hyde Park or had become skilled speakers for (or against) anarchism or Transcendental Meditation, almost everyone could outshout Ethel Merman or Rush Limbaugh. And all were willing to show off their skills. Politicians took one look at the problem and decided there was no marked advantage to be had by taking up the cudgel for one or another position, and so ran off, promises fading into nothingness as they retreated to the relative sanity of a 17th Street watering hole.

Police surrounded the car of Barry Farm (Re)Mixed at a roadblock. As flashlights sweep the car’s interior, no attempt is made by police to explain their actions. He writes:

Do I believe 7D had the right to stop, interrogate and potentially search myself as well as my vehicle? Not unless it’s a crime for a grown 30 year old to buy a happy meal –just for the toy.

Sometimes blogs just appear with a mission, such as this one: 50 Dates. The writer intends to chronicle her goal of going on 50 dates by June 2010. The first post appears to be a review of her past, the first of her top worst dates. The reason for this mission is explained in the About section.

Why: Why the hell not? Or, more to the point, because I have love to give and lips worthy of kisses.

After a walking tour, the Hillcrest neighborhood gets another fan. My Oyster

My brush with Michelle. Bidding the Heartland Adieu

Rhee Orders Imminent Layoffs of DC Teachers. The Washington Teacher. In the comments: Some people are willing to fight …

Photos from this weekend’s H Street Festival. Fierce Fabulous and Flawed