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feast after famine

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Dual Income No Kids Finance


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Jenny from the Farm takes the plunge. The freelancing plunge. Me, a freelancer?

You’ve had your apples. You’ve had your honey. Now what? The Blog at 16th and Q offers Rosh Hashanah Foods Besides Apples and Honey

Sigh. Yet another Metro casualty.DCist reports on the Metro Train Jumper at Columbia Heights.

By the Bayou remembers Frik. Man, I just saw the picture and I’m already teary. RIP Frik. Blue Thursday  Guess I’m having one, too.

DC’s Basketcases is ready for the playoffs – the WNBA playoffs featuring our own… Mystics! whoo hoo! Who let the underdogs out?

Have weekend plans? If you can walk, you do. DC Traveler recommends Free Monuments Tour for Just a “Tip.”

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A note to Dear Mia that someday will remind her how the second year of pre-school began. Rude Cactus

This first sentence makes you want to read the rest of this post by Not a Runner: It seems that everyone I talk to recently has some sort of new method to maintain his or her sanity.

Last year, a DC homeowner installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of a 1909 row house, which now provides about 50% of its electric energy. You can see it as part of the annual Solar Tour. Bloomingdale has a guest post from the owner of the solar-enabled home.

The writer of ComputerPageBlog takes the car key off my key ring. But he hasn’t given up on the car completely.

Photo illustration: Oxymoron Cheese by Toby or Not Toby

A 2005 protest in Adams Morgan that led to smashed windows and multiple arrests is the subject of this court hearing. The Blog of the Legal Times Some of those arrested filed a class action case.

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Lemmonex understands that this has been the summer of the lost icon, but none have affected her the way the loss of Patrick Swazye has.  In response, she offers a compelling tribute to the Dirty Dancing StarNot Enough Tequila in the World also pays tribute but more to the star of the cult classic Road House.

Among the most pernicious myths about DC is that there are no native Washingtonians.  We Love DC is tackling this misperception as part of their on going DC Myth Busting Series.

Besides the 78 cents that women make for doing the same job for which men are paid a dollar –yes, shockingly still – the author of the What DC People Hate blog has five more reasons why men have it easier/she wants to be a man.

The Foggy Dew scores some decidedly not cheap seats to a ball game and declares them a Justification for Higher Education.

The phrase “Teachable Moment” has been prominent in the national lexicon since President Obama used the phrase extensively as candidate.  The DC Damsel has her own, more localized version.

What is the natural evolutionary cross between a city that has more bloggers per capita than anywhere else and a month long celebration of beer?  Blogtoberfest of course, and the Washington City Paper is doing the organizing.  Events culminate with a happy hour in two weeks on 30 September – mark your calendars and write about beer.

The Real Housewives of DC have been confirmed (at least two of them have) and DC Fab has the details*.

* This qualification is the mental compromise I made with myself for including this admittedly culturally relevant link: I am judging you for clicking.

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Is rudeness getting out of control?  After a week of badly behaving celebs, Controlling Authority comments on how to construct a good apology.

Do you yearn for blog fame?  Do you wish you had thousands of readers and hundreds of comments? Ramblings of the Bearded One shares his recent brush with fame.

OK, OK, we all  know DC is not the fashion capital of the world.  So let’s do something about it!  Capitol Hill Style tells us to sign up for a makeover with the Washingtonian.

Have you seen this site being used humorously all over Facebook?    Pretty and…tells us what it’s like when you actually know someone in one of the mocked pictures.

On the Red Line shares: Check out some great theatre this week!

Another perspective of the tea party protests:  Our own Washwords asks “Who is left to speak for me?”

For those of us who missed this year’s Adams Morgan Festival, we can live vicariously through U Do  the Dishes.

Celebrate or grieve the end of summer with a new playlist!  Try Mevio Music…or Wired for Music for some new suggestions. 

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Tea Party Rally in DC: Corporations are Using Concerned and Angry White People. Carlos in DC investigates the so-called tea party protesters to try to discover what they are about.

I was shocked on their level of ingenuity, or perhaps falseness. They called me “brother” and invited me to join their movement. I told them I was going to an Immigration rally -then they looked at me weird until one man broke the silence “I am also in favor of an immigration reform!” he said.

The DC Universe cuts to chase about the Tea Party protest: Wingnut watching fun. Photos.

A 9/11 postcript: Did the reporting predict the role of bloggers? Don’t Gel Too Soon believes it may have.

The District’s removal of the Ghost Bike at Dupont Circle prompts a defiant response in the form of more Ghost Bikes. City Desk . Also see: Alice Swanson Rides Again and Farm Fresh Meat, who argues that the removal of the bike is not a cause for outrage.

It was allowed to remain for more than a year, far longer than any other such citizen-installed memorial I’ve heard of. It served its purpose, and DPW even installed a sign at the intersection warning drivers to watch for cyclists.

The unsolicited delivery of the Washington Examiner is daily bombardment Crazy Girls DC wants to end, but can’t.

Recordings of ANC meetings can’t be outlawed, writes Congress Heights on the Rise

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Two Shorten the Road remembers thinking something needed to change in the routine. That was Sept. 10, 2001. And then… it did. Never a Sure Thing.

Hippo Crusades proves you can go home again… when friends need you. Unplanned Reunion.

Capitol Hill’s historic Friendship House may soon have a new owner and day care center and physician practice to boot, according to The Hill is Home. Judge accepts bid to purchase Friendship House.

DC Foodies sacrifices for the team and investigtes a superb–and surprising!– brew pub. My fave line:  “You know what else is in walking distance? Squat. This is Hyattsville, Md.”  Franklin’s: Stellar beer bar, great brewpub, completely unlikely success.

What do you get when you combine a new landlord, Kinko’s, and The World and Jeff Allen? Comedy. And/or tragedy. Maurice: A story of my new landlord.

General McClellan gets a face lift reports the 42. Lookin good mr. kottah. er, Gen. M! General Renovations.  Oh and, sorry 42 for butting in, but anon. commenter: it’s not a blog about buses. Read.

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Marissa, formerly of the Anti DC and now of Marissa’s Big Adventure, is holding a massive fire sale of her apartment’s contents in preparation for her big move. It all has to go: shelves, bed, stuff, recliner, and the rare and priceless guide-to-blogging classic, Deeper than Desire. A video tour reveals all.

A hand drawn segregation map of Southwest DC in 1938. InShaw. Click on graphic for larger image.

No cash, no clunker and no wheels: Photo of a Cadillac SUV at 12th and U NW and some really interesting and alarming statistics on thefts from autos assembled by Borderstan

What is a Unit Block in DC? DC Address Coordinates. Impress visitors and probably just about everyone else with this explainer.

Waterfront Metro Station renderings at Southwest

Twigs and Scraps writes about the big Arts on Foot festival. And see DC Public Library Arts and Humanities for the library’s role in it.

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You might have a problem with Facebook if … We’ll let Famous DC answer that question.

WMATA is considering a fare increase to close its $100M budget deficit.  Malnurtured Snay ran the numbers and is fine with the charges… and is apparently in the minority.

There is substantive portion of the football watching population who care at least as much for the performance of a randomly assembled selection of players as they do for their home team.  These are the people who play “Fantasy Football.”  Need a primer on getting started? UDo the Dishes blog is here to help with Fantasy Football 101

Perhaps the shadow of the pop-cultural rock under which I live is larger than I thought because I had no idea to whom the latest post on the Telling It Like It Is blog was addressed.  After some quick research, I learned exactly why it instructs Jon Gosselin to “Stop fronting like you’re some misplaced hipster who’s trying to find his place in the world.”

Television recaps are very en vogue for bloggers these days (since the advent of the blog really.) The newly married author of Trouble with Toast has been writing compelling recaps of Top Chef since Season 3 began

A pictorial of A Weekend in Food from the DC Rainmaker is visually stunning and hunger inducing.

Nightlife photographer Tony Powell offers a photographic glimpse into the world of beautiful people with his Last Kiss of Summer: Adult Swim and Club Ritz post.

The Off the Cuff blog makes a compelling argument for the bespoke suit.

I am not normally a fan of such shameless solipsism; however, with all of the negative press that Metro has been getting lately, I thought the interest of balance would be well served by sharing my pleasant and surprising Metro experience

The monthly DC Blogger Meetup is Wed., at 7 p.m. at Madam’s Organ on 18th, near Columbia in Adams Morgan.

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Relatives of (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp are asked not to read this post about what the French term la petite mort.

Spotted: Little Red Running Hood. DC [Summer] Interns. Never leave home without your badge.

Why I Never Ask Dad For Dating Advice. Average Jane

When a child bumps her head, the best remedy, aside from motherly attention, is something called the Boo Boo Bunny. Alice’s Adventures Underground

Districted is moving to Japan to learn the language full-time. A new location will mean an opportunity for a new blog. Excerpt: I’ll miss the District, with its wobbly Metro system, its bike-car tension, and its 99% population of DC-haters. I never hated DC, though I never loved it as a place to live.

Afro-Colombian Mural Party, Sat., Sept. 12 on U Street DC Scorpion Girl. Photos of new mural.

Nice photo of National (not Reagan) Airport. emmyjean