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Sure, everyone complains about the buses that pass them by, take too long, are too crowded. Greater Greater Washington takes a slightly different spin: Many buses stop too often

It’s the Great Pumpkin (beer dinner) Charlie Brown! Newish blog DC Beer (self-explanatory name, no?) takes you through everything beer and dc. The Great Pumpkin Beer Dinner

Make your mark on the world, DC Style. We Love DC asks you to Be A Part Time Superhero

In case you haven’t seen Maurice Sendak’s response to parents who think “Where the Wild Things Are” is too violent, voila! I suffer the dreams of a world gone mad shares his own history I even watched horror movies as a kid and somehow turned out (somewhat) OK, as further means of reassuring those pesky parents.

New Columbia Heights has a DC (Borderstan) Celebrity Sighting.

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Why.i.hate.dc is back to classic form with Why We Hate DC, Reason #1: The ‘networking’ blowhard.

Overheard: Two thuggish looking guys talk about vampires. The LibrariYan.

U Street Mom, a “kid and no car in urban DC,” just got a Madsen bike, an odd looking, attention-drawing thing. (Missed this gem when it was published earlier this month.) She writes: I am always happy to spread the good word about how fantastic the bike is, but 5, 6, 7 people in front of Whole Foods is a bit much. Brace yourself for this if you live in DC and buy this bike! Photo.

Rudi, the writer of Random Duck, testifies before the DC Council in support of gay marriage. He writes:

My basic stance is that marriage should be available to all as a basic, inalienable civil right. And civil rights are self-evident and do not, in my mind, require any sort of referendum to affirm. Kirstin and I choose not to marry, even though we have been a committed couple for 14 years, because our GLBTQ friends and family are unable to enjoy the same right as us.

Last week, Knit Me Pink wrote about a pending honeymoon, but in a post this week, titled Drag Queen Races, something has changed. In matter-of-fact and fast prose that leaves much unsaid, the writer begins: I bought him (dark, as they are his favorite) and stroll along in the rain to meet our friends. Instead, I get a call as I am waiting. Along with the misunderstandings he is not happy to see me or glad for the gift. I was even going to buy him flowers from a stand outside of the metro.

The Straight Torquer writes about meaning of the minimalist glass cube that’s now part of DC’s government building in the post, The Importance of Transparency.

Cooper Carey Waves to Ballston. DC Metrocentric. Rendering of some interesting architecture.

Overheard at the High Heel Race, Gay Boys by (In)Sanity Souffle.

More from the race: BYT has many photos. Race spectators are interviewed for a video by The New Gay to answer the question, High Heel Race – Laughing With Us or Laughing at US? One Photograph a Day has more than one photograph. And, Five Observations from the High Heel Race. Dupont Darling.

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Are you a fan of Post Secret? Do you like getting free stuff for your electronic witticisms? Then you should consider entering the Post Secret Contest from Livit, Luvit

If you’re into internet dating, then you’ve probably at least heard about the dating site OK Cupid.  The site has an official blog that, among other things, uses statistical data to analyze dating trends across various demographics.  In what was a predictably controversial* post, their latest analysis concludes “Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back.”

We’ve processed the messaging habits of over a million people and are about to basically prove that, despite what you might’ve heard from the Obama campaign and organic cereal commercials, racism is alive and well. It would be awesome if the other major online dating players would go out on a limb and release their own race data, too. I can’t imagine they will: multi-million dollar enterprises rarely like to admit that the people paying them those millions act like turds. But being poor gives us a certain freedom. To alienate all our users. So there.

The Rev. David Jackson has lived in DC for about the same amount of time it takes a Starbucks coffee to cool down.  Yet, he is leading the effort to halt the city’s advance towards gay marriage.  The Washington City Paper blog, City Desk, reports on Rev. Jackson getting a history lesson at a DC Council Hearing on the subject.

The author of the Caterwauling wonders about her life and metaphors from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Stunning photos that celebrate an elegant version of Halloween – masquerade style – from the Style Redux blog.

The Peoples Marathon, aka the Marine Corps Marathon, was last Sunday.  The author of the B(ridge) and T(unnel) Crowd blog chronicles the exorcism of some sibling rivalry demons and provides a vivid tick-tock of his run… complete with some visual aids and a TMI moment or two.

There are a plethora of NFL Blogs on the internet, but few combine biting snarkasm**, and insightful commentary like the NFL Chick.  Her Week 7 Recap is filled with gems like “The same teams that stunk last week, still stink. Shout out to the Browns, Rams, Titans, Bucs, Chiefs and Panthers for being consistent.”

* if you have several hours to kill, page through the more than 800 comments at time of publishing to get a sense of the controversy

*the evolutionary cross between snark and sarcasm, for those of you who weren’t already hip

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Freewheeling Spirit is outside of Union Station, near midnight, when he sees a ghost and gives chase.

Ok, so the Urban Turf writes a long, thoughtful piece about, H Street: A Place to Party, and to Settle Down, at least until three teenagers steal one of his shoes. Frozen Tropics has some amplifications about the piece.

Annual High Heel Race is tonight. 14th and You has details. More about it at Borderstan.

A new neighborhood blog, for Capitol Hill but specifically around Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School, LT Neighborhood.

A break-up survival guide: First 24 hours. City Girls.

Dupont BGR: The Burger Joint Set to Open Thursday or Friday. Young & Hungry.

DC Food Blogger Happy Hour, Nov. 4. The arugula files is one of a number of food bloggers with the news.

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Mural on the side of Logan Hardware, P Street, NW

In writing the Journal of the Plague Year in 1665, wannabe blogger Daniel Defoe worried about keeping up with his business, and so does Wild and Crazy Pearl in the post, Swine Flu: The Musical. She writes: The fun really began when the doctor told me I couldn’t leave my apartment for at least five days. Really? I am the most overscheduled person I know.

A blogger at K Squared tells of her transition from Oklahoma to DC, which included months of looking for work and the fear that failure could force her back to Oklahoma. She writes of DC: I’m here, and it’s so worth it.

The flinch, by Lemon Gloria, which begins: For the longest time, sirens in my parents’ neighborhood gave me the flinch, the quick panic. Because maybe they were going to our house. It wouldn’t be the first time.

My Five Rules of Gracious Living. Disaffected Scanner Jockey. Related: An act of graciousness. Restaurant Refugee.

DC Femella’s bike accident revelations: The bike actually did a wheelie (Is that the correct term?), and I was headed towards a really rough, rocky landing. When this happened, I realized that this is exactly what is happening within me. I’m losing myself because I am not following my dreams. The post: Almost Ending Up Hurt Made Me Realize What I Need to Do With My Life

Cats: A Love Story. A photo essay. Malnurtured Snay

The Mystery of Female Assets. A Charmed Life writes, after a visit to Adams Morgan. More on spontaneous desire in a collection of missed connections items. The Reshaping of Everyday Life

DC Food For All, a blog is born with a party, writes the Slow Cook.

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Pisces out of Water


Pursuits Worldwide

Life After Ramen

Mustard Seed Musing

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The Blog of the Courtier

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Mommy Fashionality

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Soup Is Not A Finger Food

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Greater Greater Washington highlights WMATA’s potential Google Transit plan Metro working out deal with Google.

Happy Halloween. DCist starts the theme rolling. Photo of the Day

The Heights Life shares a bus tale. An open letter to DC Circulator. Complete with response.

Urban Bohemian alerts us to the DC Food Bloggers Spooktacular Bake Sale. Hopefully more treats than tricks.

Vox Populi takes us through the battle: GERMS vs. Emerg. GWU has GERMS envy.

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Even when a bus zips by without picking him up, the writer of DC Universe says it’s time to stop stressing out about Metro.

Best nine word post about a sick day, ever. Stirrup Queens.

Caged Bird Sings has an update of her post-surgery recovery. A wonderful post.

A crime story about an unlucky fellow. The post, Hands off, Frenchy. The Minimalist Hobo .

The Ugly Truth about Ugly Betty, especially for those dealing the realities of journalism. Alyssa Rosenberg, who writes: The idea of getting a car service, much less an in-office steam room … started to seem not so much enviable as obscene.

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A medical student who works in an ICU tells of the perspective that is gained after a pretty intense month. Does it Rain on the Moon?

I simply love this wretched, icky weather, writes A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

Top 10 Creepy Halloween Recipes. Endless simmer. Gross out your friends or anyone else for that matter. Photos. (Consider yourself warned)

Takoma Park – Magic Hippie Land on the State Line? A report from the borderlands by Ezra Klein’s Coolest Couple.

Hope During Hard Times, 1929–1939 Eye Level, a Smithsonian blog. About a new exhibit: If we think times are difficult now, how did artists during the Great Depression, which lasted for more than a decade, cope with their changing world?

Bloggers for Good meeting tonight.

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The Five Stages of Breaking Up. DC Damsel. Filed under: Men

DC Has Lowest Marriage Rate in Nation, Largest Percentage of Same-Sex Couples. The Sexist.

Bar trivia in the neighborhood. New Columbia Heights. Sounds like fun.

Artists still waiting to revitalize Dupont Underground. Greater Greater Washington. What’s the hold-up with this weird and interesting space?

In DC, Capitol Hill 20210 writes, friendships are different here, people are different, in the post: Friendships – They come and go, but there are two I miss.

A chance to protect a young lady from a rude Romeo, becomes for If you see something, say something, an “ouch” moment