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14th & You had a bout with the swine flu and writes: It’s the kind of flu that makes raising a glass of water to your mouth and successfully taking a sip a feat of superhuman strength. DC teacher and writer of Dee Does the District reports: students are dropping like flies – going home early with chills, headaches, coughs, and high fevers. Whatever is afflicting them, is in my body. Related: I’m a volunteer in the Medical Reserve Corps. tied to my apron strings

The writer of Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity is considering a vasectomy, prompting pointed reader comments.

An Early Look at Masa 14 (With Menus) Best Bites Blog. A new U Street area haunt.

Toilet bowl destroyed from shot fired with police officer’s stolen gun. Vox Populi has the report.

Here are some things that (That’s Why) The Lady Is A Tramp wants for her birthday. Things you should buy me.

The DC Creates! Public Art blog has moved to the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities blog.

After attending an art festival in Del Ray, John James Anderson pens some observations about photos printed on canvas in the post, Fart on the Avenue.

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Yard sale delivers big bucks and amusement. If you see something, say something Even the cracked motorcycle helmet was sold.

The DC Public Affairs and Communications Jobs blog is marking its one year anniversary. An excellent and useful round-up of jobs.

Ah, the joys of pet ownership … Living Life Frame By Frame. The most feared pet disaster.

If you’re unhappy and unfulfilled. Pretty Mike shares observations about life.

Color Sizzle’s home office has been selected for Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color Contest.

Fall sneakers. Diatribes by Joah. I gotta have these!

Early trailer reviews are in for Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness. Writes the Punch Drunk Critic: The trailer is fast paced and adrenaline fueled, just how I like it. Link.

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Our daughters will contribute even more to busting gender gaps:  Alice’s Adventures Underground shares how her sweetie calls it as she sees it.

One of my favorite parts of the Fall season is having fun with fashion.  Capitol Fashionista exhibits her inner biker girl.

When is it OK to lie? Attention Span of a Fly explores this question and shares some of her own little white lies.

Scary Mommy applauds the opening of a film that may actually portray motherhood as it truly is.

‘Ya better get moving on your Halloween costume if you haven’t already!  Too Much Information shares ideas.  And if you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party, Spark Notes shares a fabulous soundtrack for the occasion.

F-oxymoron goes to a club and is feeling his age.  It’s possible he was just too sober, not too old…

We all know times are tough, Black Girl Grown shares her recent, and not uncommon battle with her credit card company.  I’m sure many of us can relate to her sentiments. Along the same lines,  are you worried about the financial obligations of the upcoming holiday season?  Frugal Underground explores how to keep your spending reasonable.

Because tailgating isn’t just for football!  If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, consider the Virginia Gold Cup.

DC Blogs Noted: “That post you wrote that time…”

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That post you did that time… 10-14-09

We temporarily interrupt our regular format around these parts to step into the Wayback Machine for a second look at resonant posts that escaped the initial lasso of the DC Blogs roundup.  Posts that lingered in our thoughts long after their initial unveiling.  Posts we remember on our third beer when we’re knocking back a few with the author.  Posts we bring up in conversation by saying, “Hey, you remember that post you wrote that time…”

Between Love and Like contemplates music collections as a dating compatibility measure.  She writes: To me, keeping up, even just a little, with music that’s off the beaten path, speaks to something a little deeper in a personality, and that’s the proactive desire to see what else is out there beyond what’s just in front of your face, to take a chance, to explore.

Faced with an intractable language barrier, I Am a Lefty leaves behind a hand-drawn cartoon illustrating dire consequences for her mysterious German bike vandal.  Oh it IS foul play indeed!

If the DC Blogs live feed is any indication, it’s entirely possible that Washington produces more electronic dating rants per capita than any other city in America.  If there were a Hall of Fame for these rants, emmajean’s What You Feel Only Matters To You would be a first-ballot selection.

Intangible Arts marks the 10-year anniversary of the passing of an unforgettable, iconoclastic friend in Egg.

Ever hear a saga so spectacularly good that it you add it to your bar story repertoire despite the fact you witnessed none of it yourself?  JordanBaker’s insult guy trilogy fits the bill.

Freewheel attempts (unsuccessfully) to enlist his spouse’s aid in restarting his blog.  Dear Spirited Wife.

“You’ve had this happen. I know you have.”  Nicolasix considers the post that never was in The Greatest Post in the World: A Tribute.

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The amazing Solar Decathlon now at the Mall

Magic Pork writes a nearly 900 word rant about the bathroom key at a Starbucks in Dupont Circle.

Can we stop worrying about the gays and get our own mess together? Life in the Village, who writes: Why are we worried about gays getting married, when we have more black children are being raised by babymamas or grandmamas than in a family with two parents. Where are these Black ministers when another black baby is born to an unwed mother? Where is the outrage when a black child doesn’t know who their dad is? I mean yesh.

A Q&A interview with Lori Pakerson of Redeem in Logan Circle. ReadysetDC.

Jet Blue: A civilized airline, writes Occam’s Razor. From experience.

Eating organic and local in Columbia Heights. The Heights Life. A list.

Two young deer invade the yard or start off your week with a triple dose of cute. Gradually Greener. Photos. Also see, An Encounter with Deer in DC. Capital Weather Gang

Here are some of the blogs from the people at work at the Solar Decathlon, a U.S. Department of Energy sponsored contest that challenges 20 teams to build highly efficient houses. Team North, by a Canadian Team; Team California, and Rice University.

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Church of the Big Sky goes to Wendy’s and observes a couple having sex in a car. (We are restraining, to the greatest possible extent and against all impulse to avoid obvious buns puns and stick to a straight-on TV Guide/Police Report style to detail the content.) The name of the post, Can I get that ‘Biggie’ Size? (Safe for Work, for those unlucky enough to be on the job today.)

Caged Bird Sings is told she has melanoma.

A teacher with the education and motivation to teach third grade is hired. Five weeks later, she is part of DC’s mass teacher layoff. The writer, a guest poster on The Washington Teacher, was the school’s only third grade teacher. And what will happen to her students: My principal has informed me that some students will move up to fourth grade and some will move down to second grade.

Some weighty thoughts about the needs and wants of a relationship. Looking to Live

Found money is tacked to a bulletin board. Free money? The Home Improvement Ninja

Photos of your favorite DC food bloggers at the arugula files. Nice collection of photos of from the Happy Hour at the CommonWealth Gastro Pub

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 9th, 2009 by Foilwoman

HBO Cube, 18th and Columbia through Saturday.

Butterflies and catfish near Great Falls, in pictures, brought to you by Elf King’s Blog.

David Gaines writes about a friend of his, Abeo Anderson, who is trying to help the city’s youth through Raising Expectations, Inc.

A hat trick doesn’t necessarily refer to a hockey game triple score, at least in this post in Sex After Sixty.

Trooper was left for dead in a dumpster.  The Washington Humane Society blog describes her departure from the hospital to go to a rehabilitation organization to prepare her for life with an adoptive family.

AIRE (Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions) recommends the solar decathlon on the Mall through next weekend.

If you’re on trial, and possibly at risk for losing your freedom, wouldn’t you want to try to look like a not-too-odd member of society?  That’s what Capitol Hill 20210 expected, but was surprised to see defendants in court wearing, well, whatever.  Her advice?  Can the flipflops, the baggy jeans, and try to look reasonably respectable.

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Documentaries about homelessness and small businesses will air this Friday, October 9, at Arlington Independent Media, according to Ode Street Tribune.  These documentaries were made by local high school students who were summer interns at AIM.

MeanLouise wants fellow bloggers to support the Local Community Radio Act, H.R. 1147/S. 592.

Um, guys? Don’t hang your underwear up in your cubicle, and don’t adjust your private parts in public in the office. Don’t make Phnx65 call you out on it.

City Renewed has some suggestions for keeping clothing clean in an environmentally friendly manner.

Pretty and . . . discusses the benefits that will come to gay and lesbian couples if same sex marriage is legalized in DC, as proposed in the legislation introduced in the DC Council.

Taking care of an ailing parent is not for the faint of heart, but Red Nose is doing so and is fortunate to have kind people taking care of her mother.

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This post from Life of Mb isn’t a meme per se, more of a challenge; but how much more pleasant would the blogiverse be if we all did it?

I challenge all of you to thank 10 people today for something. It can be something as easy as thanking the cashier for giving you exact change for your morning coffee.

The links that follow are from the work of four bloggers known simply as The Collective. Two of their members recently wrote brief but jaw-droppingly honest letters to former partners: Dear Old Love I & Dear Old Love II.

That our increasing dependence on mobile devices has created another layer of technological rudeness is a long settled question.  When I read this post about Gays and Grindr by Jimbo, however, it was a whole new breach of the social contract described in part as:

Grindr is a program you can put on your iPhone that detects every other person with Grindr on their iPhone. Sort of like a locator beacon that gays can use to hook up.…Yet another tragic casualty to socialization and person-to-person communication due to improper use of a handheld device.

Do you think your kitchen is small? The Endless Simmer blog has announced the winners of their Tiny Kitchen Contest.  Click and feel better about your space.

The Glamazon Diaries gives us pictures of the evolutionary confluence of Champagne, Shoes, and Fairytales

The conservative Right meets the enemy, or: The top 5 ways the GOP will oppose School Garden Week from the You are Delicious.

Got plans tonight? Do you write a food blog, beverage blog, or just happen to be a fan of them and want to drink with a few of their writers?  The folks behind Capital Spice have organized another Food Blogger Happy Hour tonight. 

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Well … As Hamlet Would Say … What Is This Quintessence Of Dust? Washington Cube tells of a woman who recently died at 96, a woman whose life is celebrated with an act of remembrance. Excerpt:

She never married, was a career woman and very opinionated and strong minded; i.e. not a woman to hold her tongue, but just lay it right out there. She had subscribed to The Village Voice since it’s inception. The same for Rolling Stone. Very attuned to her culture.

A parent on cafeteria duty watches the children interact while considering the parallels to her high school’s 20-year reunion. A wonderful post by feast after famine

The Hill is Home tells of the Capitol Hill Ghost Tour, a route of ghosts of wars, elections, executions, and assassinations past, this not being Peoria.

I was not an awesome teenager, writes Poofy Goo, continuing: I didn’t even make it to cool. I was pretty damn awkward, which was probably the reason I gave up believing in God.

This is a blog with an expiration date. It’s a journal, an unanswered conversation, and linking to it almost seems like an invasion, but that’s part of the mission because blogs always appear for a reason. This post, Moving On, is in the middle of a chain …. Dash5’s Blog.

Blue Duck Tavern on Obama Night. Counter Intelligence.