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On the occasion of the DC Sniper’s execution, Laurie Writes recalls the terrorism of that month in 2002 and the potential for community wide Post Traumatic Stress.  Healing is a personal affair in BlindThe Multi-Talented and Menially-Employed, J.D. also has some thoughts on that time and the execution.

Recently released unemployment figures indicate that nearly one in five Americans is unemployed, under-employed, or has just given up.  The author of Ped Eggs and Hamlet is in that situation and has itemized some of her frustrations with it.

Adherents to the Slow Food Movement, sometimes known as Localvores, are all about reducing the time from farm to table.  If you’re among those subscribing to this school of thought or are trying to, Adventures in Shaw has a helpful post on Going Local for Thanksgiving.

Best Temp Excuses is a blog written by recruiters in the temporary staffing industry.  It is dedicated to chronicling the occasionally forehead-slap inducing missteps and excuses of the gainfully employed.

What is Normal gives her thoughts on “States Law vs. God’s Law; aka the Case for Equal Rights.”

Veteran’s Day Wishes:

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to the author of Love is Blonde and her groom.

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Well now i feel like a giant ass by lunch at 11:30, a Baltimore blogger. A post about the passing of an old man in house and regrets that come with it. The details of this post may be too disturbing for some readers but it has an important, life-affirming message.

Dramatic photos help reveal insights about the World Bank. The Straight Torquer.

We’re Out of Here compiles a best and worst list to mark their first year blogging about things to do in the DC region.

DC Noodle is reviewed by Full Stomach Foodie, who says the food is pricey and delicious.

Congress Heights on the Rise scores a major scoop about Marion Barry’s reality TV show and gets props from everyone.

One of the weirdest things around, Punkin Chunkin. A report by The Foggy Dew.

More raves about Streetcar Named Desire. All About Evey, who writes: The whole show took me on a crazy ride.

BGR Yourself for a Free Burger. Free food for those who still have access to ink. Best Bites Blog.

Note to readers: We aren’t publishing Veterans Day.

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Two years later, DC finally feels like home. pambachorz

Ten Girly Things I Will Never Do. Capitol Hill Style.

Who rides their bike on a chilly autumn night wearing a miniskirt? Maluntured Snay.

Dudes on Foods runs up a $1,616.80 restaurant bill for three in New York.

Grassfed Beef: A Cosmic Convergence. The writer of the Slow Cook runs into Will Harris, beef farmer extraordinaire, at Whole Foods.

Hook in Georgetown, a restaurant review by Uncommon Ground, which writes that the fish comes from sustainable sources, and the produce is local.

The writer of Chicks Dig Poetry tells the story of leaving her job on the site, Inside Higher Ed.

Walk Score incorporates transit, real estate industry takes note. A way to rate DC neighborhoods. Switchboard, the blog of Kaid Benfield, director. Smart Growth Program, Washington. More on the topic of walkable neighborhoods at David Uhl’s Wonderings and Wanderings.

Some birthdays noticed: Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection, 58. Life As List, 27. And, finally, here’s a tribute by Urban Mama to a friend who just turned 32.

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Ah Metro. This time it’s changing its SmarTrip policies. Hello, use or lose. Greater Greater Washington discusses the policy change and its implications. SmarTrip office didn’t communicate “use it or lose it,” delays, or contract changes.

Lemmonex talks friendship. Deep, true, female friendship. Welcome Home

The Bellows imagines a different (economic) path. Money for Something. And your kicks for free.

The Obamas (esp. Michelle) AND Food and cooking competition and we missed it? We Love DC tells us all about it. Iron Chef Comes To The White House.

Jason’s View takes us through one man’s view of The election results

Going viral already. City Paper stages a dramatic “re-enactment” (emphasis on the dramatic) of Fisticuffs at the Washington Post.

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A rant, with photos, of a Safeway bathroom that delivers striking results. Rantings of a Creole Princess.

The work of artist Anne Marchand and blogger, Painterly Visions, is featured on the cover of Art Calendar.

A Streetcar Named Desire at the Kennedy Center gets four curtain calls, writes Footnotes, which managed to get tickets to a recent performance that included Cate Blanchett.

U Street Girl writes: I love how this blog has connected me to people I never would have met otherwise. Meet local artist Scott Brooks.

Theresa on Moving Back to DC for Her Son. People’s District. Interviews of ordinary people.

On a Lobster Placement interviews the writer of Dining and Dishing for a new series on food bloggers who must also hold day jobs.

How much does it cost to rent a store front in Shaw? Here’s one example. Renewshaw

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Imagine a single urbanite’s dating life as a classic TV game show.  If you’re having some trouble, one of the über anonymous bloggers at K Street Confidential has written The Dating Game to get you started.

Lemon Gloria tells a story of “Pregnancy Amnesia” and the unvarnished truth that eventually comes to light.

City Girl’s World offers a post, How to Let a Good Guy Go, that suggests there are a plethora of good guys around the city and women need some help in dispatching them when the time comes.  Pretty And…, on the other hand, writes about the reasons why some people put their sex lives on the internet corner which suggests that there might not be that plethora of good guys after all.

Individual financial priorities are… well, individual.  Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino makes a case for a mild extravagance that is so soul satisfying that one should “cancel all other important things this month, like dentists’ appointments or breast feeding” to make this splurge happen.

The Week in Review: Halloween Edition from the District Limerick

Not Afraid to Use It goes to a Washington Capitals game and questions the health of sportsmanship when a seven year old child is allowed to throw popcorn at a thirty-five year old fan from the opposing team.  By the by, NATUI may have the best blog tag line south of the internet’s Mason-Dixon line.

DC is My Manhattan’s cat isn’t interfering with her sex life… how she handles the guilt of leaving her one-eyed cat alone, on the other hand, might be a different issue.

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14th and U writes: So, Mrs. 14thandyou had been home this evening for approximately ten minutes when she was greeted by the sound of our door buzzer. Outside were two of DC’s finest, there to inform her that her car had just been broken into.

What DC People Hate explores the reasons why some women “drool over the idea of having a husband.” The post, Why the Desperation?

When grocery stores discriminate against single people it’s called, Supersized. Donna Says.

Mount Pleasant restaurant review: Haydees – Means Hell in Greek and Delicious in English. Ezra Klein’s Coolest Couple.

Some People Use Poor Judgment When It Comes to Halloween Costumes. Observed. Capitol Hill 20210.

Baltimore is definitely worth a visit, concludes Plight of the Pumpernickel in the post, Baltimore: Beloved Sister City or Neglected Step-child?

Trend Alert: A Root Revival. Metrocurean. A new kind of organic 80 proof liqueur.

The blog, Creative DC, says this is it. Moving to NYC and perhaps Creative NYC.

For latest adds to the see

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People are invited to post messages to President Obama on the Adams Morgan kiosk at 18th and Columbia. Among the notes: What about freelance workers; don’t they deserve healthcare too?? President Obama you do an excellent job. Public option or single payers. Out of Iraq and Afganistan now. Legalize medical marijuana — I’d die if I didn’t smoke!Get Bo a mate to have 1st puppies now! Obama stop ignoring the tabloids. Help me start a new business — and give me the public option with protection from prexisting conditions. Obama you rock my boat!If Cuba has universal health care why not us? Universal health care and legalize gay marriage, please.  I want to say health care is good and hello from Wendy D. I need health now — I’m unemployed. Stop wolf hunting in the Northern Rockies. Nothing — we need self reliance. Smart kids. 18 year drinkin age. Communism looks good on paper.

The writer, Lollipopgoldstein, wakes up in the middle in the night with an immediate understanding of what was happening to her grandmother. Stirrup Queens.

As she turns 44, Merujo writes about some of the jobs she has turned down over the years. Church of the Big Sky.

This updated list of Hangouts and Haunts, richly illustrated, by Frozen Tropics is well worth the visit.

FIOS Internet may be fast, but it isn’t cheap, and now a 6% increase. Details at Technology & MSG

A Mile in Another’s Shoes is a blog devoted “to my attempt to eat well and heathfully from October 24-November 25 on the maximum allowance a single person can receive under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, colloquially known as food stamps.”

Reya at After the Gold Puppy let’s her spirit guide her beautiful autumn photography.

The blue blazer has an important place in wardrobe, so “when shopping for a blue blazer, approach it as a major investment,” writes Off the Cuff.

Some nice black & white photography by Bill Crandall of a Halloween block party at Petworth News. There also some good Halloween photo work by Darrow Montgomery at City Desk.

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