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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 30th, 2009 by livitluvit


Still wondering what to do to ring in the end of the aughts tomorrow evening? The Washingtonian lists four e-pages of options, with a range that includes everything from the fancy hotel parties to no cover charge dive bars.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program continues to offer a sort of free taxi-ride-home program for those who choose to ring in the new year, ahem, “libationally”. Ms. V of Life in the Village implores us to put the number in our cell phones now, and more importantly, to use it. (I am informed that this option is much more viable in the suburbs than the district- but then, y’all need it more out there, don’t you?)

Suburban Sweetheart, though proud of and involved with her Jewish heritage, fondly recalls mini-Christmas and Easter celebrations from her childhood before her “secularly Christian” father passed… and she wonders if she might one day be inspired to again introduce some of these traditions in her own home.

Andrew McCormick of The Arena gives us ten reasons “Why a 26-year-old married guy should read Twilight…” Um. Nuff said.

I’m about to get all girly on you. The Capitol Fashionista. gives us ladies a nicely varied (in style AND in price) list of a dozen favorite dresses for New Year’s. I will fight you for that little orange and fuschia number…

Legally Heidi was given Sarah Palin’s book as a gag gift, practically with receipt inside. Now the question is… will her curiosity (and her upbringing in a self-proclaimed “bible-thumping” family) get the better of her… or will she return it?

Bridget Marie from Numbers Not Invited gives advice on how to deal with those, um… more colorful family members during the holidays. Aptly titled, “Let Your Freak Flag Fly.”

If you’re opposed to making definitive plans for New Year’s Eve, you may value this “When to Crash a Party” guide from Sallying.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 29th, 2009 by dcblogs


Confessions of a Former “Country Girl” Liz in DC goes back her family home in rural Loudoun County and realizes something about DC.

Her name is Brandy and she needs you to send out positive vibes for a friend in need. A guest blogger at Restaurant Refugee writes.

Dallas Cowboys offer the local NFL franchise One More Reason for a Name Change, writes NotionsCapital.

More Proof the TSA are Morons. Drifting Focus takes exception to plans to have a “gate-side pat-down.” From the WSJ Blogs: TSA Measures After Pants Bomber Defy Logic.

Alice’s Adventure Underground list 13 movies that will glue her to the TVs.

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Here’s some Advice for Al Qaeda. Pancake City: Stop trying to make bombs that work. Focus on making air travel as excruciating as possible. Matthew Yglesias offers a perspective on the Chistmas airline incident in the post, Not So Scary ‘Terror.’

New years often begin with fresh career assessments, which is what Technology & MSG does in the post, Driven by Many Factors.

A review of Up in the Air by Occam’s Razor, who writes: Up in the Air is something of a parable for our 21st century information age and the pitfalls that are inherent in the virtualized and ephemeral relationships many inhabit these days.

Snowless Echo Park. Photo from LA by Unpopped Collar.

The Slow Cook reports: Someone has started growing and milling grain again close enough to the District of Columbia that you can buy it at the local farmers market.

The 42 has been listing his top ten stories of the year one day at a time.

What 13th St. NW looked like at 1:30 p.m. on Christmas Day. One Photograph a Day.

Anatomy of a Hot Flash. feast after famine

Peter, the writer of dc spinster, wonders about the merits of cable TV as he surveys the viewing landscape.

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Thank you Snow-pocalypse, for the gift of time, writes Wife and Mommy.

Tickle the Pear speaks for all right thinking people everywhere when writing “Something about the holiday season makes me want to see the planet blow up.”  Which disaster/apocalyptic film is your holiday favorite?

A first year review of President Obama (and reflections on the changes in our society), by Nat Turner’s Revenge.

Why sledding blows” from Sarah and the Goon Squad.  Don’t worry.  No injuries were fatal.

America’s Young Theologian considers whether theft is really theft if one is truly needy.

Jamy of Grateful Dating is apparently worrying about being lazy, or at least labelling herself lazy.  Jamy, sweetheart, PowerTown stopped this week, so don’t give yourself a hard time.  You’re good.  Enjoy.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 23rd, 2009 by RestaurantRefugee


If you thought that the MPD Detective who brought a gun to a snowball fight painted the department in a less than flattering light, reading about the case of unarmed Larry Rice, Jr. getting shot in a warrantless drug raid, the subsequent police investigation that cleared the officers involved, and the actions of DC Attorney General, Peter Nickles, to shield the public from the truth in the lawsuit, will give even greater pause.  Thank you, City Desk for your reporting on this.

Dagny Taggart, the author of Seeking John Galt, has the funniest (punniest?) last minute gift idea I’ve seen all week.

I personally believe that travel during snow emergencies should be restricted to absolute emergencies (threats to life or limb, sincere aid of a friend, or running out of beer,) however, two DC bloggers count weddings on that list.  The Disaffected Scanner Jockey, and Liz in DC each had to attend a White Wedding.

Are you a heavy Netflix user? Are you familiar with the process of “throttling?” You will be after reading The Arena’s explanation of the process and their philosophical problems with it.

How did one of DC’s most prolific walkers handle the snow storm and the varying feelings that tend to evolve with it? Salty offers that explanation from Candy Sandwich.

The weekend’s sense of adventure had faded as the snow condensed and tinted any and every color but that of a fresh fallen snow. 

A generalized Shout-Out to a relatively new blog: in Adventures of a Puma, the eponymous author tells stories of a local woman who is “Not quite the Cougar… Not quite the kitty.”

Note: Publishing will resume Monday, but links in the live feed will be updated during the break. Happy holidays and safe travels to all from all the editors. (Photo: Fire faucets on I and 20th NW that have since been returned, unfortunately, to an upright position.)

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 22nd, 2009 by dcblogs


What the East Coast Snowstorm and 9/11 Have in Common. Ok, so it’s 70 degrees, sunny, and you can walk along the beach in Southern California. But the real difference is a lot deeper than the snow around here, writes this DC expat. Media Concepts.

This is why the federal government is closed two days after the storm. Short video. buddha’s wii whiskers.

After going 25 years without asking Santa for a thing, Where’s My Cape decides it is time to send off a letter with a few requests.

If plain fruit doesn’t light your fire then order the Citronelle Santa Hat fruit dessert. The Georgetown Dish reviews the dinner as well.

First reported by Fox News: Illegal Aliens Caught Playing In The Snow. [F]oxymoron.

DC’s bad driving habits get the attention of Paul Krugman, The Conscience of a Liberal.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 21st, 2009 by dcblogs


Just imagine you are holding a Christmas party and semi-masked men come in, one with a gun, and rob everyone at it. That’s what happened to the writer of And Now, Anacostia and his roommates. Read the account.

The snowball fight at 14th and U illustrates why we love living in DC. It includes politics, thanks to some local anarchists who proclaimed “No War but Snowball War.” BroadSnark. And, of course, after police got involved someone in the crowd yelled, “We got a bunch of lawyers in the crowd!” An a priori observation for DC if there ever was one. little starletta. And City Desk wraps it up: DC Police Admit Detective Pulled Out Gun During Snowball Fight.

Red meets white. Photo. Life Through a Lens.

My White Shirt said it best about the recent storm: Falling snow is so peaceful. It has the same calming effect on me as the ocean at the beach. It causes me to reflect on good memories and even helps with making difficult decisions. (Nice photos, too.)

Another view on the emotional power of a big snow. Reya.

Adams Morgan gets restaurant for the over 25 set, Sutra. ReadysetDC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 18th, 2009 by WashWords


The countdown begins for DC NearlyWeds’ Miss Glen Echo 100 Days!

The Hirshhorn gets a face lift and We Love DC (if not The Washington Post) likes it. Bring on the Bubble.

A PoP reader reminds us of a tragedy that should not be forgetten and remains an open case. Dear PoP – Friend’s Murder Still Unresolved.

VivirLatino praises the recent news that Washington D.C. Passes Gay Marriage Legislation but wonders why some of the contributors to the passage aren’t made more public.

Georgetown to go green. Vox Populi shares Georgetown Safeway to seek LEED certification

“Woonerfs” (that means streets you can walk down the middle of) coming to DC? Greater Greater Washington says maybe so and explains it all for us. Residents want ped and bike Mount Pleasant Street.

Happy holidays!

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Irrational speculative bubbles and planting flowers, according to Gradually Greener.  Yes, there’s a connection.

Jason’s View in DC doesn’t say nice things about Senator Lieberman’s health care legislations stances and maneuvers.

Let’s hope has managed to stop laughing prior to inducing an abdominal hernia.  But yes, the Stephen Colbert duet with Alicia Keyes was that funny.

My Pretty Pennies’ author attends her first Personal Finance Blogging Happy Hour at the felicitously named Recessions.

Has the phrase “I like the way your pants cling to your butt” ever led to a happy ending for anyone?  Hollaback DC is asking for you to share your experiences.

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If you’ve never been burdened by self doubt, you’re probably not encumbered with self-awareness either. Alice, the “Idealist, Triathlete, and Politico” behind the Was It for This? has a candid post about her doubts with Home Alone. Very Alone.

…Speaking of candidly confronting doubts, Lemon Gloria writes bravely about one of her doubts as a new mother in Inadequacy Revisited.

The Twelve Days of Christmas… Daily Bitch Style is the latest from the PHNX65 blog.

What happens when the collegiate version of Date Lab, the Washington Post’s weekly and slightly addictive foray into matchmaking, meets Punk’d? Vox Populi blog and one unsuspecting Southern co-ed learned the answer and wrote about it in The Undercover Lover.

The author of the Feast After Famine writes eloquently about dealing with her pre-mature menopause.

If you sneeze next to our Christmas tree, needles crash to the floor in stunning numbers. The limbs are curled with premature age: lifeless, shriveled, sad.

My doctor phoned with a shocking medical diagnosis yesterday: I’m menopausal. At 38! While I’m still nursing.

I can’t help but see myself when I look at the tree now.

Shriveled Tree, Shriveled Me is a compelling read.

Some of you reading this are, like me, old enough to remember days when Legos where just the blocks and childhood imagination created the objects. As Jess, the blogger behind City Girls World, confusingly discovered, Legos are now preformed “trucks, dinosaurs, and robots. What to do? Employ the same technique as selecting wine, of course.

Year end summaries are all the rage this time of year. Not Enough Tequila takes it up a notch with an irreverent and more than occasionally laugh inducing summary of the End of the Aughts