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DC Blogs Noted

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Unemployment limbo. Fresh Muddy Waters. After telling employees that all was fine, it turns out it wasn’t Titania writes: 27 coworkers and I were laid off. Titania writes: They got rid of all experienced PhD economists at my level, but one. It felt like carnage. Mostly, I felt lied to, I felt betrayed and deceived.

Most, Sorry, I haven’t blogged in a while post, are something to skip over. But not this one. Living Life Frame by Frame. Always follow an apology with photos of kittens.

Animal Farm in Columbia Heights. Farm Fresh Meat shows the family off.

Bad drugs prompt strange behavior in Fairfax Village. Life in the Village.

Lofty Expectations, Great Experience: Rasika. Eating Around DC.

The DC Birding Blog writes about the Hawk Trapped in the Metro, and also has a link to the really good Washington Post article about it. Read it as well.

DC Blogs Noted

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Stranger behavior III by Stella of The Great Whatsit, an “autonomous worker-run collective.”

Now serving the pretentious combo in Columbia Heights: Fast food and “invite only.” why.i.hate.dc.

Lost and Found in Dupont Circle, or what people do with found things. Photos. Dupont Darling.

Sing the First Dogs of Christmas for the next 12 days. And don’t miss the Third Cat of Hanukkah. Washington Humane Society.

An instructor asks before the test, “Does anyone have a questions?” Giant Butters. Wrong question.

One of my favorite moments of the week. Beyond Friendship Gate. Overheard.

Mike Lesnick photographs the opening of a new store in Dupont Circle, G-Star Raw, and then follows the staff to take photos of their party.

Target Pop Up Store in Georgetown. Off the Cuff. May have already popped.

DC Blogs Noted

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Want a tree? Get one from DC gov. New Columbia Heights tells us how. Want a tree for your yard?

Our very own Whatever Lola Wants is Coming Clean. She know “the tigs” personally.

Local foodie writers over at Endless Simmer announce the results of their Top Chef reader contest. And oh yah, that other contest, too. Top Chef Exit Interviews: The Finale!

Singing for solidarity! Ahh, it warms my unionizin heart. And they’re students! and it’s Christmas carols! Joy to the World! Vox Populi on Rudolph Redux: Solidarity sings revamped Christmas carols for DPS pay raise

Oh Susanica prepares her boy, and herself, for Baby Makes Four. May I have this dance?

Local comedienne Erin of You’re Welcome gets a dream come true opportunity: Bill Maher, HBO, and… me!!!

DC Blogs Noted: Parenting Edition

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Editor’s Note: If you are interested in being a parent, please read the first three posts in the order presented.

Lonnie Bruner writes about the birth of his son and his role in the delivery room.

My Dear John Letter. Masala Chica. It’s not what you think. It’s better.

My name is Sarah and I am a white belt in Tae Kwon Do. Sarah and the Goon Squad. Don’t miss the photo at the bottom of the post.

Girlofwords confesses: Is it wrong that every day, I get to read about the food in the finest restaurants in town, and the biggest lament I have is, “I’ve never been to Popeye’s.”

Photo of men at work: Anyone else think this actually looks like fun? Unpopped Collar.

Cities, Bicycle, and the Future of Getting Around. JuxtaExposed reports attends a Brookings session on urban bicycling, that included David Byrne of the Talking Heads. He offers a report.

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Food Stamps: The Economics of Eating Well is the title of a piece in the New York Times that the blogger at A Mile of Another’s Shoes contributed to. The blog was about a recent month long challenge to eat well and healthfully on the maximum allowance for food stamps.

More on the issue of healthy eating: What Killed The Anacostia Farmers Market? The Slow Cook.

The see-through characteristics of some types of clothing aren’t always apparent, writes Word Perv in The Day I Flashed My Office.

Photo report: Holiday Cheer in Columbia Heights or the triumph of commercialism. Plight of the Pumpernickel .

The infamous ANC 8C Office. See what $900 a month gets you in commercial real estate on MLK Ave. Congress Heights on the Rise.

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space notes the closing of Lambda Rising and the broader issue of saving a loved retail business. Revitalization managers are often caught short by these retail closing, he writes. Excerpt: The frustrating thing is that a lot of time the business owner never reaches out for help–until it is too late, when most of the options and tools you have to work with are no longer available, or aren’t available because of the accelerated time frame that you have been presented with.

Thinking about parking in DC, Yglesias writes: Making parking cheap somewhere where lots of people want to park doesn’t actually make cheap parking widely available—it just creates a parking shortage.

DC Blogger Meetup is tonight at 7 p.m. at a new venue, a Dupont Circle watering hole (near Metro). RSVP. By 4 p.m. NotionsCapital has details and links.

DC Blogs Noted

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Do you come here often? Shares some personal details about her life and a reason to oppose the war in Afghanistan. She is asking for help and writes: Time has passed since he’s been back, but I believe My Thinker is suffering from survivor’s guilt. As a result, he now strongly opposes American efforts in Afghanistan.

Firsthand account of the view from an ‘obstructed view’ seat at FedEx Field. The DC Universe.

Near Death On the Inca Trail. Marissa, formerly of the Anti DC, shares her wit and humor in this really well made video of her trek in Peru. Marissa’s Big Adventure.

The problem isn’t Verizon, it’s Firefox, naturally. Herb of DC.

City Girls World is Trendspotting: Holiday Wear.

DC Blogs Noted

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On a visit back home, the New Kid on the Hill has a reason to thank the White House party crashers.

Awkward conversation with mom, reports 007 in Africa, about her quote in the book, We Feel Fine.

The office party included a photobooth, proof that not every place is cutting back on frills. The writer of hey, love, presents the results.

Ezra Klein’s Coolest Couple review a new restaurant, The Passenger, and report about its different approach to serving cocktails. They write: They do not have a cocktail list, rather you tell the waiter or waitress or bartender (ess?) what kind of base liqour you’d like and an idea of how you’d like it to go, e.g. spicy, nutty, lemony, bitter or sweet and they whip you up a cocktail.

The number one cupcake shop in the DC area is Baked & Wired, according to Katie-Kakes DC Cupcakes.

Landmark bookstore, Lambda Rising, closing. Rev. Steve’s Cyber-Pulpit.

Brightwood Blog is looking for some help for a special project: Calling All Lushes.

Tai Shan, the Movie. Can he find love in China? NotionsCapital. Photo art.

A little snow was here and there. Photo and adult supplies at nonsuchbook.

New adds to dcblogs/live

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Here are the latest:


National Museum of American History Blog

The Library of Congress is Great

Real Estate:

DC Condo Boutique

Personal Finance:

Sweating The Big Stuff

Art and fashion:

Dalliant & Dainty


Passionate Self by Tracy

Masala Chica

International Issues:

All Things Mideast


Adventures of a Puma



A little bit of everything:

Mascara & Microchips

Updated: DC neighborhood blog explosion

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A changes were made Jan. 3. River East blog: Beyond Bread.

There are 50 active DC neighborhood blogs and their numbers continue to grow. The latest, revised list of neighborhood blogs by neighborhood is below.

In 2006, a random reference point, there were less than 10 neighborhood blogs in the District. In the years since, many other neighborhood blogs were started and disappeared. But the overall base of neighborhood blogs continues to expand and the broad trend is evident from this list.

Some of the longest running blogs include Frozen Tropics, InShaw, Bloomingdale, Petworth News, Logan Circle News, Penn Quarter Living, and a few others I’ve probably missed.

What’s a neighborhood blog? Any blog with a mission to cover a specific geographic area. That area can range from a few streets to multiple neighborhoods.

There are many other blogs that write about District-wide developments and urban issues, and I’m now revising that list, as well as a list of Metro area, Virginia and Maryland, neighborhood blogs.

UPDATE: Since publishing this list on Thursday, I’ve received some information on a few more blogs and have included them on this list. The help is appreciated. Please send feedback and I’ll adjust the list.

This list will be updated regularly and included on the directory page. I’ll revise it as new blogs are formed. If a blog hasn’t been updated in three months, it may be removed from the list. — KOB


And Now, Anacostia

Anacostia Que

Barry Farm:

Barry Farm (Re) Mixed

Blagden Alley/Naylor Court, Ninth, Tenth, N, and O streets, NW:




Bloomingdale (for now)

in bloom

Borderstan (Dupont/Logan area):



Brightwood living

Brightwood Blog


Brookland Avenue

The Brookland Blog

CUA Tower Blogs

Capitol Hill:

The Hill is Home

Columbia Heights:

New Columbia Heights

The Heights Life

Congress Heights:

Congress Heights on the Rise

Dupont Circle:

friends of jack


Eckington, Way Better than Spotsylvania


The Edgewood Civic Association blog

Fairfax Village:

Life in the Village

Foggy Bottom:


GW Hatchet News Blog


The Georgetown Metropolitan

Vox Populi

LeDroit Park:

Left for LeDroit

Logan Circle:

Logan Circle News

Mount Pleasant:

Climbing the Mount

Mount Vernon Square:

The Other 35 Percent (Mount Vernon and beyond)

The Triangle

Life in Mount Vernon Square

Near Southeast:




Park View:

Park View, DC

Penn Quarter:

Penn Quarter Living


Petworth News

Prince of Petworth

Rhode Island Avenue NE

Rhode Island Ave NE Insider


Rosedale Citizens’ Alliance

River East:

Beyond Bread

East River Heights Community

The Penn Brangler

River East ( Anacostia/East of the River/Ward 8/ Greater Southeast Community)


In shaw



South East Socialite


Southwest … The Little Quadrant that Could


Trinidad and H Street area:

Frozen Tropics

Truxton Circle area:

Bates Area Civic Association

U Street:

14th & You

U Street Girl

Ward 7 (Deanwood, Hillcrest, Benning):

Ward 7 Connections


The 42 (Following the Mount Pleasant to Metro Center bus route)

Click here for a neighborhood map of DC.

DC Blogs Noted

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Stars over Washington takes us through our area’s Winter Solstice 2009

Cosmopolitan Conservative gives us her review, and it’s not so hot:White House Christmas Decorations…Blah

Katie suspects a DARPA challenge is more of a social challenge this year. The red balloon(s)

Famous DC shows us the events of the season. Holiday Party Calendar,

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino is on a plane and a child is having a crying fit. Frustration levels rise, and passengers try to strike back. She writes: I love that when such a clear offense against travel etiquette occurs, people do ridiculous things in response. I particularly enjoy those who turn around in their seats. They crane necks round seats and rows to display their disdain for both noise and neglectful parenting.