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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 29th, 2010 by WashWords


Global Chameleon who posts about place takes on why New York is different than DC. Does Global have it right, New Yorker in DC? TBA, but meanwhile NY in DC gives us a State of the Union live Tweet.

Speaking of the SoTU… Famous DC takes on a tough “inside the Beltway” task. Closing Bell: Intervention

Golden calves are not to be worshipped and neither, according to Jason’s Blog are Golden cows?

Greater, Greater Washington takes on Superblocks near Metro, Part 1: Prince George’s.

DC NearlyWeds will build up one lucky buttercup. They offer a Beau-Coup Valentine’s Blogger Contest. Merci, mademoiselles.

Washington D.C. Metblogs recaps our favorite hyperlocal tv show (for this season anyway) Real World DC: Episode 5 Breakdown. And so does Vox Populi (ooh, college kids writing on college kids. how meta!) in The Real World DC Power Rankings: Week Five. I gotta start watching this more regularly. I mean at all. I mean, okay, yah, I’ve loved real world since I WAS RW age and DC RW, freakin irresistible.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 28th, 2010 by Foilwoman


Fairfax County beats Montgomery County: higher median income, median home value, and slightly higher foreclosure rate, as noted in Urban Turf.

Regarding dating and giving out phone numbers, Single with Style believes that “the first step toward happiness is not allowing yourself to be miserable” and thinks the method of forgetting to whom you gave your phone number works better than wondering why somebody isn’t calling.

Livin mi Life pays back the local business owner who lets customers round down $.03 or $.04 to the nearest dollar.

Does straightforward really mean socially inept? Seeking John Galt ponders this idea along with being surprised by an acquaintance’s spin on a situation resulting in “some pretty egregious lying by omission.”

Sean of Sean’s Ramblings asks the same question I had been asking whenever I saw the Verizon 3G coverage map advertisements on TV (other than wha?): what’s the difference Commenters give him (and completely coincidentally, me) an answer.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 27th, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee


Maxie’s opening salvo, “If you haven’t heard of Texts from Last Night, you’ve been living under [an unprintable] rock; a rock without internet access,” shamed me into viewing the hilarious site. The site is the subject of a newly released book and she is hosting a contest to give away a copy. Visit I Hate So Much for all the details.

DC Gays of Our Lives sees enough parallels between the phenomenon that is The Jersey Shore and some segments of the DC Gay Community that he created a comparison game: DC Gay or Jersey Shore? Play amongst yourselves.

New Year’s Resolution posts are well tardy by the end of January, but this snarkastic post of Non-Resolutions from -the fooler initiative- is well worth the wait.

A stunning architectural photograph from Juxtaposed.

Whenever a lottery pay-out gets to nine figures, ticket sales jump and lots of people spend free moments fanaticizing about how they would spend their winnings. Francesca, the blogger behind Nodding is Underrated, answers the question of what she would do with the oddly chosen number, $47,000. What might you do?

Only in DC is the question “Where are you watching the State of the a common substitute for “what are you doing tonight.” If you want to watch at while someone else gets the drinks and food, the Washingtonian Best Bites Blog has a list of places for A State of Inebriation.

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The Newest Dealer sees more women applying make-up in public and says it is rude. He writes: As with any form of rudeness, women applying make-up in public spaces comes in different degrees of offense. There are three such degrees.

Not a Girl, Not yet a Wino shares her sleep clinic experience. She writes: 10:15 pm: No one told me there’d be nostril sensors. Metal ones.

Congress Heights on the Rise counts 21 River East blogs, and writes: What was once a huge gap in East of the River news coverage (especially online) has developed into a growing movement to spread the word about East of the River/River East neighborhoods.

A comment allegedly made by school chief Michell Rhee is causing a serious uproar. The Washington Teacher.

Brooks Brothers opening in Georgetown, reports The Georgetown Metropolian.

Blog awards: Bloggers can now enter work in the annual journalism contest sponsored by the DC chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. There is a specific blog category that recognizes “incisive commentary.” This contest has previously been limited to professional publications, but the changing market is also bringing changes to this contest. Work published anytime last year is eligible. Here are the submission guidelines and the contest categories. This is open to anyone in the DC Metro area and the blog topic can be about anything. There is a $30 fee per submission and work must be submitted by Feb. 20.

The latest additions to the live feed.

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Lemmonex explains why this is my last blog entry.

Geeks Without Borders: Live From Inside DC’s Crisis Camp. We Love DC

How would you like a personal chef for special Valentines Day? Then submit a raffle entry by Tuesday. By DCBlogs’ editor, Restaurant Refugee, who is also a personal chef.

Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity comes to the assistance of a friend suffering a “mysterious illness,” that turns out to be an all too common one, in the post, On Alcoholism.

Is there a Special Interest Group for Everyman? Mtngrl Musing. Regarding the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign activities.

Capitol Catholic is the blog is GW freshman who is attending Mass at every Catholic Church in DC. In this post, he shares a story about the Little Sisters of the Poor and a final act of charity to one man.

Shoe Addict in photos. A Day in the Life.

There Is No Such Thing As A “Postdoctoral Student.” Rant. Skullcrusher Mountain.

Can Wasabi Save Lives? Food & Think. Some insights from a Smithsonian blog.

The latest new adds to dcblogs live

Posted in Views on January 23rd, 2010 by dcblogs

Here are the latest additions to


S. Krishnas Books
Book reviews, giveaways and random musings.

Inner Loop Lit
Inner Loop Lit consists of reviews of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, from or about Washington, D.C., as well as reports of local bookstores and literary events. In focusing exclusively on authors, books, and bookstores in and about the DC area, Inner Loop Lit seeks to build a more cogent and coherent literary community for local writers and readers.


Drum’n’bass (also called dnb) is kind of a niche scene in the area, but has been around since the early ’90s, sort of as a branch off of the local rave scene. Our area boasts several DJs and producers (notable producers of the genre include Telemetrik, Hyx & Houston, Sinthetix, CJ Weaver, Headhunterz Inc.), a couple record labels, and there are usually one to three events a week that have a dnb DJ on the line-up. The blog has three regular features every week, and occasionally some additional topic-relevant posts.


Washington Bella
A twenty-something Sweet Briar alumna writing about everything I’m interested in: politics, world news, books, beauty, film, food allergies, security, computer nerd stuff, restaurants, and my life in the city.

Mirella McCracken’s Blog
The entire blogging idea is a new concept. When I was young people kept diaries, today they blog. Two years ago when I heard about blogging I was shocked. I kept asking myself what make people love the idea of posting the most intimate events in their life on a public website where everyone can see it? From: Why do we Blog?

Make Lemons
Random thoughts from a 30-something gal that works hard and plays hard.


Capitol Catholic
My name is Michael. I’m a freshman at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I’m embarking on a project to attend mass at every Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. I’m using this blog to share my thoughts and observations on this project with others.


GlAA Forum blog
GLAA is pleased to offer an online site for discussion of affairs that affect the quality of life of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of the District of Columbia. Through this social networking media GLAA aspires to connect to new generations of LGBT advocates and straight allies and to strengthen our organization’s abilities to communicate and broadcast to a broad and diverse population.


No Princesses Here!
I’m a SAHM of a very lively 2 year old girl. Most days are just about trying to keep my sanity and sense of humor intact. I’m originally from Western PA and I miss it terribly- the people, the food, and of course my beloved sports teams. My snarky blue-collar attitude keeps me feeling like a fish out of water most of the time here in Northern Virginia. My awesome husband and I have been together for almost 12 years. I am not a princess and neither is our daughter. This is our story.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 22nd, 2010 by WashWords


DC Teacher Chic highlights the superintendent’s latest plan to monitor city teachers: Season Premiere? Big Brother c/o DCPS

Federal Baseball has an idea to spur “National Interest” (yuk, yuk, that’s me making a baseball pun) in our team Montreal Expos Day? C’mon Washington Nationals, Make It Happen!!!

In other sports news, The DC Sports Page discusses his decision to cut back on the sports fun! Giving Up Season Tickets

Plight of the Pumpernickel mulls Medical marijuana dispensaries in the District? Whoa that’s a lot of alliteration before the policy’s even enacted.

Washington Whispers shares a tourist’s dream come true. Okay, I may know a local or two would find it pretty cool, too. Michelle Obama’s Surprise for White House Tourists

The Blog at 16th and Q talks about being boxed in… or not. Boxed In.

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FoBoBlo thinks that sending a giant get well card to Haiti (rather than sending actual help) is “tragic/sad/funny/cruel particularly when the message is sent by “some of the most privileged college students in the world.”

Freewheeling Spirit considers whether a bike found in the trash is salvageable.

Letting go of resentment regarding an ex is obviously a state to be sought after, although when that ex is an ex due to the decision to try a polyamorous* lifestyle is it worth the effort? Metaphysical Junkie works through the process.

A picture’s worth a thousand words:  DC’s very own Spanish Steps in Meridian Hill Park DC Metrocentric.

Of the New York Times’s plan to start charging for online access, Manifest Destiny says: “this is not going to work.”

Parenting BY dummies beats herself up, but need not.  Her two-year old really doesn’t care that it was a birthday doughnut. Really.

And as if President Obama didn’t have enough to worry about right now (per Eavesdrop DC).

*Yes, yes, it’s not a synonym with horndog, but still . . . .

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 20th, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee


Unless you use bottled water for everything from drinking to bathing, chances are pretty good that at some point you’ve been less than enamored with DC Water and Sewer Authority. A Jersey Kid writes about his experiences in his Customer Service Announcement.

iMetro frequently chronicles the commuting tales of woe of the self-described MetroMan. The latest post, however, diverges from that for a tale of small scale charity and large scale grace.

The Washington restaurant community may have many foibles, but a lack of charity has never been among them. Metrocurean has the scoop on many area restaurants’ efforts to help victims of the Haiti Earthquake. [ed. note: food and drink taste better when proceeds go to a good cause… there’s also an unconfirmed rumor that the calories are lower too.*]

Which is scarier – a doctor’s visit that involves looking for “cell abnormalities,” or going to it alone? Freckled K’s Pluck is her eloquent and moving answer.

Anyone over the edge of thirty recalls its year 29 precipice and all that it can bring (good and bad.) Hannah, Just Breathe has started knocking on 30’s door and has some thoughts on the matter.

Lemmonex explains her complicated relationship with weight loss television shows in The Biggest

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Don’t like to wait to skate at the National Gallery’s rink? A tip moves you to the front of the line, reports claudine hellmuth.

Internet advice success story. Nutgraf goes online to search for help about about restoring wood furniture. Photos.

A brief electronics history, (Remember the Handspring Visor?) with photos, and a declared love for iPhone. tied to my apron strings.

This photo almost makes you wish the icy cold was back so you could walk on the reflecting pool. One Photograph a Day.

Seat 22. A dramatic set of photos taken from the plane. Visual Mumbling.

District Club in Adams Morgan. a review by DC City Blog

Many news additions to the live feed.

Photo: Natural History Museum fish tank.