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New additions to live feed

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The latest adds to the feed.


When an explosion occurs, myriad particles disperse from the locus of detonation and remain in motion by virtue of momentum. Thereafter, they may collide and comingle such that they grow in size, disintegrate further such that where there was one there are now many particles, or slow down because of the resistance they encounter. Generally, they will exhibit a swell of patterns we would more often than not recognise as geometric. According to Newton’s First Law of Motion, momentum is thought to be the tendency of an object set in motion to stay in motion (and incidentally, of an object at rest to stay at rest).

the dc diaries
Scott Daniel is a 27-year-old lawyer, writer, and observational humorist soaking up the fast-paced, idiosyncratic lifestyle of Washington, D.C. You can find him plucking his cheap guitar, jogging on the Potomac, typing furiously on his laptop at Politics & Prose, or pondering the meaning of life with the natives of U Street…

The Yuppie Chronicles
I’m 27. I’m a law student. My lawyer fiance and I live in an over-sized apartment in one of the richest counties in America. We have house cleaners scheduled to come at regular intervals, throw away coupons, cook using Calphalon pots, and belong to Netflix, Costco, and multiple frequent flyer programs. We even have an accent wall, for heaven’s sake. I’m blessed, and I know it. What I hope to show with this blog is that, between the trips to wine bars and Whole Foods, in the shadow of a KitchenAid mixer and LCD TV, there are stories full of heart and humor that are worth sharing.

Not-For-Profit Dad
Some of you may remember me. Some of you may have heard of me. Most of you probably have no clue I ever existed and thanks to the fucknut who hacked my gmail account some years ago, the internet has precious little evidence of that said existence either. But I was a daddy-blogger back in the day when we hauled our blogs to school uphill, barefoot, in the snow with a bit-rate so slow it was measured with a sundial.

love, elizabethany
I’m elizabethany. [Yes, I tend to lowercase my name, and a lot of other things.. And I’m totally okay with it.] I’m from the Northern Virginia area, a WVU ALUM, and addicted to updating this site on the regular.I’m a very opinionated person, and I share all of my thoughts as they come to me. Why think about what you’re going to say when you can just say it? If people don’t like it… Their problem, not mine.

Dating, relationships:

Lana’s Dating, Relationships and the Fabulous Five
This blog was created to join a community of women who are empowered to take a more strategic and aggressive approach to their dating lives. By diversifying their dating portfolios, these women will create a list of dating options to choose from when the time is right for them to enter a serious committed relationship. Times have changed. The courtship that your grandmother’s and mother’s generation experienced is not the same the we experience today. The FAB FIVE approach is the modern woman’s way of duplicating your grandmother’s and mother’s courtship experience… by being the co-creator of your dating life.

Imperfect Match
My name is Mr. Match. I’m a 20-something living in Washington, DC, supposedly home of many, many singles. A fit of inspiration took me to in an effort to expand my dating horizons, but what I’ve seen so far has been a lot of maddening and frustrating wrongs, errors made by the women on match in their profiles, in communication, and in actual dates. As I go along, so too will this blog. Of course, I realize that I am not beyond reproach in my own dating practices, but that’s not what this is about, is it?

Fashion, style:

Coffee & Dreams
Journalist/Graphic Artist/PR Maven living in the MD suburbs right outside of DC. Attempting to become an art director and being influenced by everything in life.


Kiss My Country loves the world and wants to save it. Will you help us? Check out our Blog for travel tips and news on who is doing what to save the planet and how you can do your part!


Moneywise Moms
Welcome! I’m Gina, a stay-at-home mom of three kids, ages 6 and 3 and 3. Yes, I take the BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) concept so seriously, I even had identical twins.

parenting BY dummies
A guide to parenting by someone who has tried all of the things you don’t want to do.

Food, cooking:

The Vagabond Table
According to Wikipedia and the critic Arthur Compton-Rickett, a Vagabond is a person “with a vagrant strain in the blood, a natural inquisitiveness about the world beyond their doors.” Cheers to that.

DC nightlife:

Urban Marinade
Welcome to urban marinade…a blog that lets you stew in the cultural crock pot of Washington, DC. I’m here to rant and rave about anything and everything in my little urban world. Generally speaking, that includes nightlife, photography, dancing and DC urban development. So there!

DC Blogs Noted

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CityGirl wonders how the ladies feel about bringing their men to the spa, and fellas, if we did want to… would you want to go?

Rachel, Rachel, I’ve Been Thinking marks a very different sort of anniversary with a heart-wrenching and refreshingly honest post about her weight loss surgery. Excerpt: “I put on over 100 lbs in the four years of college, to the point that my parents repeatedly threatened to pull me out of school.”

This one’s just plain fun: lacochran reveals a darker side of her personality… some people just beg to be messed with.

Unsuck DC Metro warns us that “Snatch and Dash” incidents involving small electronic devices are on the rise.

A quickie-but-goodie: Sarah (of Sarah and the Goon Squad) would like to know “What the Hell are They Teaching My Kids at That School?

Lollipopgoldstein reveals what spambots are getting out of leaving their nonsensical gibberish comments on our old posts (and why we should delete them).

Emily Pearl Goodstein can be bought… and it’s delicious.

DC Blogs Noted

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In the midst of a sea of snark and sluggishness, Disaffected Scanner Jockey suggests a different song: When Words Fail, It’s Time to Shut Up and Help Out.

WMATA GM John Catoe steps down. DCist on the reaction: Eleanor Holmes Norton Reacts to Catoe Retirement.

Washingtonian’s Capital Comment Blog gives us an update on that show we may all pretend not to watch:The Real World: DC’ Loves its Jiggly Thighs, Dammit! For another take, see Metblogs’ Real World DC: Episode 3 Breakdown. New Columbia Heights takes a more local look with Real World in Columbia Heights

The rules of The Life of Mb lay out clearly Every young profesh should have a good suit. Suit up! (yes, that was for you “How I met your mother” fans).

Prince of Petworth shares Suggestions for MLK Day Volunteering.

Pamela’s Punch details the latest DC PR plan: The Power of Love. Here’s a sneak peak (I was on the Web site): there’s a secretary of DC love and her name is Dr. Ruth. Nope, not kidding.

DC Blogs Noted

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A post by an American in Haiti who writes of the quake and its immediate aftermath. Rollings in Haiti. This came via a link on the Elf King.

Gradually Greener finds that the $.05/plastic bag fee is “totally working.”

There’s now a listserv for crimefighting in DC’s 7th District.  Doesn’t Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat live in Columbia Heights and fight crime, or at least criminally bad driving, there?

Hey, Pretty wishes that some people who are unemployed might want to put a little effort into any interview they manage to land.

My neighbors hate me. Plight of the Pumpernickel.

DC Blogs Noted

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This is the way the new media is supposed to work: the author of Blonder Than You completed a meme/blog award (there may or may not be discussion of the absence of knickers) from A Vapid Blonde’s blog which featured a hysterical post in which she detailed the interaction she had via Twitter that ended with a free bottle of vodka… and now DCBlogs shares with you.

According to Listen to Leon “If ever there were proof that God intended for pole dancing to remain in strip clubs and out of places like aerobic classes and family gatherings, it’s this clip right here.” If you’re at work, feel free to mute and watch it – it’s still funny even without the sound.

According to research conducted by The Alliance for a Safe and Diverse DC, possession of multiple condoms is used as evidence of prostitution. The whole report is ninety-two pages, but the summary and commentary by The Republic of T is concise and disturbing on many levels.

A recent post on Gawker discussed what they termed “The Two-Step Monogamy Shuffle and the Relationship Ommission Tango.” Dagny Taggart, the author of Seeking John Galt, writes about her experiences with this phenomenon (her post has a link to the Gawker piece.)

It is the rare long distance relationship that doesn’t end – because one party moves or both move on. What do you do with the relationships that occupy that sliver of space between the two? According to The Year of Sexy one answer is “Doing Something You Don’t Want to Do.”

Unpopped Collar has an easy explanation for one Georgetown Stereotype.

Too Much Perspective can be a painful and teary-eyed thing to have, so learned the author of the Not Afraid to Use It blog … and this contributing editor too.

DC Blogs Noted

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An open letter to my fellow Green Line riders. Dealing in Subterfuges. Keywords: DC, Douchebags, Etiquette, Jerks, Metro. Also, really short pop quiz: During Metro rush hour, what two books describe the experience? Global Chameleon.

Why wear pants on the Metro? Getting to the bottom of things, from the pantless rider, The HR Intern. And potentially NSFW (depending on your office dress code) Photos at ReadySetDC.

Tome of the Unkown Writer tells of his effort to get a mortgage on a rowhouse in DC. It needed extensive repairs, but the bank, which owned it, wouldn’t budge on the asking price and rejected the offer without a counter-offer. What happened?

The surprising technology learning curve of parents. LadyBirdPink.

Big Chair Coffee Open for Business. And Now, Anacostia.

DC Blogs Noted

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Groped again, the writer of Whip My Assets, refuses to be invisible this time.

Inside the news operation of a right-leaning Washington political pundit. Snarkshelf.

Have We Overcome? Mtngrl Musing. The metrics of the presidency.

The fashion void that is DC. From Florence, fashion.

Ugh, Why is D.C. the Hardest Place to Find An Apartment? Housing Complex. Also, Bubble Meter: My housing predictions for the new decade.

The first complaint of the new year. Phnx65.

DC Confidential is now living in France and is writing at The F-Stops Here, a photoblog of this writer’s new surroundings.

New Years Resolution: Expanded descriptions.

New Year, new live adds

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The latest adds to the feed.


Shannon Sez So
If Shannon Sez So, then it must be. It’s as simple as that folks, no discussion, no debate, no argument, and no compromising (unless I say so). I’m a Scorpio, so you know I’m passionate about all the aspects of my life, especially my opinions. You are welcome to agree, disagree or remain neutral, but my mind is already made up and I sez so.

The thoughts and chronicles of an adorably awkward lesbian.

Katelin Taylor
I am a foodie, fashionista, jeweler, hostess and classic from the DC metro-area. If you aspire to be as cool as Audrey Hepburn, entertain with panache like Dorthy Draper and have Southern charm to get what you want when you want it, then you might have the same ambitious goal as me, read on.

Don’t Think Before You Speak
I’m not so good at the thinking before you speak thing.

Prosaic Paradise
Like many folks, I never got the hang of a paper journal. The audience was the revolution that changed my willingness to keep retrospective track of my life, and my blogging career got started around the time the word itself was coined.

Health and Fitness:

Whip My Assets
I’m Carla Ganiel, a 35 year-old writer, bureaucrat and Maine native living in Washington, DC.

Pop culture and regular culture:

Where pop culture lives and breathes. Plus, cake.

‘Burb Life:

Post categories: overachiever kids, preachy, suburban snobbery.

Marriage Equality:

Things That Were Legalized Before Gay Marriage
A blog that highlights the ridiculous laws and permissions that are granted to Americans, while gay citizens are still waiting for equality.

Politics, culture, Are We Rome

De RePublica
This blog is essentially a place for me to write about anything outside my personal life. (If you are interested in that aspect of me, please find me on Facebook — or, better yet, buy my memoir.) The title of this blog is the name of a book by one of my intellectual heroes, Marcus Tullis Cicero: “On The Republic” or “On The Commonwealth.”

Local news:

Capital Citizen
Current events from the Metro area.

DC Blogs Noted

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Movie review: Avatarded. A political analysis of Avatar by Heard in DC that begins: I was both pleasantly surprised and thoroughly disgusted by the film, entertained to no end by the action and CGI, but drained intellectually (not of energy, but of intellect — literally) by its politics.

The tell-it-in-your-own-word profiles by Danny Harris, the People’s District, are very compelling, but this one, about a mother’s experience of trying to care for a son diagnosed with schizophrenia, is also important. Featured on BYT.

Learning to Fly writes: I’ve realized recently that I can divide most of the guys I’ve dated into two different categories.

Dumped via text message, writes Foggy Dew.

One of DC’s oldest neighborhood blogs, Petworth News, is taking a hiatus. The first post, Sept. 17, 2004.

Metro delays have become too much for some. Unsuck DC Metro. One commenter says he plans to buy a car “because Metro is threatening my job.”

Check out this Christmas welding project: A bike rack built built solely to transport a six pack of your favorite glass-bottled beverage. Posted on

Drum roll: We have two local finalists (and if there’s more plz, plz write) in the Twentysomething Blogger awards. They are Live It, Love It, (One of our wonderful contributing editors) and I Hate So Much. There are links from their blogs. Cast your vote. Balloting ends Sunday.

DC Blogs Noted

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3, according to Social Butterfly.

If only finding your dream editor were as easy as 1-2-3.  Italian Mother Syndrome teases with a title telling you how to find your dream editor and then breaks it to you:  you can’t.

Creeping toward decreptitude isn’t slouching toward Bethlehem, but it isn’t very avoidable in one’s fifth decadeOccam’s Razor shares thoughts on ageing.

You’re Welcome describes her first skating outing in a while.  It didn’t end in injury, and she looks like she had fun.

Erin Slick can’t sleep on her stomach any more.  And that’s bad.

Methadone vs. real narcotics in Oz.  And even better, the always interesting and thoughtful Bronze John of Stranger’s Fever is posting again.  That’s good for the new year.