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What did you Love or Hate about the Olympics? Snarkshelf offers a list, such as: Love “O, Canada;” Hate the McDonald’s Filet o Fish commercial.

Candy Sandwich offers an appreciation of the USA hockey team in the post, Second best.

A voyeuristic look at lunch. Life In An Apartment Near Chinatown is a blog by a vegetarian in DC.

Online Dating: Sometimes You Just Need a Break. Zandria

My Fat blog wants to get Skinny. A writer chronicles her dieting trek.

Golden beet salad on a bed of golden beet leaves. Food Wanderings

A unique new arrival to our DCBlogs live feed is Hound and Found, a blog that chronicles the training of a search and rescue dog. Here’s complete list of new blogs on the live feed.

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Latest adds to DCBlogs live feed

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The latest additions to the feed.


Year of Giving
The concept is simple. I will give $10 to a different person every day for a year. I will write about the people who I intersect with as well as the truly altruistic experience that I am sure to have!I recently lost my job at a nonprofit organization due to the economic climate so taking on this endeavor may not seem fiscally prudent. However, I think it is exactly these times that we must focus on helping others.

Super Girl
My name is Jenny, (former aliases Mimi or Shao), I was born in Taiwan on March 25, 1988, making me the fiery and passionate Aries. I was raised in Toronto, Canada, but have lived in Taiwan long enough to have the language and culture rub off on me, and now I’m currently living in the DC metro area in the USA. I have a secret crush on web designing, much like guys have a secret crush on Smirnoff and chick flicks. It’s a secret because no one offline really knows about it, except my mom and a select few friends (like, 3). I have been attached to this hobby since 5th grade (which makes it 11 years now) ever since I made my first Pokemon page filled with stolen awards and images.

Digressions from DC
I started writing on a whim back in November of 2008. I had settled down in a new city-Washington, D.C.-and wanted to share my experiences as a “real adult.” It took three seconds for me to select this blog’s title, Digressions from DC. I just like alliteration.
Little did I realize that Digressions from DC is the perfect name to capture what I write about and how I tell these stories. According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, to “digress” is to “ to turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument.” A digression, then, is the act or an instance of digressing in a discourse or other usually organized literary work.”

Aesthetics of Everywhere
Consider the urban scene, its people and processes.


Artful Mom DC
This blog journals my artful approach to city life with a kid on a shoestring budget. After 14 years of contentedly living child-free in Washington, DC, my husband and I decided to take the plunge into parenthood. He and I didn’t earn much as English and Photography teachers, respectively, but we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else doing anything else. We found some comfort in knowing that as creative people we could make it work.

Confessions of a Dilettante
I’m just a girl with a baby, a bike, and a lot of grand ideas. A painter, a poet, a dreamer of dreams, a gentle soul on a quest for beauty and truth. I am going to change the world, one smile at a time.

Search and Rescue, for real

Hound and the Found
I joined a k9 search and rescue group as a trainee volunteer in October. I have since begun writing about my adventures in training a search dog in the DC area. We go all over the area in the cities to meet friendly people and the area wilderness to train. Its been funny, heartbreaking, loud, messy, smelly, destructive, and heartwarming thus far.

Too cute pets

Reptiles Alive! Blog
Tag cloud: amphibians animals Conservation copperhead Creature Feature education elementary herping hiking journal k-12 kids lesson lesson plans lizard lizards maryland nature Pet pets reptile reptiles science snake snakes teacher teachers turtle virginia wildlife.

Metro adventure

Metro-Venture: one year to visit all stations and ride all bus lines in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (or WMATA for short) system. Tools: SmarTrip card, camera (make and model info coming soon), system-wide map, notebook, pen, and a lot of time on my hands. Goals: understand why this is the public transit system everybody loves to hate, learn more about my adopted hometown, get my butt off the couch…even during Law & Order marathons on cable.

Food and fitness

FANNEtastic food
My name is Anne and I’m 27 years old. I’m currently living in D.C., taking prerequisites and applying to masters programs to become an R.D. I love running, ice cream, making people laugh, wine, being outdoors, and a hot mug of tea on a cold day.

About Arlington

People Powered Arlington
People Powered Arlington is a blog devoted to the issues and events affecting the people of Arlington, VA and beyond. PPA promotes a walkable, balanced community with a focus on urban policy, infrastructure and transportation.

Food, entertainment and environment

Eclectic Cafe
I write about Restaurants and Entertainment in DC as well as issues relating to Energy and the Environment that relate to current DC political issues.

Government, civics, education

Civics DC
Welcome to a new blog for DC students and teachers to engage in civics. This site is maintained by the Center for Civic Education’s We the People: DC program, but will be a home for all things civic in our nation’s capital city. Check back here frequently for news, links, and dialogs. It is our hope that this will build a community civic educators and students in the District of Columbia.

DC Blogs Noted

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Amy in the District, who is Canadian, is disappointed with Canada’s Olympic performance. She writes: There are so many things I love/miss about Canada – but underperforming in sports when it counts the most is not one of them.

Why I won’t go to bars in Virginia. Foote Steppes writes from DC.

A bigger hall is needed for Savor, the annual “premier craft beer event” in DC. Tickets for this year’s event sold out in 10 minutes, writes dcbeer.

A child is asked a question and the response makes the writer of Wife and Mommy strangely proud.

Two DC raves about the mac and cheese at Oohhs & Aahhs.

Don’t register a car in Maryland. Shall we go boating today?

Note about Friday: We will return Monday. Please see for the latest.

DC Blogs Noted

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Reading Doctor Moxie’s latest post may not be easy for anyone who has watched someone close to him/her suffer from dementia, but “Omi” provides a different perspective on this humbling and sad experience.

Seeking John Galt posted a “tick-tock” of her break-up with cable television, the sorrow the TV must have felt, and her efforts to replace it.

The author of One Bite at a Time encounters The Ethical Eater’s Dilemma.

If you were one of the hockey nuts chanting USA, USA, USA as our squad thumped the heavily favored Canadians in their recent Olympic match-up, this picture of our northern neighbor’s reaction might be a bit of a wet blanket. Thanks for sharing Famous DC.

Love Elizabethany’s Morning Hangover is a collection of procrastantive* links that range from the merely funny, to the profane, to the really NSFW.

The Inaugural National Food Bloggers Bake Sale is rapidly approaching. It will benefit Share Our Strength, a national organization dedicated to battling childhood hunger. They need volunteers to bake and assist in non-culinary ways too. The Capital Cooking blog has the details.

In more Circulator news (you did catch that on yesterday’s DC Blogs Round-Up, right?) the red and gold busses are now on the “Where’s My Bus” mobile GPS application from Google. The Borderstan Blog reported the news.

* is to a word.

DC Blogs Noted

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Kim of Prosaic Paradise has a unique perspective on the somewhat taboo subject of blogger “microfame” and jealousy.

Initial Thoughts encourages us to put the Snowpocalypse behind us and dream of cherry blossoms. Spring has to come sometime, right?

DC public transport’s taken so much heat lately, I *almost* feel bad. Metro-Venture changes it up with a little love for the Circulator.

Marissa’s Big Adventure proves apartment hunting on Craigslist is just as colorful as it ever was.

Things That Were Legalized Before Gay Marriage notes- in a hysterically funny fashion- that “Kissing Cousins” can legally be married in a shockingly large number of states.

brad from a jersey kid has officially revolutionized the blogroll… and it is magnificent.

DC Blogs Noted

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Need to read something restorative this morning? Blonder Than You gives us “In My Mind Her Name was Faith.”

The Year of Giving is a blog that chronicles the author’s personal goal of giving $10 to a different person every day for a year.

My goal is not to change the lives of those with whom I come in contact. Let’s face it, $10 dollars is not going to change someone’s life in and of itself. I do believe, however, that the act of giving will hopefully inspire others to pursue the ideals that the French philosopher Auguste Comte envisioned when he coined the term “altruism.”

On Day 66 he met Nikki G.

Always a Drunk, Never a Bride has a regular series, “People Who Rock, People Who Suck.” It requires one to be current on pop culture for maximum enjoyment, but it’s always a blast.

Flack Rabbit thinks that “Your blog needs a content disclaimer [and] a privacy policy.”

It wasn’t a boom-box held aloft outside of her window, but for one of the über-anonymous bloggers at K Street Confidential, the gesture was grand but not too successful.

The Proudfeet and We Love DC are both participating in that grand winter spectacle that occurs every four years. No, they’re not in Vancouver, they both discovered a love of Curling.

DC Blogs Noted

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On blogging about other people, Looking2Live writes: For me writing about someone else and getting “caught” is enough to make me physically ill. I never knowingly do it. But sometimes it just happens.

Wheaton has seen a rash of business closings, but Just Up The Pike is in a little bit of a shock over the latest closing.

Porkchop Sammiches writes of an unassuming lunch cart that “serves these amazing carne asada street tacos similar to the ones you’d find on the streets of Mexico city.”

DCist has a nice roundup of interesting films, especially if your are a Clint Eastwood fan.

When I was 4 all I wanted was a pony. Meanlouise. If you understand what this Craig’s list ad is about …

DC Blogs Noted

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Hannah, Just Breathe traces the arc of her relationship with blogging – casual reader becomes avid reader, reader becomes blogger, one virtual friend leads to others, lines between virtual and real are happily blurred – and suddenly almost five years have passed.

It’s the time of year when the number of people afflicted by Seasonal Affective Disorder is at its highest. The Year of Sexy is suffering from a similar condition she terms Seasonal Unsexy Disorder.

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino contemplates radical honesty with Yes. You do Look Fat.

Just in case you were wondering, the Snow Parking Wars continue… reporting and pictures from the Bloomingdale Blog.

Brunette on a Budget isn’t necessarily superstitious, but her recent run of bad luck (exhibits A through G) have her considering the help of “some-crazy-voodoo-to-cleanse-the-place.”

Photo of the day: Snowmen are so last decade, this is what you need to be hip. Thanks Blarneycrone.

Tomorrow is the day that some bloggers (cough, cough, mostly me) have declared International Crush Day. Do you have an intellectual, romantic, professional, or some other kind of crush you’d like to express? This is your excuse…

…though Magnolia doesn’t think that the crush is sufficiently benign to deserve a holiday.

DC Blogs Noted

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When I started preparing this round-up, I promised myself that I would avoid snow posts, and V-Day entries. I tossed that notion aside upon reading Lemon Gloria’s Being Home. May we all know that kind of happiness.

Mustard Seed Musings shares some thoughts on Fat Tuesday, Lent, and God; musing about the balance of sacrifice and a good time:

“…what sort of God do we have if she can’t also be found listening to jazz, drinking a bourbon and watching a good parade?”

To say that Random Duck is displeased with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics would be roughly akin to calling this winter slightly snowier than usual. Declaring it “…some of the worst possible… dumbed down sports broadcasting ever put on TV;” the whole 270 minute “exercise in broadcast futility” is analyzed and categorized by events, diversions, and advertising.

The Virginia State Senate has passed a bill that would allow people to carry handguns into restaurants. The Girl of Words asks “How Could This Possibly Go Wrong?” [Ed. Note: the blisteringly snarkastic comment from This Is Not How I Planned My Life was a big reason for the inclusion of this post.]

The DC Food for All blog compares a recently announced Safeway closing and the reaction of Ward 5 Councilmember, Harry Thomas, Jr. and the larger community to a dysfunctional relationship in which one person tries too hard.

“This… reminds me of a partner with low self-esteem holding onto his or her significant other who has been emotionally detached from the relationship for awhile. The therapist’s response would be: “Why keep fighting for someone who clearly doesn’t have your best interest in mind? Just let go and let live.”

For those of you who are fatigued by the histrionics that normally accompany critical blog posts about WMATA failings, this post from The Hay Say offers an even-handed first person account of last Friday’s Metro derailment.

Greater Greater Washington assails Councilmember Mary Cheh’s proposal to bring a parking garage to Cleveland Park as election-year pandering.

DC Blogs Noted

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Condo life and the DC Water and Sewer Authority’s shutoff notice. Barry Farm (Re) Mixed

Mary Tabor, the writer of Sex after Sixty, shares her news: Sex After Sixty has been discovered by the e-book publisher 3ones.

Boats sunk by snow? Apparently. Photos from the Gangplank Marina on the SWDC Blog

Life As List discovers her former self in the attic, a journal from the 3rd grade. She list some of her entries.

News Flash: Ex-Manhattanite Finds DC Lacking, A review of an article in DC magazine by 14th & You.

If you are concerned about how your blog appears on the iPhone, here is some helpful information. flack rabbit