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If you dig your car out from an on-street space, do you have the right to claim that space? The Hill is Home. Another photo of a claimed space at City Desk.

Outdoor balconies of death in Adams Morgan. Stephen Gregory Smith. Photos.

After discovering what he owes in taxes, Malnurtured Snay writes: For the next two months, I’m on a tax-inspired spending freeze. I won’t be eating out. No bars. No new books. No new media.

Things not to do when dating me. (That’s Why) The Lady is a Tramp

Continuous photo action of a child sledding down hill. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

Wake me when Valentine’s Day is over. Time stamp, 11:57 p.m. Feb. 14. i’m gonna break your heart

Check out the blogs we’ve been adding to the live feed at

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The latest additions to the feed.


Brunette on a Budget
I’m a 27-year-old writer currently living in DC and finishing my first two novels while my husband (“J”) finishes law school. We got married in Italy in July of 2007 after knowing each other for quite a while but never getting serious (it’s all very “When Harry Met Sally”). Rounding out our brood are Lola (my toy poodle) and Moneypenny (our cat). It’s a family portrait in the making. I’ve been told I’m a modern-day Norma Desmond meets Bridget Jones. I hope that’s a good thing.

Porkchop Sammiches
This blog is written by a food and fun loving guy living in Northern Virginia. I write about food, stuff from my life and random stuff I find on the Internet. I hope you enjoy and if you don’t, let me know. I love a good Internet food fight.

Beginning a blog at this late stage in the game.

Collaborative story sharing

Dining with Strangers
Hungry? Then let’s go to dinner. Dining With Strangers invites people to share their stories over dinner at a restaurant, bar, cafe or hot dog stand of their choice. The point of the site is to meet people with a story to tell, a kooky career they’re happy to talk about, a product to promote, or any other reason they might want to be featured online. I’ll bring along a notepad, camera and tape recorder and we’ll take it from there. A little about me: I’m a 29-year-old male working journalist who spends the working week reporting on rather heavy topics, and this site is a side-project designed to be fun and let me try a different writing style than the news articles I get paid for.

Entertainment, life

District Tattle
Have you been told lately?

Home Renovation

Money Pit DC
First, a bit about the blog title. I surveyed friends and family for blog title ideas back in December and many great suggestions were made. One of my sisters, for example, suggested This Old Crack House, which I loved because I’m pretty sure the prior occupant was cookin’ up rocks on the second floor in the bathroom, based on some burn marks on the sink and some little tiny crack baggies found in the adjacent closet…Now, a little about me. I’m a 30-something year-old guy who has, for many years, dreamed of buying a fixer-upper house. I was born in Philly and grew up in Scranton, PA. After finishing high school, I moved around the country a bunch, living in Maine and California and Montana and back to California and Brooklyn for a bit and back to California and, finally, moved to DC late in 2004.

Fashion advice

A cute consulting
Fashion and style advice.

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What better time for good, hyperlocal cooking (like we could go anywhere anyway! Groovy. Local. Food. DC’s latest local food blogger takes us through a Winter of comfort food

The DC Sports Page shares some CapsLove. A Reason to Watch. (And it’s not — just — the snow.)

Oh Susanica! is Grateful.

Meanwhile If you see something, say somethingthinks It’s getting old.

Greater, Greater Washington isn’t messing around with the Shoveling hall of shame.

Finally, Prince of Petworth shares some “Non Snow News.” (Uhh, what?)  New Mobile Radar Locations Deployed Citywide

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Snow isn’t all that’s going on in the greater metropolitan capital area.

Girl from the South (or Cosmopolitan Conservative, depending on when you started reading her blog) has been critical of the nation’s first lady before, but not right now.

Liz in DC discusses her blog changes.

ReadySetDC loves Phillipa Hughes and the Pink Line Project.

How should the Democratic majority interpret Republican ransom notes, er, demandsRepublic of T explains how.

Of course, there’s still beaucoup de snow commentary:

If you’re tired of the whole snow-over-reaction/hyperventilation/over-excitement/whatever, Brutalism agrees with you.

Part two of Where’s My Cape’s “What I did on my blizzard staycation” is now up.  For those who didn’t read part one and part three, here they are.

Most touching, Congress Heights on the Rise asks about the mysteriously (not really, but work with us, please) absent coverage of the impact of the storm on people who live east of the river and asks “Who do we have to snowblow around here to get some attention?”

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The Disaffected Scanner Jockey takes issue with a few DC blizzard maladies and malcontents, among them: Snowchismo, SNIMBY’s, Metro Whiners, and Flinty Carpet-Bagging McShowOff’s.

The Bread for the City blog provides a helpful reminder that for some people these storms aren’t “just an inconvenience but a real crisis.” There are also a few links for you to be helpful to those in need.

With anywhere between 6-20 inches of additional snow falling at the time this post is published, there are reasonable concerns about certain roofs in our area. The Hill is Home blog has an interesting post in the subject and asks “Is Your Roof in Danger?

Skin tone and race have long been problematic in the African American community. It is a subject so deep and complex that it has been the subject of countless books and academic studies. Black & Bougie gives a primer for the conversation with Shades and Pretty Girls: Didn’t we set the paper bag aflame already? A special thanks to I Wanna Sing Like Sarah “Sassy” Vaughn for highlighting this post.

Valentine’s Day advice and reinforcement of “stereotypes” and “double-standards” from Date the District in Survey the District: A Valentines Dilemma. How would you suggest a woman navigate the early dating gift exchange dance?

The Republic of T offers a rather harsh (and well annotated) assessment of Sarah Palin’s keynote address to the Tea Party Nation’s First Convention. If you’d like a more flattering perspective, Cosmopolitan Conservative posted her “Obligatory Post Palin-Tea Part Speech Reaction.”

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Speaking of the snow (yes, you were – EVERYBODY is)- tina dela rosa has the most beautiful collection of photographs I could find. (The post title “Snowtorious B.I.G.” sure doesn’t hurt either.)

Sure, the Super Bowl happened… but I was in it for the commercials. Soulfull of Thoughts has a round up of her favorites.

Average Bro wonders what happens when “Work Wives/Husbands” go too far.

All the single ladies! All the single ladies. All the single ladi- Ahem. Now *I’ve* gone too far. But if you are a lady dating in DC, you’ll want to check out this post from Pamela’s Punch. Apparently, a local (male) writer and filmmaker has given us a forum to inform gentleman callers- Anonymously- when their manners are lacking, and why.

Suburban Sweetheart gives us her comprehensive (and hilarious) “10 Rules for Blizzard Living.”

Hitler weighs in on Jersey Shore?! It may not be right, but it is undoubtedly my favorite thing I’ve seen on the internet all week. Thanks to love, elizabethany for brightening my snow day.

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No power, trapped, the tension builds in this snowpocalyptic adventure. The DC Universe. He writes: I’m furious to discover that just a few blocks away, people have electricity.

A group of Eckingtonians constructed an igloo. Eckington. Snow fort at Borderstan.

Moshe Zusman gets video of the Dupont Circle snowball fight from a ninth floor balcony.

From the ground at Dupont Circle, with a nice flip to introduce it, was Courage Performance. And best use of traffic light time at Liberalguy.

Not be left out, Meridian Hill Park snowball fight. New Columbia Heights. A Shot in the Arm has many photos.

Ergonomic shovel has certainly earned its keep. DC Rowhouse. Photo.

Some names to consider for the next storm. New Kid on the Hill. .

And for those who get us safely home, an appreciation based on experience. Kiss My Country.

The very latest new adds dcblogs live

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The latest additions to the feed

About Arlington

Arlington Yupette
Arlington yuppie news

Arlington Now
Launched in January, Arlington Now is the place for the latest news, views and things to do around Arlington, Virginia. Started by a Pentagon City resident who has spent the past several years working in local TV news, Arlington Now seeks to distinguish itself with original, enterprising, up-to-the-minute local coverage. This is an experimental site that tries to get away from the formulaic, aggregation-centric approach to hyperlocal news that’s currently being pushed by several large media companies.


the very small
A musical group


Dilettante Club
A person having a superficial interest in an art or a branch of knowledge: Dabbler synonym see Amateur.

Food, cooking

One Bite At A Time
I’m a 20-something, Arizona transplant living in Washington, DC. By day I’m a communications/public relations gal and by night I can either be found working out or baking. They are equally stress relieving…to me at least. This blog is the beginning of my 2010 New Year’s resolution to take my baking to the next level. I love to bake, and have since I was a wee one…mostly with my mom. For the last two years I’ve chronicled my baking adventures on my Facebook page and after much encouragement have decided to bring those adventures here.

La Desayuneria (The breakfast place)
Food, soups and cafesito (coffee) Various ideas as how to make easy and uncomplicated Latino-Spanish food. Also, suggestions on where to find good coffee. This is just for fun. If you have suggestions let me know.

Visual arts

East City Art
Framing the visual art scene in Eastern DC — Anacostia, Brookland, Capitol Hill, H St. NE, and just outside the diamond (Brentwood, Hyattsville and Mount Ranier, Md.

Fitness and food

Fit and Hungry
Hungry for results. Hungry for competition. And always occasionally, Hungry for ice cream. This is your source for real fitness advice. From fitness reviews, to expert interviews, to tips to spice up your fitness routine, Angel will help you sort through all the mess. And help you find the stuff that actually works. This blog is for the struggle.

Fashion, lifestyle

Fashion Sense Blog
Discovering the sensibility in fashion, art and music.

Total Life Prosperity is a lifestyle blog dedicated to promoting wholeness in every area of life. This site features fashion style tips, beauty product reviews, relationship advice, inspirational/faith stories, and personal reflections about my life towards Total Life Prosperity.


Daily Addendum
I’m a 20-something Public Relations professional living, working, and having fun in the metro Washington, DC area. Naturally, I love living in DC and taking part in everything this city has to offer. To pay my rent I help develop social and digital media strategies for clients. To keep myself occupied when not online, I volunteer for the University of Georgia Alumni Association, the Junior League of Washington, and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

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So I dunno if you’ve heard but apparently, there’s some kinda storm a coming …DC SNOWpocalpse! Please share your favorite DC snowisms with us here at DCBlogs, where we’re snowwwrageous!

Other takes on the STORM of the Century:

We Love DC shares the facts at DC Snow Emergency in Effect after 9:30am, while the Capital Weather Gang wonders Will Snowmageddon make history? (hint: it just might according to the Gang).

Urban Bohemian tracks the issue on twitter: naming the storm. 

Meanwhile 14th & You shares the grocery news from his hood: In preparation for the white death, Whole Foods is closing early.

In other news, Sunshine and Potatoes takes a leap and says hello. Surely, you can take time to return the favor. Friends

Know a historic site? DC Mud shares the deets on a contest: DC Preservation League Seeks Historic Site Nominations.

DC Blogs Noted

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If you’ve ever wanted to be the high point of someone’s day, have kids.* RudeCactus discusses this phenomenon and how it works and makes him happy, even as he’s driven to buy two bottles of wine, a six-pack of beer, pop-tarts, and ice cream at the grocery store.

In more parenthood news, the kids in Stimeyland are not the least bit impressed by little tadpoles growing arms, but their mother is certainly all agog with glee.

Skullcrusher Mountain links to a prime example of why techies should ruthlessly suppress their creative sides (looking with dismay at the novel written by the chairman of the UN’s panel on climate change). Can you say crime against nature, boys and girls?

The federal government’s unscheduled leave policy irked U Street Girl until she walked out of her front door and discovered most of the sidewalks and streets were clear. Then she wondered if DC was becoming a hardened northern city.

Running with Blue Sponge considers the proposed repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t Tell a good thing and wonders why a year’s study is needed to implement the change.

Lonnie Bruner of Talkin’ [Expletive Deleted] About a Pretty Sunset was trying to sell a product in Iran, which led him to his post about People Braver Than Me. And let’s hope Mr. Bruner’s colleague does regain vision in is left eye.

*Added by the editor: before they turn into teenagers. Then get a dog.