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DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 31st, 2010 by RestaurantRefugee


The recently married Sonnet 87 (congratulations from the DC Blogs crew) has some advice for Caps Fans on the Metro. The advice comes from a Red Wings fan (at least she’s not a Penguins fan) but longtime subway rider.

A Jersey Kid throws some blasphemous logic on the television altar of LOST.

Washington City Paper blogger The Sexist conducts a wide-ranging, occasionally explicit, and extremely thought provoking interview with Jaclyn Friedman, author of Yes Means Yes. “F—ing while Feminist” explores dating, litmus tests, and of course, feminism too.

Preachers, and Hoodhollas, and Gold Fronts, Oh My! Or 17 things that annoyed me this weekend” is an itemized list of hilarity from –the fooler initiative–

An only-in-DC kind of love story from Ask Ms. A… cherry blossoms, Eastern Market brunch, and long walks included.

Prosiac Paradise recognizes that she might have been “projecting” but finds a certain sadness in a young girl ignoring her puppy for her text messages.

Shout-out to the relatively new blog Bitches who Brunch.

DC Blogs Noted

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 The Republic of T. realizes his seven-year-old son wasn’t being teased on the playground… he was flirting. “Apparently, he’s the first grade equivalent of “tall, dark, and handsome.”

One word… FINALLY.  The GLAA Forum posts Ricky Martin’s (actually quite lovely) coming out statement.

DC Urban Dad has died and gone to krispies, puffs, ‘n Os heaven with the opening of Cleveland Park’s “The Cereal Bowl.”

While most are concentrating on their Final Four brackets, Wild and Crazy Pearl is busy competing in her family’s annual “First to File Your Taxes” contest.

Tina dela Rosa captures this weekend’s Smithsonian Kite Festival in photographic form.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one scary-obsessed with Mad Men fashion. Style Redux has a gorgeous photo montage- whether you’re a Joan, a Betty, a Roger or a Don, there’s something here for you.

DC Blogs Noted

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Lagniappe has written 100 posts, thousands left unwritten, since November, 2007. In this post, she shares what she has learned from it.

Blog of the Tattooed Librarian shares her airplane tattoo.

A study that’s titled, “I’m a loser, I’m not married, let’s just all look at me:” Never married women’s perceptions of their social environment, draws this reaction from Single with Style: Is this some kind of a joke?

The guy pushing the baby carriage was the real winner of the National Marathon. Farm Fresh Meat. Photos.

Peeps on Parade: Building the 2010 Diorama. The snowball fight, peeps version.

Scroll down to get to some very atheltic and clever photos. Mr. & Mrs. Rickman Go To Washington.

It’s ‘Washington, D.C.’ not ‘Washington D.C.’ Writing Gooder. DC works, too.

DC Blogs Noted

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Hello Negro considers attitudes of the Black community toward religion.

Livin Mi Life finds recent chain prayers (this is a new one for this contributing editor, but presumably everyone who knows her thinks of her as a godless heathen to whom prayers should not be forwarded, ever, lest the apocalypse arrive) somewhat threatening and/or fake.

Day-dreaming dos and don’ts from Positively Present.

The consequences of quitting smoking include stopping drinking, for now, for Freckled K.

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino contemplates how losing a parent or someone you love changes you.

What does one do with a well-liked but naïve co-worker who falls for little scams? Counting My Pennies considers this situation.

The Washington Humane Society’s blog seeks a home for cats whose dying owner can’t care for them any longer, and in the eerily beautiful, rather than cute, creature department, Life in the Village posts this Owl in the Hood picture courtesy of a neighbor.

DC Blogs Noted

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Whether you blog, Facebook, Tweet or use any form of Social Media, City Girl makes the case for you to intersect social media with positive change… oh and have a couple of drinks too. Got plans for Thursday?

United States of BOHICA offers some perspective to those complaining about Health Care Reform Legislation.

Speaking of Health Care, the Disaffected Scanner Jockey has a tongue-in-cheek plea for civility in the discourse.

The play Clybourne Park recently opened at the Wooly Mammoth. It addresses the issues of “white-flight” and gentrification in the same neighborhood fifty years apart.

The Borderstan Blog sees similarities in their neighborhood

The Georgetown Metropolitan asks “Is this Georgetown?

In Shaw (an historically gentrified blog) makes similar comparisons and offers discounts.

Ronnedezvous offers a more generalized review

Love, Elizabethany celebrates National Puppy Day… don’t worry, overdosing on adorable has no harmful side-effects.

DC Blogs Noted

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Have you seen this raccoon? It has a mask and exhibits unusual behavior. Profiling and Flier Fail, writes Prince of Petworth of the raccoon flier. More at City Desk, which writes: DC Health Department Seeks Man Who Carried Around Rabid Raccoon.

Local bloggers rarely write, it seems, about the various demonstrations but there’s something about the Tea Party that is drawing attention. Sometimes You Have to Walk Carefree Across the Street with a Big Ass Hammer. Lonnie Bruner.

My Opinion on the Health Care Saga. Listen to Leon. Sharp words.

Guide to Surviving the Emergency Room. Parenting By Dummies. Excellent post.

Stop judging me for forgetting my reusable bag Whole Foods. I Spy Things DC.

DC Blogs Noted

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A locksmith recommendation that arrived in an unusual way. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

Food blogging from the White House. Wild and Crazy Pearl.

What do Tea Party people have in connection with Super Heroes? The DC Universe explains in The Teabagger Justice League.

Not-So-Quiet Desperation offers perspective on DC’s pizza options, including the differences between the Rayburn and Longworth cafeterias.

14th Street Burger Joint Running Into Strong Opposition, reports 14th and You.

And I’m gone. Hannah, just breathe.

Overheard on DCist is always entertaining.

The latest live adds

Posted in Views on March 21st, 2010 by dcblogs

The latest additions to the feed.


My Third Eye Scratched
A satirical look at the neo-pop art scene as practiced today by the cool, tight and trendy pimp-celebrity, post-mod, bobo, hipster artists.


Every Food Fits
to picture people and food in the best light and tell stories through photography and writing.

EatMore, DrinkMore
I tend to be that guy in a group of friends that you always call for restaurant recommendations, menus to impress a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Greater Washington DC Area restaurant scene. “Hey Chad, did you hear that XXX opened up?” Why, yes I have, and I have already been there, it is delicious, try the ….

Foggy Bottom Luau
An unofficial blog of recipes that are popular with customers at a certain Foggy Bottom grocery store. All these recipes have been tested for simplicity and ease in the tiny demo kitchen at the store, and tasted and approved by DC grocery shoppers.

iEat DC
I’ve been writing about eating in and around the District (with occasional travels) for almost 3 years. I’m not a food expert or a chef; I’m not even a particularly proficient home cook. I just love to eat, and I started the blog so I could efficiently give dining advice to my friends, who were always asking.


Welcome to This Every Gal’s World
Just your average 30 something single female living in our nation’s capital. i like to have fun with friends, shop sales, and travel when the opportunity arises! this blog is about my rants, raves, trials and tribulations, basically whatever is on my mind…

Candiland 30th Edition
I’m Candice. I turned 30 on March 1st. This blog shares my thoughts and feelings on turning thirty and the lessons learned before and after. Please join me on my journey by visiting this site often. Please also feel free to comment. I consider myself to be a life-long learner and I love to hear from different people to learn a new perspective on a common situation.

Katie Harbath
Currently I work at National Republican Senatorial Committee as their Chief Digital Strategist in charge of all their online efforts. Previously I worked at DCI Group, a public affairs firm in DC, where I oversaw all of their internet operations and online activities for clients. An active participant in online campaigning and communications since 2003, I’ve also spoken at forums on how to best utilize the Internet in politics including Personal Democracy Forum and the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet at George Washington University.

Bach & Tonic
Commentary on politics and culture from Nick Fitzgerald — a PR professional, contributor to The Daily Caller, and classical music buff in DC.

Social Media

Get With The Program
Beverly Hunt is a social media blogger living in the washington dc area.

Lifestyle, culture

the simple life 2.0
The simple life 2.0 is about health (personal, emotional, environmental…), wealth (what has value and how can we cultivate it?), and the pursuit of happiness (through learning and community).


Go, Pop, Go!
I’m a dad who blogs about God, BBQ, working out, and video editing.

Fashion, Music, Art

sugar and art
Following this blog is important to your health. Laughter, feelings of art appreciation, and simply drooling over our fabulous events and custom whatevers will make your life better.

DC observers

I Spy Things DC
A daily dose of fashion, décor and snacks from our Nation’s Capital

As Seen On Metro
A blog dedicated to pictures of strange and/or noteworthy things on Metro.

DC community

DC Scores
DC Scores is a nonprofit that combines soccer, poetry, and service learning in an after-school curriculum to help youth in 23 Washington, D.C. public schools become physically fit, feel part of a team, and become active in school and agents of change in the community.


No Love For You
I decided to join an online dating service in search of “someone special”. Six months and $120 later, all I had to show for it was hundreds of emails from men in cyberspace trying to contact, woo, and/or stalk me. Some of the emails I received were actually quite lovely and well-written. Some emails were clearly “form” emails. Some showcased the grammar and writing skills of a 7-year old. And then there were the emails that took “train-wreck” to epic levels.

Housing, renting, design

The Borrowed Adobe
Meet me, Jane. When I was a kid, my idea of a fun Saturday or Sunday morning was to wake up before dawn and rearrange the funiture in my bedroom while trying not to wake my parents. I should have known then that it would become a lifetime obsession. Why “The Borrowed Abode?” It’s simple, really. I called this blog “The Borrowed Abode” because the underlying theme with all my projects is that they’re landlord-friendly. (And with three pets, pet-friendly, too!) I’m working to inexpensively make my rented condo just as lovely as if I owned it, but without implementing renovations or other permanent fixes. The borrowed abode can still be a beautiful home

DC Blogs Noted

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Where ya been lately? There’s a new blog in town … and it features two of my favorite things. District Curmudgeon. Welcome.

Paper-mache world reminds us what matters. When you have the opportunity…

Vox Populi has brackets. Oh, they have brackets. And guess what? Not even every Vox Populi friend, alum, and celeb is pulling for G-town. I think I even saw some orange in there. Enough to warm this Cuse fan’s heart! Vox’s NCAA bracket pool, ft. Chuck Hagel, Jenny Sanford, and Mike Birbiglia.

Price of Petworth says they had him at kegerator, but there’s other stuff, too, at the Warehouse “Free For All,” Starts Friday at 5pm

Larry Rosen’s blog takes us through the riots at the Washington DC drug stores of the ’50s and ’60s. Fascinating history we should all remember and the whole blog is worth reading. After Riot Problems.

Two personal notes if DCBlogs will indulge me:

 To Georgetown: nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goooodbye. love, your pal, cuse e. cuse

And to “Some guy named me,” the love of my life: happy birthday and thank you, for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

DC Blogs Noted

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Dancing class and the dance afterwords: there’s a whole society there as Grateful Dating explains.

Pisces Out of Water always thought that by age thirty she’d have a husband, a baby, and a master’s degree, but finds that one out of three is okay.

Notions Capital mourns the death of Alex Chilton.

Life as a List wonders why so many cool things are green.

A writer at DC Nearlyweds postpones her wedding until next spring and with it her story. She writes: I cannot tell you how relieved we are to have six more months of planning time.