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For the last few years the organizers of DC’s annual Shamrockfest have made a point of reaching out to bloggers and other new media types. Media passes and VIP access were dangled in presumed hopes of increasing exposure. The ancient Chinese curse “May your wishes come true” seems appropriate…

The Cutter Rambles – a semi-vendor’s perspective.

DC Blogs Contributing Editor LiLuShamrockFest, More Like ShamrockFLOP.

Famous DCSummary and Pictures.

The eponymous blogger John James Anderson is creating an interactive art/job creation project… and it starts today.

Scary Mommy writes an open letter to President Obama pleading for an end to Daylight Savings Time. Heather, the blogger behind A Lust for Words, also takes issue with the extra hour of evening sun.

Grocery Wars have long been apocryphally waged in DC. Beginning in the early 90s with the arrivals of new options, those wars have had new fronts with each shiny new Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter and the like. Pricing and quality are the two most contested issues among store loyalists and The Hill is Home blog compares the pricing between the two largest stores on the Hill – Safeway vs. Harris Teeter in steel cage pricing match.

Just in case you need some Irish Toasts for this evening – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at DC Blogs

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The unemployed Anti DC discovers a new calling and that’s to find weird stuff in medieval art.

When I Wanted You To Share My Life, I Had No Doubt In My Mind. Velvet in Dupont says a ring means that she is no longer writing a dating blog.

Thoughts on Patty Boom Boom. U Street Girl. Standing in line to get into a new place on U Street.

My son got his toe pinched by Nancy Pelosi. Suck it, right wingers. Lonnie Bruner.

Smoky Cafe on U Street. A short story, Her Italy.

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In what universe is this remotely acceptable? outta mind outta site tells of a conversation with a taxi cab driver.

My Ten Commandments for Feeling Good. ErinSlick. A well thought out list.

Birds in the Park coming to DC, reports Daily Campello Art News, who writes that this is a “a touring public project, which involves the one-day installation of thirty to sixty porcelain birdlike forms on the ground.”

Liberty Tree Takes Root on H Street. The Hill is Home tries out a new restaurant.

Top Chef Filming In DC Starts Soon? Metrocurean. Comments are filled with rumor-specifics.

Books that changed my life. Sex after Sixty.

Farmer’s Market Pizza with Feta and Basil is the end result of shopping at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Modern Domestic

Embracing the pink. adventures in knitting and other geeky mishaps Photos.

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Phew! DC Fab tells us the good news: The “Real Housewives of D.C.” Is Still On

We Love DC does not love fellow Washwords’ alumni Tony K. Tony Kornheiser Hates Cyclists Yah, maybe he went a little overboard but it is bad that uh… I kinda hear what Tony means?

Bread for the City delivers more than food to needy clients since the DC bag tax Beyond Bread: We Got A Bunch Of Bags

Parker Gray Growl (with help from The Old Town Crier) tells you The Rest of the Story about the neighborhood.

The Arugula files announces a Food Bloggers Meet Sports Bloggers Happy Hour March Madness baby!

Washington DC Metblogs (and lots of others) are going to see “CoCo” live in person. I Just Made The Biggest Impulse Buy Of My Life: Conan O’Brien Is Coming To DC

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The Georgetown Tea Party arrives, or Should Georgetown Secede from DC? This began at, (Original post may have been pulled) was picked up at We Love DC, City Desk, and continued at Urban Turf.

Garish is good, and anti-billboard movements are bad, argues Greater Greater Washington in defense of DC’s Times Square in Chinatown.

Why do you tease us, Metro? why.i.hate.dc discovers an interesting coming attraction sign on the Metro.

Digressions from DC checks out Big Chair Coffee & Grill

In praise of the Adams Morgan store, Smash. Young Fly and on a Budget.

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When reporting about DC courts allowing same-sex couples to register for marriage licenses for the first time, The Washington Post ran a front page photo of two men celebrating with a kiss. The newspaper’s Ombudsman writes in his blog that the picture has generated some of the highest volume of reader criticism he has encountered. The phone calls and emails are addressed point by sometimes hatefully spoken point.

…Speaking of same sex marriage in DC, congratulations to Republic of T who jumped the broom with his partner.

The Foggy Dew has a few thoughts on Lindsay Lohen’s attempts to stay relevant (and profitable) in her 16th minute. He hypothesizes “it’s easier to sue a company than to actually get a job.”

We all have those single friends who seem “morally opposed” to one form of electronic assistance for their dating lives. Date the District makes a clear and compelling case for them to change their minds.

Picture of the Day: U Street Girl’s – I Believe this Bureau is Closed.

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The Average BloggerBright Sunshiny Day.

Samantha on StyleRestocking Your Spring Wardrobe.

A Glass After WorkA Springtime Wine Recommendation.

The Life of MbA Quest for DC’s Best Gelato.

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How not to hit on a woman, writes Brunette on a Budget after an elevator encounter.

More advice: How to get through TSA without a government issued ID. Do you have a Costco membership? 26.2

Secret DC Wilderness: Melvin Hazen Park. Plight of the Pumpernickel

Capitol Hill 20210 writes: This past weekend I was thinking about my ole biological clock and well its almost up. I turn 37 in June — time is running out. I want children, but the question is how?

From unlawfully married to married. They story of the experience lunch at 11:30.

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Cannot wait for the Cherry Blossoms? Check the bloomin’ time on the Washington Gardener.

April is the best month to be in Paris, but Aesthetics of Everywhere is going to Paris this Friday. Check out her to do list while in Paris.

The Slow Cook has some ideas about how to fix school lunch programs. Excerpt: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that of the children born in 2000, one out of every three Caucasians and two out of every three African Americans and Hispanics will develop diabetes.”

Putting Reagan on the $50 bill? Read some history and the opinion of it at The Foggy Dew.

Did you watch the Oscars? Now that you know, see if the Definitive Dmbosstone was right about his Oscar picks.

If you want to help Fight HIV in DC then check out this ongoing guide to upcoming events.

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The Hill is Home introduces us to “The Hipster Housecleaner.” I laughed, I cried… I just might hire him.

Against her better judgment, Alyssa Rosenberg has found a way to justify “the mashups of classic literature and monster movies,” and in particular, President Lincoln as a vampire slayer.

Lemon Gloria will break your heart with this, but it is so sadly sweet… and completely worth the heartache.

We look forward to so many landmarks in a young person’s life, but Feast After Famine ponders an unwelcome milestone as her daughter encounters her first bully.

City Girls World declares the box o’ wine is the new “beer keg for women.” (And I like it.)

In the latest interview from People’s District, a young Indian man explores his self-proclaimed inevitable foray into BDSM as a submissive.

Wednesday was a Big One, both for the District and the LGBT community, as same-sex marriage was officially legalized in Washington, D.C.

The Republic of T. posts his first hand account as #12 in line at the courthouse yesterday morning.

Sprite Writes shares a moving speech of what she would have said at the bill’s public hearing, if given the opportunity.

And finally, the Washington City Paper captures the morning’s events on camera… for better or for worse, indeed.

Friday Note: We will return Monday.

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Shannon Sez: Some people need a refresher on certain laws of fashion.

…Speaking of fashion, Sunshine and Potatoes has overturned one of her long held fashion laws.

I looked for a blog post that highlighted the upcoming DC Independent Film Festival so that it could be featured here. Either Google failed me (say it ain’t so,) or the local “things-to-do” bloggers have lost a step. Either way, it starts on Thursday and you can read the details here.

When a Comic Super-Hero is on an animated unemployment line… well just make up your own punchline about our economy. News found via The State of the Fourth Estate blog.

I love a great literary exercise and Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino posted a terrific one recently. If you were given the following opening, how would you finish it:

She was a caller ID checker, almost compulsively, given that she hated telemarketers and some of her friends. When the phone rang this time, she wasn’t prepared. Drinking two glasses of wine and being naked will do that to a girl. She managed to wrap a towel around her damp body and grab the phone off the bathroom sink. She answered…

The responses in the comments are as varied as you would expect.

The rule for karaoke was presumed to be just one (drink away dignity and then sing.) DC Blogs Contributing Editor, LiLu, has made some substantive and hysterical amendments.

Are you a food blogger, reader of food blogs, or just really love food and want to drink with like-minded individuals this evening? The monthly FBI (Food Blogger Interactive*) Happy Hour is this evening and Arugula Files has the details.

* They don’t call it the FBI happy hour, but it was so much more entertaining for me to write.